3 Tools To Boost your Business Productivity in 2023

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In the fast-changing world, AI (artificial intelligence) is the top solution to the growing needs of online industry. For a business to create an impact, networking is the most important aspect.

The world wide web has given way to businesses of blogging, influencing, E-commerce, small business owners, home businesses, online coaching, and many more. Here are three software tools that will give the boost to your business while making it time-friendly.

The following recommendations are based on the strategy of build, advertise and grow, are personally used and verified by us:

Liquid Web

#1 Liquid Web

The very first step of any business to grow is having its own solid website. Website is your online visiting card which tells the world wide web who you are and what you do. 

Liquid Web is a premium web provider and a leading platform for dedicated server hosting, managed VPS, wordpress hosting and cloud hosting. The interface is very easy, the business templates are completely customizable, and it provides most advanced features. 

Host better with the latest tool which gives you developmental freedom, is easy to understand, and gives you the fastest speed rate experience. The site offers youtube videos explaining every step of setup. 

The software provides air-tight security with some manual downloads. The brand liquid web partners with Stellar IP and Nexcess, two of the most renowned web hosting platforms. Liquid Web allows you to manage all your sites through single point. 

Choose between personal, professional and agency tier for wordpress hosting as per website hosting needs. It provides a lot of hosting options such as Cloud VPS hosting, managed WordPress, Woo commerce, cloud sites, dedicated servers and so on. It is the best tool available used by the most experienced businesses of the industry.


The highlight of Liquid web is their efficacious support, the ‘Heroic Support.’ Whatever your query is, be sure to get a quick reply and fastest problem resolution each and every time. I personally experience a reply within 50 seconds whenever I get stuck. 


Liquid Web does not provide domain name, has premium pricing given the features. 


Fully managed web hosting, Dedicated servers and Cloud hosting

Liquid Web Customers: 

Motorolla, Red Bull, ESPN 


Managed WordPress starts from $19.00/mo

The pricing depends on the product you select. Liquid Web offers various products to choose from. Please check the website for best offers and price.

Free Trial: 

No, liquid web does not offer a free trial but offers to refund your monthly investment in case you are unhappy with their service.


#2 Partnerstack

Once you have a website in place, you need aggressive marketing to promote your business. Sit back and let this partner management software connect you to the best links. At partnerstack the promoters partner with business to provide the right reach. 

All you have to do is register your business as a partner and fix the revenue for interested partners. In todays date the audience selects the products only after complete satisfaction and reviewing the testimonies. Being on partnerstack opens horizons of the world and improves the reach of your B2B SaaS business. 

See phenomenal increase in ROI with partnerstack. The marketplace on partnerstack offers the best options. It is easy to reach out and communicate between partners. Parnerstack offers affordable prices of the value received. The software helps businesses partner with affiliate marketers, agencies, and referral partners. To read in detail about how to grow revenue on Partnerstack click here.


Highlight of partnerstack is its comprehensive reward tracking system. It is easy to understand, communicate, report and withdrawals are smooth. 


The support of partnerstack is quick yet unclear regarding certain issues. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find certain answers on AI chat.


Partner management software

Partnertsack customers: 

Close, Vimeo, Zoominfo, freshworks, teamwork, looka, CallRail, Sendoso, Hubspot, Salesforce


$500/month + % on partner payouts (take fee)

Free Trial: 

No, only access to marketplace


#3 Recruitee

With scaling business, it is very important for the team behind it to be responsible. A recruitment software handles all your hiring worries from posting a job vacancy, replying to candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting basic AI interviews, tracking and sourcing while letting the company integrate with the candidates. It even manges your present employee data.

Recruitee is a top online collaborative hiring software which provides access to the best talent pool and helps you manage the recruitment process smoothly. Recruitee lets you schedule video interviews, make customizable pipelines, workflow templates, automation, share team applications, have event scheduler, meeting rooms, unbiased hiring tools, evaluations, communication tools, it also  supports multiple languages, helps multi-posting, integrations and referrals. 

Involving the team in recruitment process makes the task of hiring easier, leading a best case scenario for both the employer and the employee.

You may not know the utility of the application unless you use it. Recruitee gives a 18 days free trial. Switch to the application and create the best team to scale your business.

To read in detail about reasons to apply Recruitee click here.


The applicants tracking system (ATS) is best on recruitee over all the available hiring softwares I have experienced. 


It is complicated to retrieve and transfer data from the software when you are cancelling the software service.


Hiring software 

Recruitee customers: 

Taco Bell, M&S, Dreamhost, Wefarm, Framestore, Breitling, Karl Lagerfield, SPAR, Staples, KFC, TaskHuman 


$244/month, $399/month, custom pricing for enterprise (depending on choice of features)

Free trial : 

Yes, 18 days

When it comes to SaaS platforms, they come with different advantages and disadvantages. Every user has a unique set of requirements. We have selected the best among 20 leading platforms of each category to find out the most suitable as complete overall software.

The pricing mentioned is only approximation as each software gives pricing discounts, offers, promos from time to time making the price variable.

Business Productivty : –

Business Productivity is the end result of the output which is created in a business over the inputs and overheads applied. It marks the performance of products or services of the business. Increase in productivity means overall growth of the business and the industry.

Every tool you apply to improve productivity acts as an investment and gives returns in long run. However small or large the business is, there is always a room for improvement. To be competitive in the market, it is crucial to keep on upgrading the services or products provided. A strong output is backed up by a strong base. SaaS tools mentioned in the blog are one part to boost the productivity and make the best out of available resources.

Decision making depends on the utility and resulting outputs. A good tool will save your time and money while maintaining your sales or even increasing the sales in certain cases. The new age tools make collaboration and management of projects trouble-free.

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