Top 7 Power Reclining Sofas That Also Look Good

power reclining sofas

Power reclining sofas are next-level comfort devices. In the smart world of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, taking a rest has become more important than ever before. To cope with the fast lives, you need to sit back and relax once in a while. 

The perfect partner for relaxation is a power reclining chair. The power reclining Sofas are also the best option to comfort guests in the most hospitable way. The power recliners come in three sizes the single chair, the love seat and the sofa. Many power recliners additionally offer massage and heat features. 

Here is a list of the most popular, tried and tested electric recliners that will transfer you into the world of comfort:

#1 Signature Design by Ashley Game Zone:

Ashley, a renowned name for recliners, has come up with Signature Design Series for its best power reclining sofas. This 84.63 inches Wide by 39.75 inches Deep by 45.5 inches Height power recliner comes with one-touch power control. The power recliner is adjustable in different positions, with different adjustable headrests and padded armrests, which flip up. The USB charging port and cup holders lets you relax for hours without having to get up for charging, music or coffee! The Polyester polyurethane upholstery gives a smart, stylish look while being durable, making it the best option for living room furniture or even as a sofa for a bedroom.  

Value: $2331.99

If you are tight on budget but want to invest in a trusted brand, go for the macrofibre power reclining sofa of Signature Design by Ashley. This electric recliner is made of polyester and makes a good option as an oversized furniture piece for the bedroom. Measuring 69 inches wide by 39 inches deep by 40 inches height, this one-touch reclining loveseat is soft and versatile. 

Ashley microfibre power recliner

Value: $979.99

#2 Hydeline Royce:

The stylishly comfortable power reclining sofa from Hydline Furniture will last you more than ten years.  Hydeline pays attention to providing the best comfort, which is designed keeping in mind advantageous neutral posture and weight distribution. The zero gravity formula is good for spinal pressure relief and makes you feel completely weightless. This electric recliner with dimensions  40″D x 87″W x 41.5″H has genuine leather on seating areas and armrests while covering up with a leather match in other areas keeping the cost in check. Rest calmly with this noiseless piece, a good choice as living room furniture or even bedroom furniture (single chair). 

electric recliner

Value: $2799

#3 MCombo:

This power reclining sofa is a classic yet modern take on living room furniture. It comes with eight vibrating points and lumbar heating on both sides. Backrest and footrest can be separately controlled. With dimensions 37″D x 81″W x 41″H, the electric sofa comes with an additional 3.5-inch footrest extension. The power recliner is best if you need a recliner with massage and heat functions. The electric recliner comes with side pockets, USB Port and a cup holder for convenience. This model is fast-running and a consumer favourite. Mcombo also has various other single recliners with the most advanced systems, this being the best in complete sofa sets.

MCombo reclining sofa

Value: $1399

#4 Nouhaus Power Sofa:

The power reclining sofa by Nouhaus is noteworthy for its simple yet useful design. Lounge on this sofa, and you won’t feel like moving out for anything. This power recliner is available in many colors making it merge beautifully with bedroom, living room or home aesthetics. The electric recliner works with one touch for zero gravity bliss comfort. This furniture does let you adjust the headrest to achieve the most comfortable position while you also charge your phone on the USB port. The dimensions for this ideal furniture for the living room are 78.74” W x 40.55” D x 63” H.

Power reclining Sofa

Value: $2999.99

#5 Lexicon Noura:

The power reclining sofa by Lexicon comes in microfibre polyester. The electric sofa has a USB port at both ends. The centre can be converted into a drop-down tray with a cup holder and charging station. The electric recliner is pillow top style. The overall size of this furniture for the living room is 86.5” W x 37.5 D and 40.5 H, made up of a wooden frame. The seat is filled with foam and dacron, a good choice for soft yet firm furniture. 

power reclining sofas

Value: $1298.41

#6 Ashley the Man-Den Leather:

As the name rightly suggests, it’s a man’s den with loads of tech features, cup holder, one-touch control, hidden storage, flip-up padded armrest and nailhead trim. It is simple to watch television while lounging on this couch because of the easy view power head lift and extended ottoman. The electric recliner with dimensions 38.5″ W x 37″ D x 43.25″ H is perfect for bedroom furniture. A unique feature of the electric recliner is its wireless charging.  

Ashley power reclining sofa

Value: $1143 (single chair)

#7 Best Choice Products:

It can be safely said the best choice product is last on the list, but it is no less. Its power lift design, smart looks, and anti-tipping design make this furniture attractive for both bedroom and living room, the right one just for your needs. It has a  USB port, adjustable back, lumber and legs. It comes with a cup holder, a massager on three settings and heat treatments with two settings. The material is sturdy and heavy-duty, with a side pocket and overall dimensions of  34.6″(L) x 30.7″(W) x 41″(H).   

massage reclining chair

Value:  $ 449

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) How is a Power Recliner better than a Manual Recliner?

Power recliners are smooth in every action. It saves you from the instant jerk that can be felt on the opening of the manual recliners. Another comprehensive task is to put back the manual recliner; one has to apply a lot of force, exerting pressure and taking away the soothing effect of the rest n the recliner. Closing is slow and easy with just a button press. This does not shock the user in any way. 

Q2) Do power recliners need to be connected to a socket all the time?

A power recliner only functions when plugged into the power socket. If not plugged in, the sofa is like a regular sofa without any reclining functions. One can plugin the connection in times of need and unplug it during the day when it is not expected to be used for long hours.    

Q3) Will the power sofa come assembled or disassembled?

Most of the Sofa Sets in the list come assembled from the origin, but some models need assembly following simple instructions. You might incur an extra cost to get the sofa assembled from outside. 

Q4) How does a wall hugger power recliner work?

A wall-hugger recliner actually moves away from the wall when reclining. This solves space constraints while still giving the comfort of recliners. 

Q5) What is the difference between a recliner sofa and a recliner chair?

A recliner sofa is generally referred to as a set of two or three seats, while a reclining chair is a single piece. Many people prefer to keep both a reclining sofa set and a single chair to complete the look of the living room. It can also be placed in combination with regular sofas; a single piece or even the loveseat design is very good for couples.

Q6) Does the power recliner sofa lay flat up to 180 degrees?

Most power recliners lean to almost flat positions, approximately 155 degrees but do not lay flat.

 A zero gravity position allows for maintaining equal pressure on the entire body, releasing stress from the neck and back. Power recliners with zero gravity are best for relaxing while correcting the posture of the body.

Q7) Which fabric upholstery is best for sofas?

The market currently offers leather, polyester polyurethane and microfibre upholstery as popular options for power reclining sofas. While leather is more durable, easy to clean and looks chique, it also costs more and offers fewer colour options. Microfibre upholstery is more prone to get dirty easily, is not water repellant, and needs cleaning regularly, but it is more comfortable and less expensive. Polyester fabric is a cheaper alternative to leather which stands the test of time. It makes the best choice for a house with kids and pets. 

Q8) Are power reclining sofas battery-operated?

Power reclining sofas need a power socket for their connection. They cannot be operated on batteries. There are select brands that manufacture cordless power recliners but have failed to gain popularity.

Q9) What is the weight limit of power recliners?

Most recliners are designed to carry 250 to 500 pounds of weight. It is advisable for a single use per seat, as having two people on a single couch may disbalance the sofa. 

Q10) Are the power recliners suitable for kids?

Power recliners are safer for kids as a button completely controls them, so unnecessary accidents by kids are avoided. The full sofas are not designed for kids, and it is best to look for electric recliners especially made for kids.