10 top Celebration attractions right around the corner for a quick visit in the weekends

10 top celebration attractions right around the corner for a quick visit in the weekends


How are your weekends? Your addictions to TV sets or mobile or chores rob away the days off. But all the best neighborhoods in Orlando Florida are busy planning fabulous celebrations for all.Why don’t you avail this golden opportunity to relax, enjoy, educate, and socialize? When shows are well-managed; gender and age wise, some open for all,with and without tickets.

1.Essential Saturdays

All ladies out there – homemakers or on job, want a break from routine chores? Then Saturday Essentials are essential for you.Oh no! You missed the event.No worries,the Caribbean Ladies Night is each week.You can catch up next Saturday but be an early bird as tickets are limited.

It doesn’t take loads of time. Within ten minutes from Downtown Orlando you are at your destination with free parking.

No restrictions,dance what you want:Soca, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Kampa to DJ Kareem, DJ Stamina, DJ Frankie or surprise DJs.

A full stocked bar and the kitchen is ready to serve you from10 pm to 11.30 pm.

If you want privacy use the VIP section.Grab the free entry till 12 am on birthdays if within 10 days.No one can step back from moving to Orlando fl to enjoy many such bashes,isn’t it?

2.Mickey’s Not-So Scary Halloween Party

After a horrific Halloween experience at some of the nicest neighborhoods in Orlando your family needs reassurance.So walk through Magic Kingdom Park from September to October to celebrate light-hearted Halloween with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Jack and Sally, Jasmine, Genie and a continuing long list of cartoon characters.

With engaging event like trick or treating, kids find no time to be behind adults and run around with their bags collecting Halloween candies from various stalls.Allergies can’t stop the fun, the allergic kids are given teak color bags by the Allergies Disney Cast Members to collect tokens which are then traded for suitable items at Allergy Friendly Centres.

Never miss the opportunity to meet all your Disney characters at one place at Mickey’s Boo To You Halloween Parade, some greeting while others dancing to entertain the crowd.

Disney’s Not So -Spooky lights up the sky with fireworks and phantom projections on Cinderella’s Castle.

Capture your memories at a photo frame and enjoy the food and beverage outlets.

One may run out of time to make up for all the celebrations; frequent a cappella performance, rides of Pirates of the Caribbean and many more awaiting at the park.So look for best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent for a come back to the event.

3.The Street Market

– locals or visitors searching for endless options in dinning, shopping or entertainment should be in the Promenade at Sunset Walk on Saturday from 4pm to 8 pm.

The fresh produce, local crafts and speciality vendors are at The street Market that day.

4. On the same day is the Show Car Saturday Nights where you meet cars ;classic and modern while enjoying live entertainment from DJs and a few blessed with raffle prizes.

You are welcomed with a free entry and parking but outside food and beverages are not. Taste buds eager for copious local eateries with worldwide cuisines. So come and experience.

5. Car and Truck Show
Don’t miss one of the best Orlando neighborhoods; the Sunset Walk on the second Sunday of every month from 11am to 2 pm to witness the cars and trucks of all ages.To keep up your spirits high are DJs and fabulous giveaways.

6.Forest Bathing with Julie at Mead Botanical Garden

What if I invite you to join me in forest bathing.Ha-ha, not joking.Forest bathing is inspired from the Japanese practice -Shinrin Yoku [Shinrin means forest and Yoku stands for bath].

For all those who want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life, try the unique bath.Your eyes,ears, nose and skin will thank you for these experiences in wind, sun , rock, birds dirt.Big deal! Yah.

To keep away bugs and germs trees release phytoncide,an essential oil which on inhaling fuels the immune system for days.Are you caught in the web of worries and the solution is an antidepressant-the oil,which also bids adieu to sleep and sugar pills.

You will walk through the activity with Julie, a herbalist and plant-based nutritionist.A mat to sit, journal and bug repellant is all that you need.
All you have to do is sit ,meditate, forget everything and relax, don’t forget deep breathing.

All this happened on Sunday at Mead Botanical Garden,a 47 acre park with all amenities.It is located in Winter Park, a thirty minute drive from Disney.

Are you ready to shell out $30, though worth beyond and complete refund if the event is canceled, by chance.So can’t wait to relocate to Orlando Florida.

7. Youth Yoga and Caregiver Afternoon Out
After Covid-19 it became my usual activity battling with my slothful kids for gadgets.Nothing worked, but I couldn’t give up So started researching for weekend events in the best neighborhoods near Orlando.But not too far indeed, Winter Garden hosted Youth Yoga and Caregiver Afternoon Out for children 8-12 age from 1pm to 2.30 pm on Sunday afternoons

I had to move mountains to convince the youngsters like watching Dr. Kelsey Evans in Happy,Healthy Kids, a kids well-being program.Later on a nod for power yoga enrollment after getting to know that she was the coach.Dr Kelsey is yoga certified, a certified professional life coach and a teacher incorporating her learning in and out of classroom.What else to trust her training?

Power yoga enhanced my kids’ posture, stamina, flexibility, and mental focus linking mind and body like never before.It is intense, burning calories so I do advocate yoga to parents who are compromising for extra large clothes for their kids.

You can accompany your dear ones to the session or enjoy some time away from them with discounted meals at Tijuana Flats just across the street.

When we can spend $20 on fast foods, why not for health?

8. The Sneaker Travellers Orlando
Is your shoe rack crying for sneakers or sneakers complaining of being pressed for space.What ever the fact is you need to be at The Sneaker Travellers Orlando on Sunday,Feb 26 from 12pm to 5pm.

You are at the right place to buy, sell,or trade sneakers of all sizes and brands: Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and an ever going list.

No free entry,ticket ranges from $20 to $200.Hurry, the tickets fly off and are nonrefundable and non transferable.

You get for what you pay: for $ 20 single entry, $30 entry 1hr before the event or skip the line,$ 40 entry 2 hrs ahead of the show.If you are a vendor pay $150 or $200 as per space requirement.

Some vendors bond with their customers by giving gifts and the best vendor table takes away the prize from the organizer. A place for networking for future deals.

With many finding sneakers comfortable as an old shoe,the event is becoming bigger and better.People are checking for how to move to Orlando Florida to be a part of the much awaited show.Stop! In Dallas and Oklahoma for the same.

9. PIO Night
Are you the one, who wants to be constantly reminded of God and craving for spiritual healing? Then God has fulfilled your wish with PIO Night.All ladies of the world irrespective of age, culture, and background can be a part of the program.So keep yourself free for the religious treat moms, daughters, aunts, daughter-in laws … grandmothers.

It is a Saturday night, three hour February event organized by Alive Church in Orlando.Those who are new to the place should keep handy moving tips Orlando fl guide to be at the venue at sharp 5 pm.

The event is led by Pastor Tabatha Claytor. In her sermon she encourages every woman to be a PIO WMN; who is compassionate, brave, strong, and confident.

It is believed that women love, forgive,and give as God blessed them with the same and are children of God.The time goes by with celebration, church music and awakening each other’s inner pioneer to become unstoppable.

Your $ 30 deserves this event, I’am right?

Vegan Food Festival / Apopka Health and Fitness Festival
When my family and I decided to stay back at home during weekends to save for the piling expenses, my friend gave me some good news about a free event – Vegan Food Featival.You need to register to be a sponsor or a vendor.

It is an awareness program about health and fitness, a need at the time of fast foods and other unhealthy beverages, and lifestyle.

It is a great opportunity to interact with 100 vegan vendors and 50 health vendors for better purchases.

Want to know about your health condition visit the health screening.You can reach out to your family and friends about wellbeing after attending the informative lectures.Practical experience to carry on are demos on exercise and safety, and cooking.After all this learning you need refreshments and earn prize drawing, if lucky.

If you don’t want to miss on many such events, work ahead on moving to Orlando checklist of events.So on Saturday,25th March I will meet you at Avenue Apopka Florida.

10. The Amador Gallery POP-Up Art Show
Are you planning for March outings? Then check-off 5th March for The Amador Gallery POP-Up Art Show.The Amador Gallery,Kissmere, one of the best neighborhoods in Central Florida is the event’s location.

Your timely arrival [from 6pm to 11pm] is a must to appreciate +21 events:
Live painting by the local artists
Enjoy local delicacies served with love by local food vendors
Empty your pockets while bargaining with art and craft vendors.
Please you ears with live music; Jazz, Instrumental and R&B
Videoing cherishing moments at 360 Photo Booth

To make the event smooth and successful do consider volunteering.

If you are an artist at the show, you need artist ticket with which you can display two of your art pieces.An addition of $10 per piece and upto 20 displays only.A good investment as you are allowed to trade.If you are frequent participant, avail artist membership which is free for a month.

Vendors have to pay $35 to showcase their wares to visitors arriving in one of the best neighborhoods in Orlando Florida.

Tickets cost you from $5 to $90. Nothing comes free 😂 except for parking.

Why is Florida special? Theme parks, celebrations or both.When adventure parks dispassionate you,your mind catches up with events.To have a life-long vacation some may plan relocating to Orlando Florida.While few not ready to leave their roots but can’t afford to miss all happenings ending up moving to Orlando fl for a short time.Floridians chill-out as holiday is at their doorstep.

In whatever situation you may be, don’t think of cancellation of celebration as you may end in frustration.

What is it like to be a Disneyite in Celebration Florida?

What is it like to be a Disneyite in Celebration Florida?


DisneyLand is the object of a dream for billions! Visiting DisneyLand is the dream of millions! But only a few phenomenally fortunate hundreds get to move to Orlando, Florida, and live in and around DisneyLand! And yours can very well be one such lucky, rare and proud family living your dream life in this dream land called Celebration Florida in the lap of Disney luxury.
Get to Know the Best Neighborhood in Orlando, Florida

Know Kim Hawk to Know Celebration
Kim Hawk, a top-notch realtor of the country (among the top 1-2% of them) promotes real estate and lifestyle properties within 25 mile radius of Cinderella’s Castle, Central Florida, through her YouTube channel Near Disney and her website http://fairygodmother.world/

Kim is the one who has seeded in thousands the dream of not living on rent, but owning a home of their own, in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Orlando, Celebration Florida! A chat with her or a visit to her website unravels the unbelievable truth that a house in the Celebration could well be within one’s budget. Encouraged, many have researched on the channel and the website to find Kim Hawk landing them in the best area in Orlando to buy a house. Hundreds of them say they can’t thank Kim more for the wonderful phase of his life in Celebration!

Move to the best area in orlando to buy a house and thank Kim Hawk later

Celebration Florida - Its Heritage

This Community of Tomorrow – for it was conceived so by its founders, the visionaries of Walt Disney World – has all the futuristic designs and facilities that only Disney Imagineering could conceive of. The first residents moved to the town through a lottery way back in 1996. Quarter a century on, Celebration has sustained its status as a prototype for ideal city planning even to this day. What more, it has grown to be a self-sufficient, complete little cosmos by itself, with its own market places, hospital, school, and recreational spots. A long but surely fruitful round over this wonderland, as in Kim’s Near Disney – Real Estate and Lifestyle, can demonstrate why it is considered a balanced blend of serenity and urbanity. Even after a long stay of over a decade here, it is still an extension of Disney magic for every resident family!

Homes in Central Florida

Celebration Florida is hailed as Orlando’s nicest neighborhood for its neat and picturesque planning. It has both single-story and two-story houses in bookend formation across the 4,900 acres of Celebration Fl: the houses are shared methodically among the little and best Orlando neighborhoods with their own alleyways, pools, tree-lines ets. These nicest neighborhoods in Orlando act as locales for strong bonds among residents. They make the houses real ‘homes’. There are residences ranging between 1,000 sq.ft. and 4,000 sq.ft, with 2 to 6 spacious bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms. The exteriors of the houses are embellished with add-ons like private pools, multiple garages, spacious front porches and pretty little backyards. Kim Hawk reveals in her NearDisney that the price range of the properties spans from $150,000 to $6.3mn. This has given families from varied economic backgrounds no reasons to regret their decision to move to this best neighborhood in Celebration Florida.

The vicinity is idyllic and serene. Most families have only grown to love their home more and more over the years. Clara, a Celebration resident for more than 19 years, says it’s only getting more conducive to her and her spouse’s growing age. The sublime landscape with views, lakes and parks, the neat lines of trees and flower plants etc. keeps the houses cool. One can be certain that no family in Celebration would have quibbles about their house since almost all houses are similar in design and setting.

The great thing about the maintenance of the houses is that the Community HomeOwners’ Association ensures every house agrees with the town plan- in its painting or the porches or even the design. This might sound intrusive for an outsider, but an insider would know, for one thing, that what is fine for the city is comfortably fine for his or her house! And what’s more, it saves a lot of energy and time from the residents’ busy schedules.

Now you will understand why almost all residents think only about moving to a bigger house but not to any other city outside Celebration Florida!


Families who have had relatively longer stays in Celebration have realized more and more how blessed they are to be living in the bosom of the community, best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent.

It’s Celebration of Convenience and Comfort.

Every family’s routine here has more convenience than drudgery, thanks to the comfort in Celebration. The families rarely need to go to the market for provisions: everything they require is just a call away. There is an ever alert and prompt online service to cater to the community’s provision needs.
Of course, all families do go shopping on Market Street on weekends. Most women love the time out in the beauty salon, the boutique and ‘Dazzling’ jewelry store there. The street has every bit of their needs, from the chicken biscuits for their pets to the stationery to their favorite pink jumper. Most of the residents don’t forget to turn up at Kilwin’s Sweets and Ice-cream once in a fortnight at least, and more frequently in summer. Understandable, isn’t it?

Some vegans spend hours, after their Sunday mass at Celebration Community Church, choosing the greens they love at the Farmer’s Market.

It’s Celebration of Health and Safety
One thing any resident would feel more intensely about the Celebration community is the far-sightedness of the original designers evidenced in the care for the aged and the infants on the premises. Those aged 50+, the incapacitated or infants and the sick can rest assured about the care they need because they are in Celebration. The Advent Health, Wellness Spa and Resort in the community has always offered them the best Medicare they need.

Parents and guardians with wards attending the Primary School at the end of the Campus Street would have issues deciding how their wards would get there safely on their own everyday. But the way the bike alleys are planned here, they could relax and allow the children to take the bike to school. Besides, even the streets are comfortingly wider here, you know! That makes things much easier! But possible only in Celebration, the best best neighborhoods near Orlando, mind you!

Adults can go on their daily walks every morning down the walking trails passing by their residences. Most of these trails extend for over three miles. These trails between the long lines of palm and other trees offer rejuvenating freshness every day. Daily walkers and joggers ardently hope these walking trails keep them ever fit.

Life’s Fun in Celebration Florida

As many of the residents we spoke to confess, the most refreshing dimension of their life in Celebration Fl is its recreational facilities. According to them, the edge that makes Celebration the best neighborhoods in central Florida is this fun aspect of it.

Most youngsters attend the Town Cavern to make use of the playground, its tennis courts, common pools etc. Very often many of them take part in the sporting events at the Cavern downtown. Many adults who can afford the time and expectations, on the other hand, attend the Robert Trent Jones Senior and Junior Golf Course at the end of Water Street.
On weekend evenings, there are the parks, a lot of them, around. These parks – like Long Meadow Park, Lakeside Park and others – make up the best neighborhoods Orlando with a lot of hanging out together, grapevine communications and so on. At these parks all families have their little get-togethers. The little ones of these families forget themselves in the company of tens of other children. It well and truly turns into a family reunion every weekend here!

Whenever they felt like driving a little farther, families visit the Magic Kingdom, just outside Celebration. There are two more spots they frequent- The Fountain (popping again now after Covid-19 break) and the wide and long Lake at the City Center. Nice spaces to enjoy their snacks and ice-creams!

Even to this day, Celebration is full of fests: they celebrate Halloween, the Oktoberfest and a couple others. Many families even visit and enjoy the Fall Leaves gathering! After all, Life is there to celebrate, isn’t it?


The tidbits put together here would have given you a panoramic perspective on Life in Celebration Florida. It is well and truly a paradisiacal living here. With all amenities and comforts of a great city, the Community holds on to its traditional rustic greenery and fresh silence. One must admit a thing at this moment of human history saturated with materialism and modern-day din: life in Celebration is the Life of Tomorrow for Humanity. And who would admit it more than the actual residents here! With its convenience, safety and relaxation apparatus well in place, and its residents in their most contented bliss, best neighborhoods in Central Florida welcomes new fortunate entrant souls!

Follow Top 3 YouTube channels to stay updated about Real Estate in Florida​

Follow Top 3 YouTube channels to stay updated about Real Estate in Florida

Orlando, Florida this city is as magical as Disney World. You can visit Cinderella’s Castle anytime you want from this city, as it is 25 miles away from Orlando. Not just Cinderella’s Castle, it is surrounded by the most amazing best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent.

Kim Hawk, a Central Florida resident, shares her views and ‘specialized knowledge’ on the best area in Orlando to buy a house in Orlando and Disney land. She is a leading realtor in the USA (among 1%), with 25 years of experience in this field. Being a YouTuber and blogger, she is everything you are looking for when it comes to moving to Orlando checklist.

Celebration Florida
Celebration Florida is a magical place if you are planning to relocating to Orlando Florida, with retail shops, post offices, restaurants, fantastic architectural work like a town hall, contemporary designs, beautiful lawns, and greenery. Kim Hawk says that The Walt Disney World built Celebration Florida in 1996. There’s a scenic lake in the center of town. It is the best place for relaxing in peace with coffee/ice cream while sitting on a rocking chair—a popping fountain where children can play.

Winter Garden
To those who are moving to Orlando Fl, Winter Garden is a lovely and stylish area of Central Florida. Lots of golf carts on the streets, beautiful shops, bike passages or renting bikes in this sparkling city. There are so many lovely street shops with fresh colors. As per Kim Hawk, Winter Garden was made of something other than brick buildings. There’s a big fire after that buildings made up of bricks to protect the buildings. A beautiful white water tower stands tall in the city. Winter Garden Community Theatre is the first one in Central Florida that had talkies and was built in 1935. In 1927, Edgewater Hotel on Plant Street was built. Famous actors like Errol Flynn and Humphrey Bogart, many soldiers stayed here during World War II. Upon moving to Orlando Fl, you can visit Urban flats, French restaurants, the Attic Door, music, guitars, great couches, and street murals.

Windermere, Florida city of the Lakes, is located just outside the Walt Disney Resort gate. It has a Historic Downtown that presents the historic town hall, lovely boutique shops and restaurants, lakes, and wine markets. Canals connect thirteen different lakes of the butler chain of lakes. You have the most incredible pieces of property available with winding roads. Large lots that are larger than any lots. The peaceful environment is within 25 miles distance from Cinderella’s Castle.

According to Near Disney- Real Estate and Lifestyles are the home of many Disney executives. This city is a natural paradise. Homes by The Butler Chain of Lakes is a dream place. Windermere schooling is excellent and has an elementary, middle, and high school. It is perfect for a family. Spend the weekends with your family in Fernwood Park. You can go boating, hang out with loved ones, paint the scenery of lakes, and picnic. The lake has a protected bird sanctuary known as Bird Island. 

Kissimmee, Florida, is the Gateway to the Walt Disney Resort. So many people moved to Kissimmee, making it the number-one town in the United States. Osceola County covers 2010 square miles, whereas Walt Disney World is 43 square miles. You can imagine how large Osceola County is. Kissimmee has downtown Kissimmee, wall arts, a wine bar, lakes, and beautiful nature. You can see beautiful murals across the city on big walls. A park is known as Osceola Heritage Park, which has a silver spurs arena where so many events occur. Fair Park is near the arena, concert hall, massive basketball complex, Orlando City Soccer training facility and Mecum Auto Auction all in one place. There’s a space to build your property or purchase the home. You can contact Kim Hawk for property-related work, rent, buy, sale etc.
It gives a chance for youth to work for the first smart city, i.e. Neo City in NEO City Academy. ‘This city is a true gem’- Kim Hawk.

Just like Kim Hawk, Jared Jones is also one of the top youtube channels when it comes to houses, rents, properties in Florida. He covers all Florida cities and shows the best location to buy the home. and keep the audience updated about the prices, rents, and sales. Be the location of Winter Garden, Lake Nona, Clermont, Central Florida he shares the details of the properties in every location. If you want to check some amazing properties and deals you can go and check his channel.

Now we have Florida Real Estate Insight another leading realtor and youtuber who provides insights on Florida and its real estate. If you want to know the insights before buying the property in Florida, this youtube channel is for you. Finding affordable homes, smart purchasing, luxury real estate, prices falling or increasing, new constructions, he provides information about everything. If you are confused about the west coast or east coast you can check his video. This channel gives you every detail on real estates. Just check out the channel.

In Orlando, we have an Anyway center for amazing concerts, Exploria Stadium for sporting events, Lake Eola Park, Walt Disney Amphitheatre in bright rainbow colors, Orlando Art Museum, Dr Phillips Center and so on! There’s a Farmer’s market with 50 stalls and shops, which is open every Sunday. Bright sun, beautiful scenery, peaceful environment, and greenery. If you are planning to relocate or buy a property in Orlando or in Orlando neighborhood cities, Kim Hawk is the best realtor to contact. Or if you want to know more about Disney World and its cities and towns, check out her youtube channel, where she shows us and explains everything about Disney World.

-Website- https://thefairygodmother.world/

-Youtube channel- https://www.youtube.com/@NEARDISNEY

Moving to Orlando? Follow these 3 YouTube Channels to make your life easier

Moving to Orlando? Follow these 3 YouTube Channels to make your life easier

YouTube has emerged as one of the strongest mediums of entertainment and knowledge sharing. If you decide to start any work but are lacking in information, explore YouTube for concerned videos. You will get a solution.
Are you considering relocating to Orlando, Florida? Moving to Orlando may be a mess sometime if you have not gathered moving tips in Orlando. But the question is where you gather this information from. It’s all about deep research. Research can be done on the Internet. As mentioned earlier YouTube channels of realtors may guide you on the same.
There are many realtors and other YouTubers who post their videos which can be very informative for you. By exploring these videos and channels you can get the answers to your following queries:

1. Which is the best area in Orlando to buy a house?
2. Where are the best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent?
3. How to prepare a moving Orlando checklist?
4. What are the best neighborhoods in Orlando Florida?

Here is a list of some of the well-known YouTube channels from which you can collect information before moving to Orlando FL.
YouTube channels: Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@NEARDISNEY
YouTuber Name: Kim Hawk
Profession: She is among the leading realtor in the USA (among the top 1%)
Brief: She focuses on real estate properties and best neighborhoods near Orlando near Disney (Within 25 Mile radius of Cinderella’s Castle to be precise)
Website: https://thefairygodmother.world/
This YouTuber significantly answers your queries such as:

Why Dr Phillips is a rich neighborhood

Why Dr Phillips is a rich neighborhood

Discover Dr Phillips, Florida:

Dr Phillips is a wealthy neighborhood. It is located in southwest Orange County, Florida. It is known for its various things. Like:

  • Luxurious homes
  • High-end shopping
  • Upscale restaurants

But what makes Dr Phillips a rich neighborhood? We will explore the factors in this blog. These factors contribute to the wealth of Dr Phillips.

History of Dr Phillips

It is important to understand Dr Phillips’s history before we dive into the reasons behind its wealthy neighborhood. Dr Phillips is named after Dr Phillip Phillips. He was a citrus magnate. He relocated to this area in the early 20th century. He bought a large tract of land and started growing citrus. He became one of the largest citrus producers in the world eventually. In the 1950s, the Phillips family began developing their land into residential and commercial properties. These are:

  • Bay Hill Club and Lodge
  • A world-renowned golf course and resort

The Phillips family is still involved in the development of the area. The family is doing this work with the Dr Phillips Charities owning and managing millions of dollars in the asset.


The location of Dr Phillips is also another good reason for its rich neighborhood. It is situated in the heart of Central Florida. Also, it is just minutes away from major theme parks. Like:

  • Walt Disney World
  • Universal Studios

It is a popular destination for tourists due to this. This place is also a desirable location for industry people. Those who work in the tourism industry will love this rich neighborhood. Besides this, Dr Phillips is close to major highways and airports. All the residents have these connectivity benefits. It is easy for them to travel for work or leisure.

Real Estate

Another factor contributing to Dr Phillips’ wealth is its real estate market. The neighborhood is known for its large, luxurious homes. Many of which are waterfront properties. According to Zillow, the median home value in Dr Phillips is $535,000. This value is significantly higher than the median home value in Orlando. It is $288,000 in Orlando. The area also has a high demand for rental properties. People are very much interested in a large number of vacation homes and short-term rentals. This has made it a popular destination for real estate investors. This sector is in bull-market here. You will get better values in the future if you invest here in properties today.


There are many extraordinary schools in the state of Florida. Dr Phillips also has these strong and disciplined institutions. The public schools in the area are highly rated. Many of them received A grades from the state. In addition, Dr Phillips is home to several private schools. One of them is the famous Dr Phillips High School. It is known for its strong academics and sports programs. These high-quality schools attract many people and families towards Dr Phillips. You can raise your children here with proper education and extracurricular activities.

Entertainment and Dining

Dr Phillips is known for its high-end entertainment and dining options. There are several world-class restaurants in this area. Like:

The Capital Grille
Ocean Prime
Eddie V’s

There are also some popular chains. These are:
The Cheesecake Factory
Shake Shack
If you go to Dr Phillips, you will find several entertainment venues. Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is very famous there. It hosts Broadway shows and concerts. The Orlando Eye is a 400-foot-tall observation wheel. You and your family will definitely love these high-end dining and entertainment options. These have made Dr Phillips a popular destination for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle.

Check this out:


The community itself plays a large role in the wealth of Dr Phillips. The neighborhood is known for its tight-knit community. Many residents are actively involved in local events and organizations. The Dr Phillips Charities is owned and managed by the Phillips family. They are heavily involved in the community. They donate millions of dollars to local organizations and causes. This sense of community has helped to attract wealthy residents. Those who value the sense of belonging and community involvement are in love with this neighborhood.

Dr Phillips is a wealthy neighborhood due to a combination of factors. These are location, real estate market, education system, entertainment and dining options, and strong community. This area has proximity to major theme parks and transportation hubs. This phenomenon has made Dr Phillips a desirable location for both tourists and residents. The high-end real estate market has attracted investors. It also affluent homebuyers. The top-rated schools and strong community involvement have made this location an attractive location for families.
The presence of luxury restaurants and entertainment venues are also key places in Dr Phillips. These also have added value to the area’s exclusivity and prestige.

There have been concerns about the impact of tourism on the area. Some residents have expressed frustration with the high volume of tourists. They also don’t like the traffic and noise. Despite these challenges, Dr Phillips remains a highly sought-after location. People who seek a luxurious lifestyle will obviously love this community. The community has a strong sense of involvement and philanthropy. If you want to move to this beautiful place, contact us for further details. We are one of the best realtors in this area.

Have a look:


“𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐲 𝐆𝐨𝐝𝐦𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐄𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐞”

Florida in Motion Realty

PIXIE TEXT: (407) 808-9845

Web: http://www.kimhawkrealtor.com 

Email: kimhawkrealtor@gmail.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KimHawk.Realtor 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kimhawk.neardisney



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NearDisney.show 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neardisney 

Website: https://neardisney.world 

Website: https://celebrationhomesales.com 

Blog: https://thefairygodmother.world

5 Reasons Why Lake Nona is so Popular

Lake Nona is a master-planned community. It is a very beautiful place. Its location is in the southeast region of Orlando. The community of Lake Nona has been creating a significant impression in recent years. This community is in the growth phase. It also has been attracting many residents and businesses. But what makes Lake Nona so popular? There are many factors that make Lake Nona a marvelous community. But we will explore the top five reasons why Lake Nona is so popular.

1. Health and Wellness

Every genuine person can say Lake Nona is a hub for health and wellness. There is a culture of healthy living and sustainability in this community. Also, there are so many amenities. These are parks, trails, and recreational spaces. Lake Nona Medical City is there as well. It is one of the most significant contributors to the community’s wellness culture. Many advanced medical facilities in the world are situated at Lake Nona. You will definitely see these. These medical centers are:

  • University of Central Florida’s Medical School
  • Orlando VA Medical Center
  • Nemours Children’s Hospital

Here everybody is committed to health and wellness. This commitment has led to the development of a vibrant fitness scene. Lake Nona is home to futuristic fitness facilities. These facilities are:

  • Lake Nona Performance Club
  • Drive Shack Golf Entertainment venue

The community also hosts numerous fitness events and initiatives. The annual Lake Nona Impact Forum is one of them. It brings together leaders in health and wellness. They come here to discuss emerging trends and innovations.

2. Education

Lake Nona is an excellent destination for families. It has a robust education system. The community of Lake Nona has several highly-rated public and private schools. These schools are an ideal place to raise your children. 

Lake Nona also is home to several higher education institutions. You may even know the names of several of them. Some of them are:

  • University of Central Florida’s Medical School
  • Valencia College Lake Nona campus
  • Lake Nona Institute


3. Technology

Lake Nona is a hub for advancement and technology. It has taken itself to this place. There are multiple large-cap companies out there. These industry giants focus on innovation. Many learning centers are established by those companies. Some of these centers are:

  • Amazon’s fulfillment center
  • KPMG’s Learning and Development Center
  • GuideWell Innovation Center

Now you may be thinking about why these companies have chosen Lake Nona as their base. The answer is the community’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and wellness.

Lake Nona’s commitment to technology is also evident in its infrastructure. The neighborhood has invested heavily in creating a smart city. This thing gives leverage to the latest technologies. For this, these technologies improve the quality of life of its residents.

4. Community

Lake Nona has a tight-knit community. It is another reason why it is so popular. The community has a strong sense of togetherness. The residents often come together for events and initiatives. These things promote wellness, sustainability, and innovation.

If you go there, you can see various types of events. One of the notable events is the Lake Nona Farmers Market. It takes place every Saturday morning. The market features:

  • Locally grown produce
  • Artisanal goods
  • Live music

These features make Lake Nona an excellent place to socialize. Everyone can enjoy the community’s vibrant atmosphere.

There are delightful recreational spaces. The number is quite big. It shows Lake Nona is committed to its community. There are 40 parks and playgrounds. The whole area is an ideal destination for families with children. Lake Nona’s planned trails and green spaces promote outdoor activity. Residents can stay active in this space. Also, they can easily engage with their community there.

5. Location

Lake Nona is located in a crucial area of the United States. This factor also makes this place popular. The location of the community is very close to Orlando International Airport. All travelers can quickly come and go from here. Another factor is Lake Nona’s proximity to major highways and interstates. That is why it is easy for residents to commute to other parts of Orlando and beyond.

Lake Nona is a gorgeous place. It is an excellent place for both individuals and families. This area is heaven for those who are working in the tourism industry. They can have an extra advantage. Orlando is a major tourist destination. Many people work in the hospitality and entertainment sectors. Lake Nona allows these individuals to enjoy a peaceful suburban lifestyle if they live there. But they can also live close to their corporate buildings.

Lake Nona is located near some of the best attractions in Orlando. Residents are just a short drive away from theme parks. These parks are:

  • Walt Disney World
  • Universal Studios
  • SeaWorld

There are some popular destinations also. You and your family can easily visit these places. These destinations always give you positive vibes. These are:

  • Disney Springs 
  • Universal Studios CityWalk

Lake Nona is a vibrant and thriving community. It offers residents a unique blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. Lake Nona is the finest place. If you are looking for:

  • Spacious single-family home
  • Cozy townhome
  • Upscale condo

The Fairy Godmother of Real Estate is the perfect Realtor for you. Kim is a professional real estate agent with over 25 years of Top 1% Nationwide real estate performance in the Central Florida area.  My Realtor Dream Team  will help you find the perfect glass slipper fit.  My team’s knowledge of the local area will exceed your expectations.   We have over 100,000 views of our local town videos on our Near Disney Youtube channel. People comment all the time on how it helped them find their preferred destination . Also, our team loves what they do!  This is why we deliver excellent service. We care about our clients who become lifelong friends. You can easily trust us. We have tons of testimonials and they can be made available to you upon request. You should get the best guidance during the whole process. We will simplify your home-buying process. Give us a call now to begin your adventure towards your new dream home at Lake Nona!  Please call or text 1-800-Kim-Hawk Stu

Have a look:


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Ten must-do activities during the holidays in Celebration, Florida

Ten must-do activities during the holidays in Celebration, Florida

Many people dream of relocating to Orlando, Florida, because it’s home to the happiest place on earth: the amusement parks of the Walt Disney World Resort. It is a beautiful, lush and scenic city. Many people believe that moving to Orlando offers the perfect balance of entertainment, convenience, and natural beauty. There are some best neighborhoods in Orlando to choose from. The best Orlando neighborhoods offer delightful places to live and work. Orlando and its suburbs are immensely popular tourist destinations. They attract huge numbers of visitors throughout the year. Anybody’s life can become much more exciting and adventurous by moving to Orlando, Florida.

Best neighborhoods in Orlando, Florida, are so popular and prominent that many websites provide complete information and guidance about how to move to Orlando, Florida, the best area in Orlando to buy a house or the best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent, about the best neighborhoods in Central Florida. Such websites even offer moving tips Orlando, Florida or a moving to Orlando checklist.

The Walt Disney World Resort and its Parks are only a short drive from Celebration, Florida, an Orlando neighborhood. Celebration, a master-planned community, was first established by The Walt Disney Company in the middle of the 1990s. Celebration, with its lovely homes, tree-lined streets, and close-knit community, is a shining illustration of Walt Disney’s commitment to improving the world one community at a time. It is one of the best neighborhoods near Orlando. Known architects like Robert A.M. Stern designed the civic buildings, which were modeled after old American small towns. It is a prime example of the venerable company’s values and attitude. Celebration is a symbol of the Disney ethos and a place where visitors can still experience the magic of Disney.

Celebration is a charming small village with lovely architecture and a welcoming selection of shops and restaurants. Celebration actually made it to the list of the ten prettiest communities in the nation. It is one of Orlando best neighborhoods. It’s easy to navigate and approachable to the charming downtown. The area offers a distinctive and intriguing variety of homes, from opulent estate-style homes to condos, all of which are situated on pedestrian-friendly streets. Celebration, Florida was built as a neighborhood with a distinct sense of place. In order to create a community where people could live, work, and play nearby, the town’s design and construction were carefully considered. There are a tonne of lovely neighborhoods, adorable homes, and amazing architecture there! Celebration homes come in a variety of architectural styles, including Victorian, Mediterranean, and Georgian, to reflect the diversity of the neighborhood.
Around Lake Rianhard, the town’s focal point, there are a tonne of walking and biking paths, a farmers market, a town plaza with eateries and stores, as well as museums and golf courses. By taking the self-guided walking tour, a horse-drawn carriage trip, a Segway tour, or renting bikes to ride through the picturesque trails, visitors can learn a lot about Celebration.

The town was planned to stress pedestrian-friendly streets, parks, and open areas so that locals could go for walks, bike rides, and outdoor recreation. Celebration is a lively and dynamic place to live as a result of its emphasis on community and walkability, which fosters a feeling of connection between locals and the town.

Additionally, Celebration is dedicated to protecting the environment by providing parks and green places for locals to commune with nature. Celebration is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Orlando and is created to encourage a feeling of connection and community among its residents. Celebration is a place where residents can come together and develop deep relationships with one another, thanks to its varied architecture and community-focused events. It’s a beautiful place to spend holidays with the family. Below are ten must-do activities during the holidays in Celebration, Florida.


1. Celebration Lakeside Park

Visiting Lake Rianhard in the city’s center is one of the epic things to do in Celebration, Florida. Visitors can get a glimpse of a small community at Lakeside Park. Around the lake, there is a wooden boardwalk, as well as rocking seats, tables, and umbrellas. This is one of the interesting things to do in Celebration if you want to see wildlife. Fish, turtles, birds, and alligators live near the ocean.

2. Celebration Green

Families can enjoy a wide range of activities and events in the charming community of Celebration, Florida. Celebration Green, the town’s main park, is a popular gathering place for both residents and visitors. The park is a great location for families to spend a day together because it has a number of amenities like picnic areas, a playground, and a walking path. Families can visit a number of other parks in the town beside Celebration Green.

3. Celebration Bike Tours

One of the finest Celebration activities is a bike tour. You can either hire bikes from Celebration Bike Tours or join one of their tours, which is the best part about doing so. This is a fantastic way to tour the community that Walt Disney designed. A 7-mile loop showing everything the Celebration has to offer can be completed in about 2 hours. The chart will guide you to all the city’s top biking destinations.

4. Celebration Golf Club

For golf enthusiasts, the Celebration Golf Club is a mandatory activity to do in Celebration. Given that it was the final course created by Robert Trent Jones Sr., this course is significant to golf fans. This course, one of Orlando’s top offerings, attracts golfers from all over Florida with its lush, natural vibe. This course has not only held a variety of competitions but Orlando can be reached in a matter of minutes. This is a fun course that provides excellent fun for all skill levels, from beginners to experts. The windmill eatery is another option for dining after a round. Dinner, happy hour, and brunch are all served there.

5. Disney Springs
Disney Studios is one of the sites nearby Celebration, Florida. Like Celebration, the central area was developed by Walt Disney World. Whether you’re looking for a daytime or nighttime activity, this neighborhood has restaurants, stores, vibrant nightlife, and enjoyable activities. In this charming waterfront location, visitors can take part in a wide variety of entertaining activities and delectable cuisine. Due to the fact that the entire area is illuminated and ideal for exploring at night, it is regarded as one of the activities to do in Celebration.
There are many entertainment options in the area, including nightclubs, over 30 eateries with something for everyone, Disney stores, and more. Kids can roam around, bowl, watch a video, or play in the water feature.

6. Holiday’s Celebration Train
One of the finest family-friendly activities in Celebration for visitors over the holidays is riding the train! The season runs from November 26 to December 31. From 6 to 9 pm, the programme is free and available to the public. For fun activities to do during Celebrations, this is a must-visit location.

7. Museum of Military History
Anyone who loves history should visit the Museum of Military History in Celebration. The purpose is to promote knowledge of and comprehension of the American combat experience. From Tuesday through Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm, you can watch the programme. From displays of Revolutionary War muskets, World War I gas masks, and a sizable WWII exhibit to exhibits that feature service members from all five divisions. Spend an hour or several hours researching the history of the American military.

8. Glass bottom kayak tour
Everything about Walt Disney World is Celebration’s main attraction. If you want to do something other than go to theme parks, why not get back in contact with nature and take part in this guided eco-tour on a glass-bottom kayak? This two-hour leisurely workout is best suitable for small groups and takes place in Emerald Cut, a peculiar area of Rock Springs Run. Visitors can take a dip in the spring water, snap a few photos, and learn fascinating details about the area.

9. Corpus Christi Catholic Church
In Celebration, Florida, a master-planned community in Osceola County, Florida, the Corpus Christi Catholic Church is located near Walt Disney World Resort. The Orlando Diocese of Florida, which houses the Church, was founded by the Pontiff. Only about 100 people were residing there when the parish was established in 2005. According to an estimation, there are now more than 1,000 people residing there as of 2017.
The Church was built by Cooper Johnson Smith Architects & Town Planners. Although the Church’s foundation was set in November 2008, construction didn’t begin until January of the following year (by general contractor Brasfield & Gorrie). Pastor Gregory Parkes was able to celebrate the first Communion in the new building on the morning of December 24.

10. Celebration Farmers Market
Go to the Celebration Farmers Market if you’re in town on a Sunday. The market is open from 10 am to 2 pm in the winter and from 9 am to 1 pm in the summer. This is one of the unusual activities that people, couples, and families can do in Celebration. Enjoy the cuisine, crafts, and products that are local.

When you are moving to Orlando, Fl, remember this, Celebration is not just a place to go see Disney and have fun; tourists can also learn a lot of new things, get the chance to go back in history, and experience nature’s beauty and the local area. Enjoy!

Best places to live in Orlando, that every realtor swear by

Best place to live in Orlando that every realtor swears by.

Orlando is located in central Florida and is known for its numerous theme parks, including Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and SeaWorld. The city is also home to several museums, parks, cultural institutions, and shopping and dining options. It is also a popular destination for tourists worldwide and a hub for several major industries, including tourism, hospitality, healthcare, and technology.
Orlando has a warm and sunny climate, with mild winters and hot summers. A great combination of weather, culture, entertainment, and lifestyle makes it a popular choice for people considering moving to Orlando Florida.

Orlando and its surrounding neighborhoods can be an attractive place to live for several reasons, including:

  1. Climate: Orlando’s climate is generally warm and sunny, with mild winters and hot summers. For people who prefer warmer weather, this can be a big draw.
  2. Employment opportunities: Orlando is home to several major employers in industries like tourism, hospitality, healthcare, and technology, making it an attractive place to live for those looking for job opportunities in these fields.
  3. Amenities and attractions: In addition to its theme parks and resorts, the best neighborhoods in Orlando have a range of amenities and attractions, including shopping centers, restaurants, museums, and cultural events, making Orlando an appealing place to live for those who enjoy a diverse range of activities.
  4. Cost of living: While living in some parts of Orlando can be high, other neighborhoods offer more affordable options. These neighborhoods can be attractive for those looking for a lower cost of living compared to other major cities in the United States.
  5. Quality of life: Orlando is known for its friendly communities and high quality of life. The city has a low crime rate, good schools, and a range of healthcare options, making it a popular choice for families and retirees.

There are many great neighborhoods and communities to live in if you are relocating to Orlando Florida, depending on your preferences and lifestyle. Here are a few of the best neighborhoods in Orlando:

1.Celebration: A master-planned community located about 32 kilometers (20 miles) south of downtown Orlando, Celebration, one of the best neighborhoods in Orlando, is known for its picturesque downtown area, top-rated schools, and community events. The neighborhood was developed by The Walt Disney Company. Compassionate residents characterize the community.
The community’s design and architecture exude a small-town atmosphere, with many homes featuring front porches, alleys, and detached garages. The homes boast various architectural styles, including Classical, Coastal, French, Victorian, Colonial Revival, and Mediterranean. Additionally, many homes have garage apartments, which serve as in-law suites or rental units.
The Celebration features a variety of homes and recreational activities, including an assortment of dining, shopping, entertainment options, and frequent special events. The location boasts plentiful parks and recreational facilities with numerous walking and biking trails. In addition, Celebration offers several amenities, including community halls in the Main, North, and South Villages, a 4 1/2 Star Celebration Golf Course, a 60,000 square foot fitness center at Celebration Health, and Lakeside Park that features basketball and tennis courts.
Furthermore, Celebration residents and their families can access three community pools for recreational purposes. In addition, the property is only a few minutes away from the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks. To discover more interesting facts and information

2.Winter Garden: A charming and affluent city located about 25 kilometers (15 miles) west of downtown Orlando. It is situated in Orange County and has a population of around 48,000. Winter Garden has a warm and humid climate.
Winter Garden has a historic downtown area. Following a catastrophic fire in the early 1900s, the town mandated that all downtown structures be constructed using brick. The existing buildings were built between 1912 and 1945 and remain today. Some of them, such as the Moon Cricket Grille, retain their original flooring, ceiling, and walls. The downtown area of Winter Garden boasts a storied past, originating from its beginnings as orange groves to its present-day transformation into a lively hub of shops and restaurants. One of the highlights of the downtown area is the Winter Garden Farmers Market, which takes place every Saturday and features local produce, baked goods, and crafts with a live music band.
The city also has several parks and recreational facilities, including the West Orange Trail, a 22-mile-long trail for walking, jogging, and cycling that runs through Winter Garden and the surrounding area. Other parks in the city include Newton Park, Veterans Memorial Park, and Chapin Station Neighborhood Park. Built in 1935, the Winter Garden Community Theater was among the first cinemas in Central Florida to screen “talkies.” After its renovation, the theater again stands as a historic gem of Central Florida.
Overall, Winter Garden is a growing and vibrant community that offers a mix of small-town charm and modern amenities. Winter Garden homes can be a great option if you are searching for homes or condos for sale and considering relocating to Orlando, Florida, the best neighborhood near Disney World.

3.Dr. Phillips: A well-established neighborhood in Orange County, Florida, just southwest of Universal Studio and east of Walt Disney World resort. Dr. Phillips is known for its affluent neighborhoods, luxury homes, highly-rated schools, and exclusive shopping and dining options.
Subdivisions are a common sight along this region’s roads, with many of them providing entry points to either the Butler Chain of Lakes or the Sand Lakes. The community is home to the famous “Restaurant Row,” a stretch of Sand Lake Road that features a wide variety of fine dining establishments. The area also boasts several parks and recreational facilities, including Dr. P. Phillips Community Park, which offers a variety of sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas. In addition, Dr. Phillips is home to several schools, including Dr. Phillips High School, which is known for its rigorous academic programs and successful sports teams.
Overall, Dr. Phillips is a desirable and exclusive community in the Orlando metropolitan area, offering a high quality of life and a range of amenities for residents and visitors alike. Check the video to learn more about one of the best areas in Orlando:

4.Reunion: Reunion and Championsgate are two adjacent luxury resort communities located in Osceola County, Florida, United States, just a few miles south of the Walt Disney World Resort. Reunion is recognized for its lavish facilities and high-end lodging options, comprising luxury villas, condos, and vacation homes. Additionally, it boasts three golf courses with the unique design signatures of celebrated golfers Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, and Jack Nicklaus.

Reunion is also known for its services, including a concierge desk, housekeeping, and 24-hour front desk service. The community also offers a variety of recreational amenities, including multiple swimming pools, a water park, tennis courts, and a spa. Champion Gate is home to several luxury resorts and residential communities, including the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate and the Bella Trae community. It features two championship golf courses designed by golfing legends Greg Norman and David Leadbetter and multiple swimming pools, a fitness center, and a spa. The community is also home to various restaurants and shops, offering a range of dining and shopping experiences for residents and visitors alike. Reunion and Championsgate are premier destinations in Orlando’s best neighborhoods. They offer a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and recreation for their residents and guests, making them popular destinations for weddings, events, and conferences. For interesting facts visit the video

5.Windermere: An upscale town in Orange County, Florida, situated in the southwestern portion of the county, near the city of Orlando. The town is also located on the shores of several lakes, including Lake Butler, Lake Down, and Lake Bessie, which provide ample boating, fishing, and other water-based activities.
The Butler Chain of Lakes is formed by the connection of Lake Butler and Lake Down with six different lakes, accomplished through a series of canals. Windermere is known for its affluent neighborhoods, large estates, and luxury homes. The community features many parks, including Lake Down Park, Fernwood Park, and Town Square, which offer a variety of recreational amenities, including sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas.
Overall, Windermere is the best area in Orlando to buy a house for residents and visitors alike. Check the video to get further information

6.Lake Nona: Lake Nona is a planned community located in the southeast of Orlando, Florida, United States. It covers an area of approximately 17 square miles and is home to around 80,000 people. Lake Nona is known for its focus on innovation, sustainability, and wellness. The community is home to Lake Nona Medical City, a 650-acre health and life sciences park with hospitals, research institutions, and medical schools. In addition, Lake Nona features a variety of recreational amenities, including parks, walking and biking trails, and a championship golf course designed by Tom Fazio. Numerous professional golf players call the distinguished Lake Nona Golf and Country Club their home, which is a private country club. The community is also home to many restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. Every home in Village Walk provides a water view of the planned canal system, evoking a Venice-style atmosphere. A pedestrian park surrounded by various restaurants and ample parking offers a popular meeting spot for locals to socialize with friends. An outstanding attraction of this area is Boxi Park, which features a food truck-style dining experience, an entertainment stage hosting live bands, volleyball courts, and a playground for children.

Lake Nona’s central location, with convenient access to the University of Central Florida and downtown Orlando, makes it an ideal base for festivals and entertainment options in the area. Lake Nona has been recognized for its innovative and sustainable approach to community planning and development. It has received numerous awards and accolades, including being named one of the top 10 best places to live in the United States by Money magazine in 2020. Overall, Lake Nona is a thriving and dynamic community that offers a unique blend of innovation, sustainability, and quality of life for its residents and visitors. For further exciting facts, visit the video.

7.Kissimmee: Kissimmee is a city in Osceola County, Florida. It is a popular vacation destination, with its proximity to the Walt Disney World Resort and other theme parks and its range of recreational amenities and outdoor activities. One of the main attractions in Kissimmee is Old Town, a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex that features a variety of shops, restaurants, and amusement park rides.
Another popular attraction is Lake Tohopekaliga, also known as Lake Toho, a large freshwater lake that offers fishing, boating, and other water-based activities. Kissimmee is also home to many parks and recreational areas, including Kissimmee Lakefront Park and Shingle Creek park. Kissimmee Lakefront Park features a playground, splash pad, and fishing pier, whereas the Shingle Creek Regional Park offers hiking trails, wildlife viewing, and other outdoor activities.

In addition to its recreational amenities, Kissimmee also provides a range of cultural attractions, including the Osceola Center for the Arts, which hosts a variety of theatrical productions and other events throughout the year.
Downtown also boasts an excellent transportation system, particularly with the Kissimmee SunRail Station and the Kissimmee Amtrak Station. By utilizing the SunRail station, Winter Park and Downtown Orlando in Florida are easily accessible, while the Amtrak station offers convenient access to South Florida and Miami. In addition, the Brightline Florida train is set to stop in Kissimmee, further expanding transportation options in the area.

Downtown Kissimmee has been infused with color, vibrancy, and character by adding murals on its walls. These public artworks, created under the project ArtisNow, have brought a significant transformation to the city’s public spaces. The project involves collaborating with talented local painters and community members, creating high-quality public murals that contribute to the city’s artistic and cultural scene. For additional facts and details, please follow the link provided.

8.Downtown Orlando, Florida: Downtown Orlando is the central business district of Orlando, Florida. The history of Orlando, Florida, dates back to around 1850 and may have been named after a character in a Shakespeare play. Orlando is located in the heart of the city and is home to various businesses, government buildings, cultural institutions, and residential areas. The downtown area features numerous restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Among the popular attractions in the area is the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, the Amway Center sports and entertainment arena, Lake Eola Park, and the Orlando City Stadium. Lake Eola Park, situated in Downtown Orlando, is significant in the city’s center. The land on which the park is built was donated to be used exclusively as a public park.

The city of Orlando, Florida, boasts several art museums, such as the Grand Bohemian Art Gallery Orlando, the Downtown Arts Collective, the Redefined Art Gallery, the Orlando Museum of Art, and City Arts. Downtown Orlando is also the city’s transportation hub, with a central bus station and a SunRail commuter train station. To discover more fascinating facts and details, kindly refer to the video.

Are you interested in buying or renting a home in one of the best neighborhoods in Orlando, Florida, or seeking information about the restaurants or hotels in Orlando, Florida? Are you looking for how to move to Orlando Florida and searching for an Orlando vacation home or a real estate agent specializing in luxury properties? Kim Hawk and her team have expertise in cities located near Orlando, which are among the top cities to reside in Florida.

Kim Hawk, known as the “Fairy Godmother of real estate and lifestyle,” is an accomplished realtor specializing in cities surrounding Orlando that are considered some of the best neighborhoods in Orlando, Florida. To learn more about her, you can visit her website at https://thefairygodmother.world/.

As one of the top 100 realtors in Orlando, according to Orlando Magazine, Kim has an impressive background, having worked for Walt Disney World Resort marketing and the VIP guest relations department for 33 years. You can learn more about Kim’s story by visiting https://thefairygodmother.world/my-story/.
Kim’s approach to real estate is based on building relationships, striving for the best results, putting in hard work to gain expertise, and celebrating each other’s successes. She finds great joy in bringing people together and discovering products that enhance their lives. To reach people in Florida and the United States, she started her YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@NEARDISNEY, where she talks about all the exciting things to do within a 25-mile radius of Cinderella Castle.
Kim’s extensive expertise in residential real estate comes from her experience with Re/Max and Christie’s International Real Estate. Kim and her team specialize in residential real estate in Orlando, Florida, and the best neighborhoods of Orlando. They are knowledgeable in constructing new houses and buying or selling single-family houses, condos, and townhomes in the secondary market.

Whether moving to a new place or seeking a place to unwind, the best neighborhoods in Orlando will always exceed your expectations. Florida offers many activities, entertainment, restaurants, shopping, and more. Real estate agents like Kim Hawk and her team strive to present you with some of Orlando’s best neighborhoods to make you feel at home. To learn more about the communities they serve, you can visit the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_K5fcOtoRQ. You can also explore all the current listings in Central Florida by visiting the website www.Celebrationhomesales.com.”

NEV, automatic lawn mowers, and other devices for your new life in Celebration, Florida

Make your new life in Celebration, Florida more comfortable and smarter with NEV, automatic lawn mowers and other modern devices.

We all desire to live in a developed community with a good environment and neighborhood. Besides these we all want a comfortable and an easy life too. If we get a smart home in a developed community with all the modern facilities and gadgets then it’s an icing on the cake!
The definition of urban community is a community which promises a better living with all the modern facilities for a comfortable and smart life. Celebration in Florida is the perfect example of new urbanization. It is a master planned community formed with an idea of better and smart living. It was based on Walt Disney’s proposed idea for “EPCOT” ( Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). It was named “New Community of the Year” in 2001 by the Urban Land Institute.
Kim Hawk , the fairy Godmother of real estate and her “Dream team” help people find their dream homes with all the modern developments in areas near Disney. They also help them to find smart devices required for a smart living such as NEV, robot mowers for large lawns, etc.
Kim Hawk and her family moved to Celebration town built by Disney in Florida more than 25 years ago and are founding residents. She is not only a renowned realtor but also lifestyle guru who helps people get information on home products, travel, restaurants, etc in and around Celebration Florida. One can visit her website https://thefairygodmother.world/ to know more about it.
Let’s look at some of the smart devices with amazing technology in Celebration, Florida.
1. NEV– The full form of NEV is neighborhood electric vehicles. Commuting locally in Celebration becomes easy and affordable with these vehicles. Often mistaken for a golf-cart, it’s more than that. They are electrically powered and are light “plastic” vehicles with a speed limit of 35 m.p.h or below. They can be driven almost anywhere within Celebration.
There are two-four, six and eight seat electric vehicles and come with a cover for protection against heat and rain. Just like a car they require license plates and registration. Many residents in Celebration are proud owners of NEV. It’s a great form of local transportation and it’s fun zipping around the town in this small NEV.

2. Automatic or Robot Lawn Mowers– Lawn mowing is a tedious job and with people having a hectic life both at home and at workplace, it becomes even more difficult to mow the lawn regularly. Shelling out $ 100 every month for mowing services doesn’t seem to be a sensible idea when there are other expenses too. Moreover, who wants to work outside with soaring temperatures everywhere. Manual lawn mowers use a lot of energy , make one super tired and are noisy. Automatic or Robot lawn mowers can solve this problem. There are the best robotic lawnmower for large lawns or robotic lawn mowers for small yards too.
These robot lawn mowers, large yards are one time investment and for people who cannot make full payment can pay through easy monthly installments. There are many types of automatic best robotic lawnmower available in Celebration town to choose from according to one’s requirements such as price, lawn area, features, etc. Some of the best robotic lawn mowers as mentioned in Kim Hawk’s website are :
1.AYI Robot Lawn Mower– This robot lawn mower for large yards is available for approximately $749 and for $47.52 or less over a 24 months payment plan. It’s meant for all types of terrain, has anti-skid equipment in its machine with 5,200 mah built-in lithium battery, cuts multiple patterns, is wi-fi assisted and designed for lawns up to 27,000 square feet. Tap link for more info https://amzn.to/3Z1m27Z
2. Mowra Robot Lawn Mower– It is a wi-fi enabled electric robot lawn mower for 5 acres large lawns. It is child and pet proof. It is priced at $ 999.00 approximately.
3.Gardena 15201-41 SILENO Minimo, fully automatic robot lawn mower– It is the most affordable and best robotic lawn mower for smaller lawns. It mows yards up to 2700 square feet and is one of the quietest mowers. It is all weather and terrain mower. Its cost is approximately $629.99.
4.Work Landroid M20V robot lawn mowers – It is fully automated, meant for large yards and cuts up to ¼ acre all by itself. Its cost is $1,061.83 approximately.

5.Sponsored Ad-Husqvarna Automower 430X Robotic Lawn Mower – This robot lawn mower is for large yards and one can lay boundary wire that covers the perimeter of the desired working area. It has a built-in theft protection in it and also a GPS. Its cost is approximately $2,499.

With these best robotic lawnmower available in the market, it is very important for the customers to do a thorough study of the best robotic mowers given above. A Roomba lawn mower ranges anywhere between $630 and $2,500 and the price increases with features such as tackling rough terrain, best battery back-up, different cutting height, GPS in the machine and a lot more. The best part about these robotic lawn mower prices is that they may also be paid through easy monthly installments.
Ultimately it depends entirely on the customer to decide which one to go for according to their need , criteria or utility.

3. Ibot Vacuum Cleaners– Besides cleaning the lawn, cleaning the inside of a house is also equally important. In today’s world everyone is living a hectic life and one has no time for cleaning the house. With robotic vacuum cleaners, cleaning the house has become easy, saving both time and energy.
A robotic vacuum cleaner is an autonomous vacuum cleaner for cleaning our homes from every nook and corner. They are usually smaller and lighter than the usual traditional vacuum cleaners. There are a variety of models available in the market which come with a super powerful suction that sweeps, mops and disinfects your home at the click of a button. They have multiple sensors which navigate around your house and cleans under and around the furniture and difficult spaces. These sensors also prevent the vacuum cleaner from colliding into walls and other things. It is controlled with a remote and even a smartphone.

4.Revolution Toasters– To make life easy for the people of Celebration, there are ‘Revolution Toasters’ available in the market as well! Most people prefer bread toasts for breakfast as it is easy to make. With every device becoming smart these days, even the toasters have undergone tremendous transformation with the invention of ‘Revolution Toasters’.
The ‘Revolution Toaster’ toasts bread in a fraction of time with the kind of crispness and browning one prefers. Moreover, it helps one to select from bread, bagel, waffle, muffins or toaster pastry. It is indeed a boon for the bread lovers!

5.Pneumatic tubes for trash removal– The biggest challenge for any city or town is removal of trash or garbage. Disney World was one of the first ones to install an advanced trash removal system and keep it out of everyone’s sight, hence making the city cleaner, greener and healthier.
Pneumatic tubes for trash removal is a system that uses high-pressure air to suck segregated waste and transport it to a collection station or point. It is very important to maintain the magical city as it is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Moreover, it helps in providing the residents a good quality of life and preserving the environment for the future generations.

6.Disney Mobility Scooters – These scooters allow the tourist to explore the adventures of the town during their vacation comfortably and at affordable prices. It is delivered wherever one is putting up and picked from any place the tourist wants to.

7.Seaway services – It is two-wheeled, motorized and self -balancing personal or human transportation which allows passengers to travel up to 20 kilometers per hour(12.5 miles). It uses five gyroscopes and a built-in computer to remain upright. One has to wear a helmet while using it and learn proper techniques to ride it around safely.
Kim Hawk and her team not only provides a smart home to people but also believes in providing a smart life. They help you buy smart devices for a comfortable living and also use other smart services available in the town which will make life convenient and easy. Celebration, Florida is an ideal choice for smart people opting for smart homes with a smart lifestyle. To get more information on this you can visit videos posted by Kim Hawk and her team on YouTube.


5 non-negotiable to-dos before moving to Orlando

Orlando: Perfect place to move If you are moving to Orlando, Fl, this is probably the best decision of your life! This is the best place for relocating, and we are here to show you the best area in Orlando to buy a house. There are a number of specializations to opt for this place. The foremost thing you have to do is just start preparing now for moving to Orlando for your hastle-free move. For your best shot on how to move to Orlando here are some useful tips and hacks to become a happy and satisfied resident.

1. Know about the place where you are possibly moving to

It’s important to require needed knowledge of the place where you are going to be a resident. Every person will refer to the place to move, which is well organized, has facilities, and has a good number of neighbors around.   For this, you can also click on this YouTube video on neighborhoods scattered below on the top 11 towns in Orlando area, a 25-mile radius around the famous Cinderella’s Castle. Each one is unique and the best for you and your loved ones.

2. Contact Orlando's real estate agents who have specific knowledge in their field for moving to Orlando

If you really have made up your mind to move to Orlando, you have to search for real estate agents who have the best knowledge of the best area in Orlando to buy a house. Check out Youtube videos to see which real estate agents are producing helpful information on the town and show that they understand what that town is about!   There will be many questions in your mind, like what’s the right place to choose? Are there places of your interest where you want to move?
If you are moving to Orlando, Fl with kids, then you have to find a place occupied with a school, grocery stores, playgrounds and pools, university, hospitals, parks, and many more places for having fun and living a sustainable life. You weren’t able to find out this on your own. You have to catch a realtor who is the best in Central Orlando. To make this process easy, we introduce you to the best realtor in Florida, The Fairy Godmother of real estate, Kim Hawk. https://thefairygodmother.world/

3. Get a Pre- Qual Letter and Proof of Funds document

You can connect to real estate agents for these types of formalities. They provide the best benefits for the best neighborhoods near Orlando. It is too tough to get through this process to move on your own. You can find this process easier with the best realtor in central Florida, Kim Hawk. She recommends the best for your specific situation. She will provide you with an idea of what price and terms sellers will accept.

You don’t have to pay state income tax here, so you save money!  It will help you to buy things like furniture or annual passes!  If your realtor is an expert in the field, then you are closer to saving more money. So choose Kim Hawk, the leading realtor in the USA (among the top 1%). She focuses on real estate properties near Disney ( Within 25 Miles radius of Disney World’s Cinderella’s Castle) and is ready to shower you with moving tips for Orlando Fl.

4. Be aware of Interest Rates if not paying Cash

For this, you have to examine your credit score. You should have a credit score of at least 620 to be certified for a minimum 3 % down payment, and your closing costs, so it’s necessary to know where you are before you start searching for your dream deal.
And yes, there is no state income tax in Florida, and the ability to acquire homestead  privileges are extra bonuses for moving  to Florida.

5. Mention your Wish List upfront

The Metro Orlando area can be confusing so it is important to work with a Realtor that Knows the area.  You will  wonder if Orlando, Winter Garden, Celebration or Lake Nona is better for you and your loved ones.  First of all, you have to make your realtor aware about your needs and choices. If you are a nature lover, you should tell Kim’s team so that they can provide you with information on the best area in Orlando to buy a house. A Realtor knows locations where academic centers, grocery stores, playgrounds, restaurants, hospitals, airports, and sports centers will be near your new residence/ property. You can also find out from them where you can get the best job opportunities around that location. Ask your realtor to be connected and share the best property options to fit your wish list. Feel free to connect and get photos of the site and the neighborhoods when you are unable to go.

Here are some unmissable sites you must know about:

(A) Orlando: Catches attention
Orlando is the most beautifully designed city in Central Florida. There is a beautiful lake called Eola Park, a place for enjoying nature and having fun. They have a farmers’ market on Sunday. You can go to sports events and wonderful concerts. Everything that you would around is available in the city. The places that catch the attention of people who are relocating to Orlando Florida are Celebration Florida, Dr Phillips Florida, Windermere Florida, Winter Garden Florida, Lake Nona, Exploria Stadium, Amway Center, Science Center, and Art Museum, etc.

(B) The Disney built town: Celebration Florida
Celebration Florida is one of the favorite towns of Florida. This is the town that Walt Disney World built. There are restaurants, post offices, and retailers that have great designs from architects. In the center of the town, there is a lovely lake where one can have lots of fun. It looks like a live painting. There is no state income tax here, and the properties will range anywhere from about $300,000 to $6.3 million dollars. You’re going to find storybook, winding roads along with lots of amenities, tennis courts, farmers’ markets, and playgrounds. Here are over 50 miles of walking and biking passes around the town.

If you are looking for the best neighborhoods in Central Florida, you should know that Celebration Florida was initially intended to be Epcot Center and spelled EPCOT, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. One of the ideas was residents would be able to live and be, and have their jobs at Epcot. Instead of that happening at Epcot it’s happening in Disney’s created town of  Celebration Florida.

A home business district exists here too. There are 14 homes located  close to downtown Celebration where you can run your business and also live in the home. Celebration Florida offers one of the  best opportunities in the Orlando area to buy a house.

(C) Winter Garden: you should move here
Central Florida is known for its theme parks that attract so much traffic per year. It is best for people who are moving to Orlando for warm weather. Winter Garden Orlando gives a different small-town feel to those who are looking for Orlando’s best neighborhoods. Locally owned businesses, beautiful roads, sites, and so many community events take you away from the hustle and bustle of life.

It’s like the countryside, where people like to connect and value community and inclusion. In the best neighborhoods in Central Florida, neighbors come closer, and their kids grow up together in a friendly environment. There is also a farmers market every Saturday, rain or shine. You can enjoy lots of events here. It’s a great place to live if you love being outdoors and around nature. You don’t have to worry about restaurants, grocery and retail. There are lots of opportunities here with a bustling downtown.

(D) Dr Phillips: Restaurant Row and Family Central
Dr Phillips wanted to build a community where people could work, live and enjoy. The place is also perfectly chosen. It is located between the theme parks of Walt Disney Universal Studios and SeaWorld. It has many different restaurants and a lot of shops nearby. The Dr Philips marketplace is very famous. It’s cool to live here for the folks who are looking for Orlando’s best neighborhoods. There are many options, and a great place to go. You will surely love the place. So if you are looking for a place where you can live, work, play, be able to have parks, have places to eat, and places to shop, Dr Phillips is a great choice.

(E) Windermere, Florida: Perfect place to live among the lakes
It’s a gem within the 25-mile radius of Cinderella’s castle. The place where celebrities live. You are going to have a lot of availability to get privacy. You are within driving distance of Disney theme park. Love luxurious life? It’s perfect to move here by the Butler Chain of Lakes. It is known for being a luxurious community among many lakes. 

The best places to hit up in downtown Windermere is Dixie  Tim’s Wine Market, Paloma Coffee Co, Yellow Dog Eats in Gotha, Florida, The Grove, Fernwood Park, and Bird Island, luxury homes and a lot of boating options.
So Windermere, Florida, really is the place to be able to bring your families in. You can check out the photos below.

(F) St. Cloud, Florida: The Proud American City
It is the 55th largest city in Florida. It’s full of tons of restaurants that are locally owned and operated. It’s related to the proud soldier’s history in America. This place is one of the most affordable places and among the best neighborhoods in Orlando area. The sunset on Lake Toho is some of the best in the world. Locals say they just feel lucky to buy here.

So got the idea of how to move to Orlando?
This is all you have to do. The best is to hire the best realtor for moving to Orlando Florida. They have the perfect solution to your every problem. Kim Hawk with Florida in Motion Realty and Near Disney youtube is the best match for this contact.

Then what are you waiting for?
Did you know that it’s  difficult to find a Realtor that knows how to help you best?  This may be one of your biggest investments in your life.  So you have to be very careful about it.
The perfect solution to making your move so smooth is Kim Hawk, the best realtor in Central Florida. She has the expertise to help you and your loved ones to find the perfect home. She is known as “The Fairy Godmother ” in this field for the work that she has done successfully for over 25 years as a top 1 percent Nationwide Realtor. 
So call her now, and she and her team will help you in your hustle to look for the best area in Orlando to buy a house. Your solution is just a DM away.


For more information, follow her on her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@NEARDISNEY.
For easy access to choose your dream property, follow these rules and contact Kim Hawk phone: 1-800- Kim-Hawk Email: KimHawk07@gmail.com.