6 Things No One Will Tell You About Washing Machines

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6 Things No One Will Tell You About Washing Machines: Best Washing Machine 2023

A clothes washer with a barrel inside, filled with water and your grubby clothes along with some detergent to make them clean, fresh, and ready for the next use, that’s what we’ll be talking about today! Be ready to end your quest for the best washing machine 2023!

There are two types of washing machines: semi automatic washing machine and fully automatic washing machine. You can choose between the best top load washer and best front load washing machine in a fully-automatic option. They all have the feature of washing and drying your clothes.

Let’s talk about pros before you buy washing machine first

  1. A washing machine drum saves you lots of time and sweat. You can come home after a long day and instead of doing just your laundry and not spending time with your family, you can do both if you own a washing machine. 
  2. Your clothes as well as your mood will be freshen up by the end of dinner. 
  3. Clothes also get dry super soon when washed in a washing machine as against by hand. 
  4. If you have less space, you can still fit a clean washing machine in your home as it requires less space. 

Now everybody tells you the pros of anything as soon as they see you’re interested in making a purchase, but no one tells you the cons. Especially the salesmen. So, if you’re wanting to buy the best washing machine 2023, read this blog till the end if you want to do thorough research on your potential purchase.

Drawbacks of Owning a Clothes Washer

There are disadvantages to the best top load washer or best front load washing machine, some are very severe and if you are an environmentalist, you ought to know them. 

So, let’s get started.

#1 Wastage of Water

There is a myth about best top load washers that they require less water to wash the clothes as opposed to manually. A necessity for washers to do their job effectively is gallons and gallons of water. 

#2 Pollutes the Air

Studies have shown that a residential washing machine drum emits 179 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. However, if we use cold water, they can be reduced to 864 pounds per year.  

#3 Doesn’t Really “Kill Germs”

Some clean washing machine are restricted against putting hot water into them. But we ought to if there is a sick person in the house. Using hot water while washing the clothing of a sick person is vital to kill the germs so they won’t infect other inhabitants of the house.

Restriction on that is nonsensical. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a new washer, check that they permit the use of high-temperature water. 

#4 Demands Categorization

A washing machine drum gets confused when you’re dumping mixed-up clothing into it. Before a wash, your clothes need to be divided into groups like towels, delicates, cotton garments, whites, etc. Only then, you’ll get an effective wash. 

The mixture of them all will just shred your delicates, expedite tears, and may leave color ruining your whites.

#5 Susceptible to Mold

Leaving wet clothes in the washer is akin to looking for trouble. Wet clothes can cause mold to grow in your washing machine along with some stink which is not going to make your clothes clean and fresh. 

To avoid that, never leave wet clothes inside it and if you have the best front load washing machine, leave its door open so it can air-dry. 

#6 High Maintenance

Your best front load washing machine needs constant attention and tending. It has a lint trap which, if full, leaves more lint circulating with your clothes reducing the airflow, which will lead your dryer to work overtime and overheat. Not cleaning the dryer lint trap can lead to your dryer heating up and eventually catching fire, which is always troublesome.

Also cleaning the insides is very crucial for the health of your washer. Read the manual, there may be instructions as to how to clean your machine or if it has a self-cleaning feature, study it. There may be other instructions that need to be followed to have long-term service from your washer, follow them if you want your machine to pay off. 

No, no one is trying to scare you and you don’t need to step back from actually buying a washer after this ruthless blog!

Here is our top filtered pick, that beats other washers in all the possible ways, and we don’t know if this doesn’t solve the problem then what will!

Miele WSG663 WCS 9 kg Washing Machine

best washing machine 2023

Price range –  $1,499-$11,085,

Miele, a family-owned company makes durability and sustainability seriously. Their high-efficiency washing machines are built to last for 20 years of normal use, so you can trust that your investment will pay off in the long run.

All About Sustainability

They only offer front load washers, which are the most water-efficient option. In fact, in their most recent sustainability report, Miele reported reducing energy consumption by up to 72% in some of their low waste washers.

If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly washer and dryer set, Miele’s products can help you conserve energy and water, which translates to savings on your bills.

Miele’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond their products. Their company slogan, “Immer Besser,” represents their goal to create a 100% carbon-neutral value chain by 2050 at the latest. They aim for net-zero waste for all materials used in their appliances, with 100% of metals used in some of their appliances already being recyclable.

Miele partners with various organizations to tackle the climate crisis, such as the Minimal Input, Maximum Output (MIMO) project, which repurposes heat generated from kitchen appliances to warm or cool homes.


Miele’s ethical practices are also admirable. Their manufacturing partners are all SA8000-certified, which means no child or forced labor, no discrimination, and fair wages that match the local cost of living.

So, if you want to invest in a durable, eco-friendly, and socially responsible appliance, Miele has got you covered. And with a price range of $1,499-$11,085, you’ll be able to find a product that fits your budget and your values.


It’s hard to picture life without a trusty washing machine – it’s become such an essential part of our daily routines! That’s why it’s important to carefully consider your options and choose a machine that will be a loyal companion for at least 8 years. So, happy shopping and may you find the perfect washing machine for your needs!

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