How To Make An Impactful SEO Content Strategy

SEO content strategy

The first step to success is to dream about it; the next step is the ability to make it happen. The journey from dream to reality is covered when you have a plan. An SEO content strategy is your plan that helps you ace the dream of your website success. Seo and content strategy have to go hand in hand. 

An impactful SEO content strategy is made when there is attention to all the aspects of SEO impact, and all the steps of the SEO content strategy are followed. An SEO content strategy is generally made for a year or set of years. The strategy needs to be upgraded from time to time as a redundant SEO content strategy goes absolute. It needs to accommodate the changes in time and Google algorithms. 

Different strategists suggest different ways to improve your SEO performance. One of those SEO practices is developing a strong SEO strategy. An impactful SEO content strategy means selecting a niche, defining a goal, planning your content, creating valuable content, performing on-page SEO services, building backlinks, performing competitor analysis, and keeping your data updated.

Here are the 8 steps that lead you to a strong and impactful content strategy for your website’s growing performance:

#1 Select A Niche And Stick To It

Finding your niche is the easiest and the most difficult task. A niche is your area of expertise; the information people know you to trust. You need to be an expert in the field, but the field has to have scope as well as a sizeable audience. Then comes the competition and the difficulty level. Posting content relating to the Niche helps in ranking better.

Serpstat keyword niche finder is a revolutionary tool that makes your task of finding an appropriate niche less complicated. The tool even identifies the competition for keywords and supports all the SEO practices. The combination of a niche finder and site analyzer is the best SEO practice for optimum SEO performance.

#2 Define Your Audience, Benchmark Your Performance, And Set A Goal

Define your audience:

Once you know your niche, you need to find out who is the audience to the information. The content strategy has to be planned according to its targeted audience so as to reach it maximum benefit. Out of the entire receptors, only a particular set will be responsive to your content, and the task of content strategy is to make the content reach that audience.

Benchmark your performance:

If you have already worked in the field, it is necessary that you analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Judging one’s own performance and rectifying the errors helps in creating lasting SEO impact. You need to benchmark current performance and keep up with SEO content strategies to improve the same.

Set a goal:

Alongside looking at the past, you also need to plan ahead. It is a combination study of past, present, and future that shall make you a good SEO content strategy. Having a set goal also lets you plan the investment and budget for the particular SEO content strategy.

Serpstat, the ultimate SEO tool, lets you conduct a performance overview. With this understanding of the audience, marking the previous performance and making key decisions becomes simple. The keywords tool helps you pick the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns. The keyword tool provides search volume, keyword difficulty, and all the important metrics to facilitate making the best SEO content strategy.

#3 Plan Your Content Calendar

Once you have the statistics in place it is time to plan the content. As a part of SEO content strategy, content planning involves:

Selecting the topics to be covered, deciding the frequency and intervals of content publishing, selecting and applying for the modes of media where the content will go, placing applications, approvals, and accounts for required fields,  deciding the physicals such as the word count, the graphics, the linking, indexing formats, the color schemes, the SEO tools, use of AI, everything.

Planning the content with the Serpstat keyword clustering tool helps group the keywords as per the theme. The tool is helpful in planning the SEO content strategy.

#4 Create Valuable Content

Research is the king when it comes to creating SEO content, and it is also the most time-consuming part. Put as much effort into digging the right derivatives as you need to create the SEO impact. There is no meaning if you keep on creating content consistently, but the content is not really worth a read. The content costs the readers their time, and it is your responsibility to make it worth it. 

The content should cover all the keywords that are important to the topic. By analyzing the first page of a search engine, you get to know about the content that already exists about the topic. You have options of presenting further detailed explanations, writing better and more accurate content, finding out a loophole where information about the topic is missing, including statistical data within the content, and sharing personal recommendations and experiences about the topic; the options are very large. The right combination of data and research results in a high-ranking SEO practice.

Serpstat software has a vast store of blogs, knowledgebase, and Serpstat academy access that have your back while planning your content. The blogs provide the best solution for the challenges that are faced during SEO content strategy application.

#5 Perform On-Page SEO Services And Off-Page SEO Services

On-page SEO and off-page SEO impact the page ranking in a major way. The following points hold importance while performing on-page SEO:

  • Perform keyword analysis for the targeting region.
  • Insert secondary keywords from Google suggestions.
  • Design the content in a user-friendly way, including media and various internal as well as external links.
  • Use the Primary keyword in the title as well as the first paragraph of your content.
  • Keep the URL short and most relevant.
  • Try to maintain the keyword’s word limit between 1500-2000 words, as most of the top-ranking content on Google is around 1800 words.
  • Keep the usage of the keywords between 1%-2% of the total word count of the content.
  • Use the Alt text carefully, inserting the relevant keywords to it.
  • Maintain a soothing color theme for all the blogs.
  • Place the external links appropriately rather than just at the end.

Sepstsat facilitates all of the above by identifying the right keywords, giving relevant data as per area, and suggesting the most appropriate keywords. Serpstat keyword research tool also suggests related keywords and other search terms so that you do not have to look anywhere else for keyword research. It is the one-stop place for creating a powerful SEO impact.

#6 Track Your Own Data And Make Comparisons With Competitor Data

Track your own data:

Keeping track of your own performance is a very necessary part of SEO content strategy, even after you publish the content. Tracking helps realize how the content is performing and fix the issues at the right time in case of any technical glitch. Tracking also facilitates upgrading the content from time to time. The Serpstat site audit tool helps you find on-site issues and also helps you fix them. It also comes with white-label reports to keep a check on copied content if any. 

Track competitor data:

It is a smart SEO practice to keep track of competitor data. Serpstat allows competitor analysis features. This helps you identify your competitors, keep track of their ranking keywords, update your own SEO content strategy to accommodate improvements, and it also helps us understand the market for the content.

#7 Build Backlinks

Once the content is published in accordance with the SEO Content Strategy, the next step is to create backlinks. Backlinks make a big SEO impact and do affect the ranking of the page. The most relevant backlinks increase the reach and CTR(click-through rate) of the website overall. 

Serpstat backlink analysis includes a backlink checker to analyze the quality of your backlinks and also compare it with competitors. The SEO practices of Serpstat help you find and seek all the backlinks linked to the website.  This tool goes a long way in the link-building strategy for perfect SEO impact.

#8 Keep Your Content Updated

This is the most ignored step, yet a very important one. You may be able to rank on search engines, but in order to maintain the status, you have to keep the content updated with all the latest changes, amendments, changes of views, product or service upgrades, modifications, and degradations, everything needs to be kept updated. 

If the content is not updated at regular intervals, it will not be able to survive on Google for the long term.

The Serpstat ranking feature tracks the performance of one’s own and others. This helps in analyzing the need for improvements in the content from time to time.

We have used the Serpstat software to demonstrate the key areas where an SEO content strategy can be built impactfully just by following simple steps. Every SEO tool provides features to facilitate the building of SEO performance, and Serpstat is leading with the most user-friendly interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 What are the top 4 SEO strategies?

As mentioned in the blog, SEO strategies broadly can be developed in 8 steps, but to summarise it, the main 4 steps of SEO practice are keyword research, on-page SEO, backlinks creation, and content updation

Q.2 How to select SEO keywords for SEO impact?
You need to use a keyword research tool to identify the viability of any keyword. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that allows you to plan a campaign and research keywords for free. There are specific SEO software like Serpstat and Semrush that specialize in SEO tools and work the best to create an SEO impact.

Q.3 Can I perform keyword research without using a tool?

It is better to use a keyword research tool for fast and most accurate results. Keyword research can also be performed by just typing the keyword on a search engine and studying the results manually to draw conclusions. This gives a rough idea about the keyword’s popularity and competition.

Q.4 What is an SEO template?

An SEO template is a document containing the process of following the SEO practices as per the SEO content strategy of the business. The template contains details of advised content- type of content, word count, keyword percentage, on-page SEO services details, objectives, background, research criteria, target audience, and competitor details.

Q.5 How often do we need to change the SEO strategy?

Every industry has a different SEO content strategy, and every SEO content strategy is unique to its SEO practices. Most often, an SEO strategy is made for a period between 3 months to 12 months; it can be updated in annual intervals. At times when there are no major changes required as per market trends, small revisions make up for long-going SEO content policies. A complete turnover of policy happens once every 5 years or as per major technology change.

Q.6 Do paid SEO tools guarantee SEO impact and success rate?

There is no tool that can guarantee success. SEO tools are only complimentary to SEO practices. In the end, content is the king, and SEO content strategy is only a roadmap to achieving better ranking content. Paid SEO tools provide better support that helps improve the content but are not compulsion to make any content successful.

Q.7 How do I understand whether an SEO content strategy creates an SEO impact?

The best judge is statistical results. If you have a growing number of clicks and improvements in ranking, it marks that the SEO content strategy and SEO practices are on the right track. But a caution here is you need to give time for every SEO content strategy to work. It takes almost three months to judge the success rate of content. An overnight success or viral content can never be guaranteed or applied.

Q.8 What is an SEO score?

An SEO score is a technical standard measurement of your website’s SEO performance in search engine results. A healthy website contains all the features necessary for an SEO checklist to match the minimum requirements. An SEO score between 80-100 is considered the best SEO impact. An SEO score can be checked using Serpstat software.

Q.9 Is SEO focussed only on Google search?

A search engine optimization is designed to improve the visibility of a website on any search engine platform. An SEO content strategy is not only meant for Google but is useful for any and every search engine. Google is the most popular and the maximum market holder and hence is counted as a benchmark for SEO impact.

Q. 10 Is SEO only for websites?

Absolutely not. SEO can help you rank on a search engine irrespective of whether or not you have a website. SEO can be performed on selective platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Blog spots; there are a few options that can be made use of without investing in a domain. Google also makes its own listing based on frequently searched products and services, and inserting your information is possible even without having a website.

Truth Behind Affiliate Marketing Industry On A Personal Account!

Affiliate marketing

Around 16% of Sales in America and Canada is through Affiliate marketing. This figure only shows the big picture; while 80% of the companies today invest in affiliate marketing, what is the success rate of the affiliate marketing company?

Affiliate Marketing is believed to be an industry that requires the bare minimum investment, and you get high returns within a short span of time. Is this so easy, so true?

With so many tutors or the so-called ‘experts’ on YouTube, blog posts, and social media ads claiming to have earned millions of dollars through affiliate marketing, you feel what the heck am I doing in my job? 

All they sell is glitter and hope. All they have is the business of posting online courses and extracting money without being resourceful.

I, Catherine, today will tell you the story of hopes, dreams, and reality. I was a part of the bandwagon that followed the glitter shown by these experts in affiliate marketing programs. I had a stable job with a realtor, which I quit to be a marketing Millionaire.

With a good command of the language, my work experience and knowledge of the industry, a liking of social media, and good marketing skills, I started my affiliate marketing career. I wrote blogs online, applied for affiliates, joined networks, invested in a basic establishment, and kept on promoting brands online; I consistently produced content and optimized the content for SEO for a year. Believe me, I spent every hour of the day researching every detail and producing the best content.  I did not invest much in SEO tools as I thought they were expensive. Revenue came but in bits and pieces. 

I wrote content to the best of my abilities, but the algorithm only knows what sells. I felt there was a fault in my writing, I did not have what it takes to be a good blogger. My savings started depleting, and it became impossible to manage my expenses. I started applying for jobs again, but this time I was a person who was filled with self-doubt and fear. I was broke mentally. I lost my confidence. All I could think about is if others can do it, why cant I?

I started falling prey to the superstitions around me. I went to a healer who told me the energy in my work environment wasn’t right for an affiliate marketing professional and that was the reason I was failing in my career. I spent thousands of dollars in my already broke situation to follow all the instructions given by the healer.

I even changed my house. Yes, I started feeling light after the shift. When I wrote, the atmosphere change made a difference to my mood, and I was sure my work would rise to power now. With months passing by, the numbers did not increase. My ranking improved, but the money would just not come.

I was still in the same place I started off with a lost year. I learned the lesson the hard way.

My search for a savior found its solace when I met Kim, the fairygodmother. We had an instant connection because of our similar real estate backgrounds and our belief in Hope. Kim reminded me, “Your faith lies within you. You have to fight for yourself. Be strong, believe in your wrongs that they are a character of you. Learn, adapt, and grow from your experiences. When you are enriched from inside, is when you can pass it on” 

All this time, I was trying to find a fault outside, but I never tried to work on what was wrong with my writing. I took a month off. I tried to read what the people who actually were good were doing, where I was falling short minutely, and that is all that made the difference. I came back, I came back with what people wanted to know rather than what I wanted people to know. 

It is about how you can add value to your audience’s life. If you want them to spare a few minutes of their life to your writing, you have to make it worth it. If, in these few minutes, you manage to make a difference, you will definitely leave an impact. Once you have done your work, always keep hoping and never give up on what you believe.

In my newfound journey as a blogger and internet marketer, there are some SEO tools that helped me ace the system. These SEO tools changed the way I produced my content with minimum resources and maximum output. Within 3 months, I found my niche, I could finally educate people with my knowledge and earn while being good at it. I am not a billionaire, but I earn enough to live a happy, content life.

I use these SEO tools, and these are a part of my smart work, as much as I also rely on real experiences.

Here are some SEO tools that could make your writing better and worth it.

#1 AI Content Writing Tool

Artificial Intelligence is a buzz that is here to stay. Every SaaS developer is developing new methods to integrate AI into their end product. There are many who say AI will take over human employment, but that is not entirely true. AI is built to assist you in doing your work in a smarter and more accurate way. 


Frase is an AI writing tool that assists me in every writing process I undertake. There are so many times when you fall short of ideas, and you are just a ray of light. AI helps you in every step of writing. You never give up on research, but always keep a writing assistant handy when you know the work you produce has to get 100% output. Frase offers a free forever plan for the perfect trial that has been recently introduced as a part of their acquisition with a sister company.


Rytr is the best AI writer, content generator, and writing assistant. This tool can also help you write the perfect emails. This tool also facilitates text editing while writing; this helps you with new ideas, improved language, and an error-free brief at the end. The AI writer also assists in story plot generation and can generate the most amazing profile bios. I haven’t seen an AI as smart as Rytr. By using Rytr, you make sure to avoid the silly mistakes you make in your content, the grammar is good, and the sentences are most appropriate.

#2 Affiliate Marketing Program

The main purpose of affiliate marketing is to develop an all-win situation where the customer and the seller both benefit. As I grew in my journey of writing and being an internet marketer, I also needed to generate revenue; I needed brands with which I could resonate and have belief. I have used affiliate marketing programs that have paid me a 30% recurring commission every year for genuine customers. It was a joy as I also trusted these brands, which were great for users.

Two of the best ways to be a part of affiliate marketing programs is:

  1. Apply directly to the affiliate marketing program
  2. Join an affiliate marketing partnership network

A. Apply directly to affiliate marketing programs:

 When you check the end of the homepage of an official website of a brand, most often, you find the ‘Affiliate Program’ mentioned in the tabs. All you have to do is follow the instructions, fill out the details, and your application is submitted. Once you receive the approval from the brand, you can start using the affiliate link and start generating valuable content around it. 

Pro tip: Choosing partnerships that generate a recurring commission is the best way to go for beginners.

B. Join an affiliate marketing partnership network:

An affiliate marketing network is a collection of affiliate marketing programs that are comprised of multiple brands that offer affiliate partnerships on the platform. When you become a member of the platform (it is free of cost), you get to apply to various affiliate marketing programs from a single platform. The affiliate marketing programs network takes care of all the statistical data and acts as a perfect medium between the brand and the affiliate partner. 

Two of the most used affiliate marketing program platforms of 2023 are:

Impact Radius 

Impact Radius is an affiliate marketing program platform with the most popular brands and huge options of categories. Searching and applying for a partnership on this platform is simple. Impact records performance statistics of every program for the affiliate marketing or internet marketer and presents overall performance for any selected time period. Impact does not have restrictions on applying for affiliate marketing programs and provides chat options between partners.


Partnerstack is very particular regarding their companies, and they make sure only the best-performing affiliate marketing partners or internet marketers get network opportunities. They have a strict background check of every business provider and incoming affiliate marketing candidate. The dedicated dashboard for every affiliate marketing program makes it very easy to monitor individual performance and maintain the connection between the affiliate partnerships. 

Both these platforms have the best of the brands and offer a very systematic window for affiliate marketing and Internet marketing.

#3 SEO Tools

The power of SEO Tools is most underrated, and yet they make all the difference. SEO tools are helpful in the following ways:

  1. Seo tools help in analyzing the keyword traffic, difficulty level, competition, related keywords, identifying high-converting keywords, and a lot more.
  2. SEO tools review the performance of your online website or domain, presenting the statistics for a detailed analysis of strengths and shortcomings. 
  3. SEO tools measure the ranking of your keywords and track the progress. SEO tools also give suggestions for better-performing SEO methods.
  4. SEO tools provide features such as on-page optimization, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, site audits, and social media analysis.

There are a lot of SEO tools in the market and a lot of different things these SEO tools can do, but the ones that are highly accurate and make the best investment are SEMRUSH and SERPSTAT.


SEMrush is a comprehensive and widely used digital marketing tool and SEO tool that offers a suite of features to help businesses and digital or internet marketers optimize their online presence, analyze competitors, and improve their search engine rankings. It’s designed to provide actionable insights and data-driven strategies for various aspects of online marketing, including SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, content marketing, social media, and more.


SERPstat is a multifunctional SEO (search engine optimization) tool and digital marketing tool designed to assist businesses, marketers, and SEO professionals in optimizing their online presence, analyzing competitors, and enhancing their search engine rankings. It provides a range of features and insights that help users and internet marketers make informed decisions and develop effective strategies for various aspects of affiliate marketing.

#4 Content Editing Tool

A big part of affiliate marketing is to make interesting content for the viewers. Creating content in the most innovative way takes creativity, skill, and a dash of technology. There are some graphic interfaces that assist the internet marketer, and affiliate marketing programs do their best within a few clicks. Here are some of the vastly versatile software that make your life easy.


Canva is a popular online graphic design platform that empowers individuals, businesses, and creators to design a wide range of visual content easily and efficiently, even without extensive design experience. Launched in 2012, Canva offers a user-friendly interface and a diverse selection of SEO tools, templates, and assets that make it accessible to both beginners and experienced designers. It aims to democratize design by enabling users to create professional-looking graphics for various purposes without the need for complex software or technical skills. 


InVideo is a versatile online video editing platform that empowers individuals, businesses, and content creators(or internet marketers) to produce high-quality videos quickly and easily, even without extensive video editing experience. Launched in 2017, InVideo offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of tools, templates, and resources that make video creation accessible to users with varying levels of expertise. Its new AI tool that allows text to script or video output is a game changer. Apart from this, Invideo has a huge range of stock images available for use.

#5 Link Cloaking Tool

Link cloaking is very important to keep the visitor’s trust. Link cloaking software disguises the original link into a customized link or URL that takes the user to a specific destination. In affiliate marketing, customer trust is everything, and a link cloaking tool lets you use an affiliate link without the customers having a hitch about clicking on a link. 

Thirsty Affiliates 

Thirsty Affiliate is an excellent link cloaking software that works best for wordpress. Once you sign up, a thirsty affiliate guides you through every step. It may look a little complicated for beginners yet it is worth all the efforts. Thirsty Affiliates offers features that streamline the process of affiliate tracking, tracking clicks, and enhancing link management within the WordPress environment.

#6 Social Media Posting Tool

Today, no promotion is complete without announcements, drama, and some noise. Being active on social platforms is a prima facie requirement, and keeping up with all the socials could be time-consuming. Smart technology has another SEO tool to solve the issue. There is software that lets you post collectively on all your social platforms from a single window. You can even schedule your posts for the entire month and stay free of the worry of the social posting calendar. 

Social Pilot

SocialPilot is a social media management and scheduling platform that assists individuals, businesses, and marketing teams in efficiently managing their social media presence across various platforms. Launched in 2014, SocialPilot offers a suite of features designed to streamline social media activities, enhance engagement, and optimize content distribution.

#7 Landing Page Tool

A landing page is a different page created as a gateway between the affiliate marketing link and the main website. Creating a landing page with the details of the website and the affiliate marketer creates a rich user experience that’s trustworthy. Landing pages are exclusive direct SEO tools that are very effective in collecting the basic details of visitors and converting visitors into links. 

Click Funnels 

This SEO tool (landing page tool) provides templates, customization options, drag-and-drop editor, integrations, a form builder, an analytics tool, and SEO optimizations that help users create high-converting landing pages within a few clicks without requiring coding or design skills. 

Click funnels is easy to use, beginner-friendly, and works very smoothly across multiple platforms.

#8 Live Chat Software

A chat software is a must for every business or service website. Having an on-the-go available live chat feature makes visitors comfortable with the website. A live chat software facilitates live issue resolutions for all the queries of visitors, making them a party to support privilege. It is a communication tool that connects users in real time. 

Live Chat 

As the name goes, Live Chat is a leading software that connects with your website and lets you connect with inquiries immediately. It is the most trusted live chatting software in 2023. It provides real-time messaging, website integration, predefined responses, agent consoles, chat widgets, file and attachment sharing, analytics, and reporting.

#9 Themes 

Themes enhance the appearance of your website and, at the same time, provide you with important templates, widgets, forms, graphics, colors, backgrounds, media, styles, fonts, and many other important aspects of a website. They are the basis of a website, and having the right theme decides the entire look of a website. Here is a theme software that lets you maximise your conversions by providing the most versatile yet most appropriate themes.

Thrive Themes

Thrive themes suite has the best reputation as wordpress themes for bloggers and internet marketers. They come with a host of plugins and themes that best optimize your website, being one of the smartest SEO tools. The use of thrive themes in affiliate marketing programs enhances user engagement, conversions, and leads.

#10 Email marketing software

An email marketing software is a must advertising strategy for the growing online markets. As the world is going digital, the tools of marketing need to get better and customized. An email marketing software acts as a single tool with multiple facilities right from creating email leads, managing email lists, scheduling emails, keeping track of success rates, and making landing pages. A email marketing software helps in targeting emails and enhancing sales by providing a regular reminder of the customer and seller relationship. It also facilitates sending automated emails for special occasions, promotions, campaigns, feedback, and festivals.

Constant Contact

Constant contact runs the best email campaigns, getting maximum conversion through digital marketing.  It has an excellent analytical network to manage, create, and optimize all emails through its various tools. Constant Contact provides the widest range of features in the email marketing business. It is a well-established and well-known software with experience. It has a strict spam policy facilitating responsible marketing.


Moosend is a rising email marketing software that does pretty well in the cheapest price range. It is great for beginners and easy to understand. Moosend also lets you create landing pages and maintain auto-responses for emails. 

All these SEO tools are best for use and, at the same time, offer very good affiliate marketing programs. You can affirm their functionalities and happily profess the SEO tools to make your networks gain from their most elated features. 

I do not assure you billions of dollars of income, but I can assure you if you are consistent, if you trust your knowledge, if you have the patience to keep producing meaningful content, you will definitely have a successfully running business, and that will get you sustainable income for long term.


semrush seo

Sales is the turning point of every business. Online search is the first point in every customer’s buying process. To be able to sell, you need to be seen and make your business presence felt. Your website has to offer value to every customer that visits. Doing good business is your job; getting that business to you is what Semrush SEO will do for you.

What Is Semrush SEO? 

Semrush is the most popular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool of 2023 that helps your website rocket its position in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Using fair digital marketing practices helps a business sustain itself in the long term, and Semrush is a complete digital marketing solution package to handle all your digital marketing needs.

Semrush SEO offers tools such as keyword search and analysis, competitor analysis, performance reporting, ad optimization, tracking keyword rank, monitoring local listings, and many more. The results by Semrush are accurate and come with suggestive options. 

Who Needs Semrush SEO? 

It is 2023, and if you are not online, you are missing on the real business. An SEO tool is useful for every business; it only upscales your online positions and does no harm in any way whatsoever. Everyone today needs SEO, be it bloggers, startups, small, medium, or large businesses, professionals(at all levels and varied professions), educators, the service sector, the hospitality sector, food and beverages sector; each and everyone needs to grow their business online, and hence all of them need SEO for their audience to grow. 

The market is highly competitive; even for old, established businesses, it is essential to have an online presence for validation. The better the business, the more expectations on them. In a world where a baby gets social media recognition even before he/she starts walking, the future is widely online.

The SEO wave is not going to stop and is going to make the market even more intense. Merit and technique are the survival kits, and if you cannot keep up with the trending market trends, the market shall move ahead within no time, leaving you behind. This also is the best time for customers as they get data on all their questions about anything and everything within their reach. Privacy causes a hitch, and hence, being trustworthy counts in this online world.

How to use Semrush for free? 

Semrush comes with four packages, the base being a free plan. The free account gives very restricted access to the features of Semrush SEO. This is a fair opportunity for beginners to evaluate the software before investing in it. Apart from the free account, Semrush also offers a free trial of all its plans for seven days. A Semrush free trial differs from a permanent Semrush free account as the trial requires you to submit credit card details. The subscription can be canceled anytime if the user does not see potential in taking it further with the services. 

Have a look at the plan options available on Semrush here:

Creation of a free account on Semrush is very easy; here are the steps you need to follow when creating your Semrush account the first time:


When you first arrive on the homepage, the website offers a free trial of the Semrush tool kits. It takes you to the sign-up page where you can either log in through your Google account or email address. You receive an activation code on your entered email address. Once you enter the email ID, Semrush SEO tries to understand your needs with a few questions so as to provide you with the most customized flow. The digital marketing solutions are planned through questions like the time you have been around in the industry, the amount you plan on spending on SEO, and a description of your company status. After these questions, Semrush SEO offers the most suited plans and tools that you may like. If you select one of the plans and proceed with the trial, you will be prompted for further details, including the credit card data. This will begin your free 7-day trial before your selected plan gets operational. 

In case you want to use Semrush without credit card details or wanna work with a free account only, here are the steps:

Option 1:

In the above trial steps, when you click on skip the trial tab, right at the last step you are led to your free Semrush account dashboard. Semrush free account dashboard shows SEO, local SEO, Advertising, Social media, Content marketing, trends, agency solutions, and management.

For a deeper understanding, you can also request a demo from Semrush by filling in your details and purpose.

Option 2:

Directly click on start trial at the end of the home page, which shall direct you to the free sign-up page. As represented by the image below.

The main dashboard displays the competitor’s analysis and my projects. Here, you can create projects, segregate them, and start your research process on each project you use for digital marketing solutions.


Semrush offers a vast range of features, and understanding each one of them all at once is difficult. Here is a brief description of all the features that Semrush offers to provide you with digital marketing solutions:

#1 SEO

On the SEO toolkit, the first step is to enter your domain address so that Semrush SEO can fetch all your available data for analysis. The SEO toolkit contains Domain Overview, Traffic Analytics, Organic Research, Keyword Gap, Backlink Gap, Keyword Overview, Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Manager, Position Tracking, Organic Traffic Insights, Backlink Analytics, Backlink Audit, Link Building Tool, Bulk Analysis, Site Audit, Listing Management, SEO Content Template, On-Page SEO Checker, and Log File Analyzer. Each feature does a special task and eventually leads your SEO profile to improve while giving you the best digital marketing solutions.

  • Keyword Research: 

Semrush SEO provides a robust keyword research tool that helps you discover relevant keywords for your website. You can find keywords with high search volume, understand their competitiveness, and identify long-tail keywords that can drive targeted traffic.

  • Competitor Analysis: 

Semrush SEO allows you to analyze your competitors’ websites to gain insights into their organic search strategies. You can discover their top-ranking keywords, backlinks, and traffic sources, which can help you identify opportunities and improve your own strategy.

  • Site Audit: 

The site audit feature scans your website for technical issues, on-page SEO problems, and other issues that might affect your search engine rankings. It provides recommendations to improve your site’s health and performance.

  • Backlink Analysis: 

Semrush SEO helps you analyze your backlink profile and those of your competitors. You can assess the quality of your backlinks, identify potentially harmful links, and discover new link-building opportunities.

  • On-Page SEO: 

This feature provides suggestions for optimizing your website’s on-page elements, including meta tags, headings, content, and internal linking. It helps ensure that your pages are optimized for target keywords.

  • Position Tracking: 

You can track your website’s rankings for specific keywords in search engine results over time. This feature helps you monitor your SEO progress and identify trends for digital marketing solutions.

  • Content Audit: 

Semrush SEO helps you evaluate the performance of your content by analyzing factors such as traffic, backlinks, and social shares. You can identify high-performing content and areas for improvement.

  • SEO Writing Assistant: 

This tool provides real-time recommendations as you write content, ensuring that your articles are optimized for SEO. It suggests improvements related to readability, target keywords, and overall content quality.

  • Technical SEO Toolkit: 

Semrush SEO offers various tools to address technical SEO issues, including crawl errors, site speed optimization, mobile-friendliness, and structured data implementation.

  • Local SEO Tools: 

Semrush SEO provides features to help businesses with local SEO efforts. You can manage your Google My Business profile, track local rankings, and optimize for location-specific keywords.

  • Ranking Distribution: 

This feature helps you visualize how your website’s rankings are distributed across different search result positions. It can provide insights into your overall search visibility.

  • Content Strategy: 

Semrush SEO offers tools to help you plan and execute your content strategy. You can identify content gaps, discover trending topics, and analyze the performance of your existing content.

  • SERP Features Analysis: 

Semrush SEO lets you analyze search engine results pages (SERPs) to understand which features (such as featured snippets, knowledge panels, etc.) appear for your target keywords.

#2 Local SEO

Local SEO comes with Listing management, Review management, Position tracking, Site Audit, and on-page SEO checker. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the practice of optimizing a website or online presence to improve its visibility in local search results on search engines like Google. The primary goal of local SEO tools is to make it easier for businesses to be found by people who are searching for products or services in a specific geographic area, such as a city or region. Local SEO tool is particularly important for businesses that have a physical storefront or operate in a specific location. 

  • Local Keyword Research: 

Semrush SEO allows you to research and identify keywords that are relevant to your local business. You can discover keywords that local customers use to search for products or services in your area. This can help you tailor your content and optimization strategies to match local search intent and scale up your digital marketing solutions.

  • Competitor Analysis: 

You can analyze the local SEO strategies of your competitors using Semrush SEO. This includes insights into their local keywords, backlinks, and rankings. Understanding your competitors’ approaches can help you identify areas for improvement and potential opportunities.

  • Local Citation Audit and Management: 

Semrush SEO offers features to help you manage and audit your business citations across various online directories and platforms. Consistent and accurate citations are important for local SEO and a part of digital marketing solutions by Semrush.

  • Local Rank Tracking: 

You can track your business’s local search rankings for specific keywords and locations. This helps you monitor your progress over time and understand how well your local SEO efforts are performing.

  • Local Backlink Analysis: 

Backlinks from local websites and directories can positively impact your local SEO. Semrush provides insights into your local backlink profile and helps you identify potential sources for local backlinks.

  • On-Page SEO Optimization: 

Semrush’s tools offer on-page optimization recommendations specific to local SEO. This could include optimizing your website’s content, meta tags, and headings with local keywords.

  • Local Content Ideas: 

Semrush SEO suggests content ideas that are relevant to your local audience. Creating content that addresses local topics and interests can help you connect with your community and provide digital marketing solutions.

  • Review Management: 

Managing online reviews is crucial for local businesses. Semrush’s tools help you monitor and respond to reviews across different platforms.

#3 Advertising

The advertising dashboard gives market analysis in the form of domain overview, advertising research, display advertising, and PLA research. Keyword research for keyword gaps, keyword magic tools, keyword managers, PPC keyword tools, ADS history, and position tracking for ad tracking are also a part of Semrush digital marketing solutions. 

In Semrush, advertising-related features primarily focus on PPC advertising and competitive analysis. Here’s how advertising works within the Semrush software:

  • PPC Advertising Research and Analysis: 

Semrush provides tools to help you research and analyze your competitors’ PPC (pay per click) campaigns, keywords, ad copies, and more. You can gain insights into which keywords your competitors are bidding on, the ad copies they use, and even estimate their ad budgets and performance metrics.

  • Keyword Research for Ads: 

Semrush SEO allows you to perform keyword research specific to your PPC campaigns. You can identify high-performing keywords, discover new keyword ideas, and analyze search volume, competition, and cost-per-click (CPC) data to make informed decisions about your ad targeting and digital marketing solutions.

  • Ad Copy Analysis: 

You can analyze the ad copies of your competitors to understand their messaging strategies. This provides digital marketing solutions and it can help you create more effective and engaging ad copies for your own campaigns.

  • Ad Position Tracking: 

Semrush can help you track your ad positions and monitor your competitors’ positions in search engine results for specific keywords. This information can help you assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and make necessary adjustments for digital marketing solutions.

  • Competitor Analysis: 

Semrush enables you to analyze your competitors’ advertising strategies, such as their top-performing keywords, ad budgets, and ad performance metrics. This information can help you identify opportunities to improve your own campaigns and accordingly devise digital marketing solutions.

  • Display Advertising Insights: 

Semrush provides insights into display advertising, including information about publishers, ad placements, and ad formats. This can be useful for businesses that are involved in display advertising campaigns.

  • PPC Campaign Management: 

While Semrush primarily focuses on providing insights and analysis, it also offers some features to help manage your PPC campaigns. These include tools for creating and optimizing ads, managing bids, tracking performance and providing typical digital marketing solutions.

  • Ad Budget Estimation: 

Semrush SEO offers estimations of competitors’ monthly ad budgets and expenditures based on their ad performance data.

#4 Social Media

The social media dashboard offers Social posters, social trackers, social analytics, social inboxes, and influencer analytics. With Semrush, you can create, schedule, and manage social media posts across various platforms from a single dashboard. This can help streamline your social media content publishing process.

  • Social Media Analytics: 

Semrush’s social media analytics tools can provide insights into the performance of your digital marketing solutions, social media posts, and profiles. You can track metrics such as engagement, likes, shares, comments, and follower growth.

  • Competitor Analysis: 

You can analyze the social media strategies of your competitors using Semrush. This includes insights into their top-performing content, posting frequency, engagement metrics, and follower demographics.

  • Social Trackers: 

This feature helps you monitor social media conversations and mentions related to your brand, products, or industry. Monitoring social mentions can provide valuable insights into customer sentiment and trends. Social trackers are a fair part of digital marketing solutions.

  • Influencer Marketing: 

Semrush offers tools to identify and analyze influencers in your industry or niche. This can help you identify potential collaborations and partnerships.

  • Content Performance Analysis: 

You can analyze the performance of your social media content, including which types of posts are generating the most engagement, the best times to post, and the platforms that are driving the most traffic. Content performance is a very valuable digital marketing tool.

  • Customizable Reports: 

Semrush’s social media tools can create customized reports showcasing your performance metrics. These reports can be useful for tracking progress and sharing insights with stakeholders. The reports highlight the key issues and help build greater digital marketing solutions.

  • Social Media Advertising Insights: 

Semrush SEO provides insights into social media advertising campaigns, including ad performance metrics, audience demographics, and competitor ad analysis.

  • Hashtag Analysis: 

Semrush’s tools could help you analyze the popularity and usage of hashtags in your industry or related to specific topics.

  • Social Media Audit: 

You can conduct an audit of your social media profiles to identify areas for improvement and optimization.

  • Social Media Trends and Monitoring: 

Social media monitoring plays a big part in coming up with the latest digital marketing solutions. Semrush provides insights into social media trends and monitoring of relevant topics, allowing you to stay informed about conversations and developments in your industry.

#5 Content Marketing

Content marketing offers Topic Research, SEO Content Template, SEO Writing Assistant, Brand Monitoring, ContentShake, AI Post Tracking, and Content Audit. 

  • Content Ideas and Research: 

Semrush’s content marketing tools provide insights into trending topics, relevant keywords, and content ideas within your industry. You can discover what topics resonate with your target audience, identify gaps in your content strategy, and come to promising digital marketing solutions.

  • SEO Content Template: 

Semrush SEO content template feature helps you create SEO-friendly content by recommending and optimizing your content for target keywords. It offers suggestions for headings, subheadings, keyword usage, etc. It is a part of full digital marketing solutions.

  • Content Audit: 

Semrush’s content audit tools assist you in evaluating the performance of your existing content. You can identify which pieces of content are driving traffic, engagement, and conversions and which might need improvement or updates.

  • Topic Research: 

This tool helps you explore a topic in-depth by providing a comprehensive overview of subtopics, related keywords, and questions your target audience asks.

  • Content Calendar and Scheduling: 

Semrush’s content marketing tools include a content calendar that allows you to plan, schedule, and manage your content publishing strategy. This can help you maintain consistency in your content efforts.

  • Content Performance Analytics: 

Track the performance of your content, including metrics such as pageviews, time on page, social shares, and engagement with Semrush SEO. This data helps you assess which content resonates with your audience and drives results and digital marketing solutions.

  • Content Optimization: 

Semrush SEO offers tools that help you optimize your content for both search engines and readers. This could include recommendations for improving readability, adding relevant images, and ensuring proper formatting.

  • Content Gap Analysis: 

You can identify gaps in your content strategy by comparing your content to that of your competitors. This can help you identify opportunities to create content that addresses topics not covered by your competitors.

#6 Trends

Semrush Trends comes with traffic analytics, market explorer, eye on, one2target, and traffic analytics API. Semrush SEO Trends is a competitive intelligence solution that provides businesses with digital marketing solution insights to identify new market realities and emerging trends to discover growth opportunities. It is available with paid Semrush subscriptions. It includes four tools and over a dozen reports that allow you to analyze any market, identify emerging trends, uncover competitor traffic stats, benchmark against the competition, conduct audience research, compare audience overlaps, automate competitive tracking, and more.

The key features of Semrush.Trends include:

  • Traffic Analytics: 

This tool gives you a full overview of any company’s online performance.

  • Market Explorer: 

This tool allows you to analyze both industry-based and organic competitors.

  • EyeOn: 

This tool provides real-time insights into your competitors’ online activities.

To get started with Semrush .Trends, you can begin with the Market Explorer tool, which allows you to analyze any industry, market, or niche. You can define your market in three ways: by domain, by keyword, or by industry. Once you have defined your market, you can use the tool to analyze your competitors, identify emerging trends, and benchmark against the competition. You can also set up automated email reports using the Email Report Settings button in the upper right-hand corner of the tool.

Overall, Semrush .Trends provide businesses with a comprehensive set of tools to conduct in-depth market research and competitor analysis.

#7 Agency Solutions

Agency solutions include lead generation through agency partners, lead finder, and bid finder, optimization, and automation through client portal, CRM, and My reports.

  • Multiple Projects Management: 

Semrush agency solutions are designed to help digital marketing agencies manage campaigns for multiple clients from a single dashboard. This includes the ability to track the performance of various clients’ websites and digital marketing activities.

  • Client Reporting: 

The agency solutions offer customizable reporting features that allow you to create branded reports for your clients. These reports can showcase key performance metrics, rankings, backlinks, traffic, and other relevant data in a clear and professional format.

  • Collaboration Tools: 

Agencies often work with multiple team members or external collaborators. The solutions offer collaboration features to manage team members’ roles, permissions, and tasks related to different client projects.

  • Client Onboarding and Training: 

Semrush’s agency solutions include resources and tools to help agencies onboard new clients smoothly and provide training for client teams who need to use the platform.

  • SEO and PPC Analysis: 

The agency solutions provide comprehensive SEO and PPC analysis tools to help agencies identify areas for improvement, track keyword rankings, analyze competitors, and optimize campaigns.

  • Content Marketing Tools: 

Semrush’s content marketing tools can be integrated into the agency solutions, allowing agencies to plan, create, and optimize content strategies for their clients.

  • Customer Support: 

The agency solutions include dedicated customer support to address agencies’ specific needs and provide assistance when setting up and managing campaigns.

  • Training and Resources: 

Semrush offers training sessions, webinars, and resources to help agencies make the most of the platform and enhance their digital marketing efforts.

Step 3: Using The Account

Once you log in, understanding all the features at once could be overwhelming.  It generally takes some time for a new user to understand how it works. All kinds of tutorials and databases are available for Semrush that help get your domain progress. Utilizing each feature gradually proves to be the most useful digital marketing solution, and using Semrush gets fast with time. It is a time-saving device that gives results or long-term benefits. The plans of Semrush can be upgradable anytime as per needs.


A free account has restrictions, and all the features are not available for use. A user can perform only upto ten actions for a keyword search every day.  Also, the project has a single project limitation for most features, such as that of site audit.



  1. Semrush free account is available for an unrestricted time period.
  2. Semrush SEO is highly accurate in its search results and provides specific, latest data.
  3. Semrush offers a suite of tools that cover various aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, and more. This makes it a versatile solution for managing different aspects of your online presence.
  4. Semrush helps you grow your business by providing support and handling all the digital marketing tools.
  5. The tools provided by Semrush SEO are highly effective and latest.
  6. Semrush SEO has the best features and is a complete package satisfying all digital marketing needs from a single point.


  1. Semrush’s pricing might be a bit high for smaller businesses or individual users. The different tiers can vary significantly in terms of features and capabilities.
  2. Due to its comprehensive nature, Semrush can have a learning curve, especially for users who are new to digital marketing. It might take some time to fully grasp all the features and how to use them effectively.
  3. Depending on your subscription tier, there might be limitations on the amount of data you can access or the number of projects you can manage.
  4. Analyzing so much data takes time; the results of Semrush are slower as compared to Google.

When your website gets recognition, and you start ranking for the desired keywords on a search engine, you will attract 70% of the web traffic as potential customers. After this point, the ball is in the court of the sales team to determine how well they break the deal and how well they handle the customers. Try Semrush for 7 days and testify the changes in your sales.

(To hire the best team, check out our blog on the Recruitment software that connects you to the world’s best workforce.) 

To witness the magic of Semrush, click the button below: 

5 Incredible Reasons Animoto Is The Best Free Video Editing Software Of 2023


Every day there are a growing number of content creators; in 2023, digital growth has seen a leap like never before. Right from young children to the elderly, all are technology-driven; nothing keeps them away from following their dream.

Animoto is an online video editor software that gives wings to your dream of video making. A simple video may get a response, but an edited video with effects, transitions, music, or voiceover proves to be the need of the hour. 

You do not have to spend a fortune on your dream to keep it alive; Animoto helps you take baby steps. It’s free video software that lets you create any number of videos or use the slideshow maker as you wish. Animoto needs to earn to survive; the premium features are only a part of the paid plan, but if you need the premium features, you mean business, and if you earn some, you invest some.  

Here are the top 5 reasons you need to invest your time and money in Animoto online video editor:

#1 Cloud-Based Service

Animoto is the best video editing service, and yet you do not need to reserve space for it on your computer. Yes, the editing software is completely cloud-based software, and there is no need to download it and store it on your device. This free video editing software provides you with a unique login credential to operate the software over the internet from anywhere. All the data is completely available from around the globe on the go. 

A downside to this is the online video editor is it is not available offline to work without an internet connection. 

#2 Free Video Editing

Animoto is completely free to sign-up and free to use. You do not need to insert any card details or business details to work on the online video editor. A user can create any number of videos, add music, access the Getty images, add captions, edit effects and transitions, edit the length of the video, and do so much with the free video editing software. Users can record a video directly or even record the screen with voiceover. Animoto offers square, landscape, and vertical orientation options for selection. The free edited video comes with a watermark. Media Library by Getty offers a stock of videos and images that are very good quality without any extra payment. Animoto can be called the best video editing software for its best music library, and the music options are extremely compatible as well as unique with every kind of video that needs to be made. The free video editing also allows you to choose and change the color font from the many themes available.

#3 Beginner Friendly

The editing software comes with guided access for first-time users. The interface is very user-friendly and easiest to use among all the video editing software available in the market. Animoto is your go-to editing software for any kind of media need, be it for social media, youtube, image editing, personal use, educational projects, and so on. It is so easy to use even the kids can understand its tools and apply them quickly.  The Animoto guide is available on every step for reference. The symbols are simple to understand and use. Video making is quick with this online video-making software with just a few steps. The software offers tutorials on every topic that are easy to follow and learn.

You can only share the edited video using the software via social media or email; the edited video is not available for download. But the memories video can be downloaded even in high resolution without removing a watermark.

#4 Easy Slideshow

Making slideshows is an easy job with the best video editing software. All you need is to have a plan. Create slides within minutes with as many effects, text, images, and videos as you want. It is very easy to apply, and your multimedia slideshow will be ready. You can make a slideshow seamlessly with so many options available ready. The templates make the job easy and ready to use. Saving the videos in the draft and reworking them has never been easier on Animoto. 

#5 Custom Sharing

Once the user is done with online editing, the final video is ready to share directly on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Vimeo, Wistia, Smugmug, Hubspot, and many more. Link sharing is also available to facilitate easy sharing of the edited material. The paid subscription allows you to download any number of videos without a watermark. This direct sharing saves time and effort that are redundant for every video creation.

Animoto is the best video editing software of 2023; its top features are as follows:

  • You can add multiple songs to a single video with Animoto.
  • Animoto lets you record videos with screen and webcam recording together.
  • You can create your own templates and use them often for ease.
  • Media can be imported directly from Dropbox, drive, etc.
  • Audio can be fine-tuned as per the user’s needs.
  • Time-stamped commenting is available.
  • Various voiceover and text tools are available.
  • The Getty stock images is a huge storehouse of images and videos, which is like none other.
  • Cropping and trimming videos are super easy with adjustable tools.
  • Animoto offers three aspect ratios square, portrait, and landscape to choose from.
  • Custom fonts can be embedded.
  • The videos you create using Animoto are yours forever; there is a lifetime license over the edited videos.
  • The advanced subscription allows team sharing for the best working together.
  • The free video editing software can create promo videos, slideshow videos, social media videos, tutorial videos, special event videos, and even celebration videos. 

Pros and Cons:


  • The interface is straightforward; the tools are easily operatable by every user
  • Tutorials, guides, and help are available for all kinds of features
  • The pricing is very affordable, with the best features
  • The Slideshow download is available for free
  • The Animoto Blog offers a lot of knowledge to help users grow in their area of use of editing software.
  • Animoto caters to business, real estate, photography, E-commerce, education, and even non-profit organizations.
  • The search tab for templates makes finding the right match quick and easy.
  • A monthly plan is also available.


  • No video downloading option in the free version
  • An Animoto logo is present in all free videos
  • It offers basic editing and misses on super fine editing tools
  • The stock images are limited in the free plan

Animoto is the best free video editing software that is beginner friendly and very easy to use. The paid plans are also the most affordable that offer all the latest features at the minimum pricing. I do not see a reason for every user to try Animoto at least once for their media-related needs.

For a free subscription and plan inquiries, click the tab below:


Q. Is Animoto completely free?

Animoto offers a free subscription with the most features on the list. To use advanced features, the users need to upgrade their plans as per use and needs. 

Q. how to work on Animoto from different countries?

The Animoto account can be accessed from every country as it is a cloud-based server and completely available over the internet.

Q. What is the limit of downloading videos?

There is no limit on downloading or creating any number of videos on the paid plans. Also the free plan, you get the freedom of creating and sharing videos without any restrictions.

Q. How to remove the Animoto watermark and add your own company brand logo?

The watermark can be let off by upgrading to paid plans.  Adding branding to photos or videos is possible with a click of a button on all the paid plans.

Q. Is there a free trial available?

Animoto only offers a free subscription with basic features; there is no trial version of the paid plans; however, you get the open to cancel the subscription at any point in time.

Q. Can I share the software with my team?

No, only the professional plus plan offers team sharing with a maximum of 3 users; all the other plans cannot be shared. The pricing is very affordable, and individual plans for major creators of the team work well.

Q. Can I upgrade my plan in between?

Yes, you can upgrade the plan anytime; also, you can switch from a monthly to an annual plan, and the charges shall be applied on a pro-rata basis. Having said that, there is no provision for a downgrade of any plan.

Q. Does Animoto offer AI editing?

Animoto is purely a video editing software, and there is no provision for AI tools as yet. All the features make it up for the convenience of use.

Q. How to contact support on Animoto?

Animoto has a chat and email support available. Apart from this, there is a help desk, tutorials, a knowledge base, FAQ’s and forum.

Q. Does Animoto work well on Android?

The software is cloud-based software that can be accessible from any device. It works best on IOS devices.  

Liquid Web Review: Is It The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

managed wordpress

Managed WordPress websites give high performance and save you from the worries of technical functionalities, completely optimizing your website for maximum engagement. A managed server hosting is only offered by a few experienced web hosts with the scale and capacity to provide top-quality services. Liquid Web is on top whenever we hear about managed wordpress hosting.

A well-managed WordPress has to be tested for its speed, CDN, website caching, time to first byte (TTFB), automation, backups, email accounts, security, support, and other benefits. Liquid Web, on the whole, provides services of managed WordPress hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and woo commerce hosting. 

managed wordpress

We have tested the web hosting platform for all the parameters, and here is the honest review:

#1 Managed WordPress Hosting:

Liquid Web does not offer shared web hosting plans and is dedicated to giving great performance at fully managed wordpress. Managed wordpress is for websites where speed and performance make a lot of difference. 


Liquid Web’s managed server hosting provides air-tight security for the most secure and fastest wordpress hosting. For managed wordpress, it offers daily automatic backups and stores them for 30 days. The managed server hosting also includes automatic SSL for every website through the Liquid Web with no worries of configuration. Liquid Web is the most secure and fastest wordpress hosting as they raise and manage their own data centers. The managed server hosting also comes with iThemes Security Pro, which is a real-time security plugin dashboard for wordpress that is responsible for security monitoring 24/7 on your website.


The managed wordpress offers various plans, but the prices change as per the number of websites and storage capacity. The basic most plan Spark comes with 15 GB storage, one website, and 2 TB Bandwidth. For managed wordpress, Liquid Web has a reputation of 99.99992% uptime, which is the industry gold standard. Nginx, PHP 7, image compressions, and many other specific configurations make them the fastest wordpress hosting. The managed wordpress not only delivers the best performance, but the plugin performance monitor helps your website monitor and maintain that fast performance every day.

The plugins are tested by the managed server hosting team every night, so the website is always ahead and updated. The image optimization plugin improves page speed. 


The managed server is completely taken care of by Liquid Web engineered WordPress solutions. The managed wordpress server handles the infrastructure and updates all the plugins. The expert support team of the fastest wordpress hosting is available 24/7, day and night, to provide priority services to all its users. The team is very well equipped with managed wordpress hosting and troubleshooting for all kinds of queries and issues. Expect issue resolution within minutes for any and every query you have regarding your managed wordpress website. The managed wordpress server also offers free site migration by a completely expertise team. The support is available through phone, email, and chat and typically has solutions to every issue. 

Price plans:

The fastest wordpress hosting is expensive due to its great service quality. To view the different plans click on the link below:

#2 Dedicated Server Hosting:

Liquid Web is known globally for its dedicated server hosting services. It is highly customizable, where you can customize software, hardware, and even the operating system as per your needs. Liquid Web additionally offers managed dedicated server hosting for enhanced customer support and experience.


A dedicated server hosting is a private and most secure type of web hosting. Liquid Web gives you complete control over your security infrastructure and surety that no unauthorized user can access your data. There is standard DDoS Protection and Serversecure optimized advanced security to keep all your data safe. There is a pre-installed secondary drive for backups. 

The special plan even offers 250 GB Acronis cyber backup and a fully managed intrusion detection system. 


Liquid Web guarantees 100% uptime for its dedicated web hosting services; this is something hard to find and difficult to achieve. The turbo processor helps target frequency in times of demand by the CPU. This is well-known to boost the speed of the CPU’s performance. Cloudflare CDN allows users to load websites fast from anywhere they are placed with the help of cache servers. In matters of speed, you will not find a web host faster than Liquid Web. The SSD storage enables better server performance. The choice of popular data centers at Central US, West US, and EU Netherlands help achieve better speed as per specific areas of operations. 


The dedicated server allows full root access to maintain complete control over the website server. There is round-the-clock custom support available 365days, seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Liquid Web offers free-of-cost full-site migrations by their expert team.  

The team also supports 30-minute hardware replacement in case of failure with the security essentials bundle. The team is also behind around-the-clock sonar monitoring. 

Price Plan:

There is an option to choose between Linux and Windows server makes a differentiation in price values. Liquid Web is a premium-priced web hosting server for those websites where quality matters. For detailed plans of dedicated server hosting, tap the link below:

For the Pros and Cons of dedicated server hosting, tap the link below:

Liquid Web Pros and Cons

#3 Cloud Hosting

In cloud hosting, Liquid Web offers cloud dedicated servers and Private cloud hosting by VMware.

With cloud hosting, the focus is the on-demand availability of computer resources, such as systems, storage, and power computing, without the need for direct management from the user. 

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

The dedicated cloud hosting offers both Linux and Windows operating systems for selection. All the plans are inclusive of unlimited sites with InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Pro, Cloudflare CDN, DDoS attract protection, dedicated IP address, Gigabit uplinking, Root access, 100% uptime guarantee, and Acronis Backups. Cloud hosting has different range of cores, storage capacity, bandwidth, and storage types according to the cloud hosting plans. Various add-ons also enhance the performance. All cloud hosting plans come with 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email, root access, instant provisioning for a website, an integrated load balancer, and a firewall. 

Avail the latest offer on :

Private Cloud Hosting

With VMware, private cloud hosting gets options of possibilities such as Consolidation of Hosted & On-Prem Infrastructure, Powering Mission-Critical Workloads, SaaS, ERP, & Application Hosting, or Reseller Hosting. Liquid Web shall support you and walk you through every step of Private cloud hosting. It is a resource-based model where you shall be charged only for the resources used. It is the best form of managed cloud hosting, which is rare to find. To get detailed information on how the managed cloud hosting by Liquid Web works, click on the link below.

#4 Woo Commerce Managed Hosting

Liquid Web offers managed Woo Commerce for the best Woo Commerce experience for your website. The Woo Commerce hosting has features like advanced automation, plugin performance monitor, fast store load time, regular performance tests, and recapture partnership for actions on abandoned carts. Woo Commerce hosting by Liquid Web is fully optimized, provides end-to-end solutions, supports 24/7, and also helps with the migration of previous Woo-commerce websites. There is no better deal to ask for. The digital commerce cloud for managing Woo Commerce is packed with features and customization options. It is the most dynamic Woo commerce solution provided by a web host. To understand the features and plans, click the link below:

#5 Managed VPS Hosting

Liquid Web also offers managed VPS hosting that is the fastest and most reliable. With features such as a 10Gpbs network, unlimited sites with Interworx, Plesk, and cPanel options, Cloudflare CDN, Integrated firewall and standard server-secure advanced security, root access, easy scalability, dedicated IP address, and many more, the managed VPS hosting is the best solution for a hybrid hosting server.

Check out the VPS hosting plans below:

Liquid Web, without a doubt, is best at providing managed hosting services. Be it managed wordpress, managed cloud hosting, fully managed VPS hosting, or managed woo commerce hosting, Liquid Web stands apart for its services. Apart from the managed server hosting, Liquid Web also aces Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. With the gold standard uptime guarantee, extra performance plugins, and special features, it can be claimed without any doubt that Liquid Web is the fastest managed wordpress hosting.


Q. How to update plugins on wordpress?

It is important to keep the wordpress plugins updated for best performance. With Liquid Web managed server hosting, you need not worry about updates as it automatically updates all your plugins. If you wish to update the plugins manually, you can do it through your wordpress admin dashboard or via FTP.

Q. What are the PHP limits, and how to change these limits?

PHP limits are the available memory to write wordpress website scripts to run efficiently. You can change the PHP limit as per your needs from the WP toolkit in cPanel or Plesk. Alternatively, you login into your account via SSH and command the php.ini file. If you are completely new at this, you can always contact support and get it sought manually.

Q. Which OS is better, Linux or Windows, for wordpress?

Linux is open-source software and is more popular, whereas Windows is built and supported by Microsoft and not open-source. Choosing between both depends on the features and budget of web hosting. Since wordpress runs on PHP, Linux is easier to configure, but Window is a much more familiar OS. The choice depends on the website’s needs, compatibility, and experience.

Q. What security measures do I need to take with managed wordpress?

You do not need to worry about the security of your website with managed wordpress by Liquid Web. There are layers of security, SSLs, DDoS protection, and regular backups to keep your website the most secure. Other than this, there are safe plugins available that can be installed to add extra layers of security.

Q. Why are the Liquid Web prices high?

Liquid Web charges premium rates for its services in exchange for the high quality of services they provide. Their 100% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 support, high-speed performance, and best security measures are hard to match with any other managed server hosting. They also maintain their own data centers to keep the data privacy and security of the client to the highest level.

Q. What are the benefits of dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated hosting is for large traffic websites, where data privacy or security is crucial, and there is a need for customization and control over server. Dedicated servers need expert handling and prove to be the most expensive type of web host.

What is managed cloud computing?

Cloud computing is another name for Cloud hosting. In managed cloud hosting, users get to focus on their business, where the management and infrastructure of the server are completely taken care of by the cloud hosting company. It is the most popular form of cloud hosting.

Q. How to customize the Woo theme on the wordpress website?

You can directly switch to the new Woo commerce theme of your choice or use the Woo Builder to apply changes to the theme. You will have to follow the guidance from the blogs or support to customize wordpress themes manually.

Q. How can I maximize the speed of my website?

The various ways to increase website performance are reducing HTTP requests, compressing images, limiting heartbeat API, minifying styles and HTML, using a static cache, applying CDN, and optimizing the database in a content management system.

Q. How does managed server hosting work?

Managed server hosting is where the hosting company manages the systems and applications on behalf of the customer. It is the next step in server hosting and relieves the customer from technical management, providing them more time to focus on business without having to maintain expertise and knowledge. 

Hostgator Review: Test For The Best Web Host

web host

A web host provides a home to the website; the web server is where all the data related to a website is stored and maintained by the hosting providers in exchange of money. Hostgator is to website what bread is to butter. Hostgator is one of the very prominent web hosts in the US that provides all the necessary features with paramount safety at affordable prices.

You could choose any web hosting service, but we will tell you why to choose HostGator as your web hosting company.


#1 Reliability

A website needs to be reliable from all terms of service. Be it security, uptime, support services, contract fulfillment, or informing about changes in terms and prices. All this makes a web host reliable for a website. Reliability can also be viewed as security. Hostgator gives free SSL certificate. SSLs are signified by the URL, which is hosted on HTTPS and not HTTP here, the extra ‘S’ is for Security. 

Hostgator web hosting company also provides DDoS protection which in simple terms, is a Denial-of-service attack to stall the website from functioning through cyber-attacks.  Another important factor of reliability is firewalls and backups. Hostgator firewalls protect against high network-level flood protection. The data centers are located in the US, adding an extra layer of security to the hosting provider. The best host Hostgator takes weekly backups and stores data for only one week. The terms of backup can be changed as per the type of web hosting service and the web hosting company plan you are using.

Best hosting is reliable hosting, and Hostgator passes the test here.

#2 After-Sales Service

Hosting Providers often tend to neglect after-sales services. For a web hosting service business that is recurrent, in order to maintain customers for a long time, it is very important to give good after-sales service. Hostgator is punctual in periodic service reminders and has great chat and phone support that is available 24/7. The hosting provider allows switching between SSD storage to HDD storage; not only this, you can easily upgrade or downgrade any of the web hosting service plans at any time of the year. Best hosting is always determined by the service received after the sale is made. Hostgator will support you at every step of the setup of your website; the one-click installs of this web hosting company are convenient and beginner friendly.

Hostgator web hosting company makes an outstanding performance in terms of web hosting after-sales service.

#3 Affordability

A hosting provider becomes the best host only when it stands the test of service with affordability. There are a number of web hosts who provide very good hosting services, but their renewal rates are sky-high. It is always advisable to compare the prices of a web hosting service after the offer period is over. Hostgator web host gives 30 day money-back guarantee and has the lowest rates after renewal when compared with the top best hosts. 

Hostgator web hosting company is known as the best hosting due to its variety of options in pricing plans where there is something for everyone. Also, the shared hosting plans of web hosting have features like five websites, 40GB disk space, unmetered bandwidth, free domain for one year, one-click wordpress install, email, phone, and chat support, $500 Google ad credit, $100 Microsoft advertising credit all for $4.50/mo. Hostgator also offers options like SEO tools and unlimited disk space on higher plans.

In spite of great affordability, the web hosting company does lack certain important features in their popular plans like Cloudflare CDN, Dedicated IP, and website migration. Many hosting providers give these features for free, and HostGator lacks behind in this regard. All in all, HostGator web hosting company is very affordable if the features requirements are basic and for small and medium businesses.

#4 Speed

A website’s speed decides the number of customers the website makes or loses within seconds. Typically 50% of the websites are abandoned if they take more than 3 seconds to load. A web host plays the most dominant role in the speed of a website. Apart from this, the Uptime, which is the amount of time the hosting provider server is up and running, also makes a mark in customer reaction. 

A single ‘server not available’ notification could drive away millions of customers and may incur business losses to the websites. Apart from this, CDN improves the web server performance as it stores cached data at multiple locations, which can be made available to users very quickly. Lastly, the website speed does get affected to a point by the location of the web host server for the time taken for data transfer.

Hostgator our web host boasts a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and we have tested it to be true. The average loading speed of Hostgator hosting providers is 1.03 seconds, and that is commendable for web hosting services. On Hostgator, web hosting company the CDN is available but as an add-on feature that requires an extra payment. But they charge as their CDN service is worth it; the hosting provider’s CDN servers are well distributed and are present all over North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  The hosting provider has data centers only in the US and is known as the best host in the USA.

In matters of speed, HostGator holds to be leading and greatly efficient.

#5 Storage

A disk space is the measure of room available on a server for storing all the contents of a website, from images, videos, texts, code, databases, and everything else. A good storage space leads to creativity and the expansion of the website possible. Most websites need a maximum of 10GB storage space for reasonable content storage. Many web hosting providers give unlimited disk space, which is unused and unnecessary. Hostgator web hosting company provides 10 GB, 40 GB, and unlimited storage on its different plans. 

The type of storage Hostgator gives is HDD which may be old technology, but that is what makes it affordable. The web service provider does offer SSD storage, and the storage is expandable as per the requirements of the customers. The best part is the flexibility to choose between the storage types according to personal use. The storage space is good enough and adjustability for the best hosting.

#6 Features

The web host covers all the necessary features in their cheapest plan that a normal website needs to function. Features are enhancements that a web hosting service gives to its users as a part of a plan. 

Hostgator offers:

Shared Hosting

The shared plan of a web hosting company has three plans having features like Website, Unmetered bandwidth, Good disk space, Unlimited email addresses, Phone and chat support, 1st-year domain registration free, free domain transfers, free one-click WordPress installation, and free SSL certificate. All the plans on web host company have the latest cPanel hosting control, advanced email tools, unlimited subdomains, multiple support of programming languages, and extra web hosting service of one-click install for applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Wiki hosting.     

On the Business plan, there are extra Google ads and Microsoft ads credit, Dedicated IP, CDN, MySQL and script transfer, SEO tools, positive SSL upgrades, addon parked domains, and free professional website migration. The business plan has got all the features and is still not pricey.   

WordPress Hosting

The wordpress plans of the best host are just like shared hosting but are specially designed for hosting wordpress websites. They are optimized for wordpress specific security measures, extra scalability, speed optimizations, backups, and auto updates. Most web hosts offer wordpress hosting, which is easy to manage and offers special perks. The WordPress web hosting services are a bit more expensive due to their customized features.

Hostgator web hosting company offers one site, 100,000 visitors per month, 1GB backups, free SSL, and a free domain in their starter plan as a wordpress hosting provider. The wordpress is advanced layers of security, free migrations of sites, and, most importantly, ready-to-use wordpress already installed. It is the most specific and easy hosting that gives very good speed.

We would test hostgator wordpress web hosting positively.

Dedicated Hosting 

Dedicated hosting reserves the entire server for your business and its applications or websites. It is entirely a personal server, where you get to reap the benefits of managed web host without having to share resources. Dedicated server web hosting services are highly expensive. They should be selected only when the amount of data traffic is huge, or the data privacy of the website is very, very crucial.

Hostgator offers 4 core/8 thread processors that are enough for 90% of users; Intel Xeon-D CPU is known for workload-optimized performance in power and space-constrained surroundings, 8 GB RAM, which is quite enough for most web developments, 1 TB HDD is solid storage, unmetered bandwidth allows unlimited upload and download of data on the website (although the website traffic shall be measured), and option of using Linux or Windows operating system and their supporting language respectively on their Value Server web hosting services plan. 

VPS Hosting

Hostgator hosting provider offers VPS hosting with 2GB RAM, two core CPUs,  120 GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth on the Snappy 2000 plan. VPS hosting is expensive and is meant for advanced users. Hostgator is an experienced player in VPS hosting and is one of the few hosting providers who have real knowledge about how to manage VPS hosting.

Reseller Hosting

Not all web hosting companies offer reseller hosting, but Hostgator does. It is a business that supports further business. Hostgator has reasonable support and features for reseller web hosting services.

A detailed description of the features of each plan can be found in the following link.

#7 Website Builder

The Website Builder by Hostgator web hosting service is completely user-friendly and helps you create a best-hosted website within minutes. The hosting provider allows the creation of email accounts with your domain name using the control panel (cPanel). The cPanle is just like a desktop dashboard providing all the popular features placed rightly. The website builder is offered in four types of offer plans, each having some additional features. The website + marketing plan encompasses a DIY website builder with a built-in blog, a large number of mobile-optimized templates, a free domain, a private domain, and an SSL certificate. Unlimited appointment schedules, reminders, and online payments and deposits are remarkable features useful for busy professionals. 

There are separate website builder options, namely the online store and online marketplaces, that are specially designed to support ECommrce websites. These plans present the best of the features making the website builder perfect for the best host. 

#8 Customer Support

The ticket-raising system during downtime or any issue with the website makes the support service dependable. The customer support offered is a phone and live chat 24/7. The support does take some waiting during high load, but the solutions provided are good to resolve all the queries. The knowledge base and blogs cover almost all the queries that a customer might regard useful while using the web host.

The support offered by the best host is reasonable but could be improved with lesser waiting time.

#9 Domain

Hostgator is the best hosting in terms of domain registration. The domain registration is quick and readily available. You can register new domains or transfer domains very easily with the hosting provider. Hostgator exclusively offers Top Level Domains (TLD) to its users as a part of their web hosting services. The hosting provider offers tips and tricks to choose the right domain and also helps you maintain it. The pricing starts from $12.95/year for only domain services. The web hosting company Hostgator is at the top when it comes to Domains. 

There are a large number of web hosts offering their own set of web hosting services all across the globe. A web host with a global presence supports the customers in times of need and charges only according to the useful features and holds as the best host. Hostgator has stood the test of time to be the best host and offers good web hosting services for small and medium business websites even today. 

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