Liquid Web Review: Is It The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

managed wordpress

Managed WordPress websites give high performance and save you from the worries of technical functionalities, completely optimizing your website for maximum engagement. A managed server hosting is only offered by a few experienced web hosts with the scale and capacity to provide top-quality services. Liquid Web is on top whenever we hear about managed wordpress hosting.

A well-managed WordPress has to be tested for its speed, CDN, website caching, time to first byte (TTFB), automation, backups, email accounts, security, support, and other benefits. Liquid Web, on the whole, provides services of managed WordPress hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and woo commerce hosting. 

managed wordpress

We have tested the web hosting platform for all the parameters, and here is the honest review:

#1 Managed WordPress Hosting:

Liquid Web does not offer shared web hosting plans and is dedicated to giving great performance at fully managed wordpress. Managed wordpress is for websites where speed and performance make a lot of difference. 


Liquid Web’s managed server hosting provides air-tight security for the most secure and fastest wordpress hosting. For managed wordpress, it offers daily automatic backups and stores them for 30 days. The managed server hosting also includes automatic SSL for every website through the Liquid Web with no worries of configuration. Liquid Web is the most secure and fastest wordpress hosting as they raise and manage their own data centers. The managed server hosting also comes with iThemes Security Pro, which is a real-time security plugin dashboard for wordpress that is responsible for security monitoring 24/7 on your website.


The managed wordpress offers various plans, but the prices change as per the number of websites and storage capacity. The basic most plan Spark comes with 15 GB storage, one website, and 2 TB Bandwidth. For managed wordpress, Liquid Web has a reputation of 99.99992% uptime, which is the industry gold standard. Nginx, PHP 7, image compressions, and many other specific configurations make them the fastest wordpress hosting. The managed wordpress not only delivers the best performance, but the plugin performance monitor helps your website monitor and maintain that fast performance every day.

The plugins are tested by the managed server hosting team every night, so the website is always ahead and updated. The image optimization plugin improves page speed. 


The managed server is completely taken care of by Liquid Web engineered WordPress solutions. The managed wordpress server handles the infrastructure and updates all the plugins. The expert support team of the fastest wordpress hosting is available 24/7, day and night, to provide priority services to all its users. The team is very well equipped with managed wordpress hosting and troubleshooting for all kinds of queries and issues. Expect issue resolution within minutes for any and every query you have regarding your managed wordpress website. The managed wordpress server also offers free site migration by a completely expertise team. The support is available through phone, email, and chat and typically has solutions to every issue. 

Price plans:

The fastest wordpress hosting is expensive due to its great service quality. To view the different plans click on the link below:

#2 Dedicated Server Hosting:

Liquid Web is known globally for its dedicated server hosting services. It is highly customizable, where you can customize software, hardware, and even the operating system as per your needs. Liquid Web additionally offers managed dedicated server hosting for enhanced customer support and experience.


A dedicated server hosting is a private and most secure type of web hosting. Liquid Web gives you complete control over your security infrastructure and surety that no unauthorized user can access your data. There is standard DDoS Protection and Serversecure optimized advanced security to keep all your data safe. There is a pre-installed secondary drive for backups. 

The special plan even offers 250 GB Acronis cyber backup and a fully managed intrusion detection system. 


Liquid Web guarantees 100% uptime for its dedicated web hosting services; this is something hard to find and difficult to achieve. The turbo processor helps target frequency in times of demand by the CPU. This is well-known to boost the speed of the CPU’s performance. Cloudflare CDN allows users to load websites fast from anywhere they are placed with the help of cache servers. In matters of speed, you will not find a web host faster than Liquid Web. The SSD storage enables better server performance. The choice of popular data centers at Central US, West US, and EU Netherlands help achieve better speed as per specific areas of operations. 


The dedicated server allows full root access to maintain complete control over the website server. There is round-the-clock custom support available 365days, seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Liquid Web offers free-of-cost full-site migrations by their expert team.  

The team also supports 30-minute hardware replacement in case of failure with the security essentials bundle. The team is also behind around-the-clock sonar monitoring. 

Price Plan:

There is an option to choose between Linux and Windows server makes a differentiation in price values. Liquid Web is a premium-priced web hosting server for those websites where quality matters. For detailed plans of dedicated server hosting, tap the link below:

For the Pros and Cons of dedicated server hosting, tap the link below:

Liquid Web Pros and Cons

#3 Cloud Hosting

In cloud hosting, Liquid Web offers cloud dedicated servers and Private cloud hosting by VMware.

With cloud hosting, the focus is the on-demand availability of computer resources, such as systems, storage, and power computing, without the need for direct management from the user. 

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

The dedicated cloud hosting offers both Linux and Windows operating systems for selection. All the plans are inclusive of unlimited sites with InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Pro, Cloudflare CDN, DDoS attract protection, dedicated IP address, Gigabit uplinking, Root access, 100% uptime guarantee, and Acronis Backups. Cloud hosting has different range of cores, storage capacity, bandwidth, and storage types according to the cloud hosting plans. Various add-ons also enhance the performance. All cloud hosting plans come with 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email, root access, instant provisioning for a website, an integrated load balancer, and a firewall. 

Avail the latest offer on :

Private Cloud Hosting

With VMware, private cloud hosting gets options of possibilities such as Consolidation of Hosted & On-Prem Infrastructure, Powering Mission-Critical Workloads, SaaS, ERP, & Application Hosting, or Reseller Hosting. Liquid Web shall support you and walk you through every step of Private cloud hosting. It is a resource-based model where you shall be charged only for the resources used. It is the best form of managed cloud hosting, which is rare to find. To get detailed information on how the managed cloud hosting by Liquid Web works, click on the link below.

#4 Woo Commerce Managed Hosting

Liquid Web offers managed Woo Commerce for the best Woo Commerce experience for your website. The Woo Commerce hosting has features like advanced automation, plugin performance monitor, fast store load time, regular performance tests, and recapture partnership for actions on abandoned carts. Woo Commerce hosting by Liquid Web is fully optimized, provides end-to-end solutions, supports 24/7, and also helps with the migration of previous Woo-commerce websites. There is no better deal to ask for. The digital commerce cloud for managing Woo Commerce is packed with features and customization options. It is the most dynamic Woo commerce solution provided by a web host. To understand the features and plans, click the link below:

#5 Managed VPS Hosting

Liquid Web also offers managed VPS hosting that is the fastest and most reliable. With features such as a 10Gpbs network, unlimited sites with Interworx, Plesk, and cPanel options, Cloudflare CDN, Integrated firewall and standard server-secure advanced security, root access, easy scalability, dedicated IP address, and many more, the managed VPS hosting is the best solution for a hybrid hosting server.

Check out the VPS hosting plans below:

Liquid Web, without a doubt, is best at providing managed hosting services. Be it managed wordpress, managed cloud hosting, fully managed VPS hosting, or managed woo commerce hosting, Liquid Web stands apart for its services. Apart from the managed server hosting, Liquid Web also aces Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. With the gold standard uptime guarantee, extra performance plugins, and special features, it can be claimed without any doubt that Liquid Web is the fastest managed wordpress hosting.


Q. How to update plugins on wordpress?

It is important to keep the wordpress plugins updated for best performance. With Liquid Web managed server hosting, you need not worry about updates as it automatically updates all your plugins. If you wish to update the plugins manually, you can do it through your wordpress admin dashboard or via FTP.

Q. What are the PHP limits, and how to change these limits?

PHP limits are the available memory to write wordpress website scripts to run efficiently. You can change the PHP limit as per your needs from the WP toolkit in cPanel or Plesk. Alternatively, you login into your account via SSH and command the php.ini file. If you are completely new at this, you can always contact support and get it sought manually.

Q. Which OS is better, Linux or Windows, for wordpress?

Linux is open-source software and is more popular, whereas Windows is built and supported by Microsoft and not open-source. Choosing between both depends on the features and budget of web hosting. Since wordpress runs on PHP, Linux is easier to configure, but Window is a much more familiar OS. The choice depends on the website’s needs, compatibility, and experience.

Q. What security measures do I need to take with managed wordpress?

You do not need to worry about the security of your website with managed wordpress by Liquid Web. There are layers of security, SSLs, DDoS protection, and regular backups to keep your website the most secure. Other than this, there are safe plugins available that can be installed to add extra layers of security.

Q. Why are the Liquid Web prices high?

Liquid Web charges premium rates for its services in exchange for the high quality of services they provide. Their 100% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 support, high-speed performance, and best security measures are hard to match with any other managed server hosting. They also maintain their own data centers to keep the data privacy and security of the client to the highest level.

Q. What are the benefits of dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated hosting is for large traffic websites, where data privacy or security is crucial, and there is a need for customization and control over server. Dedicated servers need expert handling and prove to be the most expensive type of web host.

What is managed cloud computing?

Cloud computing is another name for Cloud hosting. In managed cloud hosting, users get to focus on their business, where the management and infrastructure of the server are completely taken care of by the cloud hosting company. It is the most popular form of cloud hosting.

Q. How to customize the Woo theme on the wordpress website?

You can directly switch to the new Woo commerce theme of your choice or use the Woo Builder to apply changes to the theme. You will have to follow the guidance from the blogs or support to customize wordpress themes manually.

Q. How can I maximize the speed of my website?

The various ways to increase website performance are reducing HTTP requests, compressing images, limiting heartbeat API, minifying styles and HTML, using a static cache, applying CDN, and optimizing the database in a content management system.

Q. How does managed server hosting work?

Managed server hosting is where the hosting company manages the systems and applications on behalf of the customer. It is the next step in server hosting and relieves the customer from technical management, providing them more time to focus on business without having to maintain expertise and knowledge. 

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