Comparison for Best Rank Tracking 2023 (Pro Rank Tracker vs. Sitechecker)

Rank Tracking

SEO is an entire package of services and has different parameters attached to it. SEO is made of keyword research, rank tracking, domain authority checker, SEO audit, and checking backlinks. 

Rank Tracking informs us where our domain ranks on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). You can choose between options of the search engine you want to check rank on; there is another option to get specific results from desktop site visits, mobile visits, and tablet visits.

In this blog, we compare the current favorites of 2023 that are rising in popularity and proving to be the best SEO rank checkers:

# Pro Rank Tracker

Ranks are important as they are the results of the efforts you put into your website SEO. Without a result, one cannot measure the performance, and the ways to identify shortfalls and improvements become difficult. Using a pro rank tracker helps you gain a deep understanding of search engine results. 

To view the rank of a keyword, you need to manually insert the domain name and all the keywords related to the keyword you wish to check on the SEO rank checker. The rank tracker then presents a list of results for 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days. It also presents a pie chart and ranking statistics.

Later, there are reports of every keyword type, URL, team combination, indexed URL, rank, day, and week. Here, you can monitor your performance and make strategies for the best results.

Here are the features of Pro Rank Tracker (PRT):

Powerful Rank Tracker

The SEO rank checker of Pro Rank Tracker is highly accurate and presents results of upto 100 ranks. The results are up-to-date as the rank tracking is done by a self-owned algorithm. The SEO rank checker can produce reports and interface in English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish, making it very versatile and language-friendly.

With the rank tracker, you get automatic daily updates on your dashboard, which can emailed with just one click. The PRT is meant for everyone, be it small, medium, or large enterprise, however big or small website, across the world. 

The SEO rank checker is a cloud-based application and does not require any download or storage space.

Rank Tracking

You can view multiple website data with a single tool. The data is latest and highly accurate. They guarantee a 100% accuracy in results. The rank tracker updates automatically on a daily basis and is available on the go on every demand.

As it is cloud-based, there is no requirement for rent proxies or infrastructure. The language versatility and worldwide access make rank tracking convenient internationally. You get regular updates in your email about rank crawling.

Local Mobile Tracking

The pro rank tracker can track both desktop and mobile results on all Google sites within seconds. The local rank tracking includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon.

Analysis and Research

The SEO site checker supports reports and charts that can be scheduled from time to time. It not only gives keyword suggestions, but pro rank tracking also helps you find terms that your website ranks for without your knowledge. Full SERP shows the top 100 results on competitor keywords. There is also high-rated search volume data on Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon on the rank tracker.


As mentioned above, you can view the top results for any of your tracked keywords, with additional data and a trend chart for each ranked URL. The time period can be selected to check the upward and downward trend of your own keywords and competitor keywords. This tool helps you judge whether or not your SEO content strategy is working.


Reporting is the strongest feature of the Pro rank tracker. PRT includes current rankings reports, progress reports, comparison and benchmark reports, and live reports. All these reports can be generated in PDF, XLS, or CSV formats and can be shared with clients and colleagues. Multiple report option also gives way to discover other report types for niche scenarios. Every change in site ranking triggers a notification email automatically. The save and schedule feature allows reports to be saved on Drive and Dropbox accounts. The SEO audit reports can be hosted live on the website or can be shared with anyone with a link. The reports are 100% white label reports and can be scheduled to be sent to clients by customized email ID as sender. 

Mobile Apps

The Pro Rank Tracker mobile application is the perfect mobile service to keep you updated about all the reports anywhere, anytime. The bonus is another mobile app by SEO rank checker, the MyRanks App, which is a customizable mobile app just for your customers; that is right, it is an app for the customers of our customers. The app can be branded with your company logo and company details. This is a step-ahead solution for client care.

Sub Accounts

The rank tracker software lets you create accounts for teams and clients to work in synergy, share the content, and create files with permissions of read-only, restricted access, and full access. Pro Rank Tracker takes utmost care to help you create ready reporting by letting you create pages with personalized login pages and inside access.

API Access

API access means the ability to interact with other software systems and use their functionalities. This helps with the integration of rank-tracking data into personally owned tools and systems. 

Extreme Support

The SEO rank checker provides 24/7 ticket support, Live chat support, knowledge and tutorial base, video tutorials, dedicated CSM on agency plans, and 1-on-1 guidance with account managers on demand.

# Sitechecker Pro

Sitechecker is an outstanding SEO tool with the most useful features at the best affordable pricing. The site tracking gives insights and forecasts for continuous improvement of your website. All you have to do is add your domain name.

The software lets you evaluate your business and perform SEO audits of your most valuable pages. The rank tracker gives your website a unique website score after the SEO audit of the site. This website score is the measure of the technical excellence of your website.

Here are the most competitive features that are offered with Sitechecker Pro:

Website Crawling

A website crawler copies pages from a search engine to generate an indexing report, and the search can be performed more extensively. The site checker web crawler only crawls the pages that are requested by the user for a scan.

You can block and unblock the site checker bot to scan your own website and also adjust settings to work with Cloudflare.

Site Monitoring

Sitechecker, the rank tracker, monitors website SEO in real time so that there is no loss of Google traffic at any point in time due to the SEO rank checker. The site monitor presents feedback on the changes that have occurred over a period of time and sends you notifications about all the updates. It provides details of indexation, deleted pages, orphan pages, www, h1, and so on. You can also track competitors’ data with site monitoring.

Rank Tracker

The rank tracker tracks website rankings, visibility rates, and indexation progress in one go. The changes over time and suggestions help evaluate the keyword performance with utmost accuracy.

The rank tracker helps you find growth actions and lets you fix errors every time there is an issue. The keyword suggestions are unique and more detailed as compared to the Google Search Console. You can search as per specific language, search engine, device, and country to get the most detailed results.

On-Page SEO Checker

You can perform an SEO audit for a specific landing page with the on-page SEO checker. The SEO audit can be performed for each and every URL of a website. The SEO audit analyzes all SEO aspects and insights, identifies issues, and obtains solutions. The SEO audit is a major analysis tool for detailed view building. The report of the SEO audit is structured and comprehensive. The critical errors and warnings are also highlighted under page score. Site Audit API is also available to request the last finished site audit report.

Backlink Tracker

Backlinks are the backbones of every website blog. Once created at the user end, the backlinks need to be tracked for performance monitoring. The check backlinks feature allows users to understand whether or not the backlinks are working and helping the website in a positive way. The check backlinks let you check & track website inbound links and analyze how they impact rankings.

SEO Chrome Extension

You can add the site checker on-page SEO extension for free to your Google Chrome browser. With this, you can evaluate the quality and performance of every page that appears on your search engine and plan to visit. This helps in SEO audit and structuring your research while improving your performance. 

White Label Features

You can perform PDF reports branding, app interface branding, create custom subdomain or branded apps, and create custom emails using your own emails as a part of the white label features offered by Sitechecker.

Sitechecker offers personalized solutions for Online publishing, eCommerce, SaaS, Governments, Business owners, Agency owners, digital marketers, and software developers. The Sitechecker has a help center to support you with all your queries. 

To compare both the software above, Sitchecker Pro provides features that are more suitable for small and medium enterprises, whereas Pro Rank Tracker is better suited for medium and large enterprises. Both the software have competitive features, yet they offer slightly different services, and there is a major dissimilarity in user interface and reports presentation. The Rank-tracking tools are progress innovations that take some time for a beginner to understand. But a rank tracker will go a long way in getting your business website to the number one indexing position you always wished for.