6 Things No One Will Tell You About Washing Machines

guide to buy washing machine

6 Things No One Will Tell You About Washing Machines: Best Washing Machine 2023

A clothes washer with a barrel inside, filled with water and your grubby clothes along with some detergent to make them clean, fresh, and ready for the next use, that’s what we’ll be talking about today! Be ready to end your quest for the best washing machine 2023!

There are two types of washing machines: semi automatic washing machine and fully automatic washing machine. You can choose between the best top load washer and best front load washing machine in a fully-automatic option. They all have the feature of washing and drying your clothes.

Let’s talk about pros before you buy washing machine first

  1. A washing machine drum saves you lots of time and sweat. You can come home after a long day and instead of doing just your laundry and not spending time with your family, you can do both if you own a washing machine. 
  2. Your clothes as well as your mood will be freshen up by the end of dinner. 
  3. Clothes also get dry super soon when washed in a washing machine as against by hand. 
  4. If you have less space, you can still fit a clean washing machine in your home as it requires less space. 

Now everybody tells you the pros of anything as soon as they see you’re interested in making a purchase, but no one tells you the cons. Especially the salesmen. So, if you’re wanting to buy the best washing machine 2023, read this blog till the end if you want to do thorough research on your potential purchase.

Drawbacks of Owning a Clothes Washer

There are disadvantages to the best top load washer or best front load washing machine, some are very severe and if you are an environmentalist, you ought to know them. 

So, let’s get started.

#1 Wastage of Water

There is a myth about best top load washers that they require less water to wash the clothes as opposed to manually. A necessity for washers to do their job effectively is gallons and gallons of water. 

#2 Pollutes the Air

Studies have shown that a residential washing machine drum emits 179 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. However, if we use cold water, they can be reduced to 864 pounds per year.  

#3 Doesn’t Really “Kill Germs”

Some clean washing machine are restricted against putting hot water into them. But we ought to if there is a sick person in the house. Using hot water while washing the clothing of a sick person is vital to kill the germs so they won’t infect other inhabitants of the house.

Restriction on that is nonsensical. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a new washer, check that they permit the use of high-temperature water. 

#4 Demands Categorization

A washing machine drum gets confused when you’re dumping mixed-up clothing into it. Before a wash, your clothes need to be divided into groups like towels, delicates, cotton garments, whites, etc. Only then, you’ll get an effective wash. 

The mixture of them all will just shred your delicates, expedite tears, and may leave color ruining your whites.

#5 Susceptible to Mold

Leaving wet clothes in the washer is akin to looking for trouble. Wet clothes can cause mold to grow in your washing machine along with some stink which is not going to make your clothes clean and fresh. 

To avoid that, never leave wet clothes inside it and if you have the best front load washing machine, leave its door open so it can air-dry. 

#6 High Maintenance

Your best front load washing machine needs constant attention and tending. It has a lint trap which, if full, leaves more lint circulating with your clothes reducing the airflow, which will lead your dryer to work overtime and overheat. Not cleaning the dryer lint trap can lead to your dryer heating up and eventually catching fire, which is always troublesome.

Also cleaning the insides is very crucial for the health of your washer. Read the manual, there may be instructions as to how to clean your machine or if it has a self-cleaning feature, study it. There may be other instructions that need to be followed to have long-term service from your washer, follow them if you want your machine to pay off. 

No, no one is trying to scare you and you don’t need to step back from actually buying a washer after this ruthless blog!

Here is our top filtered pick, that beats other washers in all the possible ways, and we don’t know if this doesn’t solve the problem then what will!

Miele WSG663 WCS 9 kg Washing Machine

best washing machine 2023

Price range –  $1,499-$11,085,

Miele, a family-owned company makes durability and sustainability seriously. Their high-efficiency washing machines are built to last for 20 years of normal use, so you can trust that your investment will pay off in the long run.

All About Sustainability

They only offer front load washers, which are the most water-efficient option. In fact, in their most recent sustainability report, Miele reported reducing energy consumption by up to 72% in some of their low waste washers.

If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly washer and dryer set, Miele’s products can help you conserve energy and water, which translates to savings on your bills.

Miele’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond their products. Their company slogan, “Immer Besser,” represents their goal to create a 100% carbon-neutral value chain by 2050 at the latest. They aim for net-zero waste for all materials used in their appliances, with 100% of metals used in some of their appliances already being recyclable.

Miele partners with various organizations to tackle the climate crisis, such as the Minimal Input, Maximum Output (MIMO) project, which repurposes heat generated from kitchen appliances to warm or cool homes.


Miele’s ethical practices are also admirable. Their manufacturing partners are all SA8000-certified, which means no child or forced labor, no discrimination, and fair wages that match the local cost of living.

So, if you want to invest in a durable, eco-friendly, and socially responsible appliance, Miele has got you covered. And with a price range of $1,499-$11,085, you’ll be able to find a product that fits your budget and your values.


It’s hard to picture life without a trusty washing machine – it’s become such an essential part of our daily routines! That’s why it’s important to carefully consider your options and choose a machine that will be a loyal companion for at least 8 years. So, happy shopping and may you find the perfect washing machine for your needs!

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6 Horrible Mistakes People Make while Buying Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances

6 Horrible Mistakes People Make while Buying Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances are gaining popularity in everybody’s lifestyle choices. As we struggle to juggle our daily chores, we stumble upon new ways to pace our lives. Smart technology automates our daily tasks on the go so that we find time to do things we like to do more than the things we have to do. The new, improved smart appliances are fascinating, so much so that we cannot help but get attracted to them.

With a market full of options, it is easy to buy smart appliances, but it takes research to buy the right smart device which suits all your home needs. Without the right knowledge, people end up buying smart appliances with issues such as buying a device which is of a low price and works well only for initial days draining out your time and energy in repairs later. Sometimes devices are not compatible with each other, causing the entire network to lapse. How many of us have that one device kept in our stores which we bought with aspirations but never used?

To avoid all such problems, I have made a comprehensive list of the six mistakes to avoid while buying a smart appliance:

#1 Not Checking the Wifi Compatibility

Most smart appliances require Wifi of 2.4 GHz over 5 GHz. Always check the bandwidth settings of your home Wifi whether it can accommodate the required Wifi settings of the smart appliance. Also, the number of devices connected to a single network might slow down the internet speed; if you work from home, you will need uninterrupted strong internet.
For larger homes, the range of Wifi is a consideration you need to make before placing a smart appliance. It advised to check the Wifi specifications of the smart device before buying the smart home device.
A dual-band Wifi router works with two bandwidths allowing you to satisfy both your home and work needs.

Product: TP-Link Archer AX73


TP Link Router Smart Appliances

#2 Buying a Device which is Incompatible with Other Devices

Recurrently, we end up buying devices which are best in their class but fail to work with each other. Just as the Apple watch won’t pair with your Samsung smartphone, home appliances also face compatibility issues between operating systems. Look into the smart device log for compatible systems. One cannot buy all the smart appliances of the same brand, but it is advisable to check their compatibility with other installed smart home devices before you invest in a new one.

Another checkpoint in terms of compatibility is the electric requirements. Ensure the kind of switch and electrical wiring required for the new smart home device is already present or can be altered in your home. It so happens frequently that old rented apartments do not support the electric backing for some innovative home appliances. Also, ensure the load-bearing capacity of the number of smart devices that can be installed on the current electric components and the Wifi.

To manage all the smart devices in one place, you need the best smart home hub which maximizes compatibility and comes with paramount features and upgrades.
The Aetoch Smart Home Hub is most popular for its compatibility with a number of devices.

Product: Aeotech Smart Home Hub

Price: $134.99

aeotech smart home hub

#3 Buying a Smart Appliance of Bad Quality

If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly. Smart Appliances become a part of your home and are a long-term investment. Put your money into smart home devices that are good quality even if they are high on budget. Cheap home appliances may lure you with features but do not sustain in the long run and they are loose on privacy policies. Always enquire about the availability and cost of replacement of the spares of the smart home device.

Here are the top blogs that will help you find the right smart appliance:

The Top 5 Smart Devices for your home

Best Smart Refrigerators of 2023

Comparisons of the best washers and dryers

15 Best Vaccum Cleaners  

#4 Ignoring Privacy Concerns of Smart Appliances

Privacy is the biggest concern with new age growing technologies. Never connect your smart home appliances to a public network. The smart home devices are a storehouse of your personal information. Buy a smart appliance which can be configured to apply the best safety settings and encryption. Make sure you reset to default settings if you carry forward a smart appliance of an existing user.

Pay attention to the installation process and place the right protections to avoid data theft. Installing a firewall protects your home devices from a number of internet threats.

Product: Protectli Vault FW4B

Price: $389

Protectli Vault Smart Appliances

#5 Overloading your Home with Smart Appliances

Buying a smart appliance for your home is not a decision to be made in haste. Buy with specific planning and keep a goal in your mind.

Smart home devices come in a variety of features; it’s best to base your buying decisions on what you need rather than what the market offers.

Filling too many smart devices can be:

  1. Overloading your smart home,
  2. Overwhelming for new users and family members,
  3. Expensive and underutilizing all features,
  4. Cause compatibility issues,
  5. Develop Automation Overlap

Home is a place to find peace, it is best not to complicate home systems by setting up a zillion devices. Rather buy versatile smart devices that simplify daily needs, so you get more time for yourself.

#6 Ignoring the Features You Need Over the Features That Are Tending

Understand the features and specifications of the smart appliance you plan to buy. Buying without understanding may land you in technological soup. It takes a host of efforts to replace a device that may end up being too big or too small for your needs. It so often happens that a user actually uses only 50% of the features a smart device offers.

Smart appliances come with a number of features, but not all features are useful for everyone. Getting the right features will help increase the cost-benefit value of the product. Buying the most recent technology is not always the right decision.

For example, buying a smart switch or smart light dimmer is better than installing smart lights in instances where you have no utility for different colours of lights in your home on a daily basis. It only increases your costs of product, maintenance and replacement.

Product: Lutron Casete

Price: $99.95

Lutron Caseta Smart Appliances

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart appliances are devices that can be connected to the internet, can be operated on voice commands, and have remote monitoring features. Smart devices are made of smart technology which has artificial intelligence to adapt to the needs of users and produce the best results. Some of the most common smart appliances are smart thermostats, smart refrigerators, smart oven microwaves, smart lights, smart water purifiers, smart washing machines, smart air conditioners, smart coffee machines, smart home hub and smart vacuum cleaners.

The stronger the network mesh, the more devices can be connected to the network. Typically around 20-25 devices can be connected to a decent network currently without hampering the performance of any device.

Two incompatible smart appliances do not hamper the working of each other, but they also cannot be connected to the same network. This will increase the redundancy of multiple applications to handle them and also breaks the chain of connectivity.

Buying all smart devices from the same brand does have its benefits, but it does not weigh over the limitations. No single brand is the leading manufacturer of all smart devices. Also, with wear and tear over a period of time, eventually, one has to switch devices. It is always advisable to buy compatible devices over single-brand devices.

No, buying too many smart appliances all at once is not a good idea. This may only cause technology overlapping. It is preferable you set up each device one by one as per needs. Setting up a new device with an existing network and other devices may be time-consuming but it is better than setting up all devices and not knowing how each of them works.

Some smart appliances come with built-in wifi whereas some require external wifi connections. But for all the smart features to function properly the smart device needs to be connected to a network.

a smart hub is the centre of home automation systems. They make coordination between devices manageable. The smart devices work equally well independently, but a smart hub gives better control over all the devices.

Smart appliances are very much prone to be attacked all the time. If one device is hacked, it is easy for all the devices on the network to get infected. One should always keep protections and firewalls in place to avoid vulnerabilities from getting exploited.

Changes in the operating device only need a re-setup of the devices on the phone. This does not hamper the normal working of smart appliances. But the phone can be misused to control all the smart devices, and there is nothing you can do except disconnect all the devices from the network and set them again.

Smart appliances are made with smart technologies. They are energy-efficient and help in saving energy better than regular appliances. Smart appliances save water, money, and energy in the long run.

6 Stupid Questions to Ask While Buying A Smart Fridge

Tips to buy a smart refrigerator

6 Stupid Questions to Ask While Buying A Smart Fridge

America spends almost sixty minutes a day in the kitchen in 2023; a fridge is one of those smart devices which has helped bring down this number from the traditional 2-3 hours a day to one hour of kitchen work.

Refrigerators acquire a huge space in every kitchen, so it is necessary to make sure you select the right one for you. A smart fridge is loaded with advanced features such as connectivity to the voice-assistant, remote operation of temperature control settings via a dedicated app, an inside camera to view the contents of the fridge on your mobile device, automatic water and ice dispenser, door ajar notifications, service scheduling requests and the list is endless.

What you really need to know about this smart kitchen appliance is, how it performs in terms of durability, connectivity, the amount of sound it makes, which style suits your needs, maintenance requirements and most importantly, its energy saving values.

Here are 6 tips to buy a smart refrigerator, basic questions which you need to know before you make a decision on buying the perfect smart fridge for your kitchen:

#1 How Noisy Is The Refrigerator?

Once bought, a smart refrigerator that stays in your kitchen for at least ten years is supposed to work its best while being quiet. Smart refrigerators of 2023 come with the latest technology and are more energy efficient, and energy efficiency leads to less noise. A normal smart refrigerator compressor makes a noise between 30 to 50 decibels; any sound above this will make the kitchen environment unpleasant. Always make sure to pay attention to the sound a refrigerator makes before getting it to your home kitchen. Here are some of the best smart refrigerators of 2023 which are efficiently quiet.

LG quiet

Model: LG LRFXC2416S

GE Profile quiet

Model: GE Profile PVD28BYNFS

#2 How To Choose The Best Refrigerator Style?

One of the most important tips to buy a smart refrigerator is pay attention on the design. A perfect style of the best smart fridge is a design that perfectly compliments your kitchen in appearance while satisfying all your needs of storage, features, convenience and budget. The design, color, and size of the smart fridge should complement the aesthetics of the kitchen. For a detailed review on the best smart refrigerators of 2023, check out this blog on Top 7 ridiculously smart refrigerators of 2023. A smart refrigerator is only launched in high-price bracket models till now. They can be distinguished based on their door design. Here are some of the featured refrigerators classified as per door designs:

A) Double Door Side by Side

Samsung Double door side by side

Model: Samsung RS28A500ASR

GE Side by side

Model: GE Profile PSB48YSNSS

B) Triple Door with French Door

Samsung 3 door

Model: Samsung RF27T5501SR

Model: LG LRFVS3006D

C) Four Door Refrigerator

Model: Samsung RF29A9771SG/AA

Model: Samsung Bespoke RF23A967535

D) Four Door Refrigerator with French Door

Cafe 4 door french._AC_SX679_

Model: Cafe CVE28DP4NW2

Model: Samsung RF22R7551SR


Model: LG LRMDS3006S

#3 How To Maintain The Fridge In The Long Run? What About The Service Requirements Of The Fridge?

A smart fridge definitely calls for fewer service visits from technicians. The refrigerator notifies its users automatically when it is time to change filters or if any other maintenance activity is required in relation to the hardware components. They also come with a feature of notifying the service agency of maintenance requirements.
Additionally, regular monthly fridge cleaning helps your best smart refrigerator to work more efficiently. Deep cleaning involves emptying the entire contents of the fridge and wiping down the shelves, drawers, inside walls and all the compartments with a damp cloth. Always check the maintenance requirements and service handling time of the smart refrigerator before buying as one of the tips to buy a smart refrigerator.

#4 What Happens To A Smart Fridge When The Internet Connection Is Down, Or The Smart App Is Not Working?

A Smart Fridge relies on a strong internet connection for its smart features. Most smart appliances only work with a 2.4 GHz Wifi connection. An intelligent tip to buy a smart refrigerator is to make sure to confirm if the internet of your house is compatible with the smart home appliance requirements. Without the internet, even the best smart fridge will work just like a regular refrigerator. It cannot connect to other smart devices, nor take voice commands. All the smart features will be restricted till the internet connection is resumed.
An app not working is only a concern from the mobile end; this shall restrict only the command features of the smart fridge while the app troubleshoots. The refrigerator will still work with the smart features of the preset default settings. The application issue can be resolved by troubleshooting or contacting service assistance.
Best Smart Refrigerator Technologies: Samsung Family Hub, LG ThinQ, GE Smart HQ

#5 How Much Space Will The Smart Fridge Require?

It is very important to measure the space in your home and match it with the dimensions of the smart refrigerator. It is always advisable to leave at least 2 inches gap between a surface or a wall and the fridge. Also, do not forget to anticipate the door opening space of the fridge of at least 4 inches in counter depth and 6 inches in standard depth model. The height and width of the refrigerator should be measured carefully to accommodate the needs of the furniture and home entrance door settings. Smart fridges come in different storage capacities to suit every user’s needs.
A counter depth storage matches countertops and is shallower from the inside, whereas the standard depth is a full-sized fridge which bulges out but has a larger storage capacity. Choosing between both options depends on the area one has and how well each option goes with the overall appearance of the kitchen.

Here a tip to buy a suitable smart refrigerator is to have the best combination of dimensions and storage which satisfies the needs of your sweet home.
Best smart fridges with different storage capacities:

Model and size: Bosch 800 series, 20.5 cu ft storage (counter depth)


Model and size: LG Instaview, 23 cu ft storage (counter depth)


Model and Size: GE Profile, 28.69 cu ft (counter depth)


Model and Size: Samsung, 29 cu ft storage (standard depth)

cafe SD

Model and Size: Cafe, 27.6 cu ft storage (standard depth) 

#6 Is My New Smart Fridge Energy Saving?

The final tip to buy a smart refrigerators is to check the energy star rating. All the smart fridges come with an energy star label that represents adherence to strict energy-efficiency requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 5 star rating being the best rating, be sure to read out the energy stars rating in relation to energy efficiency, storage capacity and the number of units it will consume per year. A smart fridge saves more energy than a regular refrigerator and also saves you on the power bill. Its smart features help in detecting errors in the normal working of the fridge, thus aiding timely repair.
Best energy saving smart refrigerators of 2023:

GE energy

Model: GE Profile PVD28BYNFS

Energy Star: Yes

GE energy

Model: LG ‎LRMDS3006S

Energy Star: Yes

Samsung energy

Model: Samsung RF27T5501SR

Energy Star: Yes

There are a wide range of smart refrigerators available in the market today, but only a few fit into the best configurations. The above considerations will save you time and prevent you from making a mistake while buying the best smart refrigerator for your home.

What Is A Smart Fridge?

Not every fridge with the latest features can be called a smart refrigerator. Before checking the tips to buy a smart refrigerator one needs to assure how to differentiate a smart refrigerator from the rest. A normal refrigerator only contains basic digital functions. For a fridge to be Smart Fridge, here are some of the major criteria in addition to all the regular features:

Wi-fi Connectivity

Wifi connectivity in any form, be it wifi enabled, or in-built Wifi is a must for every smart refrigerator. The wifi connectivity enables all the smart functions, such as connectivity to other smart devices, voice commands, and online notifications, to run smoothly.

Remote Access

A smart refrigerator sends notifications and provides remote access to temperature control settings through the mobile app. This gives users anywhere access to smart refrigerators.

Voice Command

Best smart refrigerators of 2023 work on voice commands such as Alexa or Google Assistant. The voice command feature enables ease of access while you are busy cooking.

Energy Saving

As the best smart fridge is made with the latest technology, it is more energy efficient and designed to provide maximum power with energy saving capabilities.

A Smart Refrigerator is definitely expensive but completely complements the lifestyle requirements of today. The smart abilities with the most stylized looks are a good upgrade you would like in your kitchen home appliances.
Checkout this blog to find the best refrigerator of 2023: Best Smart Refrigerator of 2023