5 Best Neighborhoods in Orlando 2023

Have you ever thought of living in the most magical place in the world?

If you are thinking about making a move to the Central Florida area, you might be feeling overwhelmed at all of the best neighborhoods in Orlando that you have within a 25 mile radius of Cinderella’s Castle.

What are the steps to start to get the best Orlando neighborhoods?

There’s getting prequalified as a rock solid buyer in this very competitive market so that you don’t miss out on your dream home with the nicest neighborhoods in Orlando and finding a Realtor that has a specialized knowledge in the town that best meets your needs. Perhaps you have a home that you need to sell first or you are preparing to move here within a year or two and new construction is the answer.

It’s hard to know where to prioritize the best neighborhoods in Orlando Florida, yes ?

To get the best neighborhoods near Orlando, it’s tough to prioritize tasks and even know where to begin, especially when you have a full-time life going on already!

Meet someone who is ready to help you now to know the best area in Orlando to buy a house.

When I first moved to Central Florida I was recruited to work in the marketing department for Walt Disney World Resort

In the early 80’s and a lot has changed and improved since I have lived here for 40 years. Now serving as a top 1 percent Nationwide Realtor for the past 25 years I am known as Youtube’s Fairy Godmother of Real Estate helping thousands of people move to or around Central Florida with the best neighborhoods in Orlando.

Who was the visionary that made Central Florida such a magical place?

Walt Disney describes EPCOT as being the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow where he visualizes people living, working and being part of a community there (see video below). When that didn’t happen I had the opportunity to work with former Disney CEO Michael Eisner as he decided to pick that idea up and then created Celebration Florida ( the town that Disney built) and my family has lived here ever since with the best Orlando neighborhoods.

For those that are familiar with the Magic Kingdom

is like the hub of the wheel and there are lands that extend like spokes of the wheel ( i.e. Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, etc). Well what if I were to tell you that there are towns that have different personalities and offerings too?

Where you purchase can make a difference

As your home may very well be one of the biggest investments in your life my Dream Team has taken upon ourselves to create YouTube videos on these towns . We will highlight five of the top ten in this blog and we hope that if you have any needs for a Realtor that you will contact us through the registration at the bottom of this blog or text my Dream Team at 1-800-Kim-Hawk . You will see that we know our stuff and it is in you and your family’s best interest to partner with a group that has your back and suggests you the best area in Orlando to buy a house..

The idea of simplifying your home search may seem impossible, but you can connect with us now or start watching our weekly YouTube Near Disney show on Fridays at 1:30 EST (replays available too) to dissect the market with us and get super helpful information on lender options, movers, etc.

Is this resonating?

If so, we want to Help You! Check out These Five Best Neighborhoods in Central Florida as a starting point.

1. How to Start The Process to Get the Best Neighborhoods Near Orlando

Start by watching the videos on 5 of the Top 10 Towns in Central Florida, for the best area in Orlando to buy a house.

We have described present properties that are presently on the market as well as pricing in the copy block below each YouTube video. Please subscribe and like to www.YouTube.com/NearDisney to stay abreast of all upcoming updates.

Then Text us at 1-800-Kim-Hawk with the words CONTACT ME and provide your name, email, phone , town preference, price range you may be interested in as well as projected date you are looking to move 

Please let my Dream Team know if you are paying cash Or getting a loan  


If it is a loan let us know if you would like us to connect you to our Disney Credit Union VP who is presently giving interest rates for jumbo loans at a low 4.5 percent 7/1 arm amortized over 30 years – Yes you Read this Right! It is Possible with our team as your Realtors – add the words “Disney Magic” to the text if you want that introduction for the best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent.

2. Videos on some of the Best Neighborhoods in Orlando area:

Celebration, Florida:

the town that Disney built – original owners purchased the land from the Disney Organization so you Actually own property on the land that Walt purchased ( part of the original 27,000 acres) and there is a direct route to the theme park entrances off of World Drive from Celebration. 

Presently Prices range from $299,000 for a 830 sq ft one bedroom one bath condo to 3.5 million for an estate with guest house and pool that sits on one acre fenced in lot.

Low inventory of homes available and a new construction area is available to build called Island Village with anticipated next phase completion in 2 years – BONUS TIP: Sign up with our Dream Team now for the Orlando best neighborhoods so that we can get you on the waiting list and alert you when options come available Present pricing is between $600,000 and 1.2 million for new construction.

Looking for a place to stay while scouting this area we recommend

Windermere Florida

is the Town of the Lakes and home to Isleworth gated community where Shaquille ONeal lived and other celebs – The Butler Chain of Lakes, rolling hills and quaint downtown have long been a local’s favorite. So, you will have the nicest neighborhoods in orlando.

Presently Prices range from $334,900 for a 1442 sq ft 3/2 condo to $7,775,000 for an Isleworth estate on the Butler Chain of Lakes complete with dock ready for your new boat 


Looking for a Boat? Tap here for some excellent choices presently provided by Marine Boats ( Click here ) if you purchase let us know by texting us at 1-800-Kim-Hawk so that we can send you a special gift that you will love while supplies last !

Big Bonus:

Looking for a place to stay while scouting the Windermere area we suggest 

tell them the Fairy Godmother sent you and let us know by texting your name and date of arrival to 1-800-Kim-Hawk 48 hours prior to arrival so that we can send our special welcome gift to you upon arrival while supplies last.

Winter Garden/Horizon’s West

is home to rolling hills, lots of new construction, close proximity to Disney and a vibrant downtown that has one of the best Farmer’s Markets in the Country on Saturdays

Presently Prices Range from $175,000 for a 760 sq ft condo with one bedroom and one full bath up to $5,295,00.00 for a lakefront estate that is over 9,000 sq ft with 6 bedrooms and 5/1 baths. Also you will get the best Orlando neighborhoods.


Downtown Winter Garden is the home to golf cart parking. Visit this site at ( golf car marketing click here ) and let us know if you purchase by texting us at 800-Kim-Hawk so that we can send you a cool accessory as gift while supplies last.

Big Bonus:

Looking for a place to stay while scouting the Winter Garden/Horizons West area, tap this link for a couple of options. Text us what dates you are coming in and that you’ve secured your stay so that we can ask the front desk to greet you with our special welcome present while supplies last – text 1-800-Kim-Hawk.

Dr. Phillips

is home to Restaurant Row – sandwiched between Disney Theme Parks, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, International Drive and Convention Center – Choices galore and families like to settle into long term homes where they outfit their homes with excellent furniture options through ( marketing click here on furniture) So, hurry up and get the best neighborhoods in central florida!

Presently Prices range from $264,999 for a 3/2 condo with 1,193 Sq ft up to 15 million dollars for a jaw dropping gorgeous mansion with over 20,000 Sq ft under air 7 bedrooms and 8/4 bathrooms on 2 acres that is fully furnished.


Be sure to subscribe and like to our www.youtube.com/NearDisney channel as we give weekly tips on how to best maximize your stay and we show our youth correspondents riding brand new rides so you can see if you’re up for the challenge! Have the best neighborhoods near orlando.

Big Bonus:

Tremendous options up and down International Drive with wide range of price options if you choose to come scout out this area – tap this link and tell them that the Fairy Godmother sent you so that they can have a welcome gift for your arrival ( text us 48 hours prior at 800-Kim-Hawk with your name, hotel and arrival time so that we can make arrangements while supplies last)


home of short term and long term property owners, golf courses and many new gated communities

Looking for a location close to Disney with the best Orlando neighborhoods that won’t break the bank? Rich in offerings of best salons, dentists and family friendly needs. Here you have it.

Presently Prices start at $200,000 for a 2/2 condo with 1,112 sq ft to nearly 8,000 Sq ft estate in Reunion’s gated community with over 8 bedrooms and 8/3 baths with Frozen, Peter Pan and other Disney themed rooms. This area allows short term rentals and you have potential to rent out this estate for high nightly rents.

And Golf – do you love to golf? There are over 6 major league golf courses in this area.

Everything from Tom Fazio to Arnold Palmer to the Golden Bear have created world-class golf courses in this section of Central Florida. Tap this link for special golfing products that you may find beneficial (click here)

There you have it – My Dream team would love to help you get started in your search for the nicest neighborhoods in Orlando, Facetime Tour you through homes if you can’t fly in and help you discover all that Central Florida has to offer.


The Dream Team has put together a link for items that you may want to consider bringing to the area for your best experience,  everything from sunscreen to neck fans to you name it.  Any affiliate marketing proceeds that come in,  a portion of the proceeds will be going to Give Kids the World – one of our favorite Central Florida charities – tap into our www.YouTubecom.NearDisney channel to learn more about this amazing organization and how you too may help them even more.

BIG Bonus:

If you want to stay in this area with the best neighborhoods near Orlando, please tap this link for special offers from some of our favorite hotels and let us know 48 hours before arrival if you secured a room so that we can have the front desk greet you with a gift from us while supplies last.

And finally Central Florida is quite massive and you will find that more than likely a rental car is needed until Brightline high speed rail arrives in May 2023 ( more to report later but watch our Near Disney youtube channel for updates) Tap on this link (for car rentals) and alert us 48 hours before arrival at 800~Kim-Hawk so that we can arrange your special welcome gift too while supplies last.


Be on the lookout next month as we may be showcasing our 5 other best neighborhoods in Orlando. Could it possibly be an Orlando neighborhood like Park Avenue, Lake Baldwin, Lake Eola park, College Park, Thornton Park or Lake Nona?

Perhaps you are looking for tennis courts, downtown Orlando, Winter Park, coffee shops, historic homes, Charles Hosmer Morse Museum, live music, the Walt Disney Amphitheater, local eateries, walking paths or a trendy neighborhood.

Whether you are young professionals or well to do families the City Beautiful neighborhood offers so much of what Walt dreamt for the Walt Disney Company.

Hopefully if you have ever wondered what towns near Disney are like and how they are different you now have a much better idea.

So if you are thinking about selling or buying a home

in the Central Florida area please reach out to us at 800-Kim-Hawk.

You can also find all active best neighborhoods in Orlando for sale at Www.Celebrationhomesales.com and we hope to hear from and See Ya Real Soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start by watching the videos on 5 of the Top 10 Towns in Central Florida, then text the Dream Team at 1-800-Kim-Hawk with your details, such as name, email, phone, town preference, price range, and projected move-in date. If you are getting a loan, let them know, and they can connect you to their Disney Credit Union VP for low-interest rates.

Celebration, Florida, is the town that Disney built, with prices ranging from $299,000 for a condo to $3.5 million for an estate with a guest house and pool. Windermere, Florida, is the Town of the Lakes, with prices ranging from $334,900 for a condo to $7,000,000 for a lakefront home.

Simply go to www.YouTube.com/NearDisney and subscribe to stay updated on all upcoming shows and market information. Contact us now or tune into our weekly show on Fridays at 1:30 EST to learn about the housing market, lender options, movers, and other valuable information. Replays are also available.

The Disney Credit Union is offering jumbo loans at a current interest rate of 4.5 per cent. This interest rate is for a 7/1 adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) and is amortized over a 30-year period. This means that the interest rate will remain fixed for the first seven years and then adjust annually based on market conditions. The loan amount is considered a jumbo loan, which exceeds the conventional loan limit set by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. This loan option provides flexibility and stability for those looking to finance a larger property purchase.

The Dream Team is a dedicated group of professionals who are committed to providing their clients with the best possible service. You can reach out to them by either filling out the registration form at the bottom of the blog or by texting 1-800-Kim-Hawk. The team is eager to help you and is available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Get in touch with the Dream Team today and experience the best in customer service and support.

In Celebration, Florida, you can find a variety of properties for a luxurious lifestyle. From a small one-bedroom condo to a spacious estate with a guest house and pool, residents can find the perfect home to suit their needs. You can also get the nicest neighborhoods in Orlando. The community is known for its beautiful and upscale neighborhoods, making it one of the most sought-after areas in Orlando.

Building a new home in Island Village, Celebration, Florida can cost anywhere between $600,000 and $1.2 million. This range is influenced by factors such as the size of the home, the materials used, and the design features are chosen. The cost of living in Celebration is higher compared to other areas in Florida, but the high-end homes and amenities make it a desirable location.

Yes, there is a waiting list for new construction in Island Village, Celebration, Florida. You can sign up with the Dream Team to be notified when options become available. The best area in Orlando to buy a house is Celebration, Florida. This charming community is known for its beautiful homes, top-rated schools, and safe neighborhoods.

Our Dream Team is knowledgeable about the best hotels with the nicest neighborhoods in Orlando and can assist you in finding a suitable accommodation for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort or a budget-friendly option, we will provide you with options that meet your specific requirements and preferences. Trust us to make your stay in Orlando as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Windermere is the perfect family-friendly destination in Florida with its picturesque scenery, charming downtown, and access to the Butler Chain of Lakes. You can choose from a variety of properties including condos, lakefront homes, and other homes in the best neighborhoods near Orlando. Enjoy the tranquility of this small town while still having access to nearby city attractions.

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