How To Edit Videos Faster And Better Using AI

AI video editor

You can now edit your videos 60% faster just by the use of improved technology and get 100% better output. You do not need to be a pro in video editing, all you need is have an imagination. If you can articulate it the AI video editor will create the video for you. All you have to really do is type.

Here we have used the InVideo text to video maker software to create the AI generated video content. The text to video AI software uses the latest technology to create the best results within no time.

We are talking about the text to video maker feature that is made possible by AI technology. 

This is how the text to video with AI works:

Step 1: Conceptualise Your Idea

Conceptualization is the human ability which is most powerful and can never be taken over. Imagine how you want your video to be, think of elements, think of themes, think of musicality, think of backgrounds and that is it. Once you have all your data in place the job is half done.

Step 2: Choose the AI to Video Feature

On choosing the AI to text maker in this AI video editor software you will have to select a template. Details of templates have been mentioned in step 3. In the text to video AI feature all you have to do is write the script for your video. Write the script in the form you want the video to look like. In case you are not able to write a script you can prompt the AI video editor to write a script for you. Additionally, if you paste your website URL in box provided below, the AI automatically generates content for the video from the homepage of the website. There is also options to select the image from free, istock and premium stock of photos in InVideo. 

When the script is ready by AI you can make edits and changes as required. Then click on create scenes on the text to video AI. Make sure you type every scene on a new line, the number of scenes in the script will help create the same number of relevant clips on your proposed video of the text to video editor. 

Step 3: Select A Template

When you click on the AI video Go to the templates and select from the widest range of template ideas. You can simply type your required field in search box or just browse through from the available options. Here there are options of aspect ratio of landscape, square and portrait. 

The text to video editor also suggests filters for type of templates to reduce the searching time. The amazing templates is just the tip of the ice-berg of what is in store from the software.

You can make so many variations to the template as per your needs. Select the template preferred by you, select the aspect ratio and click on use template on the InVideo software.

Step 4: Create Scenes

On clicking create scenes the AI selects suitable images and videos from its stock to create the most relevant scenes for the video. (If you have opted for a template the AI tries to stick to the template and adds scenes only with specific script requirements) Once the video is created, you will have to edit the written text on every clip to make it better suitable as the AI only replicates the script. It is suggested to write short sentences per click to make it convenient for audience to read. 


The AI adds music as per the theme, you can select the appropriate music from the music tab on the leftside panel. There are various music options available as per the mood genre. The stock contains various animal sounds, specific sounds, SFX effects to make the video sound more realistic.

The videos an images of every clip are also replaceable from the left panel options by clicking edit scene. Apart from these the top panel allows you to adjust color, background, animation, filter and even crop sections of the video.

Step 5: Fine tuning the video

This step is optional, and needs to be followed pnly to enhance the video output. You can fine refine the video generated by the AI by introducing elements to required scenes. The shapes, stickers, overlays and masks help add character to the video. The more tab helps you create special grid effects in the video. It is all simple, ready to use, one click options. Finally add your preferred logo to the video and it shall be added to all the slides.

Step 6: Advance Editing

Click on editor from the top panel. Here you can make edits to every second of the scene, add patch videos or photos, the music can be trimmed, transitions can be edited, the layering can be adjusted to front and back. 

Here you can also add a voiceover to your video. From the layers you can control the volume of every layer. Voiceovers make the videos more interactive and it is important the background music is kept at low volume for the voiceover to be heard clearly. 


Next to software also has option to collaborate. Here you can invite team members to join the editing process and make the final edit as per the specifications of evryone. The collaboration function just helps in convenient group editing.

Step 7: Export

After all the editing is complete all yu have to do is export. The export option comes is 720p and 1080p options. You need to be a paid subscriber to be able to export the video. You can directly share the created video to social platforms from the Invideo software.

InVideo Payment:

Invideo allows you to create the entire video for free without any payment, only after you are satisfied with your first video does it require to subscribe to plans before exporting it. Payment also allows to remove the watermark of the software. The plans of Invideo start from $15 on the yearly plan. This plan includes 60 HD video exports, 10 istock media, 20 background removals, and access to the mobile application. 

If you want to try for a month and then but the software or only use for specific period the software allows monthly subscription for $30 per month.


The Invideo Software does not offer refunds but have a 7 days money back gaurantee. 

The AI video feature of Invideo software solves all video making problems in minutes. You save a lot of time and efforts. The media created in the edit is of great quality with vibrant content. It saves the hustle of browsing through different media files, and websites to get the right match. 

To checkout the InVideo AI video editor click on tab below:

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