NEV, automatic lawn mowers, and other devices for your new life in Celebration, Florida

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Make your new life in Celebration, Florida more comfortable and smarter with NEV, automatic lawn mowers and other modern devices.

We all desire to live in a developed community with a good environment and neighborhood. Besides these we all want a comfortable and an easy life too. If we get a smart home in a developed community with all the modern facilities and gadgets then it’s an icing on the cake!
The definition of urban community is a community which promises a better living with all the modern facilities for a comfortable and smart life. Celebration in Florida is the perfect example of new urbanization. It is a master planned community formed with an idea of better and smart living. It was based on Walt Disney’s proposed idea for “EPCOT” ( Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). It was named “New Community of the Year” in 2001 by the Urban Land Institute.
Kim Hawk , the fairy Godmother of real estate and her “Dream team” help people find their dream homes with all the modern developments in areas near Disney. They also help them to find smart devices required for a smart living such as NEV, robot mowers for large lawns, etc.
Kim Hawk and her family moved to Celebration town built by Disney in Florida more than 25 years ago and are founding residents. She is not only a renowned realtor but also lifestyle guru who helps people get information on home products, travel, restaurants, etc in and around Celebration Florida. One can visit her website to know more about it.
Let’s look at some of the smart devices with amazing technology in Celebration, Florida.
1. NEV– The full form of NEV is neighborhood electric vehicles. Commuting locally in Celebration becomes easy and affordable with these vehicles. Often mistaken for a golf-cart, it’s more than that. They are electrically powered and are light “plastic” vehicles with a speed limit of 35 m.p.h or below. They can be driven almost anywhere within Celebration.
There are two-four, six and eight seat electric vehicles and come with a cover for protection against heat and rain. Just like a car they require license plates and registration. Many residents in Celebration are proud owners of NEV. It’s a great form of local transportation and it’s fun zipping around the town in this small NEV.

2. Automatic or Robot Lawn Mowers– Lawn mowing is a tedious job and with people having a hectic life both at home and at workplace, it becomes even more difficult to mow the lawn regularly. Shelling out $ 100 every month for mowing services doesn’t seem to be a sensible idea when there are other expenses too. Moreover, who wants to work outside with soaring temperatures everywhere. Manual lawn mowers use a lot of energy , make one super tired and are noisy. Automatic or Robot lawn mowers can solve this problem. There are the best robotic lawnmower for large lawns or robotic lawn mowers for small yards too.
These robot lawn mowers, large yards are one time investment and for people who cannot make full payment can pay through easy monthly installments. There are many types of automatic best robotic lawnmower available in Celebration town to choose from according to one’s requirements such as price, lawn area, features, etc. Some of the best robotic lawn mowers as mentioned in Kim Hawk’s website are :
1.AYI Robot Lawn Mower– This robot lawn mower for large yards is available for approximately $749 and for $47.52 or less over a 24 months payment plan. It’s meant for all types of terrain, has anti-skid equipment in its machine with 5,200 mah built-in lithium battery, cuts multiple patterns, is wi-fi assisted and designed for lawns up to 27,000 square feet. Tap link for more info
2. Mowra Robot Lawn Mower– It is a wi-fi enabled electric robot lawn mower for 5 acres large lawns. It is child and pet proof. It is priced at $ 999.00 approximately.
3.Gardena 15201-41 SILENO Minimo, fully automatic robot lawn mower– It is the most affordable and best robotic lawn mower for smaller lawns. It mows yards up to 2700 square feet and is one of the quietest mowers. It is all weather and terrain mower. Its cost is approximately $629.99.
4.Work Landroid M20V robot lawn mowers – It is fully automated, meant for large yards and cuts up to ¼ acre all by itself. Its cost is $1,061.83 approximately.

5.Sponsored Ad-Husqvarna Automower 430X Robotic Lawn Mower – This robot lawn mower is for large yards and one can lay boundary wire that covers the perimeter of the desired working area. It has a built-in theft protection in it and also a GPS. Its cost is approximately $2,499.

With these best robotic lawnmower available in the market, it is very important for the customers to do a thorough study of the best robotic mowers given above. A Roomba lawn mower ranges anywhere between $630 and $2,500 and the price increases with features such as tackling rough terrain, best battery back-up, different cutting height, GPS in the machine and a lot more. The best part about these robotic lawn mower prices is that they may also be paid through easy monthly installments.
Ultimately it depends entirely on the customer to decide which one to go for according to their need , criteria or utility.

3. Ibot Vacuum Cleaners– Besides cleaning the lawn, cleaning the inside of a house is also equally important. In today’s world everyone is living a hectic life and one has no time for cleaning the house. With robotic vacuum cleaners, cleaning the house has become easy, saving both time and energy.
A robotic vacuum cleaner is an autonomous vacuum cleaner for cleaning our homes from every nook and corner. They are usually smaller and lighter than the usual traditional vacuum cleaners. There are a variety of models available in the market which come with a super powerful suction that sweeps, mops and disinfects your home at the click of a button. They have multiple sensors which navigate around your house and cleans under and around the furniture and difficult spaces. These sensors also prevent the vacuum cleaner from colliding into walls and other things. It is controlled with a remote and even a smartphone.

4.Revolution Toasters– To make life easy for the people of Celebration, there are ‘Revolution Toasters’ available in the market as well! Most people prefer bread toasts for breakfast as it is easy to make. With every device becoming smart these days, even the toasters have undergone tremendous transformation with the invention of ‘Revolution Toasters’.
The ‘Revolution Toaster’ toasts bread in a fraction of time with the kind of crispness and browning one prefers. Moreover, it helps one to select from bread, bagel, waffle, muffins or toaster pastry. It is indeed a boon for the bread lovers!

5.Pneumatic tubes for trash removal– The biggest challenge for any city or town is removal of trash or garbage. Disney World was one of the first ones to install an advanced trash removal system and keep it out of everyone’s sight, hence making the city cleaner, greener and healthier.
Pneumatic tubes for trash removal is a system that uses high-pressure air to suck segregated waste and transport it to a collection station or point. It is very important to maintain the magical city as it is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Moreover, it helps in providing the residents a good quality of life and preserving the environment for the future generations.

6.Disney Mobility Scooters – These scooters allow the tourist to explore the adventures of the town during their vacation comfortably and at affordable prices. It is delivered wherever one is putting up and picked from any place the tourist wants to.

7.Seaway services – It is two-wheeled, motorized and self -balancing personal or human transportation which allows passengers to travel up to 20 kilometers per hour(12.5 miles). It uses five gyroscopes and a built-in computer to remain upright. One has to wear a helmet while using it and learn proper techniques to ride it around safely.
Kim Hawk and her team not only provides a smart home to people but also believes in providing a smart life. They help you buy smart devices for a comfortable living and also use other smart services available in the town which will make life convenient and easy. Celebration, Florida is an ideal choice for smart people opting for smart homes with a smart lifestyle. To get more information on this you can visit videos posted by Kim Hawk and her team on YouTube.

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