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My Story: How I Became Youtube’s
Fairy Godmother of Real Estate and Lifestyle

My name is Kim Hawk and this is my blog.

I started this blog as a side project during Covid as I feel very blessed on how my journey has brought me to this point, recruited to work for Walt Disney World Resort marketing department as well as the VIP guest relations department ( yes, I wore the tour guide costume complete with horse crop)  right out of college (WVU University – Go Moutaineers!) over 33 years ago.

I grew up with a very successful Realtor/Broker mom Pat Elliott ( who worked just outside of Washington DC) and I would work summers with her.

My father Bob Elliott is a retired Industrial Engineer from General Motors and he can play a mean game of Texas Hold’em.  I’m glad to say that I’ve moved them and my brother’s family ( he works for Universal Studios) to Central Florida  to be closer to them- although we all miss the Blue Ridge Mountains and our friends from Winchester, Virginia ( Go Colonels)!

My husband Rod Hawk is a 30 plus year Disney exec, our daughter Ashlee works for Universal Studios which makes dinners interesting some time  when they are on “Do Not Discuss” projects as they both adhere to the rules and I’m proud of both of them. 

Rod Hawk

Ashlee Hawk

Chris Hawk

My bonus son Chris Hawk is a superstar in HR for Lyft in Nashville. I still remember the first time he got into a stranger’s car with a push of an app and said this is the way things are done now. 

Recently, our wonderful neighbor shared a game changing comment with me. He said, “ It’s great that you have all of this marketing experience and isn’t it crazy that marketing is not like it was in 2019 anymore. Huh? Yes he is right! It definitely isn’t like 1984 for sure and 2019 feels like it was just yesterday but guess what? It was lightyears ago, yes?

Wow was my neighbor ever right! Fast forward…

We moved to the town that Disney built called Celebration Florida – tap link below for town tour – as founding residents that was over 25 years ago.

Celebration, Florida

My mom then recommended that I get my Florida real estate license and I left Universal Studios as their Universal Studios Citywalk Director of Marketing where I worked directly with Jimmy Buffett, Hard Rock Live (remind me to tell you how Elton John helped raise $1 million dollars in seed money for Give Kids the World Village) Emeril LaGasse ( Bam!) and many, many others.

So with over 25 years of “specialized knowledge”

in Florida Real Estate and 40 years of Central Florida lifestyle experience, Youtube has me as their Fairy Godmother of Real Estate.

Blessed to be In the top 1 percent of Nationwide Realtors and top 100 Realtors in Orlando per Orlando Magazine.

Each week over a 1000 people watch me and my Realtor dream team talk about all that is magical within a 25 mile radius of Cinderella’s Castle. Please check out and subscribe to and see our real estate/ lifestyle videos on everything from Orlando to great towns like Celebration, Florida.

We are thrilled to have represented Lizzy and Matt on their first time home purchase and we encourage you to listen to Fairview music and watch them on Tik Tok as well

I along with my Dream team have sold over 1 billion dollars of residential real estate (I say that with my pinky to my lips) and have helped bring thousands of people to Florida.

Here are my theories on why I think we have been successful:
  1. We have relationships not customers
  2. We desire every day to create the best we can
  3. Specialized Knowledge does not come by sitting on the couch
  4. We applaud each other’s successes – if you win, we win

My biggest joy is to….

introduce people to one another and discover game changing products to help friends live their best lives. We are known for gathering our tribe to build a Pirate Ship on our Celebration home that took over 45 days to put on the house – ABC TV showcased it on the Great Fright Fight (we didn’t win but our big win was being elbow to elbow with friends that helped hand out Halloween candy to over 5,000 children trick or treating – the smiles on their faces were all that we needed)

Our “home” on Halloween

Rod with celebrity host Samantha Chanse

As a Realtor you are in and out of people’s homes every day.

We get the blessing of seeing new trends, hearing about new products and having our fingers on the pulse of what works and what doesn’t.

Normal daily conversations for me

Hey! Did I just see a refrigerator that is smarter than me? 

Or did you say you are wearing an instant cooling dress to keep menopause at bay?

What ? And doesn’t everybody have a cooling system for your bed called BedJet?

Being that I worked in marketing for downtown Orlando’s Church Street Station, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios

we have spent a kazillion hours enjoying this beautiful area. So blogging about it made perfect sense. 

When I was a VIP tour guide for Walt Disney World Resort I realized that there are many people saving their entire lives to bring their families to the most Magical Place on Earth. Knowing that over 65 million visitors come to Central Florida every year I realized that Rod and I could help you with something very important. Time!

Time is something you can’t get back

Yes, Time is something you can’t get back

so we started working with Amazon to put packages together so that you could be on super warp speed in regards to some of the items that will make life easier and more enjoyable. 

We host several Facebook pages including Treasure Island and Beyond, Celebration Porch, Near Disney and others where we are asking locals and members of the hospitality industry what are “the must haves” for traveling to Florida. There are new things popping up all the time in order to make your stay in Central Florida the most enjoyable ever.

Because being in Real Estate is my mainstay – we have also coordinated an Amazon show to help Realtors stay on the top of their craft too.

Whether it be a blog

on Central Florida’s most popular towns and products, Youtube videos and live shows on what makes over a dozen Disney communities special or making recommendations on Amazon live for what is best to pack for your Disney vacation or for locals to beat the heat we are overjoyed to share our suggestions.

Perhaps you too would like to start blogging,

Hey if I can do it, you can too. At sixty years young I am smart enough to know that it is good to know how google works. Let’s start there and then text me at 407-800-Kim-Hawk if you want to go down that rabbit hole with me. 

Or Perhaps you are a Realtor and you’ve been thinking about creating YouTube videos- reminder to check us out on our Near Disney YouTube Channel (Fridays at 1:30pm EST is the live show).

If you could do us a favor and subscribe and like as it helps us greatly.

Or being a lifestyle influencer on Amazon Live…

feel free to reach out to me via text 1-800-Kim-Hawk. I work with a handful of incredible coaches that I would be more than happy to introduce you to.

I’m getting ready to turn 60…

so believe me if I can do it – you can. One of my coaches said Blogs aren’t like 2019 anymore and I thought geez I was still working like it was 1984!

In the same breath if you are just looking to be a part of The Fairy Godmother community

We are so grateful that you are here!

It is good to stay fresh and continuously learn. So www.TheFairy Godmother. World blog is putting her best foot forward to share:

 Lifestyle Game Changers (anything from keeping under eye bags away to finding a battery charger that you don’t need anyone else to help jump your pumpkin ( car) ) then you have hit the right blog. Please feel free to reach out to us if there are any suggestions on how we can help our blogs be more helpful to you.

Real Estate: Is it time to be thinking about a move? If so we can certainly help you by calling 1-800-Kim-Hawk with Florida in Motion Realty or feel free to go to our to find all active listings within Central Florida. 

Travel and Music are my Favorite Past-times: Rod and I just got off the Stellar Disney Wish cruise ship and boy was it magical. We kept a list of items that we felt would help our loved ones. My father being an Industrial Engineer helped create a functional/maximize your experiences mentality. Thanks Mom and Dad. So we enjoy helping others with maximizing their travel and suggesting free time activities ( music concerts, food tours, the list goes on and on). 

Sailboat at Sunset at Madeira Beach, Florida

Playing on the Beach at Sunset

It’s all about helping each other, right Tigger?

So sit back and find your favorite blog from the “Fairy Godmother”, or watch us on Near Disney YouTube or catch us on Amazon as Near Disney “Theme Park Musts” live shows. We even have a Near Disney “Realtor Musts” Amazon show to help our brothers and sisters looking to succeed in a very competitive market. 

After all, isn’t that what it is all about? Helping each other, Loving each other.

I Want to Take a Moment and Thank You For Being Here.

If you made it this far, I appreciate the time you took to read this and deeply value every relationship I make from this blog. 

I’m here for you as both a Fairy Godmother and as a friend. I try to respond to every email and want to hear your story and your recommendations.

We want to provide a cool community where people are helping people live their best lives.

Thank you for reading. Check us out on Near Disney Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. We are even having fun lunging into Amazon live shows so we hope to see you there. Look for Near Disney and we appreciate our Near Disneyites.

We hope that this magical community creates friendships for a lifetime and a helpful idea or two that helps improve or make your life a little easier and happier – just like a good Fairy Godmother desires to do.

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