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The Fairy Godmother

Discoveries on How to Live Your Most Magical Life

Join over 10,000 Near Disneyites for up to date information on good things within 25 mile radius of Cinderella’s Castle and register for periodic prize drawings

Promoting Beautiful WISHES COME TRUE for You and Your Loved Ones


Why settle for a pumpkin when you can get great guidance on housing options , theme parks, glam and entertainment

Home Products

Just think if Cinderelly had access to Ibot vacuum cleaners, Revolution Toasters or other home improvements wouldn’t life be more grand?


With the wave of a wand discover new travel options and accessories


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When you come into Kim's World you quickly know that you are in the presence of someone that really cares about you as a Fairy Godmother would. Her specialized knowledge on everything from real estate to lifestyle options are truly magical. - Karen Ficarelli Healthy Lifestyle Coach and Author of Body, Mind and Soul with over 1.3 million Facebook Followers
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We were introduced to Kim on her Near Disney youtube channel. If you haven't had the chance to check out her Dream Team's Videos on the 25 mile Radius of Cinderella''s Castle start there. You will find that she is a wealth of information and now a lifetime friend.