5 Incredible Reasons Animoto Is The Best Free Video Editing Software Of 2023


Every day there are a growing number of content creators; in 2023, digital growth has seen a leap like never before. Right from young children to the elderly, all are technology-driven; nothing keeps them away from following their dream.

Animoto is an online video editor software that gives wings to your dream of video making. A simple video may get a response, but an edited video with effects, transitions, music, or voiceover proves to be the need of the hour. 

You do not have to spend a fortune on your dream to keep it alive; Animoto helps you take baby steps. It’s free video software that lets you create any number of videos or use the slideshow maker as you wish. Animoto needs to earn to survive; the premium features are only a part of the paid plan, but if you need the premium features, you mean business, and if you earn some, you invest some.  

Here are the top 5 reasons you need to invest your time and money in Animoto online video editor:

#1 Cloud-Based Service

Animoto is the best video editing service, and yet you do not need to reserve space for it on your computer. Yes, the editing software is completely cloud-based software, and there is no need to download it and store it on your device. This free video editing software provides you with a unique login credential to operate the software over the internet from anywhere. All the data is completely available from around the globe on the go. 

A downside to this is the online video editor is it is not available offline to work without an internet connection. 

#2 Free Video Editing

Animoto is completely free to sign-up and free to use. You do not need to insert any card details or business details to work on the online video editor. A user can create any number of videos, add music, access the Getty images, add captions, edit effects and transitions, edit the length of the video, and do so much with the free video editing software. Users can record a video directly or even record the screen with voiceover. Animoto offers square, landscape, and vertical orientation options for selection. The free edited video comes with a watermark. Media Library by Getty offers a stock of videos and images that are very good quality without any extra payment. Animoto can be called the best video editing software for its best music library, and the music options are extremely compatible as well as unique with every kind of video that needs to be made. The free video editing also allows you to choose and change the color font from the many themes available.

#3 Beginner Friendly

The editing software comes with guided access for first-time users. The interface is very user-friendly and easiest to use among all the video editing software available in the market. Animoto is your go-to editing software for any kind of media need, be it for social media, youtube, image editing, personal use, educational projects, and so on. It is so easy to use even the kids can understand its tools and apply them quickly.  The Animoto guide is available on every step for reference. The symbols are simple to understand and use. Video making is quick with this online video-making software with just a few steps. The software offers tutorials on every topic that are easy to follow and learn.

You can only share the edited video using the software via social media or email; the edited video is not available for download. But the memories video can be downloaded even in high resolution without removing a watermark.

#4 Easy Slideshow

Making slideshows is an easy job with the best video editing software. All you need is to have a plan. Create slides within minutes with as many effects, text, images, and videos as you want. It is very easy to apply, and your multimedia slideshow will be ready. You can make a slideshow seamlessly with so many options available ready. The templates make the job easy and ready to use. Saving the videos in the draft and reworking them has never been easier on Animoto. 

#5 Custom Sharing

Once the user is done with online editing, the final video is ready to share directly on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Vimeo, Wistia, Smugmug, Hubspot, and many more. Link sharing is also available to facilitate easy sharing of the edited material. The paid subscription allows you to download any number of videos without a watermark. This direct sharing saves time and effort that are redundant for every video creation.

Animoto is the best video editing software of 2023; its top features are as follows:

  • You can add multiple songs to a single video with Animoto.
  • Animoto lets you record videos with screen and webcam recording together.
  • You can create your own templates and use them often for ease.
  • Media can be imported directly from Dropbox, drive, etc.
  • Audio can be fine-tuned as per the user’s needs.
  • Time-stamped commenting is available.
  • Various voiceover and text tools are available.
  • The Getty stock images is a huge storehouse of images and videos, which is like none other.
  • Cropping and trimming videos are super easy with adjustable tools.
  • Animoto offers three aspect ratios square, portrait, and landscape to choose from.
  • Custom fonts can be embedded.
  • The videos you create using Animoto are yours forever; there is a lifetime license over the edited videos.
  • The advanced subscription allows team sharing for the best working together.
  • The free video editing software can create promo videos, slideshow videos, social media videos, tutorial videos, special event videos, and even celebration videos. 

Pros and Cons:


  • The interface is straightforward; the tools are easily operatable by every user
  • Tutorials, guides, and help are available for all kinds of features
  • The pricing is very affordable, with the best features
  • The Slideshow download is available for free
  • The Animoto Blog offers a lot of knowledge to help users grow in their area of use of editing software.
  • Animoto caters to business, real estate, photography, E-commerce, education, and even non-profit organizations.
  • The search tab for templates makes finding the right match quick and easy.
  • A monthly plan is also available.


  • No video downloading option in the free version
  • An Animoto logo is present in all free videos
  • It offers basic editing and misses on super fine editing tools
  • The stock images are limited in the free plan

Animoto is the best free video editing software that is beginner friendly and very easy to use. The paid plans are also the most affordable that offer all the latest features at the minimum pricing. I do not see a reason for every user to try Animoto at least once for their media-related needs.

For a free subscription and plan inquiries, click the tab below:


Q. Is Animoto completely free?

Animoto offers a free subscription with the most features on the list. To use advanced features, the users need to upgrade their plans as per use and needs. 

Q. how to work on Animoto from different countries?

The Animoto account can be accessed from every country as it is a cloud-based server and completely available over the internet.

Q. What is the limit of downloading videos?

There is no limit on downloading or creating any number of videos on the paid plans. Also the free plan, you get the freedom of creating and sharing videos without any restrictions.

Q. How to remove the Animoto watermark and add your own company brand logo?

The watermark can be let off by upgrading to paid plans.  Adding branding to photos or videos is possible with a click of a button on all the paid plans.

Q. Is there a free trial available?

Animoto only offers a free subscription with basic features; there is no trial version of the paid plans; however, you get the open to cancel the subscription at any point in time.

Q. Can I share the software with my team?

No, only the professional plus plan offers team sharing with a maximum of 3 users; all the other plans cannot be shared. The pricing is very affordable, and individual plans for major creators of the team work well.

Q. Can I upgrade my plan in between?

Yes, you can upgrade the plan anytime; also, you can switch from a monthly to an annual plan, and the charges shall be applied on a pro-rata basis. Having said that, there is no provision for a downgrade of any plan.

Q. Does Animoto offer AI editing?

Animoto is purely a video editing software, and there is no provision for AI tools as yet. All the features make it up for the convenience of use.

Q. How to contact support on Animoto?

Animoto has a chat and email support available. Apart from this, there is a help desk, tutorials, a knowledge base, FAQ’s and forum.

Q. Does Animoto work well on Android?

The software is cloud-based software that can be accessible from any device. It works best on IOS devices.  

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