ShipBob Vs Easyship Faceoff 2023 [All You Need To Know]


Logistics is the heart of every E-commerce business. The majority make the buying decision based on ease of order, payment, return and quick delivery. As the business grows it becomes impossible to handle the load of deliveries. In such situations, it is best to outsource the entire logistics to a reliable company and only concentrate on adding value to production.

Here are details and comparisons of two giant Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies:


# ShipBob


ShipBob is known to be one of the best 3PL companies in the USA today. Established in the year 2014, the tech Company is providing services to more than 7000 customers currently. The flow of ShipBob Inc is suited for all, be it small businesses or even the largest of enterprises. The global fulfillment platform possesses expertise in 3PL for E-commerce B2B sellers, relieving its customers from putting time and money into packaging, warehousing, and logistics.

ShipBob reviews hold credit from the most trustworthy brands across the industry that have grown with the help of this best 3PL Company. ShipBob deliveries are the fastest; it is also a part of Amazon’s Fullfilled 2 days delivery program.

ShipBob has a presence in the US, Canada, UK, EU, and Australia. As per ShipBob reviews, they provide the best services for storing, picking, packing and shipping. They also further communicate with delivery agents; in this way the entire logistics are taken care of by the ShipBob Inc.


  • ShipBob is known for its 2-day express deliveries
  • Customisation suite helps provide a specialized unboxing experience
  • It is present across the globe making it possible to grow your business internationally
  • Provides unified experience (omnichannel) across B2B retail partners
  • The best 3PL company also offers optional in-house Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • They provide a most dynamic distributed network of end-to-end fulfillment services 
  • ShipBob Deliveries are completed with the help of best technology solutions, it’s an all-in-one tech stack
  • Integrates with FreightBob which reduces time in transit, lowers freight costs, strategically distributes inventory powered by Flexport’s Flow Diret LCL


  • ShipBob is the best 3PL Company as it integrates with distinguished E-commerce platforms and marketplaces. Directly partners include Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Magento, Netsuite, Walmart, WooCommerce, etc.
  • ShipBob Inc partners with leading Order Management platforms such as Brightpearl, Brij, ChannelApe, Inventory Planner, Prime Penguin, Logicbroker and many more for managing inventory, forecast demand and order handling.
  • It offers Returns Management platform services of Happy Returns, Loop returns, and Logic Returns.
  • Cherry on the cake is last-mile fulfillment by ShipBob with Shipping platforms such as DHL, FedEx, Shippo, Echo global logistics, Easypost, Rush and many more.
  • With all these services in place, be rest assured and reach greater heights with every opportunity that comes knocking.

Free Trial:

The ShipBob software is completely free for all its users. ShipBob Inc also offers basic boxes and packing for free. It offers some important other services like kitting, EDI orders, managing returns, negotiating with shipping carriers.

The logistic cost of each order depends on the type of services availed, the weight, quantity, dimension and destination.   


  • The ShipBob website has answers to your every query. It provides data, videos, and blogs about anything and everything that users require.
  • ShipBob reviews mention excellent merchant care from the company.
  • Guaranteed fast delivery due to wide presence. They have more than 40 fulfillment centres across six countries. ShipBob has 100% 2-day shipping coverage across the US
  • It gives freedom to choose between outsourced fulfillment and warehouse management system.
  • ShipBob provides top-notch wholesale order fulfillment as well as retail dropshipping
  • Impressive cross-border transparency with DDP capabilities


  • There are extra costs associated with the number of services availed outside the basic packaging
  • Being the best 3PL Company it has a lot of orders to manage. Sometimes management gets tricky, and responses take time.
  • ShipBob is not present in every country. It has yet to scale overseas markets in some countries.


ShipBob offers three options for merchant care:

  1. Chat with an expert-they have extended hours of support to accommodate multiple time zones.
  1. Email-The support team contacts you within 2 business hours for issues sent through email.
  1. Phone- Real-time support from team members Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CST

Click the link below to check out:


# Easyship


Easyship is one of the Top Shipping companies in the market today. It offers cloud shipping software for E-commerce businesses. The shipping AI is absolutely developer-friendly and offers assistance 24/7. Easyship partners with the most suitable courier services per order and gives you the freedom to choose your preferred courier service. Easyship charges make it one of the best 3PL companies at the most affordable rates. On reading Easyship reviews, it is clear that Easyship couriers avail you with seamless tracking of your entire package from start to finish. This company does not own warehouses but is equipped with managing deliveries booked from the E-commerce platform to customers. Easyship handles customs, is equipped to help you with crowdfunding campaigns, and can also provide Application Programming Interface (API) solutions.


  • Easyship offers integrations with multiple leading stores.
  • Easyship charges are the most competitive rates in the entire market. They are inclusive of some free services such as generating invoices, customized packing, and email tracking.
  • It offers discounted shipping rates as compared to other logistics companies. Easyship reviews verify the same.
  • It is present globally, offering services in more than 200 countries.
  • Easyship courier also offers insurance to cover the risk of payment of extra charges.
  • It has a transparent rate system, Easyship charges display all the available quotes from the most reliable merchants. The payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer after you ship.
  • There is a single customer support team which manages all the queries, and the query resolution is to the point, as per Easyship reviews.
  • Easyship offers discounts regularly on its subscription, making it the best buy for all its customers.
  • Easyship has various configurations and automation tools. 
  • Easyship reviews talk about the convenience of creating documents, address validations, split and merging shipments, 24-hour support, and so on.
  • Offer customized branding on every step of dynamic tracking website


  • Easyhip Couriers offer a range of courier selections and the advantage of flat rate services
  • They are equipped with comprehensive warehousing and fulfillment network for outsourcing of global order fulfillment.
  • Customs duty and taxes can be prepaid to avoid procedural delays
  • Easyship also offers the generation of return labels manually or can even be set up for automatic outbound labels.
  • Easyship is omnipresent in countries of Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, The United States of America and the United Kingdom
  • More than 100,000 companies trust Easyship, to name a few are Olivers, cupcakes and cashmere, NOMAD Lane, barney, Craighill, Airnum, Sophie & Tophie

Free Trial:

Easyship does offer a 14 day free trial. After this period, merchants need to subscribe for monthly subscriptions for subsequent cycles. Easyship charges even offer a pay-as-you-go subscription.

It offers free accounts for up to 50 shipments, especially for small-scale businesses. 

For detailed information on prices of plus, premier and scale versions click: Plans


  • Easyship offers freedom of choice for logistics
  • It helps to track at every stage of shipment
  • Integrates with major e-commerce platforms 
  • Presence is all over the world
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Reliable, fast, and cost-effective
  • Its the best 3PL solution for small businesses
  • Charges duties and taxes as per country


  • They have extra charges for discrepancies found in weight
  • There is a limit on the number of shipments even on paid plans
  • With Easyship direct complaints cannot be made to the delivering courier company. This causes trouble to merchants and customers in times of unsatisfactory service.
  • The website has dynamic information which is difficult to navigate at times.
  • Easyship reviews complaints of delay in support responses on certain occasions.
  • Own courier needed to generate labels for countries outside Easyship pre-negotiated list


 It is easy to connect with Help and Support, make sales enquiries, and contact partners by connecting with the platform. The various articles help figure out the queries easily; for unidentified problems, you can email them for help.

Click the link below to check out:

Shipbob Vs Easyship Face-off

ShipBob reviewsEasyship review
Free ShipmentShipbob does not offer free cost shipmentEasyship gives first 50 shipments for free
Market shareExpert for handling large-scale logistics as well as small scale business.Best suited for small businesses and medium businesses.
SupportOffers support by chat, email and phone at dedicated hoursOffers 24/7 support through email and phone
Shipment trackingShipment tracking is availableShipment tracking is easy and available at every stage of transfer
Delivery TimeFastest 2 days deliveryDelivery time varies as per chosen delivery partner
Warehouse ManagementOffers warehouse and fulfillment centresDoes not own warehouse, but provides third-party options for warehousing
Delivery typeStores products in the warehouse as per orders, packs and delivers. End-to-end delivery.Takes care of picking, packing, and shipping. Hires courier services
Last mile serviceOffers negotiated pricing for last-mile deliveryOffers competitive courier rates for best selection
Category3PLDrop shopping and shipping
IntegrationsHas maximum integrationsNeeds better integration
View WebsiteShipBob Easyship

ShipBob is a very well-known established software, with all the requirements of a good 3PL company. Easyship has its own features and specifications, it specializes in shipping and outsourcing fulfillment. Both companies eventually are responsible for third-party logistics using their own similar yet slightly different means. Both companies were established in the year 2014, and both of them have bases in the USA.

Choosing the right logistics for your Business is never an easy job. One needs to consider sensitive information like time, cost, nature of the product, cost of delivery, support, tracking of parcels and software.

Both software have their advantages and disadvantages, to find the best option for your business, one has to select the features needed from the features provided.

3 Tools To Boost your Business Productivity in 2023

Productivity Tool

In the fast-changing world, AI (artificial intelligence) is the top solution to the growing needs of online industry. For a business to create an impact, networking is the most important aspect.

The world wide web has given way to businesses of blogging, influencing, E-commerce, small business owners, home businesses, online coaching, and many more. Here are three software tools that will give the boost to your business while making it time-friendly.

The following recommendations are based on the strategy of build, advertise and grow, are personally used and verified by us:

Liquid Web

#1 Liquid Web

The very first step of any business to grow is having its own solid website. Website is your online visiting card which tells the world wide web who you are and what you do. 

Liquid Web is a premium web provider and a leading platform for dedicated server hosting, managed VPS, wordpress hosting and cloud hosting. The interface is very easy, the business templates are completely customizable, and it provides most advanced features. 

Host better with the latest tool which gives you developmental freedom, is easy to understand, and gives you the fastest speed rate experience. The site offers youtube videos explaining every step of setup. 

The software provides air-tight security with some manual downloads. The brand liquid web partners with Stellar IP and Nexcess, two of the most renowned web hosting platforms. Liquid Web allows you to manage all your sites through single point. 

Choose between personal, professional and agency tier for wordpress hosting as per website hosting needs. It provides a lot of hosting options such as Cloud VPS hosting, managed WordPress, Woo commerce, cloud sites, dedicated servers and so on. It is the best tool available used by the most experienced businesses of the industry.


The highlight of Liquid web is their efficacious support, the ‘Heroic Support.’ Whatever your query is, be sure to get a quick reply and fastest problem resolution each and every time. I personally experience a reply within 50 seconds whenever I get stuck. 


Liquid Web does not provide domain name, has premium pricing given the features. 


Fully managed web hosting, Dedicated servers and Cloud hosting

Liquid Web Customers: 

Motorolla, Red Bull, ESPN 


Managed WordPress starts from $19.00/mo

The pricing depends on the product you select. Liquid Web offers various products to choose from. Please check the website for best offers and price.

Free Trial: 

No, liquid web does not offer a free trial but offers to refund your monthly investment in case you are unhappy with their service.


#2 Partnerstack

Once you have a website in place, you need aggressive marketing to promote your business. Sit back and let this partner management software connect you to the best links. At partnerstack the promoters partner with business to provide the right reach. 

All you have to do is register your business as a partner and fix the revenue for interested partners. In todays date the audience selects the products only after complete satisfaction and reviewing the testimonies. Being on partnerstack opens horizons of the world and improves the reach of your B2B SaaS business. 

See phenomenal increase in ROI with partnerstack. The marketplace on partnerstack offers the best options. It is easy to reach out and communicate between partners. Parnerstack offers affordable prices of the value received. The software helps businesses partner with affiliate marketers, agencies, and referral partners. To read in detail about how to grow revenue on Partnerstack click here.


Highlight of partnerstack is its comprehensive reward tracking system. It is easy to understand, communicate, report and withdrawals are smooth. 


The support of partnerstack is quick yet unclear regarding certain issues. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find certain answers on AI chat.


Partner management software

Partnertsack customers: 

Close, Vimeo, Zoominfo, freshworks, teamwork, looka, CallRail, Sendoso, Hubspot, Salesforce


$500/month + % on partner payouts (take fee)

Free Trial: 

No, only access to marketplace


#3 Recruitee

With scaling business, it is very important for the team behind it to be responsible. A recruitment software handles all your hiring worries from posting a job vacancy, replying to candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting basic AI interviews, tracking and sourcing while letting the company integrate with the candidates. It even manges your present employee data.

Recruitee is a top online collaborative hiring software which provides access to the best talent pool and helps you manage the recruitment process smoothly. Recruitee lets you schedule video interviews, make customizable pipelines, workflow templates, automation, share team applications, have event scheduler, meeting rooms, unbiased hiring tools, evaluations, communication tools, it also  supports multiple languages, helps multi-posting, integrations and referrals. 

Involving the team in recruitment process makes the task of hiring easier, leading a best case scenario for both the employer and the employee.

You may not know the utility of the application unless you use it. Recruitee gives a 18 days free trial. Switch to the application and create the best team to scale your business.

To read in detail about reasons to apply Recruitee click here.


The applicants tracking system (ATS) is best on recruitee over all the available hiring softwares I have experienced. 


It is complicated to retrieve and transfer data from the software when you are cancelling the software service.


Hiring software 

Recruitee customers: 

Taco Bell, M&S, Dreamhost, Wefarm, Framestore, Breitling, Karl Lagerfield, SPAR, Staples, KFC, TaskHuman 

Pricing: $244/month, $399/month, custom pricing for enterprise (depending on choice of features)

Free trial : 

Yes, 18 days

When it comes to SaaS platforms, they come with different advantages and disadvantages. Every user has a unique set of requirements. We have selected the best among 20 leading platforms of each category to find out the most suitable as complete overall software.

The pricing mentioned is only approximation as each software gives pricing discounts, offers, promos from time to time making the price variable.

Business Productivty : –

Business Productivity is the end result of the output which is created in a business over the inputs and overheads applied. It marks the performance of products or services of the business. Increase in productivity means overall growth of the business and the industry.

Every tool you apply to improve productivity acts as an investment and gives returns in long run. However small or large the business is, there is always a room for improvement. To be competitive in the market, it is crucial to keep on upgrading the services or products provided. A strong output is backed up by a strong base. SaaS tools mentioned in the blog are one part to boost the productivity and make the best out of available resources.

Decision making depends on the utility and resulting outputs. A good tool will save your time and money while maintaining your sales or even increasing the sales in certain cases. The new age tools make collaboration and management of projects trouble-free.

8 Incredible Reasons Leading Companies Are Turning To Recruitment Software In 2023

best recruitement software

The manpower of a company is the backbone of a flourishing business. Traditional recruitment process tends to get cumbersome, time-consuming and redundant. recruitment is not a once in a blue moon factor, it is a continuous ongoing process because of common employee turnovers. 

A dedicated recruitment software is the most efficient SaaS adopted by thousands of companies to stay ahead in the last couple of years. 

Here are eye opening reasons how applying a recruitment software will benefit your business today:

#1 Reduces Time and Cost

A business constantly needs to control costs to survive the growing market. A recruitment software is the most cost effective decision for long term benefit. By applying the software the office is only concerned with final decision making while all the ground digging is handled by the software. This saves time and efforts which is better utilized off paperwork and repetitive procedures. A recruitment software does not cost much but gives benefits which overgo its costs. The software is working 24/7 leaving no room for time lapse. Certain hiring procedures are time intensive and need quick working not to lose the talent. Companies having softwares are better equipped to handle traffic and intense situations. It saves the time by 50% and gives even efficient results for reallocation of resources.

#2 Improves Reach

 A recruitment software is a pre-fixed computer program. It can immediately post requirements, updates, changes, specifications, description to different websites and hiring boards. An automated process makes the task error free and helps cover all the possible areas of search within seconds. Human emotions and bias are completely eliminated and only the best talent is selected based on pure merit. With Software the reach is expanded.

#3 Suitable for both Small and Large Enterprises

 Large companies having volmuness tons of applications for every posting, recruitment software is a must as the initial process and filter can be completely automated. In the later stages also the software takes care of follow up and scheduling of appointments.

On the other hand for a small enterprise, it need not maintain a separate HR team for the purpose of hiring. The tech savy software handles applications with ease and soughts for you the best. The software brings out the cream application best applicable to the required job.

#4 Standardization of Recruitment Process and Company Branding

Recruitment softwares makes the entire experience of hiring simple for the candidates. The employees are more confident when the hirer is clear about the business goals and roles are predefined. A recruitment software follows the timeline and produces result within set time. A company with goodwill has protocols to keep with the organization policies. A strong brand needs strong checks for the recruitment process to be fool proof and optimized. A recruitment software takes care of job description engaging the right candidates every time. 

HR staff or recruiters might change but the software is always there to hold the crucial data and pass the wagon. It is the most secure way of maintaining employee information.

#5 Elimination of Passive Job Seekers

The biggest issue an employer faces is of passive job seekers. Different social media websites, employment boards have candidates who are actually not available to work. Such a workforce gets eliminated by the recruitment software. For a placement it is more important to attract the right candidates over en-number of candidates who actually are not suitable. The selection criteria are set in black and white and there is no scope of grey.

#6  Best Talent Acquisition

A recruitment software is used from source till the time of hire. It is a combination of candidate relationship management and application tracking system using some Artificial Intelligence. The team is involved in decision making, this helps the enterprise to adapt better with every recruite.

The recruite also finds it better to clear all its inhibitions and is inclined on choosing a company which has clear work parameters. 

#7 Acts as Anywhere Assistant

The software assists in all things hiring without losing the human touch. The key decisions are still with the top management. Recruitment software also enables job evaluation, collaborative hiring, feedback based decision making and track record of the current employees. It is easy to pull out employee records and applications as the software maintains data in the most systematic manner. 

Recruitment needs a certain level of marketing which is automated by the recruitment softwares. The software forms an optimum way of communication between the hirer and the hired. Location is not a barrier as the pre-selection interviews are tackled by the software remotely. 

Recruitment software gives anywhere access, the right way to stay connected. It sets foot on a global scale while staying available to local flair. Updates are never an issue as the software takes care of all things technical. 

#8 Identification of Best Source of Hire

When you hire multiple employees using various sources, one tends to lose track of the statistics. A good recruitment software keeps track of employees hired from each source and resorts you on the performance. This pinpoints the best experience from a origin and the most suitable source for the company repeatedly. It is out of practice for HR teams to keep track of detailed data, but software makes you more efficient. 

Acquiring software only takes a few steps, it saves you tons of effort. Take a free trial of the most promising software and you would know all the reasons expressed above are out of pure appreciation. ‘Recruitee’ software has helped me hire the best talent and could help you too. 

Use the link to Recruitee for a free trial: Free Trial

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does the software connect to social and public platforms?

A: The software can be integrated with more than 120 social and public platforms such as Linkedin, Indeed, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Zappier and so on.

  1. What is the main purpose of a recruitment software?

A: A recruitment software is used for collaborative hiring using AI tools. It shares responsibility from sourcing to hiring and manages all technical tasks of the hiring team.

  1. What is the subscription cost of recruitment software?

A: For annual subscription the pack starts from $224/month for basic, $399/month for optimized features and custom pricing for additional services. Click here to check detailed pricing: Pricing Strategy

  1. How does recruitment software benefit the employees?

A: The entire recruitment process is speedy and the employee roles are well defined when handled by software.

  1. Does the software have AI integration?

A: AI integration is the best part of the recruitment software. It can write job descriptions, send emails, schedule interviews, align interview calendars, send responses to selected candidates. The list is exhaustive.

  1. How does recruitment software benefit small companies?

A: It is a myth that only large scale companies benefit from recruitment softwares. If you are a small business, recruitment softwares off loads your recruitment process and brings your hiring at the level of top recruiters. Shouting the best talent is possible with expertise with the help of a software. 

  1. Which are the top companies using the Recruitee Software?

A: There are 1800 plus companies using Recruitee today. Some of the most successful names are Origin, YAYS, MARKS & SPENCER, Xylos, Betty Blocks, hotjar, KFC, Scotch&Soda, Allianz and so on. 

  1. Does the software provide a Free Trial?

A: Recruitment app gives 18 days free trial. In this free trial one can experience the software before buying it. To request a free 30 minutes demo click here. Demo

Grow Your B2B SaaS Revenue by 300% With Partnerstack

B2B SaaS Business

If you want to grow your existing affiliate network and provide the best Software as a Service (SaaS) options to your network, 

If you have a B2B SaaS Business but do not know where to start marketing, 

If you are in affiliate marketing but are not able to generate links, here is the solution for you:-

Partnerstack is a B2B SaaS marketplace which connects partners with the right businesses. It is mainly responsible and dedicated only to partnership management. As a third-party affiliate marketing workforce, you must make two ends meet. The business receives the right software, and you receive your commission.

The world of the cloud is growing immensely; it is creating new opportunities and more management possibilities. Every business uses customization to improve its services to its customer. Customer service has gained importance like never before. Partnerstack is updated with the best software applications which provide results for every business need.

It partners with top brands like, Notion, Salesforce, Close, Vimeo, Spocket, and Webflow the list is constantly growing. The payout program is simplified and regular, and the app even tracks the records for you.    

Understanding SaaS:

SaaS is a software delivery model where software is accessed over the internet rather than installed on a local computer or server. In a B2B SaaS market, the software is typically designed to meet the needs of businesses rather than individuals.

B2B SaaS companies typically offer subscription-based access to their software, which allows businesses to access the latest features and updates without having to purchase new software licenses or upgrade their systems.

Who can use Partnerstack:

Parnerstack is a huge ecosystem of partners where there is space for everyone. To put it in simple words, if you have Software as a Service (SaaS) to provide, if you are a business looking for the right companion to promote your business in a scaled manner, or on the other hand if you are a publisher, influencer, social consultant, even a trainer who promotes SaaS, this is the one-stop solution. Following is the classified description for partners to use the application:-

#Software seller 

It is the best way to reach out to businesses and affiliates through the partnership programs. It’s a win-win situation for both. The right service is applied at the right place. Software sellers can concentrate on generating high quality software while the clientele is taken care of by the software and the Partnerstack partners.

#Affiliate Marketing

Partnerstack provides customized links and referrals and makes monetization an easy job. With Partnerstack, it is easy to locate the right affiliate which suits the expertise of their social promoter. It helps you monitor clicks, conversions and sign-ups seamlessly. There are not one but eighty thousand plus software partners to choose from. It is got room for content creators, agencies, publishers, influencers, industry experts, and consultants.

#Course Trainers 

With the growing market, it is crucial to receive the proper training to stay ahead in the game. If you train a course about any of the social media options mentioned above, Partnerstack is the right place to start. You can also start up your own training programme teaching Partnerstack and earn as you teach.

Signing up for Partnerstack:

The first step to joining Partnerstack is to sign up for the free account. They also provide a demo for an overview run-through of the application. Apart from the primary name, address and email details, the applicant has to give the company name, the number of employees, how you aim to use Partnerstack, and information about being a B2B SaaS Company to book a Demo.

Once you join and sign-up with the right partner, all you have to do is promote. Partnerstack produces customized links which are tracked to your account. The rewards are generated as per the successful completion of terms, and the money can be withdrawn.

The developers earn by selling services. The business gets leads from the experts for the most suited business solution which optimally fulfills their B2B software requirements. The influencer earns while doing their job of explaining and reviewing the services. All one needs to do is give recommendations and draw organic traffic. Joining Partnerstack only gives access to the marketplace and join member programs; it does not list you on the marketplace. To be listed, one has to be a customer with Partnerstack. As a downside, the partnership management channel charges businesses registered as partners, but this is how Partnerstack survives.

What information does Partnerstack require:

Partnerstack asks basic but essential questions to understand the business. The application is responsible to its members and verifies the genuineness of every application. The account is verified only after the email id and phone number are verified. Every partner program has its own terms and conditions. All you have to do is apply for the partnership program, follow the terms, fulfil the conditions and the rewards are credited to your account.

Payout Options at Partnerstack:

Partnerstack has an automated payment system. A partner earns consistent revenue while the application maintains all its record of clicks and sales. The generated link is a one-point tracker of every affiliate. It gives rewards through Stripe or PayPal only. One needs to check the availability of their country on the respective website for which option to choose. While PayPal processes delivery within 12 business days and charges a processing fee of 2% of the withdrawal amount, Stripe offers delivery within 14 business days and charges a processing fee of $2.25 USD + 0.25 % of the withdrawal amount.

For affiliate marketing, you can select from the following options for commission structure on a particular program:

1. percent revenue share

2. cost per lead

3. cost per action

4. cost per click

5. upfront payment 

Why do I need Partnertstack or any other marketplace:

Selling an item remotely and selling the same item from a standardized marketplace has its own advantages. The B2B SaaS market is growing at the pace of a race. There is a variety of customers who do not realize what they need. There are a large number of software service providers who do not have the proper reach to the customers. Partnerstack bridges this gap and forms a platform for the need and the needy. It is the top place for affiliate markets, referrals, influencers and social media consultants.

Why choose Partnerstack over the others:

Partnerstack applies the most user-friendly interface. The tracking of rewards and referrals is effortless. It has the finest genuine connections to offer with unrivalled commission rates. The strongest contenders to Partnerstack in the affiliate marketing business marketplace are Zinfi, Everflow, Partnerize, Crossbeam and Rakuten. Most of these partner management platforms are new, are still developing, may not partner with the best programs, or their interface is very complicated.

Partnerstack is a successful lead that opens the doors of revenue generation and scaling new networks. Growth is constant, and being with an application that helps you grow in synergy is the established way to achieve it.

To direct to signup page or request a call from team Partnerstack Click Here

6 Things No One Will Tell You About Washing Machines

guide to buy washing machine

6 Things No One Will Tell You About Washing Machines: Best Washing Machine 2023

A clothes washer with a barrel inside, filled with water and your grubby clothes along with some detergent to make them clean, fresh, and ready for the next use, that’s what we’ll be talking about today! Be ready to end your quest for the best washing machine 2023!

There are two types of washing machines: semi automatic washing machine and fully automatic washing machine. You can choose between the best top load washer and best front load washing machine in a fully-automatic option. They all have the feature of washing and drying your clothes.

Let’s talk about pros before you buy washing machine first

  1. A washing machine drum saves you lots of time and sweat. You can come home after a long day and instead of doing just your laundry and not spending time with your family, you can do both if you own a washing machine. 
  2. Your clothes as well as your mood will be freshen up by the end of dinner. 
  3. Clothes also get dry super soon when washed in a washing machine as against by hand. 
  4. If you have less space, you can still fit a clean washing machine in your home as it requires less space. 

Now everybody tells you the pros of anything as soon as they see you’re interested in making a purchase, but no one tells you the cons. Especially the salesmen. So, if you’re wanting to buy the best washing machine 2023, read this blog till the end if you want to do thorough research on your potential purchase.

Drawbacks of Owning a Clothes Washer

There are disadvantages to the best top load washer or best front load washing machine, some are very severe and if you are an environmentalist, you ought to know them. 

So, let’s get started.

#1 Wastage of Water

There is a myth about best top load washers that they require less water to wash the clothes as opposed to manually. A necessity for washers to do their job effectively is gallons and gallons of water. 

#2 Pollutes the Air

Studies have shown that a residential washing machine drum emits 179 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. However, if we use cold water, they can be reduced to 864 pounds per year.  

#3 Doesn’t Really “Kill Germs”

Some clean washing machine are restricted against putting hot water into them. But we ought to if there is a sick person in the house. Using hot water while washing the clothing of a sick person is vital to kill the germs so they won’t infect other inhabitants of the house.

Restriction on that is nonsensical. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a new washer, check that they permit the use of high-temperature water. 

#4 Demands Categorization

A washing machine drum gets confused when you’re dumping mixed-up clothing into it. Before a wash, your clothes need to be divided into groups like towels, delicates, cotton garments, whites, etc. Only then, you’ll get an effective wash. 

The mixture of them all will just shred your delicates, expedite tears, and may leave color ruining your whites.

#5 Susceptible to Mold

Leaving wet clothes in the washer is akin to looking for trouble. Wet clothes can cause mold to grow in your washing machine along with some stink which is not going to make your clothes clean and fresh. 

To avoid that, never leave wet clothes inside it and if you have the best front load washing machine, leave its door open so it can air-dry. 

#6 High Maintenance

Your best front load washing machine needs constant attention and tending. It has a lint trap which, if full, leaves more lint circulating with your clothes reducing the airflow, which will lead your dryer to work overtime and overheat. Not cleaning the dryer lint trap can lead to your dryer heating up and eventually catching fire, which is always troublesome.

Also cleaning the insides is very crucial for the health of your washer. Read the manual, there may be instructions as to how to clean your machine or if it has a self-cleaning feature, study it. There may be other instructions that need to be followed to have long-term service from your washer, follow them if you want your machine to pay off. 

No, no one is trying to scare you and you don’t need to step back from actually buying a washer after this ruthless blog!

Here is our top filtered pick, that beats other washers in all the possible ways, and we don’t know if this doesn’t solve the problem then what will!

Miele WSG663 WCS 9 kg Washing Machine

best washing machine 2023

Price range –  $1,499-$11,085,

Miele, a family-owned company makes durability and sustainability seriously. Their high-efficiency washing machines are built to last for 20 years of normal use, so you can trust that your investment will pay off in the long run.

All About Sustainability

They only offer front load washers, which are the most water-efficient option. In fact, in their most recent sustainability report, Miele reported reducing energy consumption by up to 72% in some of their low waste washers.

If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly washer and dryer set, Miele’s products can help you conserve energy and water, which translates to savings on your bills.

Miele’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond their products. Their company slogan, “Immer Besser,” represents their goal to create a 100% carbon-neutral value chain by 2050 at the latest. They aim for net-zero waste for all materials used in their appliances, with 100% of metals used in some of their appliances already being recyclable.

Miele partners with various organizations to tackle the climate crisis, such as the Minimal Input, Maximum Output (MIMO) project, which repurposes heat generated from kitchen appliances to warm or cool homes.


Miele’s ethical practices are also admirable. Their manufacturing partners are all SA8000-certified, which means no child or forced labor, no discrimination, and fair wages that match the local cost of living.

So, if you want to invest in a durable, eco-friendly, and socially responsible appliance, Miele has got you covered. And with a price range of $1,499-$11,085, you’ll be able to find a product that fits your budget and your values.


It’s hard to picture life without a trusty washing machine – it’s become such an essential part of our daily routines! That’s why it’s important to carefully consider your options and choose a machine that will be a loyal companion for at least 8 years. So, happy shopping and may you find the perfect washing machine for your needs!

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