10 top Celebration attractions right around the corner for a quick visit in the weekends

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10 top celebration attractions right around the corner for a quick visit in the weekends


How are your weekends? Your addictions to TV sets or mobile or chores rob away the days off. But all the best neighborhoods in Orlando Florida are busy planning fabulous celebrations for all.Why don’t you avail this golden opportunity to relax, enjoy, educate, and socialize? When shows are well-managed; gender and age wise, some open for all,with and without tickets.

1.Essential Saturdays

All ladies out there – homemakers or on job, want a break from routine chores? Then Saturday Essentials are essential for you.Oh no! You missed the event.No worries,the Caribbean Ladies Night is each week.You can catch up next Saturday but be an early bird as tickets are limited.

It doesn’t take loads of time. Within ten minutes from Downtown Orlando you are at your destination with free parking.

No restrictions,dance what you want:Soca, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Kampa to DJ Kareem, DJ Stamina, DJ Frankie or surprise DJs.

A full stocked bar and the kitchen is ready to serve you from10 pm to 11.30 pm.

If you want privacy use the VIP section.Grab the free entry till 12 am on birthdays if within 10 days.No one can step back from moving to Orlando fl to enjoy many such bashes,isn’t it?

2.Mickey’s Not-So Scary Halloween Party

After a horrific Halloween experience at some of the nicest neighborhoods in Orlando your family needs reassurance.So walk through Magic Kingdom Park from September to October to celebrate light-hearted Halloween with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Jack and Sally, Jasmine, Genie and a continuing long list of cartoon characters.

With engaging event like trick or treating, kids find no time to be behind adults and run around with their bags collecting Halloween candies from various stalls.Allergies can’t stop the fun, the allergic kids are given teak color bags by the Allergies Disney Cast Members to collect tokens which are then traded for suitable items at Allergy Friendly Centres.

Never miss the opportunity to meet all your Disney characters at one place at Mickey’s Boo To You Halloween Parade, some greeting while others dancing to entertain the crowd.

Disney’s Not So -Spooky lights up the sky with fireworks and phantom projections on Cinderella’s Castle.

Capture your memories at a photo frame and enjoy the food and beverage outlets.

One may run out of time to make up for all the celebrations; frequent a cappella performance, rides of Pirates of the Caribbean and many more awaiting at the park.So look for best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent for a come back to the event.

3.The Street Market

– locals or visitors searching for endless options in dinning, shopping or entertainment should be in the Promenade at Sunset Walk on Saturday from 4pm to 8 pm.

The fresh produce, local crafts and speciality vendors are at The street Market that day.

4. On the same day is the Show Car Saturday Nights where you meet cars ;classic and modern while enjoying live entertainment from DJs and a few blessed with raffle prizes.

You are welcomed with a free entry and parking but outside food and beverages are not. Taste buds eager for copious local eateries with worldwide cuisines. So come and experience.

5. Car and Truck Show
Don’t miss one of the best Orlando neighborhoods; the Sunset Walk on the second Sunday of every month from 11am to 2 pm to witness the cars and trucks of all ages.To keep up your spirits high are DJs and fabulous giveaways.

6.Forest Bathing with Julie at Mead Botanical Garden

What if I invite you to join me in forest bathing.Ha-ha, not joking.Forest bathing is inspired from the Japanese practice -Shinrin Yoku [Shinrin means forest and Yoku stands for bath].

For all those who want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life, try the unique bath.Your eyes,ears, nose and skin will thank you for these experiences in wind, sun , rock, birds dirt.Big deal! Yah.

To keep away bugs and germs trees release phytoncide,an essential oil which on inhaling fuels the immune system for days.Are you caught in the web of worries and the solution is an antidepressant-the oil,which also bids adieu to sleep and sugar pills.

You will walk through the activity with Julie, a herbalist and plant-based nutritionist.A mat to sit, journal and bug repellant is all that you need.
All you have to do is sit ,meditate, forget everything and relax, don’t forget deep breathing.

All this happened on Sunday at Mead Botanical Garden,a 47 acre park with all amenities.It is located in Winter Park, a thirty minute drive from Disney.

Are you ready to shell out $30, though worth beyond and complete refund if the event is canceled, by chance.So can’t wait to relocate to Orlando Florida.

7. Youth Yoga and Caregiver Afternoon Out
After Covid-19 it became my usual activity battling with my slothful kids for gadgets.Nothing worked, but I couldn’t give up So started researching for weekend events in the best neighborhoods near Orlando.But not too far indeed, Winter Garden hosted Youth Yoga and Caregiver Afternoon Out for children 8-12 age from 1pm to 2.30 pm on Sunday afternoons

I had to move mountains to convince the youngsters like watching Dr. Kelsey Evans in Happy,Healthy Kids, a kids well-being program.Later on a nod for power yoga enrollment after getting to know that she was the coach.Dr Kelsey is yoga certified, a certified professional life coach and a teacher incorporating her learning in and out of classroom.What else to trust her training?

Power yoga enhanced my kids’ posture, stamina, flexibility, and mental focus linking mind and body like never before.It is intense, burning calories so I do advocate yoga to parents who are compromising for extra large clothes for their kids.

You can accompany your dear ones to the session or enjoy some time away from them with discounted meals at Tijuana Flats just across the street.

When we can spend $20 on fast foods, why not for health?

8. The Sneaker Travellers Orlando
Is your shoe rack crying for sneakers or sneakers complaining of being pressed for space.What ever the fact is you need to be at The Sneaker Travellers Orlando on Sunday,Feb 26 from 12pm to 5pm.

You are at the right place to buy, sell,or trade sneakers of all sizes and brands: Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and an ever going list.

No free entry,ticket ranges from $20 to $200.Hurry, the tickets fly off and are nonrefundable and non transferable.

You get for what you pay: for $ 20 single entry, $30 entry 1hr before the event or skip the line,$ 40 entry 2 hrs ahead of the show.If you are a vendor pay $150 or $200 as per space requirement.

Some vendors bond with their customers by giving gifts and the best vendor table takes away the prize from the organizer. A place for networking for future deals.

With many finding sneakers comfortable as an old shoe,the event is becoming bigger and better.People are checking for how to move to Orlando Florida to be a part of the much awaited show.Stop! In Dallas and Oklahoma for the same.

9. PIO Night
Are you the one, who wants to be constantly reminded of God and craving for spiritual healing? Then God has fulfilled your wish with PIO Night.All ladies of the world irrespective of age, culture, and background can be a part of the program.So keep yourself free for the religious treat moms, daughters, aunts, daughter-in laws … grandmothers.

It is a Saturday night, three hour February event organized by Alive Church in Orlando.Those who are new to the place should keep handy moving tips Orlando fl guide to be at the venue at sharp 5 pm.

The event is led by Pastor Tabatha Claytor. In her sermon she encourages every woman to be a PIO WMN; who is compassionate, brave, strong, and confident.

It is believed that women love, forgive,and give as God blessed them with the same and are children of God.The time goes by with celebration, church music and awakening each other’s inner pioneer to become unstoppable.

Your $ 30 deserves this event, I’am right?

Vegan Food Festival / Apopka Health and Fitness Festival
When my family and I decided to stay back at home during weekends to save for the piling expenses, my friend gave me some good news about a free event – Vegan Food Featival.You need to register to be a sponsor or a vendor.

It is an awareness program about health and fitness, a need at the time of fast foods and other unhealthy beverages, and lifestyle.

It is a great opportunity to interact with 100 vegan vendors and 50 health vendors for better purchases.

Want to know about your health condition visit the health screening.You can reach out to your family and friends about wellbeing after attending the informative lectures.Practical experience to carry on are demos on exercise and safety, and cooking.After all this learning you need refreshments and earn prize drawing, if lucky.

If you don’t want to miss on many such events, work ahead on moving to Orlando checklist of events.So on Saturday,25th March I will meet you at Avenue Apopka Florida.

10. The Amador Gallery POP-Up Art Show
Are you planning for March outings? Then check-off 5th March for The Amador Gallery POP-Up Art Show.The Amador Gallery,Kissmere, one of the best neighborhoods in Central Florida is the event’s location.

Your timely arrival [from 6pm to 11pm] is a must to appreciate +21 events:
Live painting by the local artists
Enjoy local delicacies served with love by local food vendors
Empty your pockets while bargaining with art and craft vendors.
Please you ears with live music; Jazz, Instrumental and R&B
Videoing cherishing moments at 360 Photo Booth

To make the event smooth and successful do consider volunteering.

If you are an artist at the show, you need artist ticket with which you can display two of your art pieces.An addition of $10 per piece and upto 20 displays only.A good investment as you are allowed to trade.If you are frequent participant, avail artist membership which is free for a month.

Vendors have to pay $35 to showcase their wares to visitors arriving in one of the best neighborhoods in Orlando Florida.

Tickets cost you from $5 to $90. Nothing comes free 😂 except for parking.

Why is Florida special? Theme parks, celebrations or both.When adventure parks dispassionate you,your mind catches up with events.To have a life-long vacation some may plan relocating to Orlando Florida.While few not ready to leave their roots but can’t afford to miss all happenings ending up moving to Orlando fl for a short time.Floridians chill-out as holiday is at their doorstep.

In whatever situation you may be, don’t think of cancellation of celebration as you may end in frustration.

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