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The revolutionized Smart Refrigerators of 2023 have changed the needs of basic refrigerators. Today’s high tech refrigerator does not just cool your food items; it connects to your other smart devices and works on commands remotely from anywhere around the world.

A smart fridge in 2023 offers great features such as remote access to temperature controls, door-ajar notifications, voice operation via Alexa or Google assistant, auto-fill water and ice dispenser, and good quality air filters, which help keep food fresh like never before. 

Here are some of the top smart refrigerators that will make your life comfortable and entertaining:



Bespoke 4-Door French Door Refrigerator (29 cu. ft.) – with Top Left and Family Hub™ Panel in Charcoal Glass – and Matte Black Steel Middle and Bottom Door Panels[RF29BB86004MAA]

Samsung 4 door french model

Price: $3199

This high tech refrigerator tops the list as it has features like no other. It uses the twin cooling technology, allowing separate controls for the fridge and the freezer. The high-efficiency LED lighting light up the best refrigerator of 2023 with a glance. The glass door panels are changeable and customizable, providing the best-suited design and color for a smart kitchen.

The Smart fridge is Wifi enabled and can be controlled by an app on the phone. The Family Hub feature of the refrigerator is a visionary innovation that makes this refrigerator an all-rounder smart kitchen appliance. This refrigerator has a 21.5 inch touch screen that enables one to set alarms, play music, read out recipes, complete a shopping list, read the expiry of products stored inside, connect with other devices, turn into TV screen, notepad, front door camera (compatible with Ringo app) the list is endless.

This latest smart refrigerator of 2023 has a camera on the inner side of the fridge to view the contents of the fridge remotely from anywhere in the world. Similarly, the temperatures can be changed from anywhere to make sure the food items are maintained in the best way.

Samsung smart fridge has 4 door French Design. Apart from the top refrigerator and freezer, it has the FlexZone Drawer. This drawer has movable dividers and can be set to any of the 5 pre-set temperatures. This extra space can accommodate a variety of products, from large pizzas, long beverage bottles, the kid’s lunches, extra fruits, and so on.

The door in door feature is growing popular as it keeps the items in the main fridge cool while the items of frequent use can be stored in a rotatable front door. It’s energy-saving, convenient, as well as the best condition for milk, fruits, and vegetables. The shelves are spillproof, and the exterior has fingerprint resistant finish.

Another ridiculously smart feature of the best smart fridge is the Auto fill water pitcher and dual auto ice maker. The dual ice maker is capable of giving ice in two options, bite sized ice or ice cubes. Not only this, this highly functional smart refrigerator will alert the app in case the fridge door is left open accidentally. The touch screen can create a mood board of pictures synced from the mobile device. This Smart refrigerator even reads out the expiry of products stored in the refrigerator.

Samsung Smart refrigerator also operates on voice commands from Alexa, and can take instruction via Samsung Bixby. The storage capacity of 28.9 cu ft. fridge makes its compartments huge and easily accessible. Not only this, the smart device knows how to take care of itself as it shall alert the phone app about any technical failure in any part of the fridge.

This model can also be converted into counter depth on payment of additional charges.



LG 23 cu. ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled InstaView™ Door-in-Door® Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Craft Ice™ Maker [LRMVC2306D]

LG FOUR DOOR FRENCH Smart Refrigerators

Price: $4799

The craft ice technology makes LG refrigerator a ridiculously smart best refrigerator of 2023. The craft ice are balls of ice that instantly enhance the appearance of beverages. Also, this ice lasts much longer in the glass as compared to the standard ice cubes. Like Samsung smart fridge, LG smart refrigerators are Wifi enabled too and work with mobile apps as well as Alexa or Google Assistant.

The inverter cooling technology gives long lasting freshness to fruits and vegetables stored in the inside bin. A blast of cool air is left intermittently in the fridge during multiple fridge openings to cover areas where cooling is insufficient. The cool guard metal interior panels give a stylish look while maintaining the cool air. Premium LED lighting is used for brightness in the high tech refrigerator.

LG works on the ThinQ technology that allows it to control the temperature of the best smart fridge from anywhere in the world. Also, it analyzes habits to assist in anticipating the temperature and ice needs of the user.

The 4 door French design contains the upper part as fridge, the bottom as a freezer, and a fully convertible flex drawer. The flex storage can be set into different temperature settings from -7 degree to 41 degrees maximum as per the required food item. The flex drawer can be converted into a freezer when required. The Insta-view Door-in-door feature of LG is a useful tool for users who have to access the fridge for a handful of regular items frequently. On double tapping the screen one can view the contents of the small compartment without opening the fridge. LG also offers a remote view of the inside of the fridge, making it convenient to complete the grocery list without actually accessing the best smart fridge.

The counter depth model of 23 cu ft. is spacious and provides ample storage space. It also comes with a dual ice and water dispenser, which can fit any size of the bottle and fill in a measured range.

The exterior finish is fingerprint and smudge resistant. It is truly an example of a trendy and high tech refrigerator.



Samsung 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub™ and External Water & Ice Dispenser in Stainless Steel 26.5 cu ft[RF27T5501SR]

samsung 3 door smart refrigerator

Price: $2499

Samsung 3 door refrigerators is the Best Smart Refrigerator of 2023 for a comparatively small family. The Smart Fridge is wifi enabled and needs a Samsung account to access the Samsung smart hub. (Features of Samsung hub mentioned in point 1 above). This fridge is a smart kitchen appliance that is budget and space friendly. The built in camera is a boon for anywhere remote viewing of the fridge contents.

The high tech refrigerator is the latest smart fridge with 3 doors French design. The French door helps have greater storage capacity as compared to side by side door panels. The exterior includes fingerprint resistant finish and external dispenser for filtered water and ice. It contains high efficiency energy lighting inside the fridge.

The humidity control crispers help keep the fruits and vegetables to optimum Freshness. Voice control such as built-in Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Ringo, and Amazon make this fridge the best smart fridge of the year.



GE Profile™ ENERGY STAR® 27.8 Cu. Ft. French-Door Refrigerator with Keurig® K-Cup® Brewing System [PFE28PBLTS]

ge 3 door smart refrigerator

Price: $3629

The highlight of this Smart Fridge is the Keurig K-cup brewing technology. Never had I imagined using my refrigerator for preparing my hot cup of coffee, but the best smart refrigerator of 2023 has made it possible. This smart kitchen appliance also allows hot water scheduling and remote access to the controls of the K-cup brewing system and the temperature of the refrigerator.

With huge counter depth space of 27.8 u ft. this high tech refrigerator is a storehouse for everyday items and also saves a frequent trip to the grocery store. It houses three electronic temperature controlled drawers illuminated by LED lights. The quick storage shelf easily slides down for flexibility to keep items such as wine bottles, huge cakes, tall bottles, and the likes. Also, the drop down tray adds extra storage on the door in times of need.

The advanced RPFWE replacement water filter is an advanced technology to provide pharmaceutical grade drinking water. Twin chill evaporators separate the climate for fresh foods in the freezer and fridge. The turbo cooling is useful in maintaining temperature on frequent openings.

The fridge is additionally compatible with Shabbos devices by GE, which helps refresh weekly or on holidays. The exterior is fingerprint-resistant. The smart refrigerators come with built in Wifi and connectivity to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.



Kenmore Elite smart counter depth French door bottom freezer refrigerator stainless steel [75043] 24 cu ft

kenmore smart refrigerator

Price: $1825

The genius cool technology in the smart fridge of 2023 produces separate cooling environments for fridge and the freezer, the multi air flow technology provides even cooling. The trademarked clean flow air filter removes food odor. Airtight crisper helps vegetables stay moist for longer in this high tech refrigerator.

The Kenmore smart app enables control overcooling and notifies when the door is left open accidently. The two slide away shelves and compact water filter create additional space when required. The Kenmore Elite is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

The three door French design of the Smart Fridge has an external water and ice dispenser.   



Cafe ENERGY STAR® 27.8 Cu. Ft. Smart 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator[CVE28DP4NW2]

cafe smart refrigerator

Price: $4599

The smart refrigerator of 2023 is the most stylised and aesthetic refrigerator.

The smart fridge has a humidity control system to lock the freshness of the vegetables. Twin chill evaporators help keep food on optimum freshness. The inbuilt Wifi with Smart HQ app helps to connect and control the refrigerator remotely. Also, it sends alerts when the parts need maintenance or door is left open.This smart fridge comes with built in Wifi.

The four door French design comes with a convertible drawer with 5 mode settings. The LED back panel improves visibility. The high tech refrigerator has an autofill sensor for glass of water. The Café refrigerator has got a special full width flatbread freezer compartment. The integrated water and ice dispenser illuminates in human proximity. It is an energy star rating qualifier, which means better savings of energy. The smart refrigerators also comes with enhanced Shabbos mode. The GE water filtration comes with led light.



Bosch 800 Series French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator 36” Easy clean stainless steel[B36CL81ENG]

bosch smart refrigerator

Price: $4799

The Bosch smart refrigerator is Wifi enabled and can be connected with home connect. It offers features like remote monitoring, control and Iservice remote. The temperature and light adjustments and diagnostics run can be done remotely. The door ajar notification never lets you forget the door left open. The storage is counter depth with ample storage space. The 4 adjustable shelves are adaptable and easy to use. The dual compressor gives the fridge strong cooling performance. The adaptable flex bar gives customisable storage inside the fridge compartments. The special glass display refreshment drawer which can house upto 17 wine bottles is the highlight of this sleek designed refrigerator.  

The downside is it cannot be connected with Alexa or Google Assistant and does not have an external ice or water dispenser.

Every smart refrigerator has pros and cons, the user has a variety of features to choose from. The requirements and suitability is the deciding factor among the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only the Samsung refrigerators with a family hub are compatible with television screening. Other smart refrigerators cannot mirror the television screens.

The door option completely depends upon the choice of the buyer, but a french door provides better space from the inside as compared to a side by side double door. Both have their advantage in being the best smart fridge.

A convertible drawer is available in 4 door french door design. The convertible feature allows a user to shift between temperature settings in the particular drawer so that one can use the compartment for various purposes each day. Most commonly it comes with 5 options of temperature settings for smart refrigerators.

The generally accepted size for a family of 4 is 19 to 22 cu ft. But buying a larger capacity refrigerator helps keep a larger number of grocery items and saves trips to the store frequently. The amount of space in the home is also a consideration before making this decision to choose your best smart fridge. 

The smart fridge needs to be switched off and cleaned completely every month. Apart from regular maintenance the smart refrigerator notifies the user whenever there is need for maintenance in case of hardware failure.

The smart fridge comes with a complete set of instructions and can be set up by following the given steps in the instruction module by ownself. Sometimes setting up a smart app might get complicated, there are call centers to provide on-call assistance for the same and youtube videos explaining the detailed process of setup.  


Buying a home appliance is an investment you make for your home that shall last you for years. Investing in the best smart fridge in 2023 will save you energy and prove to be a useful device for the health of the entire family for almost 20 years.


Smart refrigerators will still work completely fine when your Wifi is down, but it will work as regular refrigerators. It will perform all its basic and important features of cooling and keeping your items chilled. What it will not do is apply its smart features, as it requires a Wifi connection to be smart.

There is a function in most of the smart refrigerators to disconnect the Wi-Fi connection. With this, you can stop the smart refrigerator from using your Wifi, but the smart fridge shall not be able to perform its high tech refrigerator functions without an internet connection.


Smart refrigerators not only use digital technology to provide smart features, but they also use high level technology that makes the working of a refrigerator more efficient. Better technology has health and energy benefits. Traditional refrigerators may be selling at a lower price, but the best smart fridge makes itself useful in more than one way. 

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