Boost Your Sales With Moosend: The Bullseye To Email Marketing in 2023


With the evolving changes in business market trends, it is essential to reach the customers in a way that is best approachable to your clients. Tools such as running an email campaign, using personalized email templates, content optimizer, and robust analytics boost your advertising game at the same time, help maintain long-term relations with the customer.

If you feel that you cannot reach out to your potential target customer base, then it is time to try email marketing to expand your business.

If your marketing strategy is not enough to tap the potential of your market, then you must try the revolutionary email marketing software Moosend.

What do we mean by Email Marketing?

Emails have become part and parcel of our life today. All of us check our emails at least once a day due to professional or personal reasons. Sending marketing messages to showcase products and services through emails to potential customers is called email marketing. It has become a necessity for a business to have a customized email marketing strategy for it to grow over time.

An email marketing software provides numerous benefits and opportunities by reaching out to an extensive variety of potential customers. Brand awareness through personalized emails and email campaigns is cost-effective and time-saving. With the availability of email marketing software like Moosend, it has become easier to automate marketing and build a rapport with customers, which has the potential to increase sales.


What is Moosend?

Moosend is a modern cloud-based, AI-powered yet simple email marketing solution for businesses that target customer base at scale and drives revenue growth. It provides game-changing tools to grow a business effectively through email marketing.

It is an email marketing platform trusted by brands like Gucci, Sephora, Nova, Vogue, and Dixons. You can create beautiful personalized emails for subscribers with various customizable templates to choose from according to the style and expression of your business.

Moosend provides features like the drag-and-drop newsletter editor, artificial intelligence-based subject line optimizer, countdown timers, A/B testing for content and subject line, and line segmentation for creating emails and newsletters for your subscribers.

Why should you choose Moosend for email marketing?

  • Money saved is money earned! On average, you get all the features required for email marketing at 45% lesser prices with Moosend. They do not overcharge for their services and mention straightforward rates with no hidden charges from the start.
  • Unlike other email marketing software, Moosend does not charge you more if an email address is included in multiple mailing lists. One subscriber is counted only once on Moosend.
  • The Moosend customer support team is not run by automated bots but by real people. They value your time and respond to your query as fast as within 4 minutes through emails and live chat.

What can it do for you?

Moosend email marketing software helps build relationships with subscribers that lead to conversations to help businesses move forward. It provides all the tools necessary to start your email marketing journey.

#1 Email Campaigns

The no-code campaign editor by Moosend helps design campaigns by dragging and dropping items to create layouts suitable for your business. There are also a variety of ready-made templates for you to choose from. Email campaign types that can be created on Moosend include:

  • Regular campaign 
  • RSS campaign
  • Repeatable HTML campaign
  • A/B Split Test campaign
  • Automation campaign

Using the A/B test for your email campaigns helps identify the version with the highest conversion rate for your target audience.

#2 Automations

Allow your business to speak for itself! Automated marketing messages sent to potential customers help generate revenue by prompting action. You can choose automated workflows for your business needs on Moosend or from scratch. However, your Moosend account must be connected to your business site to keep track of the actions performed by customers to identify the triggers for automated messages. You can, for instance, use automation for:

  • Information, rewards, and engagement with your subscribers 
  • Reminding the customers about products in their cart
  • Encouraging customers to complete their purchases
  • Recommending personalized products
  • Customizing order notifications for the subscribers
  • Following up on purchased items

Moosend has different triggers to choose from, such as your campaigns, a customer’s birthday, your custom fields, and events on your website like purchases or visits. After setting up a trigger, you must follow a few steps to activate the automation. It’s that simple!

#3 Reports and dashboards

Moosend’s default reports help increase newsletter efficiency, improve campaigns, and monitor overall business. Reports and dashboards on your Moosend account give insights into revenues and email campaign performance by reviewing the data collected through the software. It also provides advanced real-time analytics to make data-driven decisions.

Marketing reports can give you a performance overview of your business campaign and track email client activities by location, link clicks, and devices. This, in turn, helps in personalizing and customizing your campaign to boost the sales of products or services.

How to create a Moosend account?

Moosend provides a 30-day free trial with unlimited emails, reporting & analytics, and sign-up & subscription services. You can upgrade your subscription when you are ready to their paid plan, which comes with additional features such as landing pages, SMTP servers, transactional emails, and support from 5 team members.  To check detailed plans click in the button below.

Their service cost ranges from $9 per month for 500 subscribers to $5840 per month for 1 million subscribers. You can pay monthly, biannually with a 15% discount, or annually with a 20% discount.

Businesses with more than 1 million subscribers can get a custom plan that includes the following additional features –

  • Custom reporting
  • SSO & SAML
  • 10 team members
  • Account manager
  • On-boarding and Migration
  • Service-level agreement

You do not require your PayPal account or credit card details to register for the trial period to check out its features. Here is how you can create a Moosend account for free:

  1. Go to the Moosend website and sign up with an email address.
  2. Enter a business email address and click continue.
  3. Choose a preferred login domain that becomes your Moosend account’s URL.
  4. Set a password and click on register.
  5. Enter the first and last names with company details to sign up. This information helps the email marketing software give you a customized experience.
  6. Activate your account by clicking on the link in the email sent to your registered email ID. You can now log in to your Moosend account.

After creating an account, you will be required to complete the following initial steps:

1)Add a sender

The name and email address in the ‘from’ field in the newsletter sent to recipients is the sender. Your registered email address is the default sender till you choose to add new senders. There is no limit on the number of senders that can be added.

2)Create your email list

It is the list of your subscribers. There is also an option to create custom fields to store the data to be collected about subscribers that can further be used for creating personalized newsletters. It is recommended that businesses create subscription forms for potential customers to register for newsletters and emails.

3)Filling Up the Email List

With Moosend, you can import subscribers from an external source. The columns of the data from the source must be mapped to the available and custom fields.

4)Create an Email Marketing Campaign

Select a campaign type and type in the subject. Then, select a sender and the email list that will receive the email. Finally, create the content of the campaign to be sent to the subscribers right away or at another scheduled time. The reports tab allows you to keep track of the campaign statistics.

5)The Website Connection

Connecting the business website to your account helps record the actions of the users on the website. This helps in connecting the users with the email campaigns and the forms to relevant pages on the website.

Emails are an important part of our lives now. An email marketing plan is necessary to boost sales and drive your business to the next level. Create, automate, and manage your email marketing campaigns within minutes with the help of the redesigned platform on Moosend. Work smart to make your campaigns better and your life easier. Automated workflows and enhanced customer experience can now be achieved easily with the help of the revolutionary email marketing platform Moosend with you.

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