Hostgator Review: Test For The Best Web Host

web host

A web host provides a home to the website; the web server is where all the data related to a website is stored and maintained by the hosting providers in exchange of money. Hostgator is to website what bread is to butter. Hostgator is one of the very prominent web hosts in the US that provides all the necessary features with paramount safety at affordable prices.

You could choose any web hosting service, but we will tell you why to choose HostGator as your web hosting company.


#1 Reliability

A website needs to be reliable from all terms of service. Be it security, uptime, support services, contract fulfillment, or informing about changes in terms and prices. All this makes a web host reliable for a website. Reliability can also be viewed as security. Hostgator gives free SSL certificate. SSLs are signified by the URL, which is hosted on HTTPS and not HTTP here, the extra ‘S’ is for Security. 

Hostgator web hosting company also provides DDoS protection which in simple terms, is a Denial-of-service attack to stall the website from functioning through cyber-attacks.  Another important factor of reliability is firewalls and backups. Hostgator firewalls protect against high network-level flood protection. The data centers are located in the US, adding an extra layer of security to the hosting provider. The best host Hostgator takes weekly backups and stores data for only one week. The terms of backup can be changed as per the type of web hosting service and the web hosting company plan you are using.

Best hosting is reliable hosting, and Hostgator passes the test here.

#2 After-Sales Service

Hosting Providers often tend to neglect after-sales services. For a web hosting service business that is recurrent, in order to maintain customers for a long time, it is very important to give good after-sales service. Hostgator is punctual in periodic service reminders and has great chat and phone support that is available 24/7. The hosting provider allows switching between SSD storage to HDD storage; not only this, you can easily upgrade or downgrade any of the web hosting service plans at any time of the year. Best hosting is always determined by the service received after the sale is made. Hostgator will support you at every step of the setup of your website; the one-click installs of this web hosting company are convenient and beginner friendly.

Hostgator web hosting company makes an outstanding performance in terms of web hosting after-sales service.

#3 Affordability

A hosting provider becomes the best host only when it stands the test of service with affordability. There are a number of web hosts who provide very good hosting services, but their renewal rates are sky-high. It is always advisable to compare the prices of a web hosting service after the offer period is over. Hostgator web host gives 30 day money-back guarantee and has the lowest rates after renewal when compared with the top best hosts. 

Hostgator web hosting company is known as the best hosting due to its variety of options in pricing plans where there is something for everyone. Also, the shared hosting plans of web hosting have features like five websites, 40GB disk space, unmetered bandwidth, free domain for one year, one-click wordpress install, email, phone, and chat support, $500 Google ad credit, $100 Microsoft advertising credit all for $4.50/mo. Hostgator also offers options like SEO tools and unlimited disk space on higher plans.

In spite of great affordability, the web hosting company does lack certain important features in their popular plans like Cloudflare CDN, Dedicated IP, and website migration. Many hosting providers give these features for free, and HostGator lacks behind in this regard. All in all, HostGator web hosting company is very affordable if the features requirements are basic and for small and medium businesses.

#4 Speed

A website’s speed decides the number of customers the website makes or loses within seconds. Typically 50% of the websites are abandoned if they take more than 3 seconds to load. A web host plays the most dominant role in the speed of a website. Apart from this, the Uptime, which is the amount of time the hosting provider server is up and running, also makes a mark in customer reaction. 

A single ‘server not available’ notification could drive away millions of customers and may incur business losses to the websites. Apart from this, CDN improves the web server performance as it stores cached data at multiple locations, which can be made available to users very quickly. Lastly, the website speed does get affected to a point by the location of the web host server for the time taken for data transfer.

Hostgator our web host boasts a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and we have tested it to be true. The average loading speed of Hostgator hosting providers is 1.03 seconds, and that is commendable for web hosting services. On Hostgator, web hosting company the CDN is available but as an add-on feature that requires an extra payment. But they charge as their CDN service is worth it; the hosting provider’s CDN servers are well distributed and are present all over North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  The hosting provider has data centers only in the US and is known as the best host in the USA.

In matters of speed, HostGator holds to be leading and greatly efficient.

#5 Storage

A disk space is the measure of room available on a server for storing all the contents of a website, from images, videos, texts, code, databases, and everything else. A good storage space leads to creativity and the expansion of the website possible. Most websites need a maximum of 10GB storage space for reasonable content storage. Many web hosting providers give unlimited disk space, which is unused and unnecessary. Hostgator web hosting company provides 10 GB, 40 GB, and unlimited storage on its different plans. 

The type of storage Hostgator gives is HDD which may be old technology, but that is what makes it affordable. The web service provider does offer SSD storage, and the storage is expandable as per the requirements of the customers. The best part is the flexibility to choose between the storage types according to personal use. The storage space is good enough and adjustability for the best hosting.

#6 Features

The web host covers all the necessary features in their cheapest plan that a normal website needs to function. Features are enhancements that a web hosting service gives to its users as a part of a plan. 

Hostgator offers:

Shared Hosting

The shared plan of a web hosting company has three plans having features like Website, Unmetered bandwidth, Good disk space, Unlimited email addresses, Phone and chat support, 1st-year domain registration free, free domain transfers, free one-click WordPress installation, and free SSL certificate. All the plans on web host company have the latest cPanel hosting control, advanced email tools, unlimited subdomains, multiple support of programming languages, and extra web hosting service of one-click install for applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Wiki hosting.     

On the Business plan, there are extra Google ads and Microsoft ads credit, Dedicated IP, CDN, MySQL and script transfer, SEO tools, positive SSL upgrades, addon parked domains, and free professional website migration. The business plan has got all the features and is still not pricey.   

WordPress Hosting

The wordpress plans of the best host are just like shared hosting but are specially designed for hosting wordpress websites. They are optimized for wordpress specific security measures, extra scalability, speed optimizations, backups, and auto updates. Most web hosts offer wordpress hosting, which is easy to manage and offers special perks. The WordPress web hosting services are a bit more expensive due to their customized features.

Hostgator web hosting company offers one site, 100,000 visitors per month, 1GB backups, free SSL, and a free domain in their starter plan as a wordpress hosting provider. The wordpress is advanced layers of security, free migrations of sites, and, most importantly, ready-to-use wordpress already installed. It is the most specific and easy hosting that gives very good speed.

We would test hostgator wordpress web hosting positively.

Dedicated Hosting 

Dedicated hosting reserves the entire server for your business and its applications or websites. It is entirely a personal server, where you get to reap the benefits of managed web host without having to share resources. Dedicated server web hosting services are highly expensive. They should be selected only when the amount of data traffic is huge, or the data privacy of the website is very, very crucial.

Hostgator offers 4 core/8 thread processors that are enough for 90% of users; Intel Xeon-D CPU is known for workload-optimized performance in power and space-constrained surroundings, 8 GB RAM, which is quite enough for most web developments, 1 TB HDD is solid storage, unmetered bandwidth allows unlimited upload and download of data on the website (although the website traffic shall be measured), and option of using Linux or Windows operating system and their supporting language respectively on their Value Server web hosting services plan. 

VPS Hosting

Hostgator hosting provider offers VPS hosting with 2GB RAM, two core CPUs,  120 GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth on the Snappy 2000 plan. VPS hosting is expensive and is meant for advanced users. Hostgator is an experienced player in VPS hosting and is one of the few hosting providers who have real knowledge about how to manage VPS hosting.

Reseller Hosting

Not all web hosting companies offer reseller hosting, but Hostgator does. It is a business that supports further business. Hostgator has reasonable support and features for reseller web hosting services.

A detailed description of the features of each plan can be found in the following link.

#7 Website Builder

The Website Builder by Hostgator web hosting service is completely user-friendly and helps you create a best-hosted website within minutes. The hosting provider allows the creation of email accounts with your domain name using the control panel (cPanel). The cPanle is just like a desktop dashboard providing all the popular features placed rightly. The website builder is offered in four types of offer plans, each having some additional features. The website + marketing plan encompasses a DIY website builder with a built-in blog, a large number of mobile-optimized templates, a free domain, a private domain, and an SSL certificate. Unlimited appointment schedules, reminders, and online payments and deposits are remarkable features useful for busy professionals. 

There are separate website builder options, namely the online store and online marketplaces, that are specially designed to support ECommrce websites. These plans present the best of the features making the website builder perfect for the best host. 

#8 Customer Support

The ticket-raising system during downtime or any issue with the website makes the support service dependable. The customer support offered is a phone and live chat 24/7. The support does take some waiting during high load, but the solutions provided are good to resolve all the queries. The knowledge base and blogs cover almost all the queries that a customer might regard useful while using the web host.

The support offered by the best host is reasonable but could be improved with lesser waiting time.

#9 Domain

Hostgator is the best hosting in terms of domain registration. The domain registration is quick and readily available. You can register new domains or transfer domains very easily with the hosting provider. Hostgator exclusively offers Top Level Domains (TLD) to its users as a part of their web hosting services. The hosting provider offers tips and tricks to choose the right domain and also helps you maintain it. The pricing starts from $12.95/year for only domain services. The web hosting company Hostgator is at the top when it comes to Domains. 

There are a large number of web hosts offering their own set of web hosting services all across the globe. A web host with a global presence supports the customers in times of need and charges only according to the useful features and holds as the best host. Hostgator has stood the test of time to be the best host and offers good web hosting services for small and medium business websites even today. 

To avail of the latest offers and visit the best host website, click on the link below:

Increase Your Conversion By 40% Using A Simple Email Marketing Tool

Constant Contact

Customers are built and retained by the relationships we make with them. Everyone likes extra attention, and so do the customers. An email marketing tool helps you do just this.

Be it a transactional email, promotional email, or retention email, these emails are silent reminders of communication between the business and its customers.

One of the most successful email marketing examples is Constant Contact. Constant Contact has been in email marketing for decades and has now taken it a step further with complete digital marketing options. This email automation company knows the requirements of clients and provides the best services to help clients fulfill their goals in the fastest way possible.

How Does Online Marketing Affect Conversion: 

Online marketing is a way to reach existing customers at the same time, and build new customers with frequent reminders about product launches, the latest updates of the company, changes in any policy, upcoming sales or offers, after-sales service reminders, and many more. Regular confirmations about the activity with the company or actions taken by the client are also a way of email automation confirmations. 

Customers can always choose to view or ignore the digital marketing advances made toward them. It is a win-win situation for customers and the business as the customers get to benefit from the company with the least effort, and the company gets to maximize its conversion by applying the right online marketing examples.

Here are some of the features of Constant Contact, the best email marketing tool of 2023, that would simplify your marketing goals while effectively improving the click and open rate:

#1 Email Performance Reports

To improve online marketing performance, it is first and foremost necessary to understand the achievements of the current email marketing tools. The email performance feature on Constant Contact displays successful emails sent, the open rate, and the click rate. Other information such as the bounce rate, spam reports, unsubscribed,  did not open, desktop and mobile open percentage is also displayed by the email marketing tool for every campaign. 

This report helps understand customer behavior and response to every email marketing example that is applied. The company can then make better decisions and keep on improving with every campaign.

Apart from this, the email automation platform also provides features such as event marketing, mail templates, marketing automation, list-building tools, a/b testing, CRM, and E-commerce integrations.

#2 Create Sign-Up Forms And Landing Pages

The email marketing tool also helps you build sign-up forms. With the sign-up forms, you can convert website visitors to contacts for future communications. The best part is constant contact automatically adds new contacts to specified mailing lists. You can also create ritzy landing pages within minutes by using the available templates and editing tools. This, in turn, will generate new customers through digital marketing applications. 

#3 Email Templates And Subjects

It is easy to create an attractive email for all your purposes, whatever your subject is, by using the email marketing tool templates. There are enumerable templates available that can be customized. You can even add stock images or upload images of your choice to design your desired email. So many times, online marketing is used to send birthday, anniversary, festival, and occasions emails; this email marketing tool even helps you create the most exciting email cards that can be customized for hundreds of contacts all at once. 

#4 Email Automation

Email automation is the most exciting feature of constant contact. It truly automates the whole process of online marketing, never to miss an opportunity. In email automation, you have to use a path builder for the email marketing tool to make decisions and react accordingly. Custom paths can be created for a new subscription, orders placed, anniversaries, birthdays, order fulfillment, and abandonment of carts. 

Email automation

As you can see in the above image, all you have to do is input commands into the path builder and direct the action of outcomes. Whenever an activity is triggered, the email automation tool automatically follows the steps of the path builder and performs the tasks as per the results. 

Email automation is a revolutionary feature that is time-saving and accurate.

#5 AI

Today no software is complete without the use of AI. The fantastic artificial intelligence generator adds to the feather in the cap of online marketing. The AI feature of this email marketing tool is convenient and user-friendly. All you have to do is type in certain relevant keywords, and the AI does the rest. It gives the perfect text, in the right place, for the ideal audience.

The AI feature is one of the best email marketing examples that has made Constant Contact stay updated with the needs of the time. If you cannot find the right title for an email, leave it to email marketing tools. The AI tool will suggest the best subject lines that you can always rely on. 

Constant Contact gives you options to choose from AI-generated content and even suggests the right words for your thought. Digital marketing was never so flawless before.

#6 Import Contacts

With this online marketing tool, all you need is to wish and command. Constant Contact is right there for all you need. You do not need to worry about importing the huge list of contacts you have built over time. You can seamlessly transfer all your contacts with a simple click. This email marketing tool can import contacts from other email marketing software, excel spreadsheet, e-commerce integrations like Shopify, and Zapier, email integrations like MS Office, Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook, CRM like HubSpot and Salesforce, contact management like big commerce, list builder app, phone, and sms such as telegram, RingCentral the list is endless. You have to watch it to believe the number of integrations. Log in now to find out if your desired integration is on the list.

#7 Segmentation

Segmentation lets you create groups in this email marketing tool. You can send targeted emails to a particular segment that is pre-specified by you. You can create lists, segments, and tags for every type of email contact you wish to maintain. The segment can be created on the basis of the engagement the email has achieved.  A quick view of the contacts tab of this digital marketing software helps you think clearly and strategize the email campaign, which is more targeted and better customized.

#8 SMS Marketing

A remarkable feature of email automation of constant contact is SMS marketing. SMS marketing is growing every day and is a personalized way to reach customers. SMS marketing is just like an email marketing tool and can be used in the same way. Al the features of online marketing can be applied to SMS marketing to support online campaigns. In fact, an added SMS marketing along with email marketing tool forms the perfect digital marketing environment for the business to serve its customers better.

#9 Create Social Ads

Creating ads is no more a hassle with Constant Contact. This digital marketing tool has got everything to raise your online presence and meet your online marketing goals. The email marketing examples can be used to create social ads, so your single data can be converted into an entire advertisement just by using the email automation tools the correct way.  

#10 Streamline Social Media

It is 2023, and no online marketing is complete without social media. Constant Contact is not just an email marketing tool but can do much more for your business. This digital marketing software lets you connect with the most popular social media all at once. You do not have to go to every social media and post your content, especially with Constant Contact all your marketing campaigns reach your social media from a single point. It is time saving and efficient email marketing example.

Pros and Cons:-


  • This digital marketing software amazes me with its no-tolerance spam policy and affirmative consent. It is 2023, and the lines between privacy and facility are blurring. Constant Contact follows a strict policy of disclosure of emails and respecting the spam selection of the users.
  • Detailed features such as drag-and-drop images and editing features for the content is marvelous.
  • Advertising on Google is another possibility supported by this digital marketing tool.
  • The pricing is based on usage rather than having sky-high prices for all customers. The pricing of the online marketing tool increases with the number of email contacts used. So small businesses do not have to bare the load of heavy pricing but, at the same time, can enjoy all the features of online marketing.
  • It is got the best help center at your service. If you are a beginner, the website will guide you through everything. The email automation is all guided by tutorials, steps, blogs, videos, and support. There is nothing you will not be able to find on their website. Constant Contact is its own Google, where you do not have to search outside on how to make the email marketing software work.
  • The digital marketing software allows you to grow, it also encourages you by providing the best tools to reach the widest audience.
  • It is a one-stop solution for online marketing. You do not have to spend money on buying different software for email automation, digital marketing, sms marketing, or AI content generation. It is all in one online marketing tool.
  • You get a free trial of 60 days to try the digital marketing software and the email automation tool. This time period is good enough to explore the software and make the most of its benefits.
  • If you are not happy with a paid plan you can claim a refund within 30 days.


  • The software prompts you to add a physical address every time you create an email campaign for online marketing. 
  • The digital marketing website takes time to load as it is loaded with videos, images, features, and information. 
  • None of the special features are available in the basic price plan. The email automation and digital marketing specifications need the Standard Plan.
  • The prices double with every set of growing users, online marketing becomes expensive with growing business.

Conversion is achieved when there is a strategy in place, the tool to use the strategy, and the means to show the results of the plan. Constant Contact is the best email marketing tool as it helps you achieve at every step and improves your sales. You just have to try the Standard Plan, and we assure you, you will not regret or turn back. 

Pricing Plans:

For detailed comparison of storage, users allowed, monthly emails, and other features between the plans, please refer the constant contact tab at the bottom.

email marketing tool

Businesses need emails for birthdays and anniversaries, appointment confirmations, product launches, service alerts, renewals, policy information, bulk reminders, and many more. Complete your everyday tasks with ease. Let us know in the comments why would you use an email marketing tool for ?

To try this amazing email marketing tool, just click the tab below:

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Inmotion Hosting As Your Web Hosting Provider in 2023

web hosting provider

Inmotion Hosting is one of the most experienced web hosting providers existing in the market of 2023. The hosting server is well known for its hosting, excellent services, and versatile plans. We have reviewed inmotion hosting for all its categories of Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS Hosting, and Reseller hosting, among the other web hosting providers.

Following is a detailed review of the hosting server of Inmotion hosting:

Shared Hosting:


We have considered the Power Plan for review as it is the most popular and recommended plan for inmotion hosting.

Price: The prices of Inmotion hosting are the most affordable as compared to other hosting providers. Inmotion hosting servers provide various tools that are complimentary, thus making the pay worth it. The current price is $6.99/mo on an annual subscription.

Storage: Unlimited Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) SSD makes the storage tech faster and more competitive. The NVMe system allows interoperability of client systems and enterprises while giving increased performance and efficiency. 

Websites: This web hosting provider plan comes with unlimited websites. This means there is no predetermined restriction on the websites that can be created on the hosting server. There is unlimited email hosting, unlimited add-on domains, subdomains, and databases.

WordPress: WordPress is fast and easy with a one-click install. The cPanel controls make wordpress hosting even easier. Inmotion hosting supports wordpress and all other basic plugins like Elementor with ease while allowing many other applications.

Free Domain: Inmotion hosting provides a free domain for the 1st year of subscription. Your existing domain can also be transferred easily to this web hosting provider. This hosting server has a list of parked domains and sub-domains available to organize website traffic.

Dedicated IP: The Inmotion hosting does provide with dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) address which is unique to a hosting account. 

Security: Inmotion Hosting provides the most secure hosting server. It gives Free 2048-bit encryption Security Sockets Layer (SSL), DDoS Protection, and Hack and Malware Protection software scans and patches website files for vulnerabilities. 

Backup: Automatic daily backups and one-click restore are available on inmotion hosting on payment. The backup features are very crucial for the maintenance of website data.

E-Commerce plugins: Inmotion Hosting has optimized hosting for eCommerce platforms like Magento, Prestashop, and Woo-commerce.  

Speed: Ultra stack means advanced layered caching for fine-tuning speed. Inmotion hosting server power pack supports 12x ultra stack speed and performance.

Uptime: The hosting server gives an uptime of 99.99%, which is a good industry reputation. There is no chance of loss of customers due to website downtime.

Bandwidth: Inmotion hosting provides unlimited bandwidth, so there is no restriction on the amount of data that is transferred between the website and the users at a given point in time. The load efficiency is good.

cPanel Hosting: The cPanel can be accessed from within the AMP. The cPanel can be configured for security. It is the most convenient option for handling the website.  

Cloudflare CDN: Cloudflare is actually a third-party service that provides extra security and protection for your websites online. To sync Cloudflare with inmotion hosting, you need to get it separately. Inmotion hosting does not provide free Cloudflare CDN.

24/7 Support: The hosting server power plan gives support through phone, chat, email, and ticket. The support staff are very efficient in problem resolving and coming up with useful solutions.

Sitelock: The hosting server does not offer site lock security with the plans, but the hosting server is compatible with site lock application configurations.

Refund Policy: Inmotion Hosting gives 90 day full money-back guarantee, which means if you do not like their services, you can cancel the subscription to the web hosting provider and get the entire refund. A 90-day lead period is above industry standards and enough time for users to make firm decisions.

Site migration: The hosting server allows free site migration which is handled by the experts so that there is no loss of data. Website transfers are easy, quick, and no hassle with inmotion hosting.

SSD: SSD is the upgraded storage that makes use of flash memory for data storage. SSD is preferable over the old HDD storage.

Email addresses: You can create unlimited email accounts by using Inmost Hosting. The storage space is a part of disk space, but there are no restrictions on the number of email accounts or email users. 

Advanced Caching: With advanced caching, the website data is stored on the Global Cloudflare Content Distribution Network. This makes users easy to access the website from anywhere in the world, and the hosting server uses the local server cache to use the data.

Pros and Cons:


  • Inmotion web hosting provider supports MySQL Databases 
  • The Website Builder of this inmotion hosting is free and perfect as a web hosting provider
  • Email can be accessed and stored on any  number of devices
  • Free advertising credits worth $150 are available with the plans of Inmotion hosting
  • The Hosting Plus support: Python, Node J.S, Ruby, GIT version control
  • Inmotion has Data centers in the USA only and is the best web hosting provider in the entire USA
  • Drag and Drop feature makes website building easy and tasks faster
  • Easy website transfers are possible as there is an expert team all set for you.
  • There is upto 10GB of email storage, which is a part of the total disc space of the hosting plan.
  • There is no limit on inode count.


  • Inmotion Hosting has concentrated all its resources in the US
  • The AMP and cPanel interface look pretty identical, creating confusion among users
  • The Domain renewals and plan renewals after the one-year discounted price are very high.
  • The support is slow and takes a waiting time of several minutes sometimes.

Dedicated Hosting:

A dedicated hosting is useful when the website has large traffic and privacy is a crucial factor. Here a server is dedicated to particular hosting only.

For further details on the features of dedicated hosting plans of Inmotion hosting, please refer to our blog: 

Top 10 Dedicated Servers Reviewed.

Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting is a white-label approach to selling hosting services under your own name without having any hosting resources. The web hosting provider lets you use their hosting server to sell in your name. Here bulk hosting can be bought and then sold individually.

There are very few web hosting providers who provide reseller hosting, and inmotion hosting is among the few of them. We have considered the R-2000N plan for discussions as it has got all the features, yet the overall cost is reasonable.


Price: 32.99$ (yearly plan)

Storage: 160 GB NVMe SSD

Cpanel: 50 cpanel license

Websites: unlimited email accounts

Free Domain: There is no free domain, but Enom allows you to easily resell Top Level Domains (TDL’s) and SSL certificates.

Dedicated IP: 2 dedicated IP addresses are available

Security: Free SSL, H&M, DDOS and Malware Scanning

Backup: An automatic backup manager is available

24/7 support: chat and phone

Refund Policy: The 90-day money-back guarantee is available, but for 6 months or longer plans only.

Pros and Cons:

Pros : 

  • WHMCS Billing software
  • Cpanel and WHM
  • On click installs
  • Fast website
  • Resell domains
  • White label hosting
  • Easy automation
  • Free marketing tools to promote your business


  • The support is US based and difficult for other countries
  • The automatic backups are payable and not inclusive
  • More marketing tools could be provided  

WordPress Hosting:

The wordpress plan has got all the features of shared hosting and additionally fully managed wordpress hosting. It is a good option for beginners or businesses who are looking for specific wordpress features.

VPS Hosting

We have selected the VPS 4GB RAM plan as it has all the features and unlimited bandwidth. This is the popular choice of Inmotion Hosting. 


  • There are 8vCPU cores which are double the number of physical cores and are a good processing support
  • 8 GB RAM is a good speed for hosting server
  • 150 GB NVMe SSD storage has the advantage of SSD, and NVMe is a class apart in web hosting providers
  • An Unlimited Bandwidth is a must as, with hardly any extra cost, the website is equipped with global traffic handling without having to worry about usage
  • 3 dedicated IPs are enough for any growing business
  • Free SSL and Free website transfers and server setup is industry standard and very necessary for data protection and migrating users
  • Choice of control panel between cPanel and Control Web Panel (CWP) from the hosting server helps the buyer have the option to customize the controls as per their convenience
  • Inmotion is also giving Phone and chat support with the VPS hosting server plans.

The VPS Hosting is reliable, unmatchable fast, flexible with various plan options, and hardcore with built-in redundancy.

After reviewing all the plans of Inmotion Hosting, here are my  top 10 reasons to choose this web hosting provider as your hosting server:

#1 Inmotion hosting offers the most competitive prices and is true value with so many features all included in the cost.

#2 The hosting server of inmotion hosting is very secure and gives extra protection, unlike other web hosting providers who charge extra for security services.

#3 Inmotion hosting is an industry leader in providing NVMe SSD, which gives faster speed than the regular SATA SSD without any extra cost.

#4 The hosting server is upheld for its 99.99% uptime in all the hosting plans and is known as the most reliable hosting server.

#5 The support provided by Inmotion hosting is appreciated by all its customer for the best problem-resolution support through all means.

#6 Inmotion Hosting is trustworthy as they believe in their services. No other web hosting provider gives a 90 day money-back guarantee.

#7 Inmotion even offers reseller hosting, supporting your business to grow. They focus on community growth and will support you with the best marketing tools.

#8 Cache management by the hosting server is unlike others. The website loading speed is fast and always available all around the world with CDN.

#9 Inmosting hosting allows tools like cPanel and wordpress hosting that are regarded as the best standard in web hosting providers

# 10 The hosting servers are regularly involved in CSR and believe in giving back to the community. They support all individuals who come in contact with them to grow successfully.

To view the pricing plan options or visit Inmotion Hosting website here is the link to their website:

Bluehost Review: Is It Good Enough For Your Website?

hosting plan

Bluehost, established in 2006, is an experienced and trustworthy web hosting service; for a website to be stable, the website host must be hard-core in providing the basic services. We have tested Bluehost for all the must-haves in a web hosting server, and we have tested our website on Bluehost repeatedly over one year to gain the exact results for this review.

To better understand whether or not Bluehost is suitable for your website, you need to first understand what a website requires, what types of websites are, and which hosting is meant for which type of website.

Website Requirements:

To function correctly, a website needs a domain name, the website hosting server, primary data or script to be inputted into the website, storage, security measures, funding, and a set targeted audience. Most of the website hosting is paid and needs to be purchased from a registrar to be hosted. A website can also be developed on a personal server, but that would require a license, effort, and maintenance and will be very expensive. Even the largest websites with massive traffic, such as Facebook and Amazon, have their hosting on some hosting platform. Bluehost has hosted the most prominent clients and has proved to be their successful web partner for years.

Types of Websites:

The basic types of websites as per their nature of business and operation are:

E-commerce website

E-commerce websites are preferred to have dedicated hosting as they need specified space, root access, and controls. A new e-commerce website can also function successfully on a shared hosting plan without any issues. The scale of products, traffic, and nature of the business makes a dedicated host preferable for e-commerce.

Most often, a woo commerce plugin is necessary for an e-commerce website which makes it easy to affiliate buy and sell transactions.

Business Website

A typical business website with basic information about the business, which is mainly set up for information broadcast and contact options, is best hosted on shared hosting. This website is created only to show online presence; hence the best way is to choose the cheapest hosting plan available.

A business could be any business, but the website is generally plain with minimum pages and meager traffic. A wordpress hosting makes these kinds of websites more manageable and easily operatable without hiring professionals.

Social Media Website

Social media websites are typically high-traffic websites where millions of users connect to the website daily. Here the users’ data privacy is also crucial, and hence it is best to host a social media website on a VPS. VPS is a virtual private server that is in between a dedicated server and a shared server. Here the physical server is shared, whereas a virtualized version is set private for the user. Social media websites can also be held on shared networks, but the choice is always open. Social media websites also see a lot of images and high-quality videos being uploaded for interaction between users. There is often a chat or message option offered. These websites need near-perfect uptime with no glitches or bugs.

Professional Services Website

There are some point of differences between a business website and a professional service website. When a website is a dynamic website that is created to provide online functions, contains payment gateways, and has transactions through the website, it is a professional website. The professional website also hosts team emails for a group of people working and utilizing the organization’s resources. A cloud hosting is the best option here as the data is available on the go from any part of the world. It is fast, it is reliable, and it is the new age combination of physical and virtual servers.

Information Website (Educational)

Websites like educational websites, schools, colleges, or any institution website often have heavy data such as student forms, links, syllabi, notes, books, and many more. Such websites need full storage capacity, regular site backups, and good traffic handling at times of surge. Even the government websites where the users interact with the website, there is uploading of forms on a regular basis needs a strong hosting service. In such cases, shared hosting may not be able to justify the server requirement, and a VPS or dedicated host is advisable.

Personal Webpage or Blog

A personal website or a blog website is a very simple website with very few elements. Depending on the blog, the website may receive good traffic, but the number of pages is very light and just have comments interactions. A personal blog could also be hosted on free websites, newsletters, or wordpress hosting. Other than this, a shared hosting plan is the perfect option for these websites.

Entertainment and Media Websites

Entertainment websites like OTT, news broadcasts, and live streaming websites, which are specifically made for showcasing videos or ones that apply tools like video editing and video capturing, require a fast server and reliable storage. For this category of websites, a dedicated host or cloud hosting does just the right job.  

Now that we have an idea of what is suitable for each type of hosting, here are the features of Bluehost hosting server:

Bluehost offers shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and wordpress hosting. Bluehost holds good in all types of hosting without any complaints in any type of hosting. 

Following are the features and comparison of plans of shared hosting and various hosting plan as per types for 12 months by Bluehost:

Shared hosting plans:

Basic Hosting PlanChoice Plus Hosting Plan  Pro Hosting planWordPress Hosting Choice Plus
Storage10 GB SSD40 GB SSD100 GB SSD100GB SSD
ExclusiveCustom WP themesCustom WP themesCustom WP ThemesCustom WP Themes, Exclusive store themes
Free Domain for 1st year yesyesyes
Free Dedicated IPyesyes
SecurityFree SSLFree SSLFree SSL
BackupDaily backup for 1st year onlyDaily backup Daily backup 
PrivacyDomain PrivacyDomain PrivacyDomain Privacy
Malware ScanningYesYesYesYes
E-commerce PluginsAvailable at payment.
Click for details.

Other hosting plans:

Dedicated hosting enhanced planVPS hosting enhanced plan
Core8 core/16 thread
CPUIntel Xion-D 
Storage2 TB HDD165 GB SSD
SoftwareLinux only
controlcPanel with root accesscPanel

Other features of Bluehost web hosting plans:

99.99% Uptime

This is the claimed uptime, but we did experience a hitch here once or twice. On average, in reality, the uptime can be measured as 99.98% Time lost is money lost, and 2 seconds delay is enough to drive away a potential customer in case the website does not function. Bluehost has produced a 1.48ms average loading speed during normal load capacities as per our tests and we are completely satisfied with the speed.

Unmetered Bandwidth

An unmetered bandwidth means you can use it to full capacity, and the uploading and downloading data usage is not considered. But here, the traffic consumption is definitely tracked. Here the payment is based on speed rather than traffic. Bluehosts unmtered traffic is cost-effective.

cPanel Hosting

CPanel is a specialized control panel software developed to make web hosting easy. It provides automation tools and graphical interfaces that assist in developing a website with a standard plugin available to most of the web hosts. Bluehost can be used without cPanel as well, but the use of cPanel only makes it smoother to operate. Bluehost has mastered wordpress combined with Cpanel hosting.

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare provides a global content delivery network (CDN) that is responsible for reducing web traffic, reducing bandwidth, and creating a better user experience. The website will be available at the fastest speed irrespective of the physical location of the server. Data is maintained at local servers with accelerated performance. We have tested our website on Bluehost at different locations across the globe, and the Cloudflare CDN makes Bluehost amazingly fast.

24/7 Live Chat, Phone and Email Ticketing

For beginners 24/7 support is very important as there is no fixed time when a problem might occur. Our experience with Bluehost support is commendable as their response time is quick and actually informative.


Sitelock is a cloud-based security tool that scans, detects, and fixes your website for vulnerabilities and malware continuously. Bluehost does not include sitelock security but can be purchased during sign-up. 

30 Days Refund Policy

30 days is not really enough time to judge a web host’s performance. But 30 days is the industry standard. You can understand if the cpanel hosting is comfortable or not, if the features are useful or any feature is missing, if any plans need to be switched, and how the overall website is turning up in the 30 days period.

Site Migration

When switching a website from one host to another, the site migration tool is used. Do not try site migration on your own, even if you have to pay to get your website migrated. Even a single mistake could make your website crash. It is better to let the experts handle it. Bluehost offers free site migration and does a satisfactory job.


Bluehost is recommended by wordpress and has specialized features and settings supporting wordpress hosting. Bluehost even offers dedicated WordPress hosting. 100 plus wordpress themes and equally variant iStock images make building a website a cakewalk. This feature definitely brings out the best.


An SSD storage is upgraded, lightweight, resistant, and highly durable storage and is preferable over SDD. SSD also means less power consumption, and faster reading and writing of Data. SSD storage is recommended by us, and Bluehost has it. 


  1. Bluehost does not offer cloud hosting, and it could be disappointing for a company so popular.
  2. After a year, the renewal rates for a domain name and the website are unexpectedly high.
  3. The dedicated server hosting is operational using only LINUX.
  4. Bluehost provides email and SEO features but does not offer website emails on the base plan.

Bluehost WordPress hosting is ideal for beginners and small websites, at the same time large businesses. I can say it is a good hosting platform for any kind of user and accommodating all kinds of websites.

It can be said that Bluehost has lived upto our expectations and continues to impress our website with all that is required for a good host. We would recommend Bluehost website hosting without any reservations.

To visit the bluehost page please click the link below:

The Ultimate Battle Between InVideo Vs. WeVideo Best Video Editing Software of 2023

best video editing software

Video editing is a huge industry existing for decades. We have been watching edited videos since our childhood but never knew the magic behind the screen. With the emergence of growing creators, pathbreaking content, and HD videos, the bar is raised. 

In this blog, we compare the best video editing software in terms of pricing, features, support, and pros and cons. Both software have their own set of happy users, and we are here to clarify which software you belong to.

Comparison of InVideo vs. WeVideo:

#1 Pricing:

Pricing is one of the most important aspects when a potential customer makes a buying decision. The factors which are to be considered while making a pricing decision are:


The use of the software is defined by the purpose you are applying the video editing app for. If the purpose of the use is to make edited videos occasionally for work purposes, choose software that shall help you with basic features at a low cost. But if you need the best video editing software for everyday use, you must invest in high-end software to bring a competitive edge.


While considering the price of software, it may be noted if the requirement is only temporary or for the long term. For continuing long-term use, investing in an annual plan is beneficial. Often when video editing software is set in your hands, you tend to need more and more features. In this case, you might want to upgrade to the best video editing software over time.

c)Return on Investment

The video-making industry has cutthroat competition. Here performing or perish is the mantra. Using paid video editing software comes with super features, but it is just a part of your overhead. The overall cost needs to be balanced with the return you are receiving for the video editing app you invest in.


It is best to compare prices and features of the best video editing software available in the market every time you renew. For beginners, it takes time to understand the features and applications of video editing software. Also, in certain cases, when there is a need for regular edited videos, you may invest in expensive software and end up using only select features. It is a good idea to pick the best video editing software for particular needs after trial.


If the scale of business is only a hobby, it does not mean video editing apps should not be considered. One must always invest in their hobbies, for they bring happiness. Getting simple video editing software that helps pursue interest the better way upgrades you with skilled video editing abilities and pure satisfaction. At the end of the day, it is your piece of art. For smaller businesses, it is good to invest in software like WeVideo, as it comes with maximum features at a low cost. For larger organizations and enterprises, the InVideo software holds better as it eases collaboration, and the AI helps speed up the process of generating output. 

video editing app


InVideo is the best video editing software from the price point of view. InVideo offers two plan payment options monthly and annually.


Free: $0

Business: $30/mo

Unlimited: $60/mo


You can save upto 50% on yearly plan selection

Free: $0

Business: $15/mo ($180 annually)

Unlimited: $30/mo ($360 annually)

video editing app


The pricing strategies by WeVideo are varied and have something for everyone. The plans are divided as follows.

For IndividualsPowerUnlimitedProfessionalBusinessEnterprise

For Schools:-

Single teacher:$89/yr

Classroom: $299/yr

School or district: Negotiable

PlayPosit for HE & Enterprise:-

Classroom Pro:$299/yr

Institution/Dept: Negotiable

Enterprise: Negotiable


In comparison with the prices, it can be said that InVideo is more affordable regarding the number of features it provides at a given price. But WeVideo offers a range of customized plans that are suitable for a focused audience.

#2 Features

Features are the real use of characters to decide the best video editing software. The number of features also varies from the price plan point of view. Here we have compared the features of the most popular plans of the two video editing app software. One must try before buying the software.


The Business plan of the InVideo software sits at $15/mo and comes with the following features:

  • InVideo is famous for its AI text-to-video generation feature, which makes it the best video editing software.
  • The video editing app supports AI script generation, which creates ready-to-use video scripts that can be converted into HD videos using the AI tool of the best video editing software.
  • You get to use 10 iStock media/mo, which is high-quality, on-hand media suitable for all kinds of HD videos or photos you want to edit.
  • Apart from the iStock media, you also get 1Million premium media options to choose from.
  • The plan comes with a feature where the background of a picture or template can be changed. This feature can be applied 20 times.
  • A bonus mobile app subscription is available free of cost with the business subscription of this best video editing software.
  • 60 Media files can be exported using the software, which will have all your edited videos for the month.
  • There is a huge stock of templates available with all the plans. These templates help create HD videos in minutes.
  • You also get access to premium templates, which are exclusively reserved for paid users.
  • 1080p resolution for edited video export is provided.
  • Music and voice-over can be added and adjusted seamlessly to all the edited videos to generate HD videos.
  • With the best video editing software InVideo you can directly share media and edited videos to your social websites and also sync with social media calendars.
  • The HD videos can be made in any language of your choice. 
  • Team sharing with an unlimited number of members with a simple, shareable link is easy with InVideo, the video editing app.
  • Cloud storage of 10GB is available to store all the HD videos and edited videos for future use.
  • Make a brand value for yourself by using the brand presets, intros, and outros for youtube HD videos.


The unlimited plan is the best-selling plan for this best video editing software, and it starts at $7.99/mo on the annual subscription.

  • The record screen and webcam together feature is the highlight of this best video editing software. It is useful to make explanatory videos using your screen with ease.
  • The greenscreen feature is a game changer as you can record videos on a plain screen and edit any background of your choice to bring out the special effects in your HD video.
  • The video editing app also lets you record screens; this comes in handy in editing videos and is also available in the free version.
  • HD videos can be created in horizontal, vertical, and square formats.
  • The edited videos can be turned into gifs.
  • You can publish an unlimited duration of videos without any restrictions of the video editing app.
  • There are numerous motion titles and templates available to enhance the videos and make video editing quicker.
  • Media can be exported in 720p, 1080, and even 4K Ultra HD. Better quality videos always enhance user experience and develop a taste of the audience.
  • The best video software also contains selected audio available to add to the mood of the videos. 
  • The voiceover feature can be merged with the audio files controlling the volumes of both at desired levels.
  • If you are unsure of an edited video WeVideo even allows you to export the edited audio media only.
  • Not only this, the audio files can be boosted upto 5x to their normal volume for the best quality edited videos.
  • The best video editing software comes with unrestricted, unlimited cloud storage to create as many edited HD videos as you may. 
  • The edited videos can be saved to any device multiple number of times.
  • Paid accounts are free from the WeVideo watermark.
  • HD videos can be created in slow motion using the best video editing software.
  • The Unlimited plan of the video editing software also comes with a crop feature to create better-edited videos.


Featurewise, both the video editing software are power packed and come with special features of their own. On the one hand, WeVideo comes with a lot of easy-to-use features, and on the other hand, the AI feature of InVideo makes your work quicker. But the AI is still a machine and currently does require human interference for corrections and exact video output. Hence we would call the WeVideo software a marginal win in providing features. 

#3 Support:


The best video editing software provides all-time assistance through the 24/7 available live chat and their quick response email support. Apart from this, there are tutorials, a Youtube channel, Instagram inspiration, a Facebook community, and several blogs available for every user.


There are blogs, webinars, an academy, and a help center for training purposes. Support is available in the way of troubleshooting, FAQs, and tips and tricks. The team can be reached out through specified support contact numbers.


InVideo wins hands down in the matter of providing support to all its users.

#4 Pros and Cons



  • The 7-day money-back guarantee is useful if the video-editing app does not meet your expectations.
  • 24/7 live chat support, along with an all-purpose help center and priority support for paid users, is appreciated by its millions of users.
  • There are tutorials, youtube channels for guidance, and many blogs to help you generate a wider audience for your business.
  • The iStock photos and templates are a major attraction as they are high quality, relatable, and make work easy.
  • The InVideo video editing app is the best video editing software as it helps you create videos 2 times faster than your usual speed.


  • There is a limit on the number of exports of HD video even after availing of the paid plan.
  • The videos will contain a watermark for iStock media used after the monthly limit of 10.
  • There is a limit on duration per video of HD videos in paid version as well.
  • A free subscription allows you to try the software and edit videos, but you cannot export the edited videos without a paid subscription.



  • This can be named the best video editing software for individual and small business users as it comes with essential features at affordable prices.
  • The elaborate custom pricing help users select a plan per their definite needs.
  • The unlimited cloud storage and untimed duration for video editing allow creative freedom for every user.
  • The video editing app is very suitable for teaching and making educational videos.
  • There are video tutorials and help centers available for guidance.
  • Layering is very easy to control and can be done even by beginners in this best video editing software


  • Premium templates are only available in professional and business plans of the video editing software.
  • Direct media upload of the edited videos is only available on premium subscriptions.
  • The video editing app does not allow team sharing or creating HD videos with a team in the unlimited plan. To add users, an additional charge of $19.99/mo is charged. 
  • Collaboration and sharing projects can only and only be done in a business plan subscription.
  • Unfortunately, brand logos cannot be uploaded in this video editing app unlimited plan.
  • There is no 24/7 live assistance available to solve untimely queries; this is a weak support facility in terms of the best video editing software should have.
  • The biggest issue with WeVideo is it directly takes you to your dashboard and does not let you get back to the homepage of the website to view other features once logged in.
  • There is no money back or trial for WeVideo, but a free exportable version compensates for it.

To visit the website of the best video editing software, click the link below:

There are many video-making and video editing software available in the market that give good quality edited videos, HD videos, and varying features at different price ranges. We have got you the two best video editing software in comparison to help you make the right decision as per your individual requirements. Let us know in the comments which one do you prefer.


Q.1. Why is video editing necessary?

Video editing is not compulsory, but it gives your video an advanced finesse, and various elements such as text, voiceovers, picture-in-picture, screen sharing, audio files, logos, and many more can be added to through the best video editing software. 

Q.2. Do you need to be a professional to edit videos?

There are professional video editors who edit videos in return for consideration, but the software today gives you the freedom to edit videos all by yourself without any professional training. It is wisdomous to invest in a video editing app rather than hiring a professional for video editing.

Q.3. What is an HD video?

A High Definition (HD) video is better quality than standard videos. Generally accepted HD video quality is above 720p for videos. An HD video ensures a high-resolution video for the best user experience.

Q.4. What is the minimum cost for editing videos?

There are many free video editing software available in the market that are good for basic editing. If you want to edit videos that stand out, it is always better to buy the best video editing software. These software generate results and improve engagement that recover your investment quickly. The starting price of the best video editing software begins at $8.25/mo and could range to $42/mo.

Q.5. What is the top video editing software available in the US today?

The best video editing software for 2023 are InVideo, WeVideo, Renderforest, Filmora, Adobe premiere pro, Moovly, and, Flexiclip, and Movavi video editor.

Q.6. How can I share my edited videos on social media directly?

Most often, a software or video editing app allows direct social media upload to social networking sites. It is better to check each software for media sharing feature availability before buying in case you need it. The other option is to download the video and upload it to the specific social media you wish.

Q.7. Will I incur any copyright infringement by using the stock media on the editing software?

The software licenses the templates and all media available on the video editing software and does not cause any infringement of law, howsoever. This does not protect from trademark infringement which may arise on the creation of similar or copied media from existing media.

Q.8. Can I also capture videos and images on the software, or are they meant only for editing?

Most of the best video editing software comes with a capture feature. It allows actions such as screen recording, screen sharing with video recording, audio recording, and voiceover that can be used as primary tools to make the entire video from scratch.

How To Edit Videos Faster And Better Using AI

AI video editor

You can now edit your videos 60% faster just by the use of improved technology and get 100% better output. You do not need to be a pro in video editing, all you need is have an imagination. If you can articulate it the AI video editor will create the video for you. All you have to really do is type.

Here we have used the InVideo text to video maker software to create the AI generated video content. The text to video AI software uses the latest technology to create the best results within no time.

We are talking about the text to video maker feature that is made possible by AI technology. 

This is how the text to video with AI works:

Step 1: Conceptualise Your Idea

Conceptualization is the human ability which is most powerful and can never be taken over. Imagine how you want your video to be, think of elements, think of themes, think of musicality, think of backgrounds and that is it. Once you have all your data in place the job is half done.

Step 2: Choose the AI to Video Feature

On choosing the AI to text maker in this AI video editor software you will have to select a template. Details of templates have been mentioned in step 3. In the text to video AI feature all you have to do is write the script for your video. Write the script in the form you want the video to look like. In case you are not able to write a script you can prompt the AI video editor to write a script for you. Additionally, if you paste your website URL in box provided below, the AI automatically generates content for the video from the homepage of the website. There is also options to select the image from free, istock and premium stock of photos in InVideo. 

When the script is ready by AI you can make edits and changes as required. Then click on create scenes on the text to video AI. Make sure you type every scene on a new line, the number of scenes in the script will help create the same number of relevant clips on your proposed video of the text to video editor. 

Step 3: Select A Template

When you click on the AI video Go to the templates and select from the widest range of template ideas. You can simply type your required field in search box or just browse through from the available options. Here there are options of aspect ratio of landscape, square and portrait. 

The text to video editor also suggests filters for type of templates to reduce the searching time. The amazing templates is just the tip of the ice-berg of what is in store from the software.

You can make so many variations to the template as per your needs. Select the template preferred by you, select the aspect ratio and click on use template on the InVideo software.

Step 4: Create Scenes

On clicking create scenes the AI selects suitable images and videos from its stock to create the most relevant scenes for the video. (If you have opted for a template the AI tries to stick to the template and adds scenes only with specific script requirements) Once the video is created, you will have to edit the written text on every clip to make it better suitable as the AI only replicates the script. It is suggested to write short sentences per click to make it convenient for audience to read. 


The AI adds music as per the theme, you can select the appropriate music from the music tab on the leftside panel. There are various music options available as per the mood genre. The stock contains various animal sounds, specific sounds, SFX effects to make the video sound more realistic.

The videos an images of every clip are also replaceable from the left panel options by clicking edit scene. Apart from these the top panel allows you to adjust color, background, animation, filter and even crop sections of the video.

Step 5: Fine tuning the video

This step is optional, and needs to be followed pnly to enhance the video output. You can fine refine the video generated by the AI by introducing elements to required scenes. The shapes, stickers, overlays and masks help add character to the video. The more tab helps you create special grid effects in the video. It is all simple, ready to use, one click options. Finally add your preferred logo to the video and it shall be added to all the slides.

Step 6: Advance Editing

Click on editor from the top panel. Here you can make edits to every second of the scene, add patch videos or photos, the music can be trimmed, transitions can be edited, the layering can be adjusted to front and back. 

Here you can also add a voiceover to your video. From the layers you can control the volume of every layer. Voiceovers make the videos more interactive and it is important the background music is kept at low volume for the voiceover to be heard clearly. 


Next to software also has option to collaborate. Here you can invite team members to join the editing process and make the final edit as per the specifications of evryone. The collaboration function just helps in convenient group editing.

Step 7: Export

After all the editing is complete all yu have to do is export. The export option comes is 720p and 1080p options. You need to be a paid subscriber to be able to export the video. You can directly share the created video to social platforms from the Invideo software.

InVideo Payment:

Invideo allows you to create the entire video for free without any payment, only after you are satisfied with your first video does it require to subscribe to plans before exporting it. Payment also allows to remove the watermark of the software. The plans of Invideo start from $15 on the yearly plan. This plan includes 60 HD video exports, 10 istock media, 20 background removals, and access to the mobile application. 

If you want to try for a month and then but the software or only use for specific period the software allows monthly subscription for $30 per month.


The Invideo Software does not offer refunds but have a 7 days money back gaurantee. 

The AI video feature of Invideo software solves all video making problems in minutes. You save a lot of time and efforts. The media created in the edit is of great quality with vibrant content. It saves the hustle of browsing through different media files, and websites to get the right match. 

To checkout the InVideo AI video editor click on tab below:

How To Start A Website In 2023: 5 Easy Steps

New Website

Starting a website of your own is an important step to getting you recognized globally. A website gives the world access to what you want to say. It is a platform, but what really works is your ability. The ability to stand out from millions of users. The ability to add value to your viewers. The ability to fulfill the requirements of customers.

Websites are created for showcasing online presence, just for information, blogging, e-commerce, online courses, and social media platforms; basically, they can be categorized into entertainment, news, education, social networking, and commerce. The purpose of a website does not make a difference to how to really build a new website. 

In 2023 a new website can be designed without having any coding knowledge with the help of tools available online easily for domain hosting and website registration. All you need to do is start and believe in yourself. 

Here are the 5 steps to start your new website:

Step 1: Branding

The first step to actually building your new website, domain name search, and website registration is giving a name. This is the name by which you would be recognized. It is always best to exist on social networks by the same name. The branding will include a selection of a name, the creation of a logo (check out free logo maker online here), and domain hosting. 

For example: If you choose your brand name as ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ you have to make sure the name is available in a domain name search, Facebook id, Instagram id, LinkedIn id, and many more. It is always suggested to use a term that is uncommon yet relatable to the industry of business or service.

Step 2: Domain Registration


A domain name is the address of your online website. It is the domain name that is typed into the search box for looking at a website. Having domain name registration is compulsory through a third-party registrar. There are a large number of domains available on the web, and no two domain names can be exactly the same. Domain names can be migrated from one host to another domain hosting. A registrar maintains the log of domains which is linked to a unique number with the name. 

Fees and Renewal:

A domain name is made available on payment of fees to the domain host. The fees are renewed in intervals of time and can be paid in advance for a maximum of 10 years. If a customer fails to pay a domain fee, the domain becomes inactive. If the renewal is not made within 30 days, the domain name will be permanently deleted and available for purchase by a third party. The prices of domain hosting vary from host to host and the period for which you renew. 

Domain Name Search:

Domain name search is the first step to check if a particular domain name is available. The domain name search should also be checked for any trademark infringement.

It is crucial to choose a domain name carefully as it cannot be changed later; you will have to register a new domain name in case of any mistakes. For a domain name search, avoid using common terms, punctuation marks, or confusing words, as they increase the chances of misspellings. example: ‘’ is a common name, whereas ‘’ is more unique and identifiable.

(Click here for a quick domain name search.)


Domain name search comes with different extensions like .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, or country-specific extensions like .IN, .CN, .UK, .DE, .US The domain extensions should be chosen keeping in mind the business and areas of operation. .com is the most common domain extension, .org is for organizations, .net is an open-source platform, and so on. All TLD (top-level domains) are the same from an SEO point of view.


We personally recommend Hostinger Domain for Domain Registration Services as Hostinger provides the most reliable services of all the available options. Hostinger is the quickest Domain Name Search tool and is very easy to use. The extensions and related pricing is transparent, with no hidden costs and maximum options. Hostinger Domain also offers a lifetime of WHOIS privacy protection that protects domain data privacy for the lifetime of domain hosting, all for free. Hostinger Domain provides free domain name migration with their web hosting plans.

For a free domain name search on Hostinger, please click the link: Hostinger Domain 

How to Conduct a Search and Register:

All you need to do is type your desired domain name in the domain name search bar to check the availability. Hostinger domains will additionally show you all the available domain extensions and the related pricing available with them. If your desired domain is available, you can immediately register it by creating an account and paying the value for a particular extension. 

Domain Name Search

Step 3: Hosting Server

Hosting servers are third-party resource providers who maintain all the hardware and server for you so. This helps all businesses to register their website and applications on an outside host, thus reducing the need to develop and maintain their own complicated servers and hardware. To develop your own website, we need to choose a web host for our new website. Once the website is registered, the next step is buying the most appropriate host for our website. 

There are multiple hosts offering services, such as Bluehost, Hostinger, Hostgator, Dreamhost, Liquidweb, Namecheap, and Scala hosting, which offer a different range of services as per their plan values. What matters to select between them is the storage, uptime, security, bandwidth, cost, and support services offered. Check our blog on the Top five website hosting platforms for a comparison of different levels of website registrations. 

Type of hosting:

Hosting servers can be classified as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting, depending on the hardware and server backup of data.

Shared Hosting-

Multiple users share a server and resources to store all data. Check our detailed blog on hosting platforms of 2023 for shared hosting plans.

Dedicated Hosting-

An entire server is maintained by third-party hosting only for you. There is no sharing of resources. Check out our blog on the top ten dedicated servers hosting for plan details.

VPS Hosting-

VPN (Virtual Private Server) is a mix of shared and dedicated hosting. Here a demarcated part of the server is fixed for the host and rented out for hosting. They are like small portions of dedicated servers. Check Bluehost VPS hosting plans here.

Cloud Hosting-

In cloud hosting, the websites and applications are hosted on a cloud server. The cloud server is a network of several hardware and virtual servers. Check the Hostinger cloud hosting here.


The hosting services are generally charged monthly. Different hosts offer quarterly, yearly, or even 3-year plans and provide huge discounts for longer periods. Be careful to understand the terms of renewal of subscription while website registration, as most of the hosting companies provide a discounted rate only for the first period of subscription, and the renewal rates are more than double so after.

We advise trying a host for a single month, even if it means a high cost for a small period, to check the suitability and services of a particular host. Once you have found the perfect host for you, it is a good idea to choose a plan which is a minimum of one year, as it is smart to choose a discounted plan.

Period of hosting:

A hosting platform may go out of service, and you may lose your domain and website. Site migrations are always available hence it is better to go for plans that are between the range of one to three years rather than opting for plans for a period offering lifetime or 10-year services. 

Combination of services:

The domain name and website hosting are two separate services, and it is not compulsory to buy them together from the same company. It is necessary to change the DNS setting and inform the domain name to the web hosting company. Most often, they are maintained by the same company for the sake of convenience.

To check out the latest offers from the top website hosting companies, please click on the name links provided below:




Liquid Web

Inmotion Hosting


Scala Hosting

Step 4: Build The Website

Building is the most interesting part of bringing your own website to life. It is a stage where you get to control things as and how you want them to be. Until recently, a person had to understand coding to be able to build any website, but that is no more the case. Today you can easily build your own new website by just following simple logic and a little help from support in case you get stuck.


There are various website builders, plugins, applications, and tools to enhance the website experience, which are all add-ons. WordPress is the most popular content management system that is used by 40% of websites for website building. WordPress is the tool that allows you the freedom to build a website without having to put in any coding languages.

At this stage, the steps for E-Commerce websites and other websites differ somewhat. 

Continuing our example, we have used Hostinger as Domain hosting and Website host for the explanation. Here are the basic operations one needs to design a working website:

Operation1: Install WordPress On A Hosting Platform

Once you log in to the host dashboard, you can install wordpress from the auto-installer of the menu. (Hostinger offers different CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc., for well-known users of them.) You must fill in the necessary details, such as the URL, Language, Administrative names, Website Title, and Tagline, and then click Install.  

Website Registration

Operation 2: Select A Theme

A theme gives an entire website layout. Importing a theme makes building a website easier as you can make as many edits on the theme. The theme forms the base of the website. For an E-commerce website, the themes are complex and must be selected carefully.

You can attach the desired plugins example Elementor to your website for better features. Some plugins may be free, whereas most of them require payment. 

New Website

Operation 3: Create Pages

Pages are what the user actually views on websites. You need to create basic pages such as Homepage, Media page, Contact page, Product/Service page, Blog page, and Terms of Service/Privacy Policy page as per the business you need to showcase. 

The page layout is available, or you can design it independently. 

You have to add or delete blocks as per every field you want to add. The panel on the right allows you to select the functions of an entire page or particular block to make customizations.

Once you have designed all the pages and inserted all the information, you just have to update all the pages and launch your website from home tab.

Domain Hosting
hostinger domain

Operation 4: Setup Payment Options

If your website requires a payment gateway, you need to set up the same. You can set up the payment page through Stripe, Kevin, or Paypal on Hostinger. In the store management area, you must go to store settings, payments, and then connect. You must add your bank details and follow the steps to set up the payments.

You can always edit and change the website elements from the backend by logging in to the wordpress site. 

Step 5: Promotion

It is just enough to launch your website if it is for information only. But if you intend to launch a website for a specific purpose, such as blogging, online business sale, advertisement, broadcast, news, and others, you need the website to reach people. For this, you need to promote your new website on all the platforms possible. It is all interlinked, where you create social profiles to promote the website and the website to promote your business. You can let the world know through Email, Whatsapp, Stories, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, TikTok, Reddit, Quora, etc. Promotion will help your new website grow faster.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q1. Can you create a website for free?

If you are building a website for a formal purpose, it is advisable to buy a domain and web hosting to start a website. There is no free website as such, but some software like WordPress allows you to create free sites with as a domain extension. This is the best option for learners or trial websites.

Q2. What is website registration?

Website registration is the process of registering a domain name and a web host for a website to go live. It is the basis of every website to exist and follow the protocols.

Q3. Is it compulsory to make abundant pages for a website?

It is absolutely not required to add extra pages to your website. The website only should have the necessary information having correct data. Ideally having pages for Home, About, Contact, Product/Service, Feedback, Blog are enough for a functional website.

Q4. Can I change the domain name of my website?

Domain names cannot be edited. A new domain will have to be purchased, but this new domain can be attached to web hosting in replacement of your old domain name. Changing domain names causes loss of identity and loss of business.

Q5. Can I host more than one website on a single hosting plan?

The number of websites that can be hosted on a single plan depends on your chosen plan. Most website hosts offer only one website on the base plan but might offer up to 100 websites on their premium plans.

Q6. What happens when the value of an already existing plan changes from the providers?

If the hosting company changes its plan offers, discounts, or introduces premium charges, it remains unaffected by your existing plan until the subscription lasts. The renewal will be charged at the rates existing at the time of renewal.

Q7. Does Hostinger provide Free Domain Name?

Hostinger does not provide a free domain, but it is got the best services and security when it comes to domain hosting. Most other web hosts might offer free domain registration, although it is only for the first year, and from there onwards, they charge huge sums for domain hosting renewals.

Q8. Do I compulsory need to install wordpress on my website?

WordPress is only recommended but is optional. Some other beginner-friendly CMS work similarly to wordpress, such as an inbuilt website builder of hosts such as Hostinger, Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify other CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, Weebly, Blogger, Ghost, and many more.  You can also build a website in a traditional way using codes and coding language.

Q9. How do I secure my new website?

Website security is very important to keep your website live. Firstly installation of an SSL certificate is a must for website security. Apart from this, taking regular back-ups, applying layered protection, applying strong passwords, and frequent updation help maintain website security.

Q.10 How often can I change my website data?

Websites edits are free and can be made as many times as required. Edits do not affect the website’s health in any way. The only thing to remember is that change in the URL shall alter the page view statistics completely. 


How To Make Educational Videos (Beginners Guide)

video editing

Education is the most valued asset one can pass on to the community. No training is big or small, no effort is ever wasted if it is made with the best intentions.

The Internet of Things has given us many opportunities; another one of them is to learn. If you really want to make your contribution to society, if you want to reach out to people through your videos but do not know where to start.

Here is a guide that will crush all your bolder stones and take you towards your goal of successful Video Making:

Rule #1: Plan Your Content

Content is literally the King when it comes to educational videos. It is very important that the video editing covers all the elements of a good video as follows:

Cover the Entire Topic:

Choose a topic that adds value to the life of the viewers. Sometimes a simple topic explained in an innovative way gathers praise in video recording.

Use Examples:

To explain the contents of educational videos deeply, it is very essential to use real-life examples. The more the examples, the better the understanding. Also, giving practical references helps the students understand the importance of the particular subject in the real world. 

Test Your Audience:

It is advisable to test the audience of an educational video by hiding a set of answers and questioning the audience. This helps grab the attention and attentiveness of the viewer. This feature can be applied by using video editing techniques of the WeVideo software.

Make a Video Suitable for a Particular Niche:

An educational video is majorly made keeping a target audience in mind. But even the set of samples has various subsets. A video should be such that it is understandable by beginners to experts. For detailed explanations of certain topics, link videos may be created.

Rule #2:Video Recording

Things to keep in mind while video recording are:


The camera of your laptop or a normal webcam is good enough for a good video recording. What matters for the output is good lighting and the right sound. There are also faceless videos where only the screen and audio are used for teaching a lesson, and they work.


Always have your face towards the light rather than against or behind a light while recording the educational video. Having a good amount of light on your face for video recording improves visibility and clarity. A normal focus light or ring light can also be used for this purpose.

Eye Contact: 

Having eye contact makes a big difference in online teaching. Maintain the camera’s height to maintain eye contact with the camera and, in turn, with the viewers.


A clear sound is necessary; the normal laptop or mobile microphone is not up to the mark to cut the background noise. It is advisable to invest in a simple stand-alone or collar mic for clear audio output. 

To record videos, it is necessary to show material through a whiteboard, or PowerPoint, write on a screen, point out on a screen, doodle, and basically some form of description. One of the prominent apps for adding descriptive features to your video is WeVideo. WeVideo provides features like screen sharing while in recording mode, changing screen background, using the Chroma mode (green screen), adding tracks or voiceover, using templates and transition effects, and adding text or images to your recording. You can record high-quality videos that are ready to be uploaded with WeVideo video recording software.

Rule #3 Video Editing

A little finesse makes all the difference. In the online market, a video is competing with millions of videos that are being uploaded daily. For educational video content to reach its right audience, it has to stand out and prove the test of time. The content matters, and the right content will follow up with the correct video editing. A video that is too long, too slow, or does not contain certain interesting elements may go down the youtube time loop even if it has informational content.

To present an educational video in a sensational way, here are a few editing tips made possible with the help of WeVideo. 


The duration of the educational video must be around 10mins to 30mins. This is the maximum time a user spends on a topic for understanding. WeVideo video editing helps you trim the parts of the video which are unnecessary. You can easily mark and split the content to add episodes or series to recordings.


A video editing software allows you to add animation, text, images, audio, and graphics to your video. WeVideo offers hundreds of effects, filters, backgrounds, color corrections, and tracks that can be used to enhance your educational video. If there is anything left out while recording your video, the video editing stage allows you to make all sorts of changes. Give finishing touches to videos by using the improved tools and mechanisms of video editing software. Motion graphics help to enhance user experience, and video editing software help balance the motion graphics.


Any correction that is required after the video recording can be done in the video editing. You can re-record certain portions of the video and patch it to the portion required. The marker in the WeVideo helps you precisely mark exactly which point of the video is to be edited.


WeVideo allows you to add different video clips to a single video smoothly. Just have to keep on adding the videos and place them on the track at the point you want to start the video from. You can even add a narration to your video or mute your original video and add a narration. It is simply easy to use and fun to experience.

An important fact about video editing is you may not be able to master it in one go, but the more you use it, the more expertise you develop.


It is crucial to add a watermark or logo to your videos in video editing for the audience to form a recognition of your brand of educational videos. The logo may be simple or fancy and be added at a point in the video. For youtube videos, this logo can even lead to a subscription or like button. 

Rule #4 Uploading

An educational video, when ready, must be run through several checks before uploading. Ensure that the content you are posting is accurate and not misleading in any way. Cross-check if the video editing has not overlapped the video recording to confuse the viewers.

There are various media where educational videos are posted, but in this blog, we talk about YouTube. YouTube is the most preferred and widely accepted platform for showcasing videos around the World.

Here are a few things which should be kept in mind during video uploading:

Aspect Ratio:

The standard aspect ratio of any video on a computer for YouTube is 16:9, any video gets adjusted to this aspect ratio automatically on YouTube. The aspect ratio of 9:16 is for Youtube shorts. 


Youtube accepts different resolutions from 240p to 2160p. Most standard resolutions are 1280x720p and 1920x1080p.


For Public videos made for the general public, it is essential to give a good and precise title to the video. For videos that are part of a course plan, numbering the educational videos as per the lesson plan is a good way of maintaining sequence.


Describing a video is not compulsory but always advisable to provide details about the contents of the video. All the links, details, disclaimers, or written explanations of the video can be added to the description box to facilitate the viewer’s experience.


Audience selection is the crux of why you are making the educational video. For teachers who are posting course videos, the audience has to be selected as ‘Unlisted.’ Then you copy the link and post it to specific students for whom the video is made. In this way, only the people with a link to the particular video can view it, and the general audience of YouTube cannot see it.

Everyone else who wants to post educational videos open for all has to select ‘Public’ as the audience. Now the video is viewed by everyone on Youtube. 

Also, Youtube asks whether the video is made for kids; the box can be checked as per the age group the video is targeted for. Age-restricted videos are not available on accounts of ages below 18 years of age.


Another noteworthy feature of YouTube is subtitles and captions. When you opt for subtitles, the software automatically generates subtitles in the selected languages of the users. It might not be 100% accurate, but adding sub-titles eliminates speech and accent barriers to the content.


An educational video can be scheduled to be published at a particular time which is of a future time and date. It is generally observed that most people scroll through youtube in the evenings, and judging by the practices of your niche audience, a particular time to post the video may be finalized. When you hit publish, the video is released for everyone to see immediately.

Rule #5 Promotion

Making a good video is one thing, but promoting the video is equally important. For the video to grow, it should be promoted well. Promoting a video on all possible social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Wizz, Reddit, and many more helps the video reach a wider audience faster. The more views a video receives, the more it shall be suggested to viewers when a search input is made. Promoting the videos regularly and posting videos consistently is the key to a successful video channel. 

Also, whenever there are any changes in the content data, the video should be updated regarding the same. This helps the video stay live for a longer time.

All the above rules are basic steps that will help a creator make their first video. The video may be for social media, business, marketing, education, or hobby the steps remain the same. 

There are many video editing software available in the market; investing in the right software goes a long way in the video-making process. 

We at fairygodmother use the most efficient WeVideo software to record and edit our videos, which has been the best for us. 

To check out the WeVideo software or try it for free, please click the link below:

Renderforest Review: Get 159% More Engagement On Your Videos

logo maker online

Renderforest is an all-around design tool with all its features packed in one place. If it is anything graphical, Renderforest is got your back. The toolkit provides you with logo maker online, YouTube intro maker, video maker online, animation maker, mockups, designs, websites, and video editing; just wish for it, and they have it.

Renderforest was started in 2013 in Yerevan and has tripled its business almost every year. The video maker online has drastically changed the video production industry online. Renderforest grew with the needs of the users and gave wings to creativity. You do not need to be a professional designer to make designs; you only need imagination.

The design tool has been widely awarded over the past several years.  What is best is that Renderforest is free to all with basic features.


Who can use Renderforest?

The ultimate design tool is for a YouTube Intro Maker, Video Maker, Logo Maker, and Animation Maker; Renderforest is for all. The platform allowed thousands of its users to create dynamic videos and progress hand in hand. Renderforest has created success stories while providing the best free features in the industry. A maximum of its users convert into their paid account due to its affordable pricing and best-in-class features.

Renderforest has helped create around 6 million videos, with more than 3 million users and more signing up every moment. Big businesses and freelancers, start-ups, and small businesses have trusted Renderforest and created their brands by using the tools of this all-in-one logo maker online.

It provides detailed guides for every user ranging from Android developers, HTML/CSS developers, iOS developers, Node JS developers, Project managers, UI/UX, QA specialists, Localisation specialists, content marketing specialists, and SEO specialists. The blogs on various topics help every user to locate their queries and master their field with the help of the tools of Renderforest. There are YouTube tutorials on every topic which do the hand-holding in case you get stuck at some point while you design.

Logo maker:

A logo maker is an automatic tool that creates a graphically represented design to describe a business, organization, company, industry, professional, service, or product in a visual format. Logos are very important as they are a representation of the business. The business is known by its logo widely. The logo maker online by Renderforest is quick and produces hundreds of innovative options within seconds of inputting data.

Features of an interesting Logo:

·       A logo must be unique while being appealing to its audience

·       A Logo must be identifiable to a specific company and have a distinct look from other logos so that it does not create confusion for lookers.

·       The logo must be simple, relevant, and timeless

·       The logo may or may not contain the initials of the business name

·       The color palette of the logo should be complementary to the personality of your business

The following are the key steps to use the logo maker online:

For the Renderforest logo maker online, all you need to do is type the description of how you want your logo (it could be your brand name, the type of business, a particular feature you enhance, a product or service) and Enter. The logo maker online shall surprise you with different designs of options to select from.

The logo stays on the dashboard forever for editing or making desired changes quickly and repeatedly till you get complete satisfaction. Renderforest uses machine learning algorithms to produce the best results based on the description given by its users. The online logo maker has ready-to-use template formats that can be selected for the quickest logo selection and visualization. The templates can be used as a base to design the logos on your own.  

The logo maker online gives you creative freedom by customization options on the text for the automatically generated logo. Renderforest logo maker offers customized options for icons, palettes, layouts, and backgrounds.

The best part is that the logo maker online by Renderforest even helps you generate a brand name in case you do not have a brand name yet.

YouTube Intro Maker:

The YouTube intro is something that is seen by your network each and every time you post a video on YouTube. It is very essential that the intro video is of good quality and showcases you in the best possible way.

The YouTube intro maker by Renderforest wins points for its simple yet dynamic options for making the best videos

Features of a good YouTube Intro:

·       A YouTube intro video must be short and sweet.

·       The intro must highlight the brand name

·       The you-tube intro should describe the YouTube channel in the best possible way

·       A intro should be made with music that suits the brand’s aesthetics

·       The intro should be clear enough for users to understand

·       It should be in a language most acceptable to the audience

How to use the YouTube intro maker?

 Renderforest will guide you from start to end if you are a new user. There is a YouTube video tutorial to help you make the best videos or enhance your videos. It has an extensive variety of templates which shall suit the needs of every user.

Following are the Steps to use the YouTube intro maker :

·       Browse, select from the templates, or type a keyword to search from existing templates that best match your description. You can filter out widescreen, portrait, or square sizes for template filters.

·       Once the template is selected, you can type the tagline and description at a designated space near your logo. (Some templates are reserved for paid users only, the paid templates have options of widescreen, square, or portrait versions for every template.)

·       Each template has a set time of playing. The timeline could be as small as 5 seconds to as long as 2 mins 30 seconds, depending on your choice.

·       The free version only allows you to make videos in 1500x1000px.

·       Next, you add music from the options available. The music library consists of various music options, or you may even upload your own sound choice.  You can even add a voiceover by using this YouTube intro maker.

·       Finally, click preview, and the video is ready and exported to email. You can still edit on the YouTube intro maker online and export the video as often as you want.

(This video comes with a watermark powered by Renderforest in 360p format. To remove the watermark or select 720p or 1080 p, users need to subscribe to a premium account)

In YouTube maker of Renderforest, one can seamlessly create YouTube videos, 3D logo reveals, mini mal logo reveals, exploding and burning reveals, practical logo reveals, glitch logo reveals, hi-tech logo reveals, smoke, neon, colorful, corporate logo reveals, cinematic intros, holiday logo reveals, retro reveals, footage based logo reveals.

Animation Maker

Get the best animation maker in Renderforest, as it is very easy to use for everyone and produces high-quality content. It is very exploratory and helpful for teachers, professionals, hobbies, parents, advertisers, educators, influencers, and students.

The animation maker comes with thousands of ready-to-use templates. The whiteboard animation is my personal favorite. In the whiteboard animation maker, one can choose to describe the entire story and find the best match or create a scene-by-scene description of thoughts.

Features of a good animation video:

·       Animation must have clear character demarcation

·       Animation Maker must be used in a flow to form a story of a sequence

·       Animation videos may or may not be fictional

·       Animation videos are meant for a specific audience

·       Using an animation maker online saves time and money in the output of videos.

Steps to use the animation maker:

·       The steps to use the animation maker are precisely the same as those for making a YouTube Intro maker, as mentioned above.

Video Maker Online:

Besides YouTube videos, Renderforest offers all video maker options such as animation videos, intros, and logos, video editing, invitation videos, slideshow, presentation, and music visualizations. You can download or export it in high quality for free.

The video maker is nothing but a combination of all types of videos that can make on Renderforest.

The features of a good video maker online would be as follows:

·       The Video-maker must be easily understandable to the users

·       There should be various editing and customization options

·       The video maker must help with color correction, exposure arrangement, trimming, blurring,

·       A good video maker has features like transitions, effects, clips, stills

·       Should allow filters, voiceovers, music, and the addition of animations.

Other Products of Renderforest:

Apart from the above-mentioned products, Renderforest is into mockups. Mockups are branding on a particular product. The available mockups are apparel, devices, branding, products, print, interior, and packaging.

Renderforest also helps in building creative websites to add color and life to websites.

Create powerful presentations, pitch decks, educational projects, and medical presentations; this software is got something for everyone. Personal invitations or be it social media designs, Renderforest will help in all endeavors, personal, social, and professional.

Renderforest can be contacted at in case of any help or queries.


Renderforest is entirely free, with access to all the critical design tools. To avail of premium tools, the pricing is monthly or yearly. There are three plan options available Lite, Pro, and Business. The paid plans offer greater storage capacity, freedom to make HD quality videos, access to premium templates, stock footage, advanced website control and editing tools, custom watermarks, and branding kits, and a reseller license.

To start the free plan, click the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Renderforest free for a lifetime?

Renderforest is completely free with no terms of usage or downloads. Users must shift to the paid plan only to use its premium features and templates.

Q2. Can I download videos from Renderforest?

Renderforest allows you to download or export created videos to your email. It is very easy to re-edit videos and export them just with a click of a button.

Q3. How to remove the watermark of Renderforest?

Unfortunately, for free users the videos and images come with a mark of powered by Renderforest and this cannot be taken down unless it is a paid account.

Q4. Can kids use Renderforest?

There is no age limit to using Renderforest software. But it may be useful to kids who can follow the use of graphics in their work. It is very much of help for students. There is a special Kids Promo Toolkit available on the software for teachers to make graphics using Renderforest easy.

Q5. What are the languages available on Renderforest?

The software is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Arabic, Japanese, Armenian, Turkish, and Russian.   

Q6. Can somebody make the same content as mine using Renderforest software?

The software uses AI tools to provide options that are unique to every description. There is a possibility that a user fraudulently tries to recreate a video that already exists.

Q7. Do I have to worry about copyright issues?

Renderforest is an open software available to all. The designs generated on the software are specially designed with the help of the designers and AI, so it has no copyright liability to anyone whatsoever. The content is royalty-free stock footage and is a property of storyblocks, and  Renderforest users can use them without any restrictions.

Q8. How many videos can be created using Renderforest?

Renderforest provides storage space of 500MB freely for every user. For larger spaces, one needs to subscribe to their paid plans.

Q9. Does Renderforest support multiple users?

Renderforest allows a team of users to collaborate and work together on a single project. It does support multiple users and real-time feedback.

Q10. How to download Renderforest software?

Renderforest is a cloud-based software. The users do not need to download or install the software on a machine. There is always available access to the software through an internet connection.

Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting Critically Assessed, Sized, Weighed And Tested For Superlative Online Presence In 2023

dedicated server hosting

Dedicated servers are at the top of the web hosting pyramid. It is useful only when the website traffic is huge or data safety is a concern. There are a lot of web hosting platforms offering dedicated server hosting, but only a few of them are good at their services when compared with the cost.

Here are our top dedicated web hosting options, which are critically studied, tried, tested, and reviewed by our expert team just to save you time and effort:

1)Liquid Web

Dedicated server hosting


 Base plan
Operating SystemLinux (Windows is available at extra cost)
Data Centres2 centres in the US and 1 centre in EU
Processor  3.9GHz
Processor Thread4 cores Intel Xeon 1230V6
Disk Space480 GB SSD
No of IP addresses1
SSL CertificateNot included, can be downloaded.
SecurityDDOS Protection
Customer Support24/7 email and phone support and heroic live chat with a record of  within 59seconds reply time
Control Panel LicensecPanel/WHM/Interworx/Plesk
Backup250 GB Acronis cyber backup and 1TB SATA Backup Disk
Refund30 days’ money back

Pros and Cons:-


  • The dedicated server also offers Cloudflare CDN
  • Liquid Web comes with a pre-installed backup drive
  • The dedicated hosting comes with root-level access
  • Be 100% secure with exclusive server secure protection
  • Guaranteed 10x of downtime credit
  • The pricing is the same irrespective of the monthly or annual plan
  • The dedicated server hosting offers IPMI access ,which helps you control remotely


  • The Pricing for EU data centre varies for US data centre
  • SLA certificate is not included
  • Many plugins need to be downloaded and are chargeable
  • Premium pricing make the software expensive
  • The discounted pricing is only for the first four months

2) InMotion Hosting

dedicated hosting


 Base plan-Aspire
Operating SystemLinux
Data CentresUS only (choice available with higher plans)
RAM16GB DDR3 (offers upto 128 GB in higher plans)
Processor  High-speed
Processor Thread4 core/8 thread Intel Xeon E3 1246 v3
Disk Space1TB SSD
No of IP addresses1
SSL CertificateYes
SecurityDDoS, hack and malware protection
Customer SupportLive chat support (phone support available with higher plans) 24/7/365
Control Panel License10 cPanel Licenses
BackupAutomatic backups with 10 GB free backup storage
Pricing$89.99 (annual plan with cPanel)
Refund30 Day money back guarantee

Pros and Cons:


  • Inmotion comes with an option of C-Panel hosting and Bare metal hosting
  • Offers plan for 1 year, 6 Months, 3 months, and even just 1 month
  • The dedicated server hosting offers exclusive launch assist website transfers, i.e., free migration
  • It is one of the safest hosting with multiple layers of defence and a custom firewall
  • The dedicated hosting offers one click installs for web applications like WordPress
  • Full root access available
  • This dedicated hosting also comes with a fully managed dedicated hosting option
  • The dedicated web hosting also offers 10 email accounts and a website builder


  • The location of data centers is restricted
  • Does not offer adequate support even after paying quite high
  • Biggest con of Inmotion is that it does not come with Windows OS option


dedicated web hosting


 Base plan-Standard
Operating SystemLinux
Data CentresUS/EU/Asia
Processor  2.3 GHz
Processor Thread4 core/8 thread Intel Xeon-D CPU
Disk Space1 TB HDD
No of IP addresses3
SSL CertificateYes
SecurityNo DDoS protection provided, less secure only data mirroring
Customer Support24/7 assistance with an expert team
Control Panel LicensecPanel with root access
BackupNo backup options
Pricing$89.98 mo (on the 36months plan single month is $$159.99)
Refund30-day trial offered

Pros and Cons:


  • The dedicated hosting is easily upgradeable with new technology
  • Bluehost offers expert guided support and special assistance for dedicated hosting
  • Bluehost team builds your dedicated server hosting within 24 to 72 hours to get started
  • The dedicated web hosting service uses RAID1, it mirrors client data for most secure protection
  • The dedicated server provides root access to users who demand the same
  • Bluehost proposes plans for 3 years, 2 years, 1 year, and 1 month  


  • The dedicated web hosting only comes in a Linux option
  • No SDD storage option
  • Pricing for shorter periods is expensive 


dedicated server


 Base plan-Value
Operating SystemLinux or Windows
Data Centres2 centres in US  only
Processor  2.5 GHz
Processor Thread4 core/8 thread Intel Xeon-D CPU
Disk Space1 TB HDD or SSD
No of IP addresses3 IPv4
SSL CertificateYes
SecurityDDoS and IP-based firewall
BandwidthUnmetered (up to 25% of system resources until 90 seconds)
Customer Support24/7/365 expert support over call, chat and email
Control Panel LicensecPanel/WHM (Plesk forWindowss)
BackupManual and scheduled backups
Pricing$89.98mo (36 months managed) (single month is $159.99)

Pros and Cons:


  • Hostgator offers Acronis Cyber Backup
  • Free migration is available on all plans
  • Offers fully managed dedicated server hosting and full control over server configuration
  • Freedom to choose between SSD or HDD in dedicated servers
  • RAID1 protection is offered with dedicated web hosting
  • Provides options of 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months to choose
  • Price of the dedicated hosting server base plan of the semi-managed plan of 36 months is $85.22
  • Many plan options to select from based on disk space, pricing, data centers
  • Free Domain registration for 1 year on plans above 12 months
  • Hostgator partners with for services


  • For dedicated hosting, VAT is not included in the base price
  • Discounted price only for introductory offer
  • Auto-renewal with revised plans unless canceled
  • Data centers are in US and India only


dedicated server hosting


 Base plan- Standard
Operating SystemUbuntu Linux
Data Centres2 data centres in US
Speed1815 ms
RAM4 GB (upto 16 GB)
Processor  2.10GHz
Processor Thread4 core/ 8 thread Intel Xeon 4 core (12 core option available)
Disk Space1 TB HDD (SSD option available)
No of IP addresses1 IPv4 and unlimited IPv6
SSL CertificateYes
Customer Support24/7 web hosting manual and tickets
Control Panel LicenseBespoke custom control panel (proprietary)
BackupManual backup
Pricing$149mo Anually ($169 for single month)
Refund97 days refund

Pros and Cons:


  • Fully managed dedicated server hosting
  • Highly customisable as plan value changes from options based on CPU Cores, Storage, Memory, and time period
  • Raid1 storage for dedicated server
  • Full Root and shell access on Dreamhost
  • Local MySQL database server
  • OP Cache dramatically increases PHP website performance
  • Latest version of PHP, Peral, Python, and Ruby available


  • Dreamhost does not offer migration services
  • The dedicated server hosting does not come with Windows OS option and is restricted to Ubuntu only
  • Dedicated web hosting does not offer 1 click installs, add ons and configurability
  • The dedicated hosting has data centres only in the US
  • No phone support on Dreamhost base plans
  • Plans available only monthly and annually


dedicated server hosting


 Base plan-HDDSSD
Operating SystemLinuxLinux
Data Centres62 worldwide62 worldwide
Processor  3.4 GHz turbo boost3.5 GHz (3.9 turbo)
Processor Thread4 core/ 8 thread Intel Xeon E3(Choose from Intel Xeon or AMD Processors)4 cores
Disk Space1000GB HDD480 GB SSD
No of IP addresses11
SSL CertificateYesYes
SecurityDD0S, Site scan malwareDDoS, Site scan malware
Customer Support24/7 live chat, phone and knowledge base24/7 live chat, phone and knowledge base
Control Panel LicensePersonalised control panelPersonalized control panel
BackupDaily backup and data recoveryAutomatic backup and restore. Data of 6days
Pricing$47mo (annual)$70mo (3 months)
Refund30 days money back30 days money back

Pros and Cons:


  • API and cloud integration
  • Drag and drop site builder and starter kit
  • Unlimited traffic is free
  • One click easy installation for over 70 options
  • Shell access, webspace explorer, WebDAV,
  • Stable PHP manually changeable
  • Perl, Python and Ruby
  • IPv6 ready, 20 mailing lists, site analytics, and Google sitemaps,  2GB email space
  • Anti-phishing and anti-spam
  • Raid1 storage, Cloudflare CDN, Gigabite connectivity
  • SEO and marketing tools


  • Slow response time compared with others in the same range
  • Phone support is only available in selected 14 countries
  • Tax regulations restrict registration in certain countries
  • No Windows OS support
  • No free site transfer


dedicated hosting


 Base plan-
Operating SystemCloud Linux
Data Centres2 US, EU, Asia
RAM16 GB DDR ECC (upgradable to 32)
Processor  4.6 GHz Turbo CPU Intel Xeon E-2224
Processor Thread4 cores/ 4 threads
Disk Space1×2 TB (1TB max for SSD)
No of IP addresses2
SSL CertificateYes
SecurityImunify360 security suite
Customer Support24/7/365 Guru crew support(phone, chat, email)
Control Panel LicensecPanel control and WHM
Backup1 TB Backup and restores
Pricing$155.99 (24months)
Refund30 days

Pros and Cons:


  • A2 hosting offers managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting
  • Dedicated hosting comes with 6 TB transfer rate, root-level access, and OP Cache,
  • A2 dedicated server hosting provides free site migration
  • There are different plans with separate features for unmanaged hosting starting at $105.99 monthly
  • There are plans for 1,12, and 24 months in dedicated server hosting of A2 hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting is at Raid1 SSD storage
  • A2 dedicated servers offer PHP, MySQL 8, Python, Ruby, Pearl, Cloudflare CDN free
  • Unlimited free email addresses and spam protection
  • Delux wordpress features, 1 click site login, backup restores
  • A2 hosting dedicated server is feature rich and reliable


  • No windows server option on A2 hosting
  • Speed is not great for this dedicated server hosting
  • Free domain not included
  • Turbo plans are expensive
  • Premium pricing for basic plans also


dedicated web hosting


 Base plan- Professional
Operating SystemLinux, Unix
Data CentresUSA, EU, Asia
Processor  3.4 GHz 2 C Intel Pentium G3450
Processor ThreadNa
Disk Space2×300 GB SaS HDD
No of IP addresses1
SSL CertificateComodo Auto SSL Free
Security2FA, Virus scanner, IP blocker,
Customer Support24/7 live chat, phone, email and knowledge base
Control Panel LicensecPanel
BackupDaily backups included upto 14 days.
Refund45 days’ money back

Pros and Cons:


  • Dedicated hosting comes with RAID 0 or 1
  • Offers custom service option and different plans as per RAM
  • More than 400 apps supported on 1 click installation on the dedicated server hosting
  • Free site migration on Stable hosting dedicated server
  • Comes in 1, 3, 6 and 12 months subscription for dedicated web hosting


  • Customer service is seen to inconsistent and long response time
  • Backup restoration is complicated
  • User interface is not easy


dedicated server


 Base plan
Operating SystemLinux
Data Centres(Arizona) US only
Processor  3.4GHz DDR4
Processor Thread4 core Xeon E-2234
Disk Space240 GB SSD or 2TB HDD
No of IP addresses1
SSL CertificateYes paid
Customer Support24/7
Control Panel LicensecPanel, webuzo, interworx at extra cost
Refund30 days

Pros and Cons:


  • Free site migration
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly plans
  • Customisable options and costing as per requirements only


  • Suitable for testing and trials only
  • Very few configuration options
  • Separate charges for everything
  • Discounted price only for 1 month
  • Does not offer backup

Special mention:

10) Scala hosting

Scala hosting is not a dedicated server hosting but managed cloud VPS hosting but is mentioned in the list for its top-class services.

dedicated hosting


 Base plan-Build No 1
Operating SystemWindows and Linux
Data CentresUS and AWS integration at EU, Asia
Processor  NA
Processor Thread2 CPU cores
Disk Space50 GB NVMe SSD
No of IP addressesNA
SSL CertificateLet’s encrypt SSL
SecuritySShield, CSF Firewall, Malware scanner
Customer Support24/7 Expert support (15mins response time) ticket and live chat
Control Panel LicenseSPanel and CPanel
BackupAutomatic offsite backups
RefundAnytime unconditional

Pros and Cons:


  • Scala hosting provides free and effortless website migration
  • It offers pricing plans for 1, 12, and 36 months
  • All developer tools such as MySql, PHP, Perl, Python, NodeJS are available
  • Customisation is COU/RAM/Storage helps save money and pay as you go
  • Most awarded VPS of 2023
  • It is Ecommerce ready, SEO enabled, user and developer friendly
  • 1 click installation for 400 plus apps
  • Simple and reliable
  • Domain registration is free for 1 year


  • Does not offer dedicated server hosting inspite of resources
  • Very few website builder tools are available

For dedicated hosting, it is best advised to invest in a plan only after full reasoning and understanding. Every penny counts, and choosing long-term plans saves you a lot. Even though no free trial is available, a money-back guarantee is good enough. Consideration of space, speed, security, backups, technology, and add-ons are variably important as per business needs and more specific needs of the client.

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