The Ultimate Battle Between InVideo Vs. WeVideo Best Video Editing Software of 2023

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Video editing is a huge industry existing for decades. We have been watching edited videos since our childhood but never knew the magic behind the screen. With the emergence of growing creators, pathbreaking content, and HD videos, the bar is raised. 

In this blog, we compare the best video editing software in terms of pricing, features, support, and pros and cons. Both software have their own set of happy users, and we are here to clarify which software you belong to.

Comparison of InVideo vs. WeVideo:

#1 Pricing:

Pricing is one of the most important aspects when a potential customer makes a buying decision. The factors which are to be considered while making a pricing decision are:


The use of the software is defined by the purpose you are applying the video editing app for. If the purpose of the use is to make edited videos occasionally for work purposes, choose software that shall help you with basic features at a low cost. But if you need the best video editing software for everyday use, you must invest in high-end software to bring a competitive edge.


While considering the price of software, it may be noted if the requirement is only temporary or for the long term. For continuing long-term use, investing in an annual plan is beneficial. Often when video editing software is set in your hands, you tend to need more and more features. In this case, you might want to upgrade to the best video editing software over time.

c)Return on Investment

The video-making industry has cutthroat competition. Here performing or perish is the mantra. Using paid video editing software comes with super features, but it is just a part of your overhead. The overall cost needs to be balanced with the return you are receiving for the video editing app you invest in.


It is best to compare prices and features of the best video editing software available in the market every time you renew. For beginners, it takes time to understand the features and applications of video editing software. Also, in certain cases, when there is a need for regular edited videos, you may invest in expensive software and end up using only select features. It is a good idea to pick the best video editing software for particular needs after trial.


If the scale of business is only a hobby, it does not mean video editing apps should not be considered. One must always invest in their hobbies, for they bring happiness. Getting simple video editing software that helps pursue interest the better way upgrades you with skilled video editing abilities and pure satisfaction. At the end of the day, it is your piece of art. For smaller businesses, it is good to invest in software like WeVideo, as it comes with maximum features at a low cost. For larger organizations and enterprises, the InVideo software holds better as it eases collaboration, and the AI helps speed up the process of generating output. 

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InVideo is the best video editing software from the price point of view. InVideo offers two plan payment options monthly and annually.


Free: $0

Business: $30/mo

Unlimited: $60/mo


You can save upto 50% on yearly plan selection

Free: $0

Business: $15/mo ($180 annually)

Unlimited: $30/mo ($360 annually)

video editing app


The pricing strategies by WeVideo are varied and have something for everyone. The plans are divided as follows.

For IndividualsPowerUnlimitedProfessionalBusinessEnterprise

For Schools:-

Single teacher:$89/yr

Classroom: $299/yr

School or district: Negotiable

PlayPosit for HE & Enterprise:-

Classroom Pro:$299/yr

Institution/Dept: Negotiable

Enterprise: Negotiable


In comparison with the prices, it can be said that InVideo is more affordable regarding the number of features it provides at a given price. But WeVideo offers a range of customized plans that are suitable for a focused audience.

#2 Features

Features are the real use of characters to decide the best video editing software. The number of features also varies from the price plan point of view. Here we have compared the features of the most popular plans of the two video editing app software. One must try before buying the software.


The Business plan of the InVideo software sits at $15/mo and comes with the following features:

  • InVideo is famous for its AI text-to-video generation feature, which makes it the best video editing software.
  • The video editing app supports AI script generation, which creates ready-to-use video scripts that can be converted into HD videos using the AI tool of the best video editing software.
  • You get to use 10 iStock media/mo, which is high-quality, on-hand media suitable for all kinds of HD videos or photos you want to edit.
  • Apart from the iStock media, you also get 1Million premium media options to choose from.
  • The plan comes with a feature where the background of a picture or template can be changed. This feature can be applied 20 times.
  • A bonus mobile app subscription is available free of cost with the business subscription of this best video editing software.
  • 60 Media files can be exported using the software, which will have all your edited videos for the month.
  • There is a huge stock of templates available with all the plans. These templates help create HD videos in minutes.
  • You also get access to premium templates, which are exclusively reserved for paid users.
  • 1080p resolution for edited video export is provided.
  • Music and voice-over can be added and adjusted seamlessly to all the edited videos to generate HD videos.
  • With the best video editing software InVideo you can directly share media and edited videos to your social websites and also sync with social media calendars.
  • The HD videos can be made in any language of your choice. 
  • Team sharing with an unlimited number of members with a simple, shareable link is easy with InVideo, the video editing app.
  • Cloud storage of 10GB is available to store all the HD videos and edited videos for future use.
  • Make a brand value for yourself by using the brand presets, intros, and outros for youtube HD videos.


The unlimited plan is the best-selling plan for this best video editing software, and it starts at $7.99/mo on the annual subscription.

  • The record screen and webcam together feature is the highlight of this best video editing software. It is useful to make explanatory videos using your screen with ease.
  • The greenscreen feature is a game changer as you can record videos on a plain screen and edit any background of your choice to bring out the special effects in your HD video.
  • The video editing app also lets you record screens; this comes in handy in editing videos and is also available in the free version.
  • HD videos can be created in horizontal, vertical, and square formats.
  • The edited videos can be turned into gifs.
  • You can publish an unlimited duration of videos without any restrictions of the video editing app.
  • There are numerous motion titles and templates available to enhance the videos and make video editing quicker.
  • Media can be exported in 720p, 1080, and even 4K Ultra HD. Better quality videos always enhance user experience and develop a taste of the audience.
  • The best video software also contains selected audio available to add to the mood of the videos. 
  • The voiceover feature can be merged with the audio files controlling the volumes of both at desired levels.
  • If you are unsure of an edited video WeVideo even allows you to export the edited audio media only.
  • Not only this, the audio files can be boosted upto 5x to their normal volume for the best quality edited videos.
  • The best video editing software comes with unrestricted, unlimited cloud storage to create as many edited HD videos as you may. 
  • The edited videos can be saved to any device multiple number of times.
  • Paid accounts are free from the WeVideo watermark.
  • HD videos can be created in slow motion using the best video editing software.
  • The Unlimited plan of the video editing software also comes with a crop feature to create better-edited videos.


Featurewise, both the video editing software are power packed and come with special features of their own. On the one hand, WeVideo comes with a lot of easy-to-use features, and on the other hand, the AI feature of InVideo makes your work quicker. But the AI is still a machine and currently does require human interference for corrections and exact video output. Hence we would call the WeVideo software a marginal win in providing features. 

#3 Support:


The best video editing software provides all-time assistance through the 24/7 available live chat and their quick response email support. Apart from this, there are tutorials, a Youtube channel, Instagram inspiration, a Facebook community, and several blogs available for every user.


There are blogs, webinars, an academy, and a help center for training purposes. Support is available in the way of troubleshooting, FAQs, and tips and tricks. The team can be reached out through specified support contact numbers.


InVideo wins hands down in the matter of providing support to all its users.

#4 Pros and Cons



  • The 7-day money-back guarantee is useful if the video-editing app does not meet your expectations.
  • 24/7 live chat support, along with an all-purpose help center and priority support for paid users, is appreciated by its millions of users.
  • There are tutorials, youtube channels for guidance, and many blogs to help you generate a wider audience for your business.
  • The iStock photos and templates are a major attraction as they are high quality, relatable, and make work easy.
  • The InVideo video editing app is the best video editing software as it helps you create videos 2 times faster than your usual speed.


  • There is a limit on the number of exports of HD video even after availing of the paid plan.
  • The videos will contain a watermark for iStock media used after the monthly limit of 10.
  • There is a limit on duration per video of HD videos in paid version as well.
  • A free subscription allows you to try the software and edit videos, but you cannot export the edited videos without a paid subscription.



  • This can be named the best video editing software for individual and small business users as it comes with essential features at affordable prices.
  • The elaborate custom pricing help users select a plan per their definite needs.
  • The unlimited cloud storage and untimed duration for video editing allow creative freedom for every user.
  • The video editing app is very suitable for teaching and making educational videos.
  • There are video tutorials and help centers available for guidance.
  • Layering is very easy to control and can be done even by beginners in this best video editing software


  • Premium templates are only available in professional and business plans of the video editing software.
  • Direct media upload of the edited videos is only available on premium subscriptions.
  • The video editing app does not allow team sharing or creating HD videos with a team in the unlimited plan. To add users, an additional charge of $19.99/mo is charged. 
  • Collaboration and sharing projects can only and only be done in a business plan subscription.
  • Unfortunately, brand logos cannot be uploaded in this video editing app unlimited plan.
  • There is no 24/7 live assistance available to solve untimely queries; this is a weak support facility in terms of the best video editing software should have.
  • The biggest issue with WeVideo is it directly takes you to your dashboard and does not let you get back to the homepage of the website to view other features once logged in.
  • There is no money back or trial for WeVideo, but a free exportable version compensates for it.

To visit the website of the best video editing software, click the link below:

There are many video-making and video editing software available in the market that give good quality edited videos, HD videos, and varying features at different price ranges. We have got you the two best video editing software in comparison to help you make the right decision as per your individual requirements. Let us know in the comments which one do you prefer.


Q.1. Why is video editing necessary?

Video editing is not compulsory, but it gives your video an advanced finesse, and various elements such as text, voiceovers, picture-in-picture, screen sharing, audio files, logos, and many more can be added to through the best video editing software. 

Q.2. Do you need to be a professional to edit videos?

There are professional video editors who edit videos in return for consideration, but the software today gives you the freedom to edit videos all by yourself without any professional training. It is wisdomous to invest in a video editing app rather than hiring a professional for video editing.

Q.3. What is an HD video?

A High Definition (HD) video is better quality than standard videos. Generally accepted HD video quality is above 720p for videos. An HD video ensures a high-resolution video for the best user experience.

Q.4. What is the minimum cost for editing videos?

There are many free video editing software available in the market that are good for basic editing. If you want to edit videos that stand out, it is always better to buy the best video editing software. These software generate results and improve engagement that recover your investment quickly. The starting price of the best video editing software begins at $8.25/mo and could range to $42/mo.

Q.5. What is the top video editing software available in the US today?

The best video editing software for 2023 are InVideo, WeVideo, Renderforest, Filmora, Adobe premiere pro, Moovly, and, Flexiclip, and Movavi video editor.

Q.6. How can I share my edited videos on social media directly?

Most often, a software or video editing app allows direct social media upload to social networking sites. It is better to check each software for media sharing feature availability before buying in case you need it. The other option is to download the video and upload it to the specific social media you wish.

Q.7. Will I incur any copyright infringement by using the stock media on the editing software?

The software licenses the templates and all media available on the video editing software and does not cause any infringement of law, howsoever. This does not protect from trademark infringement which may arise on the creation of similar or copied media from existing media.

Q.8. Can I also capture videos and images on the software, or are they meant only for editing?

Most of the best video editing software comes with a capture feature. It allows actions such as screen recording, screen sharing with video recording, audio recording, and voiceover that can be used as primary tools to make the entire video from scratch.

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