What is it like to be a Disneyite in Celebration Florida?


What is it like to be a Disneyite in Celebration Florida?


DisneyLand is the object of a dream for billions! Visiting DisneyLand is the dream of millions! But only a few phenomenally fortunate hundreds get to move to Orlando, Florida, and live in and around DisneyLand! And yours can very well be one such lucky, rare and proud family living your dream life in this dream land called Celebration Florida in the lap of Disney luxury.
Get to Know the Best Neighborhood in Orlando, Florida

Know Kim Hawk to Know Celebration
Kim Hawk, a top-notch realtor of the country (among the top 1-2% of them) promotes real estate and lifestyle properties within 25 mile radius of Cinderella’s Castle, Central Florida, through her YouTube channel Near Disney and her website http://fairygodmother.world/

Kim is the one who has seeded in thousands the dream of not living on rent, but owning a home of their own, in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Orlando, Celebration Florida! A chat with her or a visit to her website unravels the unbelievable truth that a house in the Celebration could well be within one’s budget. Encouraged, many have researched on the channel and the website to find Kim Hawk landing them in the best area in Orlando to buy a house. Hundreds of them say they can’t thank Kim more for the wonderful phase of his life in Celebration!

Move to the best area in orlando to buy a house and thank Kim Hawk later

Celebration Florida - Its Heritage

This Community of Tomorrow – for it was conceived so by its founders, the visionaries of Walt Disney World – has all the futuristic designs and facilities that only Disney Imagineering could conceive of. The first residents moved to the town through a lottery way back in 1996. Quarter a century on, Celebration has sustained its status as a prototype for ideal city planning even to this day. What more, it has grown to be a self-sufficient, complete little cosmos by itself, with its own market places, hospital, school, and recreational spots. A long but surely fruitful round over this wonderland, as in Kim’s Near Disney – Real Estate and Lifestyle, can demonstrate why it is considered a balanced blend of serenity and urbanity. Even after a long stay of over a decade here, it is still an extension of Disney magic for every resident family!

Homes in Central Florida

Celebration Florida is hailed as Orlando’s nicest neighborhood for its neat and picturesque planning. It has both single-story and two-story houses in bookend formation across the 4,900 acres of Celebration Fl: the houses are shared methodically among the little and best Orlando neighborhoods with their own alleyways, pools, tree-lines ets. These nicest neighborhoods in Orlando act as locales for strong bonds among residents. They make the houses real ‘homes’. There are residences ranging between 1,000 sq.ft. and 4,000 sq.ft, with 2 to 6 spacious bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms. The exteriors of the houses are embellished with add-ons like private pools, multiple garages, spacious front porches and pretty little backyards. Kim Hawk reveals in her NearDisney that the price range of the properties spans from $150,000 to $6.3mn. This has given families from varied economic backgrounds no reasons to regret their decision to move to this best neighborhood in Celebration Florida.

The vicinity is idyllic and serene. Most families have only grown to love their home more and more over the years. Clara, a Celebration resident for more than 19 years, says it’s only getting more conducive to her and her spouse’s growing age. The sublime landscape with views, lakes and parks, the neat lines of trees and flower plants etc. keeps the houses cool. One can be certain that no family in Celebration would have quibbles about their house since almost all houses are similar in design and setting.

The great thing about the maintenance of the houses is that the Community HomeOwners’ Association ensures every house agrees with the town plan- in its painting or the porches or even the design. This might sound intrusive for an outsider, but an insider would know, for one thing, that what is fine for the city is comfortably fine for his or her house! And what’s more, it saves a lot of energy and time from the residents’ busy schedules.

Now you will understand why almost all residents think only about moving to a bigger house but not to any other city outside Celebration Florida!


Families who have had relatively longer stays in Celebration have realized more and more how blessed they are to be living in the bosom of the community, best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent.

It’s Celebration of Convenience and Comfort.

Every family’s routine here has more convenience than drudgery, thanks to the comfort in Celebration. The families rarely need to go to the market for provisions: everything they require is just a call away. There is an ever alert and prompt online service to cater to the community’s provision needs.
Of course, all families do go shopping on Market Street on weekends. Most women love the time out in the beauty salon, the boutique and ‘Dazzling’ jewelry store there. The street has every bit of their needs, from the chicken biscuits for their pets to the stationery to their favorite pink jumper. Most of the residents don’t forget to turn up at Kilwin’s Sweets and Ice-cream once in a fortnight at least, and more frequently in summer. Understandable, isn’t it?

Some vegans spend hours, after their Sunday mass at Celebration Community Church, choosing the greens they love at the Farmer’s Market.

It’s Celebration of Health and Safety
One thing any resident would feel more intensely about the Celebration community is the far-sightedness of the original designers evidenced in the care for the aged and the infants on the premises. Those aged 50+, the incapacitated or infants and the sick can rest assured about the care they need because they are in Celebration. The Advent Health, Wellness Spa and Resort in the community has always offered them the best Medicare they need.

Parents and guardians with wards attending the Primary School at the end of the Campus Street would have issues deciding how their wards would get there safely on their own everyday. But the way the bike alleys are planned here, they could relax and allow the children to take the bike to school. Besides, even the streets are comfortingly wider here, you know! That makes things much easier! But possible only in Celebration, the best best neighborhoods near Orlando, mind you!

Adults can go on their daily walks every morning down the walking trails passing by their residences. Most of these trails extend for over three miles. These trails between the long lines of palm and other trees offer rejuvenating freshness every day. Daily walkers and joggers ardently hope these walking trails keep them ever fit.

Life’s Fun in Celebration Florida

As many of the residents we spoke to confess, the most refreshing dimension of their life in Celebration Fl is its recreational facilities. According to them, the edge that makes Celebration the best neighborhoods in central Florida is this fun aspect of it.

Most youngsters attend the Town Cavern to make use of the playground, its tennis courts, common pools etc. Very often many of them take part in the sporting events at the Cavern downtown. Many adults who can afford the time and expectations, on the other hand, attend the Robert Trent Jones Senior and Junior Golf Course at the end of Water Street.
On weekend evenings, there are the parks, a lot of them, around. These parks – like Long Meadow Park, Lakeside Park and others – make up the best neighborhoods Orlando with a lot of hanging out together, grapevine communications and so on. At these parks all families have their little get-togethers. The little ones of these families forget themselves in the company of tens of other children. It well and truly turns into a family reunion every weekend here!

Whenever they felt like driving a little farther, families visit the Magic Kingdom, just outside Celebration. There are two more spots they frequent- The Fountain (popping again now after Covid-19 break) and the wide and long Lake at the City Center. Nice spaces to enjoy their snacks and ice-creams!

Even to this day, Celebration is full of fests: they celebrate Halloween, the Oktoberfest and a couple others. Many families even visit and enjoy the Fall Leaves gathering! After all, Life is there to celebrate, isn’t it?


The tidbits put together here would have given you a panoramic perspective on Life in Celebration Florida. It is well and truly a paradisiacal living here. With all amenities and comforts of a great city, the Community holds on to its traditional rustic greenery and fresh silence. One must admit a thing at this moment of human history saturated with materialism and modern-day din: life in Celebration is the Life of Tomorrow for Humanity. And who would admit it more than the actual residents here! With its convenience, safety and relaxation apparatus well in place, and its residents in their most contented bliss, best neighborhoods in Central Florida welcomes new fortunate entrant souls!

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