Grow Your B2B SaaS Revenue by 300% With Partnerstack

B2B SaaS Business

If you want to grow your existing affiliate network and provide the best Software as a Service (SaaS) options to your network, 

If you have a B2B SaaS Business but do not know where to start marketing, 

If you are in affiliate marketing but are not able to generate links, here is the solution for you:-

Partnerstack is a B2B SaaS marketplace which connects partners with the right businesses. It is mainly responsible and dedicated only to partnership management. As a third-party affiliate marketing workforce, you must make two ends meet. The business receives the right software, and you receive your commission.

The world of the cloud is growing immensely; it is creating new opportunities and more management possibilities. Every business uses customization to improve its services to its customer. Customer service has gained importance like never before. Partnerstack is updated with the best software applications which provide results for every business need.

It partners with top brands like, Notion, Salesforce, Close, Vimeo, Spocket, and Webflow the list is constantly growing. The payout program is simplified and regular, and the app even tracks the records for you.    

Understanding SaaS:

SaaS is a software delivery model where software is accessed over the internet rather than installed on a local computer or server. In a B2B SaaS market, the software is typically designed to meet the needs of businesses rather than individuals.

B2B SaaS companies typically offer subscription-based access to their software, which allows businesses to access the latest features and updates without having to purchase new software licenses or upgrade their systems.

Who can use Partnerstack:

Parnerstack is a huge ecosystem of partners where there is space for everyone. To put it in simple words, if you have Software as a Service (SaaS) to provide, if you are a business looking for the right companion to promote your business in a scaled manner, or on the other hand if you are a publisher, influencer, social consultant, even a trainer who promotes SaaS, this is the one-stop solution.

Try Partnerstack

Following is the classified description for partners to use the application:-

#Software seller 

It is the best way to reach out to businesses and affiliates through the partnership programs. It’s a win-win situation for both. The right service is applied at the right place. Software sellers can concentrate on generating high quality software while the clientele is taken care of by the software and the Partnerstack partners.

#Affiliate Marketing

Partnerstack provides customized links and referrals and makes monetization an easy job. With Partnerstack, it is easy to locate the right affiliate which suits the expertise of their social promoter. It helps you monitor clicks, conversions and sign-ups seamlessly. There are not one but eighty thousand plus software partners to choose from. It is got room for content creators, agencies, publishers, influencers, industry experts, and consultants.

#Course Trainers 

With the growing market, it is crucial to receive the proper training to stay ahead in the game. If you train a course about any of the social media options mentioned above, Partnerstack is the right place to start. You can also start up your own training programme teaching Partnerstack and earn as you teach.

Signing up for Partnerstack:

The first step to joining Partnerstack is to sign up for the free account. They also provide a demo for an overview run-through of the application. Apart from the primary name, address and email details, the applicant has to give the company name, the number of employees, how you aim to use Partnerstack, and information about being a B2B SaaS Company to book a Demo.

Once you join and sign-up with the right partner, all you have to do is promote. Partnerstack produces customized links which are tracked to your account. The rewards are generated as per the successful completion of terms, and the money can be withdrawn.

The developers earn by selling services. The business gets leads from the experts for the most suited business solution which optimally fulfills their B2B software requirements. The influencer earns while doing their job of explaining and reviewing the services. All one needs to do is give recommendations and draw organic traffic. Joining Partnerstack only gives access to the marketplace and join member programs; it does not list you on the marketplace. To be listed, one has to be a customer with Partnerstack. As a downside, the partnership management channel charges businesses registered as partners, but this is how Partnerstack survives.

What information does Partnerstack require:

Partnerstack asks basic but essential questions to understand the business. The application is responsible to its members and verifies the genuineness of every application. The account is verified only after the email id and phone number are verified. Every partner program has its own terms and conditions. All you have to do is apply for the partnership program, follow the terms, fulfil the conditions and the rewards are credited to your account.

Payout Options at Partnerstack:

Partnerstack has an automated payment system. A partner earns consistent revenue while the application maintains all its record of clicks and sales. The generated link is a one-point tracker of every affiliate. It gives rewards through Stripe or PayPal only. One needs to check the availability of their country on the respective website for which option to choose. While PayPal processes delivery within 12 business days and charges a processing fee of 2% of the withdrawal amount, Stripe offers delivery within 14 business days and charges a processing fee of $2.25 USD + 0.25 % of the withdrawal amount.

For affiliate marketing, you can select from the following options for commission structure on a particular program:

1. percent revenue share

2. cost per lead

3. cost per action

4. cost per click

5. upfront payment 

Why do I need Partnertstack or any other marketplace:

Selling an item remotely and selling the same item from a standardized marketplace has its own advantages. The B2B SaaS market is growing at the pace of a race. There is a variety of customers who do not realize what they need. There are a large number of software service providers who do not have the proper reach to the customers. Partnerstack bridges this gap and forms a platform for the need and the needy. It is the top place for affiliate markets, referrals, influencers and social media consultants.

Why choose Partnerstack over the others:

Partnerstack applies the most user-friendly interface. The tracking of rewards and referrals is effortless. It has the finest genuine connections to offer with unrivalled commission rates. The strongest contenders to Partnerstack in the affiliate marketing business marketplace are Zinfi, Everflow, Partnerize, Crossbeam and Rakuten. Most of these partner management platforms are new, are still developing, may not partner with the best programs, or their interface is very complicated.

Partnerstack is a successful lead that opens the doors of revenue generation and scaling new networks. Growth is constant, and being with an application that helps you grow in synergy is the established way to achieve it.

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