Netpeak Software Review And Alternatives 2023

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Netpeak is a perfect blend of functionality, features, and affordable pricing. Why didn’t I find this tool earlier? If I am starting this review on such a strong note, it is sure I am blown away by the quality Netpeak software offers. The key motive of the Netpeak software is the web crawler and the webchecker. These two, combined with a host of other tools, will change the face of your website and fix all the gaps. 

Netpeak software is a download-based software that requires space on your device. Once you enter the login details, the software downloads and installs on the device; after this, it becomes usable. The software is operable in two parts: the Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker.

Here is a brief explanation of how the features of both the software work:

#1 Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is a web crawler and SEO tool that helps websites get indexed. A web crawler crawls over all the pages of your website to check for all links on all the pages. The web crawler then presents a report of all the broken links, duplicate pages, response time, URL depth, missing elements of title, tags, meta description, broken redirects, and endless redirects. The Netpeak spider also reports about robots.text files, X-Robot-Tag in HTTP, internal linking, outgoing links, AMP, and longform content. 

The key functionalities of its features are as follows:

Seo Crawler

The SEO crawler can crawl over several websites and spot over hundreds of issues with just a few clicks. The issues can be viewed and resolved from the reports section. The SEO crawler can identify broken links, image errors, and duplicate content. 

White Label Audits

The Netpeak software is able to create automatic white-label SEO audit reports. You also have the freedom to create and customize the generated site audit reports with visuals and recommendations. The reporting can be exported in PDF format and rebranded as per need.

Integrations with Search Analytics

Netpeak Spider can be integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You can import the site’s traffic data, goals, impressions, conversions, and SERP rank for better working of the site crawler. 

Site Scraping

Site scraping is a data scraping technique used for extracting data from websites. Large amounts of data from the website using the www or https can be accessed by site scraping. Site scraping is another technique to make site crawling better. The Netpeak spider allows you to use 100 conditions and four types of search to scrape web data. The types of search being contains Regexp, XPath, and CSS.

XML Site Generator and Validator

The XML site generator is a wordpress plugin that automatically generates site maps. A sitemap is an important document that contains information about website’s essential pages so that Google can crawl all the pages of the website. The Netpeak web crawler is able to generate sitemaps in HTML, TXT, and XML formats. The Netpeak software sitemap generator is built in and helps in identifying webpage issues by validating the sitemaps. 

PageRank Checker

A Pagerank checker identifies the importance of webpages and checks for their popularity. A page rank improves by factors such as quality and efficiency of internal links and web addresses. Even though it is based on algorithmic calculation, it is an estimation of the link weight. The Netpeak spider internal pagerank checker identifies the issues in internal links and models the weight distribution of link weight. 

Data Segmentation

Data segmentation is categorization of the held data as per set parameters and separate grouping of the data. Data segmentation is done for operational efficiency. Netpeak web crawler lets you segment your data for studying is part by part. Data segmentation also assists in focusing on particular performing segments of the data.

Multi-Domain Crawling

One of the unique features of Netpeak spider web crawler is it allows multi-domain crawling. This means that two or more domain websites can be crawled by the software within a single session. The amazing multiple-domain crawler can crawl a list of URLs simultaneously and display consolidated results on a single report. The multi-domain site crawler is perfect for a single project on variant regional sites.

Pros and Cons:


  • The javascript rendering allows efficiency in crawling as well as allows multitasking while the web crawler does its job.
  • The report presentation is very systematic and detailed for users to identify the issues.
  • Seo issues are prioritized as per the severity for quick resolution of major issues in the report.
  • Netpeak Spider allows custom templates for data export and crawling settings.
  • The dashboard design is unique and multi-functional.
  • Support is offered via the centre’s knowledge base and email.


  • Netpeak Spider is desktop-based software that restricts anywhere access.
  • Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker are two different software and need to be purchased separately.
  • The billing plan is only available on a yearly basis with no lower period of subscription.
  • The pricing changes as per the number of users. 

#2 Netpeak Checker  

Netpeak checker is another SEO tool by Netpeak software which is designed to study bulk URLs and produce competitor analysis for websites. The Netpeak checker goes through checking parameters of services such as Ahrefs, Moz, Serpstat, Majestic, SEMrush, Alexa, Google, Bing, Whois, Facebook, and many more. The popular parameters can be activated if you have access codes to the same, or else there are still a lot of parameters to determine URL performance. To check a URL, you have to add the URLs in a list form in .xml, .xlsx, .txt, .nspj, .ncpj, or .csv format and select the parameters you want the Netpeak checker to examine. 

Here are the popular features of Netpeak Checeker:

Services And Parameters

Netpeak checker delivers quality metrics from more than 25 services, which can be checked from over 450 parameters so that the end result is trustworthy and authoritative. 

Custom SERP Scraping

SERP scraping is gathering data from public search results to use for SEO tools. It can be used for keyword research, digital advertisements, and SEO monitoring. Netpeak checker performs custom SERP  scraping for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The search results from data is obtained from geolocation, language, prefixes, search operators, and snippet types.

Batch Data Export

Batch data export produces CSV or XML output, which is accessible for the user interface. The control of a batch data file is handled with command line options. The Netpeak software allows batch data export from DNS, Whois, and Wayback machines. It filters domains from millions of options to find the availability of a site, its owner, and other details.

Core Web Vital Checks

 The core web vitals measure real-world user experience of a page. The vitals include loading performance, visual stability, and interactivity. Netpeak checker performs bulk core web vitals checks. You can retrieve quality metrics from a list of domains of specific pages. The metrics are associated with visual stability, responsiveness, and speed.

Website Traffic Estimation

Website traffic is the measure of data that is sent and received by a website through its visitors. A website traffic is a key indicator of web popularity. Netpeak checker offers website traffic estimation to evaluate competitor traffic, traffic by country, main category data, and potential link building.

Contact Data Search

Contact search data makes it simple to interact with the contacts over Google services. The data is collected from site pages for contacts, phone numbers, and social media links. The tool is very useful for link building, lead generation, and outreach.

Index and Cache Checker

The indexation tool helps us understand the overall performance and where we stand in competitor analysis. The cache checker helps identify the exact date and time a web page was cached. All you need to do is insert your URL. The bulk index and cache checker tool of Netpeak checker checks pages in Google, Bing, and Yahoo indexes. You can also find out about your merged URLs using this tool.

Proxy List And Captcha Solving

Masking URLs helps in keeping your identity private. The software supports proxy list and captcha service when using the bulk URL checker and scraping SERP.

Pros and Cons:


  • The SEO tools are practical and user-friendly.
  • It can handle huge data with speed within minutes.
  • Helps in making a content strategy.
  • The output created is in easy view and operable format.
  • It completely automates cumbersome manual tasks.


  • The dashboard is a little complicated for first-time users
  • The software is desktop-only
  • Only annual subscriptions are available
  • There is no version developed for Mac OS


There are a host of alternative SEO tools in the market with different features. The price bracket is high, but they have good track records. Following are the alternative tools.

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