Renderforest Review: Get 159% More Engagement On Your Videos

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Renderforest is an all-around design tool with all its features packed in one place. If it is anything graphical, Renderforest is got your back. The toolkit provides you with logo maker online, YouTube intro maker, video maker online, animation maker, mockups, designs, websites, and video editing; just wish for it, and they have it.

Renderforest was started in 2013 in Yerevan and has tripled its business almost every year. The video maker online has drastically changed the video production industry online. Renderforest grew with the needs of the users and gave wings to creativity. You do not need to be a professional designer to make designs; you only need imagination.

The design tool has been widely awarded over the past several years.  What is best is that Renderforest is free to all with basic features.


Who can use Renderforest?

The ultimate design tool is for a YouTube Intro Maker, Video Maker, Logo Maker, and Animation Maker; Renderforest is for all. The platform allowed thousands of its users to create dynamic videos and progress hand in hand. Renderforest has created success stories while providing the best free features in the industry. A maximum of its users convert into their paid account due to its affordable pricing and best-in-class features.

Renderforest has helped create around 6 million videos, with more than 3 million users and more signing up every moment. Big businesses and freelancers, start-ups, and small businesses have trusted Renderforest and created their brands by using the tools of this all-in-one logo maker online.

It provides detailed guides for every user ranging from Android developers, HTML/CSS developers, iOS developers, Node JS developers, Project managers, UI/UX, QA specialists, Localisation specialists, content marketing specialists, and SEO specialists. The blogs on various topics help every user to locate their queries and master their field with the help of the tools of Renderforest. There are YouTube tutorials on every topic which do the hand-holding in case you get stuck at some point while you design.

Logo maker:

A logo maker is an automatic tool that creates a graphically represented design to describe a business, organization, company, industry, professional, service, or product in a visual format. Logos are very important as they are a representation of the business. The business is known by its logo widely. The logo maker online by Renderforest is quick and produces hundreds of innovative options within seconds of inputting data.

Features of an interesting Logo:

·       A logo must be unique while being appealing to its audience

·       A Logo must be identifiable to a specific company and have a distinct look from other logos so that it does not create confusion for lookers.

·       The logo must be simple, relevant, and timeless

·       The logo may or may not contain the initials of the business name

·       The color palette of the logo should be complementary to the personality of your business

The following are the key steps to use the logo maker online:

For the Renderforest logo maker online, all you need to do is type the description of how you want your logo (it could be your brand name, the type of business, a particular feature you enhance, a product or service) and Enter. The logo maker online shall surprise you with different designs of options to select from.

The logo stays on the dashboard forever for editing or making desired changes quickly and repeatedly till you get complete satisfaction. Renderforest uses machine learning algorithms to produce the best results based on the description given by its users. The online logo maker has ready-to-use template formats that can be selected for the quickest logo selection and visualization. The templates can be used as a base to design the logos on your own.  

The logo maker online gives you creative freedom by customization options on the text for the automatically generated logo. Renderforest logo maker offers customized options for icons, palettes, layouts, and backgrounds.

The best part is that the logo maker online by Renderforest even helps you generate a brand name in case you do not have a brand name yet.

YouTube Intro Maker:

The YouTube intro is something that is seen by your network each and every time you post a video on YouTube. It is very essential that the intro video is of good quality and showcases you in the best possible way.

The YouTube intro maker by Renderforest wins points for its simple yet dynamic options for making the best videos

Features of a good YouTube Intro:

·       A YouTube intro video must be short and sweet.

·       The intro must highlight the brand name

·       The you-tube intro should describe the YouTube channel in the best possible way

·       A intro should be made with music that suits the brand’s aesthetics

·       The intro should be clear enough for users to understand

·       It should be in a language most acceptable to the audience

How to use the YouTube intro maker?

 Renderforest will guide you from start to end if you are a new user. There is a YouTube video tutorial to help you make the best videos or enhance your videos. It has an extensive variety of templates which shall suit the needs of every user.

Following are the Steps to use the YouTube intro maker :

·       Browse, select from the templates, or type a keyword to search from existing templates that best match your description. You can filter out widescreen, portrait, or square sizes for template filters.

·       Once the template is selected, you can type the tagline and description at a designated space near your logo. (Some templates are reserved for paid users only, the paid templates have options of widescreen, square, or portrait versions for every template.)

·       Each template has a set time of playing. The timeline could be as small as 5 seconds to as long as 2 mins 30 seconds, depending on your choice.

·       The free version only allows you to make videos in 1500x1000px.

·       Next, you add music from the options available. The music library consists of various music options, or you may even upload your own sound choice.  You can even add a voiceover by using this YouTube intro maker.

·       Finally, click preview, and the video is ready and exported to email. You can still edit on the YouTube intro maker online and export the video as often as you want.

(This video comes with a watermark powered by Renderforest in 360p format. To remove the watermark or select 720p or 1080 p, users need to subscribe to a premium account)

In YouTube maker of Renderforest, one can seamlessly create YouTube videos, 3D logo reveals, mini mal logo reveals, exploding and burning reveals, practical logo reveals, glitch logo reveals, hi-tech logo reveals, smoke, neon, colorful, corporate logo reveals, cinematic intros, holiday logo reveals, retro reveals, footage based logo reveals.

Animation Maker

Get the best animation maker in Renderforest, as it is very easy to use for everyone and produces high-quality content. It is very exploratory and helpful for teachers, professionals, hobbies, parents, advertisers, educators, influencers, and students.

The animation maker comes with thousands of ready-to-use templates. The whiteboard animation is my personal favorite. In the whiteboard animation maker, one can choose to describe the entire story and find the best match or create a scene-by-scene description of thoughts.

Features of a good animation video:

·       Animation must have clear character demarcation

·       Animation Maker must be used in a flow to form a story of a sequence

·       Animation videos may or may not be fictional

·       Animation videos are meant for a specific audience

·       Using an animation maker online saves time and money in the output of videos.

Steps to use the animation maker:

·       The steps to use the animation maker are precisely the same as those for making a YouTube Intro maker, as mentioned above.

Video Maker Online:

Besides YouTube videos, Renderforest offers all video maker options such as animation videos, intros, and logos, video editing, invitation videos, slideshow, presentation, and music visualizations. You can download or export it in high quality for free.

The video maker is nothing but a combination of all types of videos that can make on Renderforest.

The features of a good video maker online would be as follows:

·       The Video-maker must be easily understandable to the users

·       There should be various editing and customization options

·       The video maker must help with color correction, exposure arrangement, trimming, blurring,

·       A good video maker has features like transitions, effects, clips, stills

·       Should allow filters, voiceovers, music, and the addition of animations.

Other Products of Renderforest:

Apart from the above-mentioned products, Renderforest is into mockups. Mockups are branding on a particular product. The available mockups are apparel, devices, branding, products, print, interior, and packaging.

Renderforest also helps in building creative websites to add color and life to websites.

Create powerful presentations, pitch decks, educational projects, and medical presentations; this software is got something for everyone. Personal invitations or be it social media designs, Renderforest will help in all endeavors, personal, social, and professional.

Renderforest can be contacted at in case of any help or queries.


Renderforest is entirely free, with access to all the critical design tools. To avail of premium tools, the pricing is monthly or yearly. There are three plan options available Lite, Pro, and Business. The paid plans offer greater storage capacity, freedom to make HD quality videos, access to premium templates, stock footage, advanced website control and editing tools, custom watermarks, and branding kits, and a reseller license.

To start the free plan, click the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Renderforest free for a lifetime?

Renderforest is completely free with no terms of usage or downloads. Users must shift to the paid plan only to use its premium features and templates.

Q2. Can I download videos from Renderforest?

Renderforest allows you to download or export created videos to your email. It is very easy to re-edit videos and export them just with a click of a button.

Q3. How to remove the watermark of Renderforest?

Unfortunately, for free users the videos and images come with a mark of powered by Renderforest and this cannot be taken down unless it is a paid account.

Q4. Can kids use Renderforest?

There is no age limit to using Renderforest software. But it may be useful to kids who can follow the use of graphics in their work. It is very much of help for students. There is a special Kids Promo Toolkit available on the software for teachers to make graphics using Renderforest easy.

Q5. What are the languages available on Renderforest?

The software is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Arabic, Japanese, Armenian, Turkish, and Russian.   

Q6. Can somebody make the same content as mine using Renderforest software?

The software uses AI tools to provide options that are unique to every description. There is a possibility that a user fraudulently tries to recreate a video that already exists.

Q7. Do I have to worry about copyright issues?

Renderforest is an open software available to all. The designs generated on the software are specially designed with the help of the designers and AI, so it has no copyright liability to anyone whatsoever. The content is royalty-free stock footage and is a property of storyblocks, and  Renderforest users can use them without any restrictions.

Q8. How many videos can be created using Renderforest?

Renderforest provides storage space of 500MB freely for every user. For larger spaces, one needs to subscribe to their paid plans.

Q9. Does Renderforest support multiple users?

Renderforest allows a team of users to collaborate and work together on a single project. It does support multiple users and real-time feedback.

Q10. How to download Renderforest software?

Renderforest is a cloud-based software. The users do not need to download or install the software on a machine. There is always available access to the software through an internet connection.

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