15 Best Vacuum Cleaners 2023 – So That You Can Find More Time for Yourself

Best Vacuum Cleaners

15 Best Vacuum Cleaners 2023 - So That You Can Find More Time for Yoursel

A Clean home is the first comforting factor in everyone’s day to day life. The new-age best vacuum cleaners 2023 simplify the home cleaning task and leave you with spotless homes and reduced labor hours. 

There are a variety of vacuum cleaners in the market, such as cordless, stick, bagged and bagless upright, robotic, and handheld. Some emphasize pet friendly cleaning while some specialize in varied levels of surfaces.

The basic features every vacuum cleaner needs to have are powerful suction, lightweight design, and ease of emptying.

Here are some of the best vacuum cleaners of different ategories to look out for in 2023

#1 Shark Navigator Lift Away NV352

Shark Navigator Best vacuum cleaner for home

The shark navigator is an upright bagless vacuum cleaner.  It has strong suction control microfiltration.The HEPA filter and fully sealed anti-allergen technology makes it the best vacuum cleaner bagless for home owners with allergies. It is weightless as 14 lbs at the same time power packed and dynamic. The lift away detachable pod makes cleaning easy for uneven surfaces (above the floor) and hidden areas of the house. The Swivel steering makes steering through furniture and tough spots seamless. This handheld best vacuum cleaner bagless comes with upholstery tools and two lengths of crevice tools providing a better range of options for cleaning. The brushroll shutoff manages an easy switch between the deep cleaning of carpet to gentle cleaning for floor. To sum up I would only call it the most reasonable and functional vacuum cleaner I have come across. Hence it is the top vacuum cleaner 2023.

Price: $179.99

#2 Dyson V15 Detect

Dyson V15 Detect Best vacuum cleaner for home

The laser makes revealing of the most microscopic dust particles uncomplicated. Dyson aces the list of top vacuum cleaner 2023. It is the best cordless vacuum cleaner for a home, a kitchen, hard floors, cars, stairs, and offices that also makes it the best vacuum cleaner bagless. Dyson uses exclusive HEPA filtration and counts and measures the dust particles collected. It uses intelligent technology for optimized suction and run time as per the dust level and the type of floor. Dyson is the best vacuum cleaner bagless for home as it deep cleans every corner of the house not to leave out pet animal hair. Dyson is crafted to provide maximum run time of 60 minutes and also comes with a power saving trigger. This machine has a laser slim fluffy cleaner head, which cleans, counts, adapts and displays the dust particles cleaned on the LCD screen for scientific proof of deep cleaning. The detangling technology prevents pet hair from getting stuck with the vacuum heads and can be converted into handheld vacuum cleaners. Dyson has a built-in crevice and dusting tool apart from 2 head cleaners and 8 dusting tools which come with the vacuum cleaner.

The lifetime support from Dyson makes this device a reliable option and one of the best vacuum cleaners 2023.

Price: $697

#3 Tineco Pure One S11

Tineco Pure One S11 Best vacuum cleaner for home

This cordless vacuum cleaner is fast with powerful suction capability. The proprietary iLoop Smart Sensor technology helps this stick vacuum cleaner to adjust the suction power for a better run-time on detection of dust and debris. Tineco is the best smart vacuum cleaner 2023 for home being Wifi enabled, integrated with Tineco App. The app provides remote real-time monitoring and maintenance notifications. This vacuum cleaner comes with a comparatively low run time of 40 minutes but since the battery is removable, a spare battery can eliminate downtime of the machine. It is lightweight and ultra-quiet, with an all-in-one LED display. It comes with a mini power brush, dusting brush and a crevice tool. 

Price: $349.99

#4 Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV 360

Shark NV 360 Best vacuum cleaner for home

This Shark Vacuum Cleaner has near identical features to NV 352(see point 1 for features). The only difference between the two models being, the NV 360 does not have HEPA filtration system, but is more lightweight and easily detachable. The smart features make it a part of the top vacuum cleaners 2023. 

Price: $169.99

#5 Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless

Dyson V11 Torque Best vacuum cleaner for home

With twice the suction generated by Hyperdymium motor, Dyson V11 is the most powerful, best cordless vacuum cleaner. The Radial Root Cyclone technology generates 79,000g forces to fling away dust into the bin with no clogging and the least loss of suction. This vacuum cleaner comes with click-in swappable batteries, reports real time performance on LCD screen, and comes with 5 dynamic tools. It features advanced whole machine filtration and can be converted into a hand-held machine. It is a perfect blend of smart technology and convenience, hence making it one of the best vacuum cleaners 2023.

Price: $534.99

#6 Miele Complete C3 Calima Canister Vacuum 

Miele C3 Calima Best vacuum cleaner for home

A powerful, versatile vacuum cleaner from Miele, this one contains HEPA filters for clean air. This is the best canister vacuum cleaner  meant mainly for hard floors, low or medium pile carpets and is not suitable for full carpets. It also has a unique plus minus foot control and flexible Parquet Twister. The top vacuum cleaner of 2023 has 1200w suction power, 3 air driven turbo brush and 4.5litres filter bag. It also takes care of animal hair and lint to a certain level. Upholstery and crevice nozzles are inclusive in the box. 

Price: $800.77

#7 BISSELL CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless

Bissell cleanview swivel Best vacuum cleaner for home

BISSEL is a maneuverable, multi-surface cleaner with triple action brush. It is the best vacuum cleaner for a home with pets as it comes with a pet turbo eraser and various other pet specialized tools for cleaning. The dirt tank opens up from the bottom, giving an easy and mess free empty option. It gives edge to edge cleaning making it the best upright vacuum cleaner and best vacuum cleaner bagless. Feather on the cap for BISSELL is that each purchase from BISSELL supports the BISSELL Pets Foundation giving buyers a positive satisfaction of buying.

Price: $118.44

#8 Miele Boost CX1 Parquet Canister Vacuum

Miele Boost Cx1 parquet Best vacuum cleaner for home

Boost CX1 is a one of the best canister vacuum cleaner bagless of 2023 specially for sensitive floors. The vortex technology gently captures coarse soil and optimizes airflow. This is the best vacuum cleaner for home as it has track drive, HEPA airclean filter, flexible Parquet Twister, and adjustable comfort telescopic tube. This vacuum cleaner comes with the best in class features at an affordable price. The design is compact yet the performance is powerful and that includes it in our top vacuum cleaners 2023.

Price: $479

#9 Hoover Complete Performance Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover complete performance corded Best vacuum cleaner for home

The Hoover vacuum cleaner has a super powerful suction that removes intrenched dirt and dust particles. 99.97% dust and particles are captured instantly as the bag is made of HEPA media. It comes with 4 level height adjustment settings and runs effectively on both hard and carpeted surfaces. Hose and tools help extend up to 8 ft of reach for above floor cleaning. The dust bag is easily releasable and directly disposable leaving no mess. Additionally it also contains pet upholstery to remove animal hair and dirt. Tools and crevices are inclusive. Hoover offers versatile cleaning, good technology and comfort pricing. Hoover is a trustworthy brand in bagged category and hence one of the top vacuum cleaners 2023.

Price: $154.99

#10 Kenmore Floor Care Elite Upright Bagged

Kenmore Floorcare Best vacuum cleaner for home

The Kenmore Floor Care makes it to the list of best vacuum cleaners of 2023 for its best in the class and resourceful features all together. It comes with HEPA filters and dirt sensors which helps get rid of allergens, dander, dust and even animal hair. It requires almost no maintenance. The vacuum cleaner is for every pet home, as it provides specialized pet hair removal attachments. The upright vacuum cleaner has an infrared dirt sensor which illuminates LED light on detection of dirt. The built-in power inducer motor gives extra air power compared to all the other Kenmore cleaners. It comes with 5 height attachments suitable for both rough and hard surfaces and optimal airflow. For a multipurpose cleaning, go for Kenmore, the top vacuum cleaner 2023.

Price: $319.99

#11 Miele Classic C1 Turbo Team Bagged Canister Vacuum

Miele C1 Turbo

Yet another bagged canister vacuum cleaner from Miele is german engineered and comes with a Turbo brush, SS adjustable telescopic tube, soft parquet brush and 1200W powerful 6 suction settings options. The vacuum cleaner also houses a clipped on upholstery for reaching tough spots. It is preferable for floor and medium pile carpets only. A unique feature of this vacuum cleaner is that the air clean system uses three filters and leaves the room fresher than before. The best vacuum cleaners 2023 comes with accessories such as STB 305-3 TurboTeQ Floorhead, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, SBB Parquet-3 Floorhead, and Upholstery Tool. Miele Classic C1 Turbo is for homes with bad odor issues.

Price: $420.58

#12 BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Upright Vacuum

Bissel Pet hair eraser Best vacuum cleaner for home

The tangle free brush roll, freeze pet odor eliminator filter, powerful and specialized tools for pet hair pickup make BISSELL pet hair eraser the best upright vacuum cleaner for homes with pets. It is lightweight, agile and comes with an easy, handsfree empty option by single touch. The smart seal allergen system traps dust, allergens and even the odor, leaving the home fresh. The machine provides edge to edge suction, swivel steering, LED headlights and a dirt collection capacity of 0.75 ltires. The vacuum cleaner works on high as well as low pile carpets and hard surfaces, it also comes with specialized pet tools, crevice tools, and dusting brush. It is definitely one stop cleaning solution for pet owned homes and one of the top vacuum cleaners 2023. BISSELL contributes from every purchase to the BIZZELL PETS FOUNDATION.

Price: $222.19

#13 iRobot Roomba j7+

iRobot Roomba Best vacuum cleaner for home

Roomba is the smartest robot vacuum cleaner with features such as multiple cleaning schedule options, self learning and adapting user preferences, and self empty bins into disposals. It also works on spot clean and autoclean when away, settings. The smart vacuum cleaner for home is safe for your pets as it is designed to avoid pet accidents and small objects lying on the floor. Smart mapping helps users plan and organize the cleaning of each room. This small sized vacuum machine works with alexa and is the most convenient hasslefree cleaning device suitable for every home, truly the best vacuum cleaner 2023.

Price: $794.99

#14 Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock Best vacuum cleaner for home

Roborock is the best combination of robot vacuum and mop for hands-free cleaning. It has powerful suction, precise navigation, 3D mapping support, scratch safe wheels and brushes. The self cleaning feature aids in maintenance so that you get time for yourself. It comes with a camera to avoid obstacles, and the 3D light identifies unknown objects. This smart vacuum cleaner works with Alexa and supports fast cleaning and fast charging.  Roborock is known for its solid design making the most durable top vacuum cleaners 2023.

Price: $1399.99

#15 Black+Decker Dustbuster Advanced Clean Cordless Handheld

Black Decker Cordless Best vacuum cleaner for home

This portable handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight and multipurpose. The cyclonic action, 180 degree rotating slim nozzle, on-board extension makes this machine a powerful and most useful handy device. It supports cordless cleaning and can be easily emptied in the sink. It also comes with a crevice tool and fill up brush. The portability is so convenient it is indisputable category winner as the top vacuum cleaners 2023.

Price: $49

Frequently Asked Questions

The vacuum cleaner use depends on factors such as foot traffic, presence of pets, kids, and dust in the air. Ideally cleaning the house once a day is recommended.

There are various options available which are developed keeping in mind pet friendly cleaning. These vacuum cleaners come with special tools for power cleaning of pet mess and pet hair. Dyson V15 detect, BISSELL CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless, Kenmore Floor Care Elite Upright Bagged, BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Upright Vacuum, Dyson ball animal 2 are some of the best pet specific vacuum cleaners.

For a person with back issues, a vacuum cleaner which is lightweight, easily maneuverable and comes with extensions is the best option. Tineco pure one s11, and Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV 360 are good options to consider.

Ideally vacuum filters should be cleaned once a month and deep cleaned yearly for the best maintenance of your device. The exact rotation depends on every model.

HEPA is the High Efficiency Particulate Air filter which is known for 99.9% dust removal with a smallest size of 0.3microns. HEPA filters support efficient and pure cleaning.

Throw rugs need less suction but can be vacuumed on a low power setting. Throw rugs with loose flowing threads and bathroom rugs are not recommended to be cleaned by vacuum cleaners as they may end up suctioning the thread.

Different vacuum cleaners have different settings. Most of the detachable canister models can be separated with the help of a release button on the vacuum cleaner.

A bagged vacuum cleaner is more secure and easy to use. A bagless option is more sustainable as well saves the cost of spending on replacement bags. Though the bagless vacuum cleaner requires frequent filter cleaning.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are efficient for light soil. They do not have hard scrub features. As far as the data privacy is concerned the robotic footage is end to end encrypted and static only. The robot does not capture live feed.

The weight of a vacuum cleaner varies from 8 pounds to 20 pounds. The ideal weight machine for you depends on the use. For cleaners which need to be used on stairs and lifted any vacuum cleaner of less than 15 pounds is recommended.

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Top 5 celebrities live in Celebration, FL

Celebration FL

Celebration, Florida, is a charming, small town in Central Florida’s heart. Known for its picturesque homes, lush greenery, and impeccable streets, Celebration is a popular destination for many celebrities looking for a peaceful and serene escape from the chaos of urban life. This blog will look at the top 5 celebrities who call Celebration, Fl their home.

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal, also known as “Shaq,” is a former National Basketball Association (NBA) player who played for several teams throughout his career. He started his career playing for the Orlando Magic and went on to play for teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, and Boston Celtics. Standing at an imposing height of 7’1″, Shaq was an imposing force on the court and was known for his powerful dunks and dominant presence in the paint.

Off the court, Shaq is also known for his larger-than-life personality and impressive net worth, including a magnificent mansion in Isleworth, a neighborhood in southwest Orlando. The 64,000-square-foot mansion is a true testament to Shaq’s wealth and fame and features amenities such as an indoor basketball court, several bedrooms and bathrooms, and a spacious backyard.

Besides his successful basketball career, Shaq has established himself as a performer, appearing in several movies, TV shows, and commercials. He has also released several rap albums and has a strong presence on social media, frequently interacting with fans and providing comedic content. Celebration Florida proudly hosts Shaquille O’Neal for a sweet abode.

Carrot Top

Carrot Top, or Scott Thompson, is a talented comedian who has become well-known in the entertainment industry. Born in 1965, he is known for his unique style of comedy, which involves props and costumes. His act has won the hearts of millions worldwide, and he is considered one of the most creative comedians of his time.

Carrot Top is one of the most loved celebrities that live in Orlando. He lives in a stunning waterfront mansion in Orlando’s prestigious Winter Park neighborhood. His home, which covers an area of 3,254 square feet, boasts breathtaking water views, spacious interiors and luxurious furnishings. The house reflects Carrot Top’s taste and style, and it is clear that he has taken great care in choosing every aspect of his home to create the perfect living space.

Aside from his love of comedy, Carrot Top is also an avid collector of memorabilia and keeps a vast collection of props and costumes in his home. He has a unique style, and his comedy shows are known for their high energy, creativity and humor. His popularity has made him one of the highest-paid comedians in the world, and he continues to tour and perform in different parts of the country. Carrot Top loves returning to his home at Celebration florida once every month.

Joey Fatone

Joey Fatone’s Orlando residence is truly a spectacle to behold, one of the most beautiful homes at Celebration Florida. The property is nothing short of impressive, with a grand entrance and well-manicured landscaping that sets the tone for the luxury. With a prime location on the Butler Chain of Lakes, the home offers breathtaking views and access to some of the best fishing and boating in the area.

The home’s interior is equally stunning, with spacious rooms elegantly decorated with high-end finishes and furnishings. Large windows provide ample natural light and views of the lush surroundings, while state-of-the-art technology ensures that the home is as convenient and comfortable as it is beautiful. Joey Fatone has a wonderful house for celebrities that live in Orlando.

However, it’s the outdoor amenities that truly set this property apart. From the moment you step outside, you’re transported to a tropical oasis with a stunning lagoon-style pool, complete with a grotto, spa, and a full sushi bar. Around the pool area, there is excellent greenery and tropical landscaping, making it the ideal location to unwind and enjoy the Florida sunshine. In addition to the pool, the property also features a large outdoor kitchen and dining area, perfect for entertaining guests or hosting a summer barbecue. Whether you’re fishing, boating, or simply lounging by the pool, this home offers something for everyone.

Mark Tremonti

Mark Tremonti is a highly acclaimed and respected guitarist in the rock music industry. He is well known for his outstanding musicianship and his contributions to the bands Creed and Alter Bridge. He has been a significant influence in the music world, creating and performing some of the most iconic rock tunes of all time.

As a successful musician, Tremonti has the luxury of choosing where he wants to call home, and he has chosen Windermere, a neighborhood in Orlando, Florida. Windermere is an upscale area known for its luxurious homes and breathtaking views. Tremonti’s home in Windermere is no exception, a stunning 22,000-square-foot villa that showcases his wealth and success.

Tremonti’s villa boasts a spacious living area, large windows, and high ceilings. The home features elegant furnishings and modern amenities, making it the perfect place for the rock star to relax and unwind after a long tour. The home also has a beautiful outdoor area with a pool and lounge area, perfect for entertaining guests and spending time with family. Tremonti is also an active member of the Windermere community, participating in various local events and charities. He is well-recognized for his kindness and has significantly helped the neighborhood, further cementing his place as a beloved member of the Windermere neighborhood. The citizens of Celebration Florida love him as a citizen neighbor celebrity who lives in Orlando.

Vince Carter

Vince Carter is a legendary figure in the world of basketball. He spent over two decades in the NBA, playing for a total of eight teams and making a name for himself as among the best dunkers in the sport’s history. Throughout his career, Carter wowed fans with his incredible athleticism, earning himself numerous accolades and accolades. Today, he is retired and has settled in Orange County, Florida, where he lives in a beautiful Mediterranean-style home.

Carter’s Isleworth home near Celebration Fl is truly a sight to behold. It is situated on almost 10.5 acres of land. The mansion boasts 9 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and an 82-foot-long pool. The interior is just as impressive as the exterior, with grand, spacious rooms and luxurious amenities. There is no doubt that Carter’s home is the perfect place for him to relax and enjoy his retirement, surrounded by the beauty and luxury of Orange County. Carter has also established himself as a philanthropist and community leader. He is actively involved in various charities and organizations, giving back to those in need and helping to impact the world positively. Despite his many accomplishments, Carter remains humble and gracious, always taking the time to engage with fans and fellow basketball players.near being celebrities that live in Orlando.

Discover the Ultimate Lifestyle in Celebration, FL!

Celebration, Florida, is a popular destination for many celebrities who are looking for a peaceful and serene escape from busy city life. These five celebrities have chosen to call Celebration Fl home and have created some of the most magnificent homes in the area. Whether it’s the tranquil waters of Lake Butler or the lush greenery of Windermere, Celebration Florida has something to offer everyone. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing escape, why not take a trip to Celebration, Florida and see these homes for yourself?

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Celebration, FL, is a vibrant and thriving community that offers residents a unique blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. Whether you’re looking for a spacious single-family home, a cozy townhome, or an upscale condo, Celebration Florida has something for everyone. As a professional real estate agent, I can help you find the perfect home that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. With our local knowledge, expertise, and commitment to providing exceptional service, you can easily trust us to guide you through the home-buying process. Give us a call now to begin your adventure towards your new dream home in Celebration!


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best smart refrigerators


The revolutionized Smart Refrigerators of 2023 have changed the needs of basic refrigerators. Today’s high tech refrigerator does not just cool your food items; it connects to your other smart devices and works on commands remotely from anywhere around the world.

A smart fridge in 2023 offers great features such as remote access to temperature controls, door-ajar notifications, voice operation via Alexa or Google assistant, auto-fill water and ice dispenser, and good quality air filters, which help keep food fresh like never before. 

Here are some of the top smart refrigerators that will make your life comfortable and entertaining:



Bespoke 4-Door French Door Refrigerator (29 cu. ft.) – with Top Left and Family Hub™ Panel in Charcoal Glass – and Matte Black Steel Middle and Bottom Door Panels[RF29BB86004MAA]

Samsung 4 door french model

Price: $3199

This high tech refrigerator tops the list as it has features like no other. It uses the twin cooling technology, allowing separate controls for the fridge and the freezer. The high-efficiency LED lighting light up the best refrigerator of 2023 with a glance. The glass door panels are changeable and customizable, providing the best-suited design and color for a smart kitchen.

The Smart fridge is Wifi enabled and can be controlled by an app on the phone. The Family Hub feature of the refrigerator is a visionary innovation that makes this refrigerator an all-rounder smart kitchen appliance. This refrigerator has a 21.5 inch touch screen that enables one to set alarms, play music, read out recipes, complete a shopping list, read the expiry of products stored inside, connect with other devices, turn into TV screen, notepad, front door camera (compatible with Ringo app) the list is endless.

This latest smart refrigerator of 2023 has a camera on the inner side of the fridge to view the contents of the fridge remotely from anywhere in the world. Similarly, the temperatures can be changed from anywhere to make sure the food items are maintained in the best way.

Samsung smart fridge has 4 door French Design. Apart from the top refrigerator and freezer, it has the FlexZone Drawer. This drawer has movable dividers and can be set to any of the 5 pre-set temperatures. This extra space can accommodate a variety of products, from large pizzas, long beverage bottles, the kid’s lunches, extra fruits, and so on.

The door in door feature is growing popular as it keeps the items in the main fridge cool while the items of frequent use can be stored in a rotatable front door. It’s energy-saving, convenient, as well as the best condition for milk, fruits, and vegetables. The shelves are spillproof, and the exterior has fingerprint resistant finish.

Another ridiculously smart feature of the best smart fridge is the Auto fill water pitcher and dual auto ice maker. The dual ice maker is capable of giving ice in two options, bite sized ice or ice cubes. Not only this, this highly functional smart refrigerator will alert the app in case the fridge door is left open accidentally. The touch screen can create a mood board of pictures synced from the mobile device. This Smart refrigerator even reads out the expiry of products stored in the refrigerator.

Samsung Smart refrigerator also operates on voice commands from Alexa, and can take instruction via Samsung Bixby. The storage capacity of 28.9 cu ft. fridge makes its compartments huge and easily accessible. Not only this, the smart device knows how to take care of itself as it shall alert the phone app about any technical failure in any part of the fridge.

This model can also be converted into counter depth on payment of additional charges.



LG 23 cu. ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled InstaView™ Door-in-Door® Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Craft Ice™ Maker [LRMVC2306D]

LG FOUR DOOR FRENCH Smart Refrigerators

Price: $4799

The craft ice technology makes LG refrigerator a ridiculously smart best refrigerator of 2023. The craft ice are balls of ice that instantly enhance the appearance of beverages. Also, this ice lasts much longer in the glass as compared to the standard ice cubes. Like Samsung smart fridge, LG smart refrigerators are Wifi enabled too and work with mobile apps as well as Alexa or Google Assistant.

The inverter cooling technology gives long lasting freshness to fruits and vegetables stored in the inside bin. A blast of cool air is left intermittently in the fridge during multiple fridge openings to cover areas where cooling is insufficient. The cool guard metal interior panels give a stylish look while maintaining the cool air. Premium LED lighting is used for brightness in the high tech refrigerator.

LG works on the ThinQ technology that allows it to control the temperature of the best smart fridge from anywhere in the world. Also, it analyzes habits to assist in anticipating the temperature and ice needs of the user.

The 4 door French design contains the upper part as fridge, the bottom as a freezer, and a fully convertible flex drawer. The flex storage can be set into different temperature settings from -7 degree to 41 degrees maximum as per the required food item. The flex drawer can be converted into a freezer when required. The Insta-view Door-in-door feature of LG is a useful tool for users who have to access the fridge for a handful of regular items frequently. On double tapping the screen one can view the contents of the small compartment without opening the fridge. LG also offers a remote view of the inside of the fridge, making it convenient to complete the grocery list without actually accessing the best smart fridge.

The counter depth model of 23 cu ft. is spacious and provides ample storage space. It also comes with a dual ice and water dispenser, which can fit any size of the bottle and fill in a measured range.

The exterior finish is fingerprint and smudge resistant. It is truly an example of a trendy and high tech refrigerator.



Samsung 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub™ and External Water & Ice Dispenser in Stainless Steel 26.5 cu ft[RF27T5501SR]

samsung 3 door smart refrigerator

Price: $2499

Samsung 3 door refrigerators is the Best Smart Refrigerator of 2023 for a comparatively small family. The Smart Fridge is wifi enabled and needs a Samsung account to access the Samsung smart hub. (Features of Samsung hub mentioned in point 1 above). This fridge is a smart kitchen appliance that is budget and space friendly. The built in camera is a boon for anywhere remote viewing of the fridge contents.

The high tech refrigerator is the latest smart fridge with 3 doors French design. The French door helps have greater storage capacity as compared to side by side door panels. The exterior includes fingerprint resistant finish and external dispenser for filtered water and ice. It contains high efficiency energy lighting inside the fridge.

The humidity control crispers help keep the fruits and vegetables to optimum Freshness. Voice control such as built-in Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Ringo, and Amazon make this fridge the best smart fridge of the year.



GE Profile™ ENERGY STAR® 27.8 Cu. Ft. French-Door Refrigerator with Keurig® K-Cup® Brewing System [PFE28PBLTS]

ge 3 door smart refrigerator

Price: $3629

The highlight of this Smart Fridge is the Keurig K-cup brewing technology. Never had I imagined using my refrigerator for preparing my hot cup of coffee, but the best smart refrigerator of 2023 has made it possible. This smart kitchen appliance also allows hot water scheduling and remote access to the controls of the K-cup brewing system and the temperature of the refrigerator.

With huge counter depth space of 27.8 u ft. this high tech refrigerator is a storehouse for everyday items and also saves a frequent trip to the grocery store. It houses three electronic temperature controlled drawers illuminated by LED lights. The quick storage shelf easily slides down for flexibility to keep items such as wine bottles, huge cakes, tall bottles, and the likes. Also, the drop down tray adds extra storage on the door in times of need.

The advanced RPFWE replacement water filter is an advanced technology to provide pharmaceutical grade drinking water. Twin chill evaporators separate the climate for fresh foods in the freezer and fridge. The turbo cooling is useful in maintaining temperature on frequent openings.

The fridge is additionally compatible with Shabbos devices by GE, which helps refresh weekly or on holidays. The exterior is fingerprint-resistant. The smart refrigerators come with built in Wifi and connectivity to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.



Kenmore Elite smart counter depth French door bottom freezer refrigerator stainless steel [75043] 24 cu ft

kenmore smart refrigerator

Price: $1825

The genius cool technology in the smart fridge of 2023 produces separate cooling environments for fridge and the freezer, the multi air flow technology provides even cooling. The trademarked clean flow air filter removes food odor. Airtight crisper helps vegetables stay moist for longer in this high tech refrigerator.

The Kenmore smart app enables control overcooling and notifies when the door is left open accidently. The two slide away shelves and compact water filter create additional space when required. The Kenmore Elite is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

The three door French design of the Smart Fridge has an external water and ice dispenser.   



Cafe ENERGY STAR® 27.8 Cu. Ft. Smart 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator[CVE28DP4NW2]

cafe smart refrigerator

Price: $4599

The smart refrigerator of 2023 is the most stylised and aesthetic refrigerator.

The smart fridge has a humidity control system to lock the freshness of the vegetables. Twin chill evaporators help keep food on optimum freshness. The inbuilt Wifi with Smart HQ app helps to connect and control the refrigerator remotely. Also, it sends alerts when the parts need maintenance or door is left open.This smart fridge comes with built in Wifi.

The four door French design comes with a convertible drawer with 5 mode settings. The LED back panel improves visibility. The high tech refrigerator has an autofill sensor for glass of water. The Café refrigerator has got a special full width flatbread freezer compartment. The integrated water and ice dispenser illuminates in human proximity. It is an energy star rating qualifier, which means better savings of energy. The smart refrigerators also comes with enhanced Shabbos mode. The GE water filtration comes with led light.



Bosch 800 Series French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator 36” Easy clean stainless steel[B36CL81ENG]

bosch smart refrigerator

Price: $4799

The Bosch smart refrigerator is Wifi enabled and can be connected with home connect. It offers features like remote monitoring, control and Iservice remote. The temperature and light adjustments and diagnostics run can be done remotely. The door ajar notification never lets you forget the door left open. The storage is counter depth with ample storage space. The 4 adjustable shelves are adaptable and easy to use. The dual compressor gives the fridge strong cooling performance. The adaptable flex bar gives customisable storage inside the fridge compartments. The special glass display refreshment drawer which can house upto 17 wine bottles is the highlight of this sleek designed refrigerator.  

The downside is it cannot be connected with Alexa or Google Assistant and does not have an external ice or water dispenser.

Every smart refrigerator has pros and cons, the user has a variety of features to choose from. The requirements and suitability is the deciding factor among the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only the Samsung refrigerators with a family hub are compatible with television screening. Other smart refrigerators cannot mirror the television screens.

The door option completely depends upon the choice of the buyer, but a french door provides better space from the inside as compared to a side by side double door. Both have their advantage in being the best smart fridge.

A convertible drawer is available in 4 door french door design. The convertible feature allows a user to shift between temperature settings in the particular drawer so that one can use the compartment for various purposes each day. Most commonly it comes with 5 options of temperature settings for smart refrigerators.

The generally accepted size for a family of 4 is 19 to 22 cu ft. But buying a larger capacity refrigerator helps keep a larger number of grocery items and saves trips to the store frequently. The amount of space in the home is also a consideration before making this decision to choose your best smart fridge. 

The smart fridge needs to be switched off and cleaned completely every month. Apart from regular maintenance the smart refrigerator notifies the user whenever there is need for maintenance in case of hardware failure.

The smart fridge comes with a complete set of instructions and can be set up by following the given steps in the instruction module by ownself. Sometimes setting up a smart app might get complicated, there are call centers to provide on-call assistance for the same and youtube videos explaining the detailed process of setup.  


Buying a home appliance is an investment you make for your home that shall last you for years. Investing in the best smart fridge in 2023 will save you energy and prove to be a useful device for the health of the entire family for almost 20 years.


Smart refrigerators will still work completely fine when your Wifi is down, but it will work as regular refrigerators. It will perform all its basic and important features of cooling and keeping your items chilled. What it will not do is apply its smart features, as it requires a Wifi connection to be smart.

There is a function in most of the smart refrigerators to disconnect the Wi-Fi connection. With this, you can stop the smart refrigerator from using your Wifi, but the smart fridge shall not be able to perform its high tech refrigerator functions without an internet connection.


Smart refrigerators not only use digital technology to provide smart features, but they also use high level technology that makes the working of a refrigerator more efficient. Better technology has health and energy benefits. Traditional refrigerators may be selling at a lower price, but the best smart fridge makes itself useful in more than one way. 

Skyrocket Your Affiliate Sales With Link Cloaking

link cloaking

The missing link between affiliate sales and your customer is the ‘LINK.’ In times of 2023, a user has to be extremely careful about what they click. There is uncertainty and risk involved, and no one wants to click on a suspicious link. 

How will you prove to them that what you are telling them is for real benefit and just not another tactic of luring the customer into buying something without integrity? The answer lies in a process. Rome was not built in one day, and trust is definitely not gained easily. It takes to earn trust, and only producing valuable content over time regularly will lead to customer creation. 

A good piece of writing will touch the customers only when it reaches the right audience. The search engine has its filters, and you really do not want to get knocked down as an advertisement. This leads us to the next purpose the link cloaking will do. It saves you from the eyes of Google for being typecast as affiliate marketing and ranking down the blog even after its good content. 

No, it is not free. Yes, it will cost you, but this link cloaking tool is going to help you beat the market and form your own identity. That brings us to our next reason: a link cloaking tool helps you create links that can be easily memorized. This helps to popularise your brand at the tip of the tongue of users. It is always good to see a specific term/keyword in your URLs that identifies with you rather than random alphabets and digits.

Keeping track of affiliate records is a tremendous job; even though the dashboard takes care of it, your link cloaking tool is yet another opportunity to streamline everything in one place. It helps you form a chain and track your links for easy identification.

Link cloaking also supports maintaining your data privacy.

How does Link Cloacking Work?

Link cloaking works by redirecting a URL to another web page while hiding the actual destination of the URL. 

Here Is How Link Cloaking Works:

1. When a visitor clicks on a cloaked link, they are redirected to an alternate location.

2. The cloaked link opens the destination page in an iFrame, which is a way of displaying one web page within another.

3. The URL shown in the address bar is that of the cloaking link and not the actual destination.

4. Link cloaking is often used for affiliate marketing to track commissions and hide the affiliate ID.

5. Cloaked links are also tracking links, which means that you can get comprehensive analytics on who clicked your link and when.

6. Link cloaking can be combined with a custom domain to create vanity URLs.

7. Cloaking can prevent robots from crawling through a link, which can cause a link to be marked as spam by automated systems.

Overall, link cloaking is a useful tool for affiliate marketers as it protects their commissions, improves their click-through rates, and enhances the user experience.

Click the link below for Link Cloaking software:

Software That Provide Link Cloaking Plugins:

With the growing number of website owners and affiliate sales, the need for link-cloaking tools is increasing. The market is coming up with improved tools that provide added features like link tracking, SEO, marketing tools, campaigning tools, analytical tools, and many more with their plans. Here are the top link cloaking software:

1. Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is the best link cloaking software for a WordPress based website. It can turn long and complicated links into easy, trustworthy links. It also offers smart link uncloaking and import and export in CSV affiliates.

2. Pretty Links

Pretty links are great for automated link cloaking. It shortens the links, groups your links, and also replaces keywords for you. It is the best-automated plugin for link cloaking.

3. Genuislink

Geniuslink does not require a WordPress plugin but can be directly used for sponsored links on the web page. It also, to an extent, offers link shortening.

4. Lasso

Lasso lets you add permalinks to your affiliate links that are flexible for different websites. The dashboard consists of a complete list of all your affiliates in place. 

The Best Link Cloaking Tool: Thirsty Affiliate

With thirsty affiliates, there is no second opinion; it is by far the best link cloaking tool I have tried. It is also very easy, user-friendly, and supports your business growth. The get thirsty affiliates, you need to go to your wordpress website dashboard, search for thirsty affiliates plugin, and install it. After activating the plugin, you need to fix the settings as per your personal preferences; it is advisable to choose a no-follow link setting. When you click on the thirsty affiliates tab on your dashboard, you enter the Plugin. Here, you need to name the affiliate in the add affiliate link, and below that is space for entering the URL of the destination website and, finally, click save. You are ready with a cloaked URL that can used as you like and as many times as you need.  Any future change in affiliate URLs can be changed from a single link; there is no need to go separately and change it at every place you have used the affiliate link. 

To visit the website click on the link: Thirsty Affiliates

Features Of Thirsty Affiliates:

Link Shortening/Cloaking

Link shortening is a part of link cloaking as it shortens the long URL into a more sophisticated and custom URL. This is the main purpose of Thirsty affiliates, and it works seamlessly.

Link Categorization

A user can categorize each link they cloak into different categories. This comes in handy when there are a large of links to manage with different types. So, categorization is a form of organization to view the statistics of links.

Redirect Type

Thirsty Affiliates gives the option to choose between enhanced JD redirect or Server-side redirect. Enhanced JD redirect is more secure, faster, and accurate as compared to traditional server-side redirects. However, server-side redirects are preferred by Google for crawling.

Affiliate Link Picker Tool

This is a classic thirsty affiliate feature where you can easily modify the links simply by clicking the link TA (i.e.thirsty Affiliate symbol). This link works like every other wordpress link on the website.

Advanced Link Insertion

This tool is for specific settings to add pre-wrapped images or shortcodes to the affiliate link. This feature is a part of the link picker tool.

Smart Uncloaking

Uncloaking is for affiliate programs that have strict terms of service. The links can be uncloaked to match the terms of specific affiliate programs like Amazon.

See Links on Website

This tool helps you identify the links that are attached and the links that still need to be worked on the pages or posts of the website. This enables quick analysis and completion of work.

Automatic Keyword Linking

With this tool, you can automatically link your keywords to affiliate links in all of your content. This is a time saver and brings down the redundant clerical efforts of adding links to keywords repetitively. 

Advanced Statistics Report

This amazing WordPress plugin gives you a perfect statistical report so that you can check everything in one place. From link performance, category performance, geolocation performance, 24hrs performance, and best performer, the analysis is simplified and fast.

Geolocation Link Redirects

You can detect and redirect customers to specific destination URLs. It is an IP-based redirect to external links. Geolocation redirects are used to personalize the user experience, improve conversion rates, and enhance SEO localization efforts.

Apart from this, the features include automatic affiliate disclosure compliance, Amazon API Importing, CSV Import / Export Tool, Export Statistics Reports as CSV, Link Scheduling, High-Speed HTAccess Redirect, Link Event Notification Emails, Automatic 404 Checker, URL Shortening (with bit.ly & google), Control Plugin Visibility For Multi-Author Blogs, and WooCommerce External Product Integration. 


Thirsty affiliates extend a capacious knowledge base for every query, How-Tos, FAQs, getting started guides, Accounts, Pre-sales questions, and free and pro version questions. It is an excellent source to solve the issues quickly and answers everything step by step. Apart from this, they also offer direct support, to which they typically respond within 24-48 hours.  

They are offering no-questions-asked money back; you sure need to give it a try to check whether it actually works for your business. There will be no transactional loss, and you get to learn a new thing. You get to try thirsty affiliates for 14 days and witness how it affects your affiliate sales. 

To try the best link cloaking tool for WordPress click on the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 What is the difference between basic, plus, and advanced plans?

All the plans offer the same features, the only difference being the number of websites that can be catered to as per plan value. For larger businesses that have multiple plans, the pricing is slightly higher.

Q.2 Is Thirsty affiliates only for affiliate marketers?

Thirsty Affiliates is specifically designed for affiliate marketers using WordPress. The plugin is not yet developed to support other web hosting platforms.

Q.3 Does Thirsty Affiliate offer a free trial?

No, the wordpress plugin does not offer any free trial on any of its plans, but it does have a 14-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. This gives serious buyers an opportunity to try the software and get their money back in case they are not happy with the services.

Q.4 Can I cloak an affiliate link?

With the Thirsty Affiliates wordpress plugin, you can definitely cloak all your affiliate links on a website. Link cloaking helps build customer trust and increase sales.

Q.5 Will my old links stop working if I stop using the software?

Failing to renew a License does not affect the links that are made during the licensed period. You will not be able to download the upgrades or create new links with an expired license.

Q.6 What are the alternatives to Thirsty affiliates?

There are a lot of link cloaking tools available in the market in a similar price range. The most popular tools are Geniuslink, Pretty Links, Lasso, URL Shortener plugin, and WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links.

Q.7 Is Thirsty Affiliates link cloaking compatible with Amazon?

Amazon disapproves of link cloaking as per its terms of service; hence, Thirst Affiliates has a smart uncloaking feature for Amazon affiliates.

Q.8 How to keep track of my links when they are cloaked?

The link cloaking tool manages all the data of your links in one place, and it is easily reportable. All the metrics and statistics are managed, and the clicks are registered on the thirsty affiliates dashboard.

Q.9 Is link cloaking useful for websites only?

Link cloaking is a tool that can be used for any form of digital marketing. These links can be attached to email marketing, blogs, advertisements, social media marketing, and so on.

Q.10 Can I modify the links after the link cloaking?

The links are customizable multiple times and can be replaced with fresh URLs. A change made in cloaked links is automatically reflected in all the links without any issues.

Netpeak Software Review And Alternatives 2023

web crawler

Netpeak is a perfect blend of functionality, features, and affordable pricing. Why didn’t I find this tool earlier? If I am starting this review on such a strong note, it is sure I am blown away by the quality Netpeak software offers. The key motive of the Netpeak software is the web crawler and the webchecker. These two, combined with a host of other tools, will change the face of your website and fix all the gaps. 

Netpeak software is a download-based software that requires space on your device. Once you enter the login details, the software downloads and installs on the device; after this, it becomes usable. The software is operable in two parts: the Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker.

Here is a brief explanation of how the features of both the software work:

#1 Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is a web crawler and SEO tool that helps websites get indexed. A web crawler crawls over all the pages of your website to check for all links on all the pages. The web crawler then presents a report of all the broken links, duplicate pages, response time, URL depth, missing elements of title, tags, meta description, broken redirects, and endless redirects. The Netpeak spider also reports about robots.text files, X-Robot-Tag in HTTP, internal linking, outgoing links, AMP, and longform content. 

The key functionalities of its features are as follows:

Seo Crawler

The SEO crawler can crawl over several websites and spot over hundreds of issues with just a few clicks. The issues can be viewed and resolved from the reports section. The SEO crawler can identify broken links, image errors, and duplicate content. 

White Label Audits

The Netpeak software is able to create automatic white-label SEO audit reports. You also have the freedom to create and customize the generated site audit reports with visuals and recommendations. The reporting can be exported in PDF format and rebranded as per need.

Integrations with Search Analytics

Netpeak Spider can be integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You can import the site’s traffic data, goals, impressions, conversions, and SERP rank for better working of the site crawler. 

Site Scraping

Site scraping is a data scraping technique used for extracting data from websites. Large amounts of data from the website using the www or https can be accessed by site scraping. Site scraping is another technique to make site crawling better. The Netpeak spider allows you to use 100 conditions and four types of search to scrape web data. The types of search being contains Regexp, XPath, and CSS.

XML Site Generator and Validator

The XML site generator is a wordpress plugin that automatically generates site maps. A sitemap is an important document that contains information about website’s essential pages so that Google can crawl all the pages of the website. The Netpeak web crawler is able to generate sitemaps in HTML, TXT, and XML formats. The Netpeak software sitemap generator is built in and helps in identifying webpage issues by validating the sitemaps. 

PageRank Checker

A Pagerank checker identifies the importance of webpages and checks for their popularity. A page rank improves by factors such as quality and efficiency of internal links and web addresses. Even though it is based on algorithmic calculation, it is an estimation of the link weight. The Netpeak spider internal pagerank checker identifies the issues in internal links and models the weight distribution of link weight. 

Data Segmentation

Data segmentation is categorization of the held data as per set parameters and separate grouping of the data. Data segmentation is done for operational efficiency. Netpeak web crawler lets you segment your data for studying is part by part. Data segmentation also assists in focusing on particular performing segments of the data.

Multi-Domain Crawling

One of the unique features of Netpeak spider web crawler is it allows multi-domain crawling. This means that two or more domain websites can be crawled by the software within a single session. The amazing multiple-domain crawler can crawl a list of URLs simultaneously and display consolidated results on a single report. The multi-domain site crawler is perfect for a single project on variant regional sites.

Pros and Cons:


  • The javascript rendering allows efficiency in crawling as well as allows multitasking while the web crawler does its job.
  • The report presentation is very systematic and detailed for users to identify the issues.
  • Seo issues are prioritized as per the severity for quick resolution of major issues in the report.
  • Netpeak Spider allows custom templates for data export and crawling settings.
  • The dashboard design is unique and multi-functional.
  • Support is offered via the centre’s knowledge base and email.


  • Netpeak Spider is desktop-based software that restricts anywhere access.
  • Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker are two different software and need to be purchased separately.
  • The billing plan is only available on a yearly basis with no lower period of subscription.
  • The pricing changes as per the number of users. 

#2 Netpeak Checker  

Netpeak checker is another SEO tool by Netpeak software which is designed to study bulk URLs and produce competitor analysis for websites. The Netpeak checker goes through checking parameters of services such as Ahrefs, Moz, Serpstat, Majestic, SEMrush, Alexa, Google, Bing, Whois, Facebook, and many more. The popular parameters can be activated if you have access codes to the same, or else there are still a lot of parameters to determine URL performance. To check a URL, you have to add the URLs in a list form in .xml, .xlsx, .txt, .nspj, .ncpj, or .csv format and select the parameters you want the Netpeak checker to examine. 

Here are the popular features of Netpeak Checeker:

Services And Parameters

Netpeak checker delivers quality metrics from more than 25 services, which can be checked from over 450 parameters so that the end result is trustworthy and authoritative. 

Custom SERP Scraping

SERP scraping is gathering data from public search results to use for SEO tools. It can be used for keyword research, digital advertisements, and SEO monitoring. Netpeak checker performs custom SERP  scraping for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The search results from data is obtained from geolocation, language, prefixes, search operators, and snippet types.

Batch Data Export

Batch data export produces CSV or XML output, which is accessible for the user interface. The control of a batch data file is handled with command line options. The Netpeak software allows batch data export from DNS, Whois, and Wayback machines. It filters domains from millions of options to find the availability of a site, its owner, and other details.

Core Web Vital Checks

 The core web vitals measure real-world user experience of a page. The vitals include loading performance, visual stability, and interactivity. Netpeak checker performs bulk core web vitals checks. You can retrieve quality metrics from a list of domains of specific pages. The metrics are associated with visual stability, responsiveness, and speed.

Website Traffic Estimation

Website traffic is the measure of data that is sent and received by a website through its visitors. A website traffic is a key indicator of web popularity. Netpeak checker offers website traffic estimation to evaluate competitor traffic, traffic by country, main category data, and potential link building.

Contact Data Search

Contact search data makes it simple to interact with the contacts over Google services. The data is collected from site pages for contacts, phone numbers, and social media links. The tool is very useful for link building, lead generation, and outreach.

Index and Cache Checker

The indexation tool helps us understand the overall performance and where we stand in competitor analysis. The cache checker helps identify the exact date and time a web page was cached. All you need to do is insert your URL. The bulk index and cache checker tool of Netpeak checker checks pages in Google, Bing, and Yahoo indexes. You can also find out about your merged URLs using this tool.

Proxy List And Captcha Solving

Masking URLs helps in keeping your identity private. The software supports proxy list and captcha service when using the bulk URL checker and scraping SERP.

Pros and Cons:


  • The SEO tools are practical and user-friendly.
  • It can handle huge data with speed within minutes.
  • Helps in making a content strategy.
  • The output created is in easy view and operable format.
  • It completely automates cumbersome manual tasks.


  • The dashboard is a little complicated for first-time users
  • The software is desktop-only
  • Only annual subscriptions are available
  • There is no version developed for Mac OS


There are a host of alternative SEO tools in the market with different features. The price bracket is high, but they have good track records. Following are the alternative tools.

To view the Netpeak software, click on the button below.

Comparison for Best Rank Tracking 2023 (Pro Rank Tracker vs. Sitechecker)

Rank Tracking

SEO is an entire package of services and has different parameters attached to it. SEO is made of keyword research, rank tracking, domain authority checker, SEO audit, and checking backlinks. 

Rank Tracking informs us where our domain ranks on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). You can choose between options of the search engine you want to check rank on; there is another option to get specific results from desktop site visits, mobile visits, and tablet visits.

In this blog, we compare the current favorites of 2023 that are rising in popularity and proving to be the best SEO rank checkers:

# Pro Rank Tracker

Ranks are important as they are the results of the efforts you put into your website SEO. Without a result, one cannot measure the performance, and the ways to identify shortfalls and improvements become difficult. Using a pro rank tracker helps you gain a deep understanding of search engine results. 

To view the rank of a keyword, you need to manually insert the domain name and all the keywords related to the keyword you wish to check on the SEO rank checker. The rank tracker then presents a list of results for 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days. It also presents a pie chart and ranking statistics.

Later, there are reports of every keyword type, URL, team combination, indexed URL, rank, day, and week. Here, you can monitor your performance and make strategies for the best results.

Here are the features of Pro Rank Tracker (PRT):

Powerful Rank Tracker

The SEO rank checker of Pro Rank Tracker is highly accurate and presents results of upto 100 ranks. The results are up-to-date as the rank tracking is done by a self-owned algorithm. The SEO rank checker can produce reports and interface in English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish, making it very versatile and language-friendly.

With the rank tracker, you get automatic daily updates on your dashboard, which can emailed with just one click. The PRT is meant for everyone, be it small, medium, or large enterprise, however big or small website, across the world. 

The SEO rank checker is a cloud-based application and does not require any download or storage space.

Rank Tracking

You can view multiple website data with a single tool. The data is latest and highly accurate. They guarantee a 100% accuracy in results. The rank tracker updates automatically on a daily basis and is available on the go on every demand.

As it is cloud-based, there is no requirement for rent proxies or infrastructure. The language versatility and worldwide access make rank tracking convenient internationally. You get regular updates in your email about rank crawling.

Local Mobile Tracking

The pro rank tracker can track both desktop and mobile results on all Google sites within seconds. The local rank tracking includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon.

Analysis and Research

The SEO site checker supports reports and charts that can be scheduled from time to time. It not only gives keyword suggestions, but pro rank tracking also helps you find terms that your website ranks for without your knowledge. Full SERP shows the top 100 results on competitor keywords. There is also high-rated search volume data on Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon on the rank tracker.


As mentioned above, you can view the top results for any of your tracked keywords, with additional data and a trend chart for each ranked URL. The time period can be selected to check the upward and downward trend of your own keywords and competitor keywords. This tool helps you judge whether or not your SEO content strategy is working.


Reporting is the strongest feature of the Pro rank tracker. PRT includes current rankings reports, progress reports, comparison and benchmark reports, and live reports. All these reports can be generated in PDF, XLS, or CSV formats and can be shared with clients and colleagues. Multiple report option also gives way to discover other report types for niche scenarios. Every change in site ranking triggers a notification email automatically. The save and schedule feature allows reports to be saved on Drive and Dropbox accounts. The SEO audit reports can be hosted live on the website or can be shared with anyone with a link. The reports are 100% white label reports and can be scheduled to be sent to clients by customized email ID as sender. 

Mobile Apps

The Pro Rank Tracker mobile application is the perfect mobile service to keep you updated about all the reports anywhere, anytime. The bonus is another mobile app by SEO rank checker, the MyRanks App, which is a customizable mobile app just for your customers; that is right, it is an app for the customers of our customers. The app can be branded with your company logo and company details. This is a step-ahead solution for client care.

Sub Accounts

The rank tracker software lets you create accounts for teams and clients to work in synergy, share the content, and create files with permissions of read-only, restricted access, and full access. Pro Rank Tracker takes utmost care to help you create ready reporting by letting you create pages with personalized login pages and inside access.

API Access

API access means the ability to interact with other software systems and use their functionalities. This helps with the integration of rank-tracking data into personally owned tools and systems. 

Extreme Support

The SEO rank checker provides 24/7 ticket support, Live chat support, knowledge and tutorial base, video tutorials, dedicated CSM on agency plans, and 1-on-1 guidance with account managers on demand.

# Sitechecker Pro

Sitechecker is an outstanding SEO tool with the most useful features at the best affordable pricing. The site tracking gives insights and forecasts for continuous improvement of your website. All you have to do is add your domain name.

The software lets you evaluate your business and perform SEO audits of your most valuable pages. The rank tracker gives your website a unique website score after the SEO audit of the site. This website score is the measure of the technical excellence of your website.

Here are the most competitive features that are offered with Sitechecker Pro:

Website Crawling

A website crawler copies pages from a search engine to generate an indexing report, and the search can be performed more extensively. The site checker web crawler only crawls the pages that are requested by the user for a scan.

You can block and unblock the site checker bot to scan your own website and also adjust settings to work with Cloudflare.

Site Monitoring

Sitechecker, the rank tracker, monitors website SEO in real time so that there is no loss of Google traffic at any point in time due to the SEO rank checker. The site monitor presents feedback on the changes that have occurred over a period of time and sends you notifications about all the updates. It provides details of indexation, deleted pages, orphan pages, www, h1, and so on. You can also track competitors’ data with site monitoring.

Rank Tracker

The rank tracker tracks website rankings, visibility rates, and indexation progress in one go. The changes over time and suggestions help evaluate the keyword performance with utmost accuracy.

The rank tracker helps you find growth actions and lets you fix errors every time there is an issue. The keyword suggestions are unique and more detailed as compared to the Google Search Console. You can search as per specific language, search engine, device, and country to get the most detailed results.

On-Page SEO Checker

You can perform an SEO audit for a specific landing page with the on-page SEO checker. The SEO audit can be performed for each and every URL of a website. The SEO audit analyzes all SEO aspects and insights, identifies issues, and obtains solutions. The SEO audit is a major analysis tool for detailed view building. The report of the SEO audit is structured and comprehensive. The critical errors and warnings are also highlighted under page score. Site Audit API is also available to request the last finished site audit report.

Backlink Tracker

Backlinks are the backbones of every website blog. Once created at the user end, the backlinks need to be tracked for performance monitoring. The check backlinks feature allows users to understand whether or not the backlinks are working and helping the website in a positive way. The check backlinks let you check & track website inbound links and analyze how they impact rankings.

SEO Chrome Extension

You can add the site checker on-page SEO extension for free to your Google Chrome browser. With this, you can evaluate the quality and performance of every page that appears on your search engine and plan to visit. This helps in SEO audit and structuring your research while improving your performance. 

White Label Features

You can perform PDF reports branding, app interface branding, create custom subdomain or branded apps, and create custom emails using your own emails as a part of the white label features offered by Sitechecker.

Sitechecker offers personalized solutions for Online publishing, eCommerce, SaaS, Governments, Business owners, Agency owners, digital marketers, and software developers. The Sitechecker has a help center to support you with all your queries. 

To compare both the software above, Sitchecker Pro provides features that are more suitable for small and medium enterprises, whereas Pro Rank Tracker is better suited for medium and large enterprises. Both the software have competitive features, yet they offer slightly different services, and there is a major dissimilarity in user interface and reports presentation. The Rank-tracking tools are progress innovations that take some time for a beginner to understand. But a rank tracker will go a long way in getting your business website to the number one indexing position you always wished for.