Follow Top 3 YouTube channels to stay updated about Real Estate in Florida​


Follow Top 3 YouTube channels to stay updated about Real Estate in Florida

Orlando, Florida this city is as magical as Disney World. You can visit Cinderella’s Castle anytime you want from this city, as it is 25 miles away from Orlando. Not just Cinderella’s Castle, it is surrounded by the most amazing best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent.

Kim Hawk, a Central Florida resident, shares her views and ‘specialized knowledge’ on the best area in Orlando to buy a house in Orlando and Disney land. She is a leading realtor in the USA (among 1%), with 25 years of experience in this field. Being a YouTuber and blogger, she is everything you are looking for when it comes to moving to Orlando checklist.

Celebration Florida
Celebration Florida is a magical place if you are planning to relocating to Orlando Florida, with retail shops, post offices, restaurants, fantastic architectural work like a town hall, contemporary designs, beautiful lawns, and greenery. Kim Hawk says that The Walt Disney World built Celebration Florida in 1996. There’s a scenic lake in the center of town. It is the best place for relaxing in peace with coffee/ice cream while sitting on a rocking chair—a popping fountain where children can play.

Winter Garden
To those who are moving to Orlando Fl, Winter Garden is a lovely and stylish area of Central Florida. Lots of golf carts on the streets, beautiful shops, bike passages or renting bikes in this sparkling city. There are so many lovely street shops with fresh colors. As per Kim Hawk, Winter Garden was made of something other than brick buildings. There’s a big fire after that buildings made up of bricks to protect the buildings. A beautiful white water tower stands tall in the city. Winter Garden Community Theatre is the first one in Central Florida that had talkies and was built in 1935. In 1927, Edgewater Hotel on Plant Street was built. Famous actors like Errol Flynn and Humphrey Bogart, many soldiers stayed here during World War II. Upon moving to Orlando Fl, you can visit Urban flats, French restaurants, the Attic Door, music, guitars, great couches, and street murals.

Windermere, Florida city of the Lakes, is located just outside the Walt Disney Resort gate. It has a Historic Downtown that presents the historic town hall, lovely boutique shops and restaurants, lakes, and wine markets. Canals connect thirteen different lakes of the butler chain of lakes. You have the most incredible pieces of property available with winding roads. Large lots that are larger than any lots. The peaceful environment is within 25 miles distance from Cinderella’s Castle.

According to Near Disney- Real Estate and Lifestyles are the home of many Disney executives. This city is a natural paradise. Homes by The Butler Chain of Lakes is a dream place. Windermere schooling is excellent and has an elementary, middle, and high school. It is perfect for a family. Spend the weekends with your family in Fernwood Park. You can go boating, hang out with loved ones, paint the scenery of lakes, and picnic. The lake has a protected bird sanctuary known as Bird Island. 

Kissimmee, Florida, is the Gateway to the Walt Disney Resort. So many people moved to Kissimmee, making it the number-one town in the United States. Osceola County covers 2010 square miles, whereas Walt Disney World is 43 square miles. You can imagine how large Osceola County is. Kissimmee has downtown Kissimmee, wall arts, a wine bar, lakes, and beautiful nature. You can see beautiful murals across the city on big walls. A park is known as Osceola Heritage Park, which has a silver spurs arena where so many events occur. Fair Park is near the arena, concert hall, massive basketball complex, Orlando City Soccer training facility and Mecum Auto Auction all in one place. There’s a space to build your property or purchase the home. You can contact Kim Hawk for property-related work, rent, buy, sale etc.
It gives a chance for youth to work for the first smart city, i.e. Neo City in NEO City Academy. ‘This city is a true gem’- Kim Hawk.

Just like Kim Hawk, Jared Jones is also one of the top youtube channels when it comes to houses, rents, properties in Florida. He covers all Florida cities and shows the best location to buy the home. and keep the audience updated about the prices, rents, and sales. Be the location of Winter Garden, Lake Nona, Clermont, Central Florida he shares the details of the properties in every location. If you want to check some amazing properties and deals you can go and check his channel.

Now we have Florida Real Estate Insight another leading realtor and youtuber who provides insights on Florida and its real estate. If you want to know the insights before buying the property in Florida, this youtube channel is for you. Finding affordable homes, smart purchasing, luxury real estate, prices falling or increasing, new constructions, he provides information about everything. If you are confused about the west coast or east coast you can check his video. This channel gives you every detail on real estates. Just check out the channel.

In Orlando, we have an Anyway center for amazing concerts, Exploria Stadium for sporting events, Lake Eola Park, Walt Disney Amphitheatre in bright rainbow colors, Orlando Art Museum, Dr Phillips Center and so on! There’s a Farmer’s market with 50 stalls and shops, which is open every Sunday. Bright sun, beautiful scenery, peaceful environment, and greenery. If you are planning to relocate or buy a property in Orlando or in Orlando neighborhood cities, Kim Hawk is the best realtor to contact. Or if you want to know more about Disney World and its cities and towns, check out her youtube channel, where she shows us and explains everything about Disney World.


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